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Collapse, Cont.

Not surprisingly, the repeal-only gambit looks dead with three defections from senate moderates. Here, by the way, is my column today, on GOP bad faith on Obamacare. I wrote it yesterday afternoon so it’s been overtaken-by-events atShow More Summary

Illegal Immigrants Can Now Defend the Laws They Break

California and New York will become the first states to allow illegal immigrants to practice law and be sworn in as lawyers. In so doing, they will grant the privilege of upholding the law and defending the U.S. Constitution to people...Show More Summary

Second-Wave Feminism Hasn't Been a Victory for Women

In her piece today on NRO, my colleague Tiana Lowe is dead-right about one thing: Modern feminists are bullies. And she’s certainly correct that today’s women often don’t want to identify as feminists because they think they’ll be lumping...Show More Summary

What Science Doesn't Tell Us About Free Speech

My latest Bloomberg View column responds to a very poorly thought-through justification for keeping some speakers from coming to campus. Can science, which has given us so many blessings, also help us settle disputes about free speech on campus? Lisa Feldman Barrett, a professor of psychology at Northeastern University, thinks so. Show More Summary

Personality vs. Party

Pretty much every day, I hear or see people arguing, shouting, screaming, or even threatening that all Republicans must give Donald Trump more or less unqualified support. Some very smart people even suggest that “sniping” at Donald Trump is out of bounds. Show More Summary

The Ten Most Popular Governors in the Country Are...

The Republican Governors Association cheerfully touts the good news that the ten most popular governors in the country are all members of the GOP, pointing to new numbers from Morning Consult polling. Of course, there’s this little detail: “Morning Consult surveyed 195,704 registered U.S. Show More Summary

Kicking the Obamacare Repeal Can Down the Road, One More Time

Today’s Morning Jolt can’t hide the frustration: The Obamacare Repeal Can Gets Kicked Down the Road, One More Time After all this time, it increasingly appears impossible to get 50 Republican senators to agree on legislation to replace...Show More Summary

Quick Points on Health Care

Earlier this year, the Democrats had a taunt: that Republicans were like the dog that caught the car. Now what? The taunt turned out to be true. For a big change, you must marshal public support. You must rally the public, persuade the public. Show More Summary


With Mike Lee and Jerry Moran declaring their opposition, the latest Senate health-care bill is dead. McConnell now wants to revert to what was his original idea of repeal-only. The problem is that the CBO score will be much worse—aShow More Summary

Brexit, 'No Deal' and the Perturbation Multiplier

Britain’s prime minister is still claiming that “no deal is better than a bad deal”, nonsense wording of a type that has become something of a Theresa (“Brexit means Brexit”) May trademark. In a piece on CapX today (on an old favorite,...Show More Summary

New York Times Misses the Story on the HHS Contraception Mandate

Last Monday, the New York Times published a story criticizing the efforts of Trump-administration appointees Katy Talento and Matthew Bowman, who are working to undo the Health & Human Services Department’s contraceptive mandate. The...Show More Summary

When the 'Resistance' Gets Reprehensible

Yesterday, the “Women’s March” tweeted birthday greetings for one of the FBI’s most-wanted domestic terrorists, a woman by the name of Assata Shakur. Here’s the tweet: Happy birthday to the revolutionary #AssataShakur! Today’s #SignOfResistance, in Assata’s honor, is by @Meloniousfunk. Show More Summary

Made in America: Yes or No?

The Trump White House declares “weeks,” as in “Infrastructure Week” and “Energy Week.” This week is “Made in America Week.” And this takes me back. In the mid-1980s, there was a “Made in America” TV campaign, starring Bob Hope and other celebrities. Show More Summary

From "Drain the Swamp" to "Everybody Does It"

President Trump tweeted this morning: “Most politicians would have gone to a meeting like the one Don jr attended in order to get info on an opponent. That’s politics!” It is pretty unusual, though not unheard of, for American politicos to seek information on their opponents from foreign powers. Show More Summary

McMaster Outlines Hillary Clinton–Like Approach to Certification of Iran Nuclear Deal

At a noon conference call today on how the Trump administration plans to certify the nuclear deal with Iran (the JCPOA) for a second time, National Security Council director H. R. McMaster spoke at length about why the JCPOA is a bad deal and how it has not changed Iran’s behavior. Show More Summary

Does Darwinism Lead to Infanticide Acceptance?

The evolutionary biologist, Jerry Coyne, writes a blog entitled, “Why Evolution is True.” One would think that by choosing that title, Coyne should restrict his discussions to questions of science that touch on questions and explanations...Show More Summary

Game of Thrones Episode 1 - Are the Stark Men Still Stupid?

This should go without saying, but this episode review is spoiler-laden. Stop reading if you’re not caught up. The first six seasons featured exactly three male protagonists who were classic fantasy-fiction heroes, warriors who were courageous, chivalrous, and honorable. Show More Summary

Free Speech ... It Ain't Cheap

The cherished ability to speak your mind has become increasingly difficult in this era of burgeoning multicultural intolerance. That’s why National Review Institute is launching The Center for Unalienable Rights — it’s determined toShow More Summary

How Technology Can Solve Workplace Challenges

Technology has long been helping people—particularly women—in their quest to balance work and family responsibilities. The ability to work from home, tele- and video-conference into work meetings, has created new work paradigms; theShow More Summary

Governing Is Supposed to Be Boring

From the first Morning Jolt of the week… Governing Is Supposed to Be Boring Maybe Robert James Ritchie – a.k.a. Kid Rock – would make a great senator for the state of Michigan, maybe not. But there’s something I’d like to ask him, neither endorsing nor denouncing the idea of a Rock senatorial bid. Mr. Show More Summary

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