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Hillary's Lead Among Young Voters Is Roughly Half Obama's Margin in 2012

If you had told me two years ago that Hillary Clinton was getting just 43 percent of the vote among voters under age 30, I would have said that the Republican nominee must be in great shape: In the new Journal/NBC News poll, conducted Oct. Show More Summary

Nancy Pelosi Thinks America Is Electing a Queen

In the annals of silly constitutional arguments, this one — from Nancy Pelosi — is tough to beat. It turns out that GOP statements about “checks and balances” aren’t so much referring to our nation’s bedrock constitutional structureShow More Summary

Trump’s Brexit Argument Ignores Polls That Showed Leave Winning

Donald Trump and his supporters are fond of saying that he is still in the race because he could outperform the polls to win, as Brexit did in the U.K. In fact, polls were the one indicator that had Brexit right in the lead up to the...Show More Summary

The Left’s Jihad Against Exxon: An Update

We are so used to seeing corporations wilt in the face of SJW scammers that when one steps forward to fight against a contrived leftist-ideologue attack, conservatives need to take note, and cheer. There are few attacks so contrivedShow More Summary

Republican Senators Still Swimming Against The Trump Tide - For Now

The polling story for Republicans for months now, in good times and   bad times for Donald Trump, has been the surprising resilience of Republican Senate candidates (and to some extent candidates in House and Governor races). This is...Show More Summary

Will Trump Surpass Romney's 2012 Performance in Ohio?

From the midweek edition of the Morning Jolt: Will Trump Surpass Romney’s 2012 Performance in Ohio? When I wrote the piece contending there’s an excellent chance that Donald Trump will underperform Mitt Romney’s performance in almost every key swing state, a couple of Trump fans objected. Show More Summary

Bees, Arguses, Gazettes — Oh My!

My Impromptus today is given over to a “Tulsa Journal.” The city’s newspaper is called “the Tulsa World.” “What a great name for a newspaper,” I say. When we lose newspapers, will we lose the names, or will they transfer over to websites and so on? The Sacramento Bee, the (New Orleans) Times-Picayune. Show More Summary

No Mention of Donald Trump in Indiana Senate Debate

Tonight’s Indiana Senate debate between Republican Representative Todd Young and former Democratic Senator Evan Bayh had one notable omission: Donald Trump. In another year, this might not be news. Senate debates, in other years, tend to be policy heavy, often dull affairs. Show More Summary

CA Hospitalized (Dying) Mentally Ill OK for Assisted Suicide

California has promulgated a regulation to assure that the mentally ill who have been ordered hospitalized in California have access to assisted suicide if they are dying and deemed able to make medical decisions. From 9 California Code...Show More Summary

Cool It with the 'Whigs' Rhetoric

I have no desire to downplay the disaster that the GOP has brought upon itself this cycle. Presented with a “change year” and given the gift of an opponent who is far weaker than she seemed, Republicans have chosen to commit electoral suicide. Show More Summary

Thought in the Republican Ruins

It’s impossible to watch the MSM right now without considerable grudging admiration. The Democratic narrative prevails everywhere, and the personal failings and obsessions of one Mr. Trump are now to be transferred to the Grand Old Party...Show More Summary

No, God Doesn't Want You to Vote for Donald Trump

Yesterday Christian writer Eric Metaxas took to Facebook to explain a tweet (now deleted) that, said “Evan McMullin is a good man, but in this election he is a fig-leaf, there to assuage the consciences of religious people. God is not...Show More Summary

The Euro Is Headed for Collapse

Professor Otmar Issing was formerly chief economist at the European Central Bank, and when he speaks it is wise to listen.  In an interview with a specialist journal, he describes the euro as “muddling through,” and makes a forecastShow More Summary

The Real Reagan Record on AIDS

Peter Huber at City Journal has an excellent corrective to the narrative, accepted as gospel among liberals/progressives, that the Reagan Administration did nothing about the AIDS crisis that erupted during the Reagan years and was only tamed in the 1990s with the advent of drugs that ended AIDS’ status as an automatic death sentence. Show More Summary

Conducting the World Series

In 1948, the Indians were playing the Braves in the World Series. The men of the Cleveland Orchestra were listening to a game on the radio. Then they had to go to the stage to rehearse. They weren’t very happy about this. Their conductor was George Szell, a refugee from Europe, and a supreme taskmaster (as well as a supreme conductor). Show More Summary

Florida Judge's Recent Rulings Are a Boon for Democrats This November

U.S. District Judge Mark Walker has handed the Florida Democratic party a second court victory in less than a week. Both of his decisions bode well for Democrats in November’s election. Last Wednesday, Walker ruled that the state’s voter-registration deadline must be extended a week in the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew. Show More Summary

A Question for Ben Sasse

Ben Sasse and Mike Lee have been the paragons of principled, conservative congressional opposition to Donald Trump. Since getting to the Senate, Lee has done more than any other Senate Republican to address the discontents that led to the Trump disaster, and Lee opposed Trump to the very end at the Republican National Convention. Show More Summary

'I Need Democrats to Stop Taking Latino Voters for Granted.'

John Podesta’s e-mail to the Clinton team, urging the nominee to make some calls to “needy Latinos” like Federico Pena and Bill Richardson, has gotten fleeting coverage from most of the media. But s yndicated columnist Reuben Navarette...Show More Summary

Over Generalizing Never Trump

I’ve long been a huge fan of William McGurn’s and until this year, I don’t think I can remember a time when I meaningfully disagreed with him about much, if anything. But I think his column, “The Cheap Moralizing of Never Trump,” is deeply mistaken. Show More Summary


This week’s episode of The Bookmonger features Clay Risen, co-editor of Disunion: A History of the Civil War. We discuss how this book originated from a special history blog on the New York Times website, the skill of amateur historians, and the unknown story of how Civil War soldiers went to battle for coffee. Show More Summary

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