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Podcast Quartet

Yours truly has been featured in four prominent aviation podcasts; here are links to each of episodes and a little bit about the folks behind the broadcasts. Read more ? Related posts: KFI AM 640 The last episode of Seinfeld is tomorrow. Show More Summary

Blurred Lines

The advent of smartphones and apps has led to a variety of creative new businesses which are reinventing how we shop, work, and communicate. They’re also changing how we travel by bringing private aviation to the masses. Read more ? Related...Show More Summary

Manual Flying Skills: Keep ‘Em Sharp

Automation and high-tech equipment can certainly make flying safer. But it can also allow our manual flying skills to deteriorate, and --even worse -- mask the deficiency altogether until the day those skills are suddenly needed. Read...Show More Summary

The Ultimate Aviation Enthusiasts

Who are the aviation industry's most ardent enthusiasts? Builders? Pilots? Aeronautical engineers? I think the answer is "none of the above". Instead, it might very well be a group of people who are outside the airport fence. Here's the fascinating story of one such individual. Show More Summary

Bedford and the Normalization of Deviance

The NTSB report on the Bedford G-IV crash has been released, and "pilot error" doesn't even begin to describe it. How do respected, well-trained, experienced pilots screw up so badly? And could it ever happen to us? Sadly, the answer is "yes". Show More Summary

“I Don’t Work for You!”: A True Story

Pilots who want to hire on with a major airline will tell you it's not necessarily easy. But you know what's even harder? Trying to quit! Here's a true story about a friend who tried to do just that -- and couldn't. Read more ? Related posts: United Airlines Out of Bankruptcy To quote Frank Costanza, “I’m back, baby!”. Show More Summary

Different Strokes

Many of us have encountered pilots with a militant, "my-way-or-the-highway" attitude toward flying. I prefer to be a little more open to other ways of doing things. Here's why. Read more ? Related posts: Takeoff Briefings for Singles...Show More Summary

The Reluctant Instructor

The "1500 hour rule" is a well-known barrier for aspiring airline pilots. What nobody seems to be talking about is the detrimental effect it will have on the flight instructor community. Read more ? Related posts: Learning to Fly — Without...Show More Summary

A Tragic Pile of Twisted Metal

What's worse than having your pride-and-joy destroyed in an accident? Obliterating it yourself... on purpose. Welcome to the world of 21st century liability concerns. The real losers: our children. Read more ? Related posts: Multi-Pilot...Show More Summary

What a Country!

Many people aspire to travel internationally. It looks glamorous. Feels that way too -- sometimes. But from a pilot's perspective, there are plenty of things about flying abroad that make me realize how good we have it here at home.Show More Summary

Daddy’s Copilot

The Rapp family recently got a little bigger! A few thoughts about daddy's little copilot and how he's charting a new flight plan for our lives... Read more ? Related posts: The Good Life To me, flying is The Good Life, even when you're... C-130 Bird Strike C-130 goes mano-a-mano against an Eagle. Show More Summary

Perspectives on GA Safety

The safety record for private, Part 91 flying is significantly worse than that of charter and airline operators. Call me crazy, but I'd argue that this is actually a good thing. Here's why. Read more ? Related posts: Highway vs. Aviation...Show More Summary

Special Mission Aircraft

I recently encountered a uniquely modified aircraft in Hawaii that got me thinking about how business jets serve millions of people who never get to ride in them and are probably not even aware of their existence. Even in the GA community,...Show More Summary

Hanging Separately on Medical Reform

Ben Franklin once said we should all hang together lest we all hang separately. He was talking about the Revolution, but the same can be said of aviation. Too bad the Air Line Pilots Association didn't get the memo. Read more ? Related...Show More Summary

NOTAMs: A Broken System

Culling through NOTAMs is like having dental work done without Novocain: it's unnecessarily painful. There are better ways to serve up important flight data, ones that save both time and money. So why aren't we using them? Read more ? Related posts: To Brief or Not to Brief A U.S. Show More Summary

The Sim Credit Debate

The FAA wants to double the amount of sim time which can be credited toward an instrument rating, but a negative comment on their proposal temporarily derailed the effort. So who's right? Read more ? Related posts: The Pitch/Power Debate: It’s the Trim, Stupid "Pitch vs. Show More Summary

A Better, Safer Airline Cockpit

Airspeeds, altitudes, attitudes, pressures, temperatures... airplanes have many limitations, and nobody would advocate exceeding any of them. So why don't we give the humans who operate this equipment the same consideration? Read more...Show More Summary

The Spiral Dive Conundrum

Over 40 percent of GA fatal accidents occurred because pilots lost control of their airplanes, and a spiral dive is sometimes part of the final moments. How do we accurately train for such a hazardous situation? Read more ? Related posts: The Pitch/Power Debate: It’s the Trim, Stupid "Pitch vs. Show More Summary

Ten Aviation Blogs Worth Reading

Quality writing deserves recognition, don't you think? A fellow writer prompted me to list ten of my favorite aviation blogs... Read more ? Related posts: Aviation Blogs I’ve added some new aviation-related blogs to my links page.... Housing...Show More Summary

Every Airplane Has a Story

Airplanes are so much more than a collection of parts. They're a collection of stories, each one worth the telling. We just need to start writing them down. Read more ? Related posts: The Hacked Airplane For better or worse, the relentless...Show More Summary

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