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A Draft Regulation on Welfare-Dependent Immigrants

Trump plans to better enforce the federal law saying that immigrants can’t come — and can’t get permanent residency or a new visa status if they’re already here — if they’re likely to become a “public charge.” Vox has gotten its hands...Show More Summary

Paid Leave Will Disrupt Businesses and Hurt Workers

Funding paid parental leave by allowing new parents to collect early Social Security benefits in exchange for delaying the collection of their retirement benefits decades in the future has been gaining traction in conservative circles. Show More Summary

Friday links

The classic 1970 exploding whale video from the early days of the internet, and the Dave Barry column that made it famous. An Italian village is selling homes for $1.25 so it doesn’t become a ghost town. Watch Beetles Shoot Hot Chemicals From Their Butts to Escape Toad Bellies. Show More Summary

Tutti per Muti

Riccardo Muti, the venerable conductor, has rolled into New York to lead his Chicago Symphony Orchestra in two concerts at Carnegie Hall. I seized the chance to do a podcast with him — a Q&A, here. When I arrived at his suite, he was frustrated because he was not getting reception on his cellphone. Show More Summary

Putin's Winning Strategy

What is it that makes Russian President Vladimir Putin such a dangerous man? Is it his meddling in Western elections? Maybe, although it seems unlikely we’ll ever know the extent to which such gambits mattered. Is it his foreign-policy...Show More Summary

Patrick Bateman Approves

As some of you may have noticed, I do not much care for Donald Trump or for the tendencies he brings out in others. The subject of politics has been so off-putting at times that I have occasionally considered going into theater criticism...Show More Summary

Dying Naturally with Loving Care True "Death with Dignity"

Mom died of Alzheimer’s disease in my home after receiving months of excellent and truly compassionate hospice care that alleviated her physical, mental, and existential symptoms significantly. Dad died naturally of cancer in a Veterans...Show More Summary

Signs of Improvement, Cont.

James Hohmann at the always impressive Daily 202 writes about GOP polling improving, using the new Quinnipiac survey as a hook: A Quinnipiac University poll published Wednesday showed that a generic Democrat leads a generic Republican...Show More Summary

‘Yes, Throw a Parade’

I wrote about the parade controversy for Politico today. One point is that most conservatives (I was among them) allowed themselves to indulge in a silly caricature of France in our irritation at the likes of Dominique de Villepin in...Show More Summary

'We Train and We Fight'

I’m not gung ho on the idea of the military parade, but not because I’m against a good parade. If it was for celebrating the military, I’d be all for it. Lord knows the military has made enormous sacrifices over the last decade and a half. Show More Summary

Swamp Things?

No doubt people talk indiscreetly when they believe their communications are private; perhaps those in an illicit affair may posture and brag about their self-importance and exaggerate. All that said, when reading through the latestShow More Summary

Thank You Rush

Seems like our friend and America’s premier conservative voice has never done a local event in his home town of Palm Beach. But on Tuesday, Rush Limbaugh ventured not too far from the EIB studio in order to join National Review Institute...Show More Summary

The Mystery of Pronunciation

I have done a new Jaywalking, and it includes a story about Saoirse Ronan, a young Irish actress. I had to learn how to pronounce her name (the first one): “SHUR-sha.” I had a memory of The Arsenio Hall Show (which started in the late ’80s and ran into the ’90s). Show More Summary

Parade Politics

As a rule, the greater a nation is, the humbler it can afford to be. The less it has to flex its muscles and preen its feathers. Same with an individual. President Trump belittles people, literally. He calls them “Little Marco” and “Liddle’...Show More Summary

Weighing the Good and the Bad in the Spending Caps Deal

From the Thursday Morning Jolt… Weighing the Good and the Bad in the Spending Caps Deal Let’s start with the good news about the “spending caps deal”… Finally, a substantial boost to the Pentagon’s budget. Yesterday I mentioned Defense...Show More Summary

When They Didn’t Fool Around at Inaugural Parades

A different time, but it once wasn’t considered an affront to the republic to show off military hardware. Here are a couple of picture from JFK’s inauguration: You can find similar images from Eisenhower’s inaugurals. John Kennedy's Inaugural Parade

Remember When David Dinkins Was an Unabashed Militarist?

This New York Times story on the parade in New York City after the end of the Gulf War — complete with a simulated destruction of a Scud — makes interesting reading in the context of the current parade freak-out: Three months after the...Show More Summary

I'm a Sucker for a Parade

I’m a sucker for a parade, pretty much any parade. It doesn’t matter if it’s a couple of guys in antique cars with some flags on Main Street on July 4 or Rolling Thunder. So I understand why Trump would have been taken with the Bastille Day parade, which must be a truly extraordinary national spectacle. Show More Summary

Illegal Immigrants and Crime

Over at Reason, Alex Nowrasteh has taken issue with a Corner post in which I used SCAAP reimbursement figures (a program which reimburses states and localities for some of the cost of incarcerating illegal aliens and suspected illegal aliens) to do some calculations about illegal aliens’ involvement in crime. Show More Summary

On Military Parades, It's Maddow Versus Maddow

Before I dive into the latest example of our strange political discourse, let me put my cards on the table. I’m moderately pro-parade. In other words, all things considered, I’d like to see the first American military parade in almost 30 years.  The reason is simple. Show More Summary

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