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Mélenchon Rising

I defer to Charlie on all things related to the French election, but this can’t be good. Mélenchon Rising

America’s West and America’s Rest

From the first Jim-written Morning Jolt in a week: Happy Easter Monday! Good news, you’ve got one extra day to file your taxes. Keep your head on a swivel this week. It’s the anniversary week of the Boston Marathon bombing (April 15),...Show More Summary

Easter and the Transhumanists

Physical immortality: Why not? Because it’s impossible: We don’t know anyone who has it and we don’t understand how it would work, either the biology or the psychology or the politics. Telomeres shrink and cells stop dividing eventually. Show More Summary

Deregulation in Higher Education

Stanley Kurtz’s forceful account of the very real and often thuggish offenses against free speech and common sense on our campuses — well, basically our elite campuses – has, in my view, two important errors. The first is that the biggest...Show More Summary

Fanciful Trump 'Scandals'

If you say “Clinton scandal,” the first thing that comes to mind for most people, at least for those of us old enough to have been around for Bill Clinton’s presidency, is Monica Lewinsky. That’s a shame: I am convinced that HillaryShow More Summary

Trumpism's Indispensable Man

If the ascendancy of Jared, Ivanka and the New York moderates in the White House risks taking the edges off Trump’s agenda, then Jeff Sessions becomes all the more important. He would be the most senior official standing in the way of any significant backsliding on immigration and law-and-order issues. Show More Summary

Ivanka in the White House

The Times has another piece on White House intrigue, this time with a heavy emphasis on Ivanka’s role: Some colleagues, including Mr. Bannon and Reince Priebus, the White House chief of staff, regard Mr. Kushner’s breathtaking list of assignments with comic contempt, according to a dozen Trump associates who insisted on anonymity to discuss Mr. Show More Summary

“Creative Destruction at its Best”

The beat goes on… The New York Times (my emphasis added): Between 2010 and 2014, e-commerce grew by an average of $30 billion annually. Over the past three years, average annual growth has increased to $40 billion. “That is the tipping point, right there,” said Barbara Denham, a senior economist at Reis, a real estate data and analytics firm. Show More Summary

France 2017

Theodore Dalrymple, writing in City Journal: As every married person knows, silences can be pregnant with meaning, even if the meaning is not immediately clear. The silence in the French press about a recent startling event in Paris is surely pregnant with meaning. Show More Summary

The Fast and the Furious Movies -- A Wounded Generation Builds a Family and a Purpose

The longer I live, the less complicated (but more difficult) I believe life to be, especially for men. When I see the difference between the men who struggle and the men who thrive, the men who thrive are the ones who (not to get too technical about it) tend to do something cool while maintaining deep connections with others. Show More Summary

Brexit – The Return of the Norway Option?

As British Prime Minister Theresa May’s preparations—to give that ill-thought collection of platitudes and impossibilities too kind a noun—for ‘hard Brexit’, a dog’s Brexit if ever I saw one, pave the way towards who knows what, EU Referendum’s...Show More Summary

Venezuela: The Awful Latest

In one of his strongholds, they were throwing eggs at Nicolás Maduro, the president of Venezuela. Do you know how scarce eggs are now? And to use them to throw at the president? The slums are turning against the rulers. And the slums...Show More Summary

Friday links

Abraham Lincoln was assassinated on this date in 1865. Related: In 1956, an eyewitness to the Lincoln assassination appeared on TV. The Titanic sunk on April 14, 1912 - here’s an eyewitness account. A Brief History of the Cadbury Egg.  Videos...Show More Summary

Krauthammer’s Take: Mother of All Bombs Launched ‘To Send a Message’ to North Korea and Iran

Charles Krauthammer argued that this particular timing to bomb ISIS suggests that the Trump administration wants to send a message to other belligerent countries: Well, it’s curious as to why here and why now. I suspect from what they...Show More Summary


WHAT CAME BEFORE When the mists of antiquity roll down the mountain with what came before written history, before the celestial irresolution of dark and light, when persistent survival was a near miracle, at the time when forms of worship...Show More Summary

The Shores of Tripoli, Again

I thank my friend John Yoo for his comments, especially for the bits that are wrong. Contrary to the constantly repeated claim, it simply is not the case that the Barbary wars were conducted on presidential authority without congressional authorization. Show More Summary

Trump's MOAB Drop Triggered a Tweet You Need To Read

I want you to read this tweet, sent after today’s MOAB drop and written by an American patriot and a man I’m privileged to know, Johnny (Joey) Jones: I lost my legs because my gov’t was afraid to use the tools they had and saw me as expendable. Show More Summary

Rick Perlstein Is Right: He Doesn't Understand Conservatives

Rick Perlstein recently wrote in the New York Times magazine that he doesn’t understand conservatives. Today, the Times today confirmed that to be true. There is now an editor’s note attached to Perlstein’s April 11 article, “I Thought I Understood the American Right. Show More Summary

Reading Around

The Wall Street Journal: Mutiny at the Labor Department Hans Bader: The Fair Housing Act vs. free speech George Selgin: The case for stable spending Al Hunt: The swamp roots for Kushner Reading Around

It’s Freedom Day

The third annual celebration will take place at various places across the fruited plains, but the principle venue is at the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia, where the festivities begin at 4:00 p.m. (Eastern time). The theme...Show More Summary

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