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A Pilot’s Best Friend

A good flight attendant can be one of the most valuable features of a business aircraft, but they don't always get the respect and recognition they deserve. Read more ?

Stupid Pilot Tricks

Stupid pilot tricks come in many shapes and sizes. Here's one in the shape of Hawker 800 which was captured by at least one enterprising photographer at the recent NBAA convention in Las Vegas. Read more ?

NBAA Interview

My last post resulted in a call from NBAA to appear on their podcast for an interview about America's air traffic control system. Read more ?

The Big Lie: ATC Stuck in the 1960s

Proponents of ATC privitization claim that American air traffic control is "stuck in the 1960s". When the hyperbole and sensationalism are set aside, the facts seem to tell another story. Read more ?

Know Thyself

Some pilots are so happy with their flying career while others seem truly miserable -- even when they're both doing the same job. Is the difference simply a matter of perspective? Or is there something else at work here? Read more ?

When Things Go Sideways

There aren't many second chances in life -- and there are even fewer in aviation. One error and you're out of a job! I've seen several examples of this recently, and it leaves me wondering if we might be missing out on an opportunity make aviation safer. Read more ?

Fuelish Decisions

For the charter/corporate pilot, determining if, when, how much, and where to purchase fuel can be rather complex... and getting it wrong can cost a fortune. Here's a look at the decision-making process. Read more ? Related posts: Fueling...Show More Summary

The Longest Day

Over the years, business aircraft have evolved dramatically in terms of their range. That's wonderful for the passengers, but for the crew it presents some serious safety hazards which must be dealt with. Read more ? Related posts: How...Show More Summary

The Circular Runway

Ah, the circular runway -- it seems to be all the rage with academics. In the real world, I see a few problems with this concept. Read more ? Related posts: Runway Incursions An Associated Press story entitled “LAX ranks at top for... New Phraseology During Runway Construction Hold short, short approach, short runway. Show More Summary

The Engine That Could

I've always been fond of Rolls-Royce engines. They were the beating heart of our most iconic warbirds, and even today are propelling the finest business jets on Earth. But there's one particular Rolls product which has outlived all the others... Show More Summary

Aircraft Security: Serious Business

In our post 9/11 world, aircraft security is no joke. So when you travel to small airports, third world countries, and other out-of-the-way places, how does one keep a bright, shiny business jet secure when it's sitting on the ground?...Show More Summary

The Differences Training Difference

Each flying job requires a unique set of skills. Failure to heed the small differences can lead to big accidents, and sometimes that failure goes back to the pilot's training -- or lack thereof. Read more ? Related posts: The Key toShow More Summary

A License to Learn

When a newly minted pilot receives his or her temporary pilot certificate after a successful checkride, the examiner often refers to this piece of paper as a "license to learn". Nearly twenty years into my flying career, does this aphorism...Show More Summary

A Pioneer Goes West

Apparently Arnold Palmer played golf. Who knew? I thought he was just a pioneer in the world of business aviation... Read more ? Related posts: Bill Kershner Goes West Saying goodbye to Bill Kershner, a legend in aerobatic and... West...Show More Summary

The Accidental Solo

A first solo flight is always a memorable experience for both student and instructor, but there are a few that stick out in my memory than others. For example, when you solo accidentally... Read more ? Related posts: “Am I Nervous?”:...Show More Summary

We’re All Instructors

Every pilot is a flight instructor, whether they know it or not. I make the case for recognizing that fact and acting accordingly when flying. Read more ? Related posts: Learning to Fly — Without An Instructor? Just how important is the instructor when it comes to... ATP Total CFI Program Day 12 Not much to report on day twelve. Show More Summary

Two Airplanes in One

Business jets offer the opportunity not only to fly to many interesting places, but to do so at widely varying weights and conditions. As a result, your trusty flying machine can be a blazing thoroughbred one day and a dehydrated mule the next. Show More Summary

I Go to Extremes

Summer is here, and it's got me thinking about important temperature limits for airplanes -- and the pilots who fly them. Read more ? Related posts: Limitations Analysis of a Hawker 800XP accident which occurred when the... C-130 Bird Strike C-130 goes mano-a-mano against an Eagle. Show More Summary

Leasebacks: Doing It Right

I've learned that big jets and light GA aircraft are more similar than it first appears. That goes for the planes themselves and the sometimes painful challenges of owning them. Read more ? Related posts: Time is Money Everyone's heard the phrase "time is money". Show More Summary

The Perception of Value

Everyone in the GA world would love to see more people learning to fly. But when we encourage folks with other priorities to adopt our own perception of aviation's value, are we doing them a favor or simply setting them up for failure?...Show More Summary

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