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Expect some 911 recordings from the Orlando massacre to be released--but it's not clear when

Florida’s public records law is strong, and 911 recordings are usually released quickly. So why have two dozen media organizations been tied up in court for the past week in an effort to obtain 911 and other phone recordings related to the June 12 mass shooting at Pulse nightclub in Orlando? The short answer is that the city has claimed...

'Kicking and screaming': 50 years of FOIA

The Freedom of Information Act turns 50 on July 4. This is cause for celebration--and not just because President Obama signed a significant FOIA reform bill to mark the occasion (and atone in some small way for his abysmal FOIA record). No, we should pause for FOIA’s birthday because every FOIA requester, whether they realize it or not, takes part...

Summary: Behavioral study of expectation in political media

W e designed and implemented an experiment to explore the ways in which political affiliation alters how people perceive information found in a digital magazine story. We expected participants to be more likely to trust information published in an outlet that is aligned with their political stance over one that is not. We also studied whether political affiliation impacts...

Can narrative journalism overcome the political divide?

would trust anything written on Breitbart, and every self-respecting conservative knows that The New York Times is a liberal rag controlled by people with New York values. Combine that with the echo-chamber of social media, the decline of local news, and the general political atmosphere of 2016, and you get a divided country with a divided media. Or so...

Headlines editors probably wish they could take back

In this week's Lower Case... I would stick to using a volleyball but, hey, they're the experts.— Mark Ennis (@MarkEnnis) June 29, 2016 The Guardian, 6/29/2016

What media companies don’t want you to know about ad blockers

New York Times But newspaper executives like Thompson often focus exclusively on the drawbacks of ad blockers, leaving a big part of the story untold. Thompson did not say one word in his keynote address about the significant security benefits of ad blockers, which is ironic, because his paper was one of several news organizations that served its users...

How Virginia Heffernan is reinventing tech criticism

Virginia Heffernan’s Twitter bio once described her as “something like a critic.” Her reluctance to fully embrace the title is understandable, given that most of what passes as technology criticism today tends either towards gadget reviews or curmudgeons bemoaning the loss of what makes us human. Show More Summary

How social media has changed the landscape for editorial cartooning

“You filthy kunt…a baseball bat to your head is now due.” "HOW FUCKING DARE YOU CUNT. GET THE HELL OUT OF THE BUSINESS..." “Bitch, your days are numbered.” “do the world a favor, go hang yourself" “I hope you get raped to death” I stood frozen in front of my computer, watching my Twitter feed roll like a slot machine...

A nonprofit and a daily dig deep into Chicago's handling of police misconduct allegations

A pair of investigations that arrived just days apart last week--one from a small nonprofit, the other by a leading daily--brought new scrutiny to the way the city of Chicago handles allegations of police misconduct. The reports, each based on an analysis of hundreds of lawsuits, highlight the soaring cost of alleged misconduct to taxpayers, the city’s failure to track...

Media glorification of sports injuries fades, with one exception

One night in Madison Square Garden, back in 1959, the hapless New York Rangers were playing the Montreal Canadiens, the symbol of Canada’s National Hockey League supremacy. Naturally, the 12 players on the ice wore cups to block any pucks that might sail toward groin regions. As for their teeth: They were safely stored in their lockers. But you could...

The summertime roots of Panama hats, seersucker

Last week, in honor of summer, we talked about “thongs” and “bikinis.” This week, not only do we have the first full week of summer, we also have the dedication of the newly expanded Panama Canal. So it seems appropriate to talk about “Panama” hats, the lightweight straw hats that show up in northern climes during the summer. The story...

How an Ohio judge's ruling threatens journalists' ability to cover the court system

An attorney has a civil case that’s about to go to trial. He contacts a friend of his, the editor of a local publication, to encourage coverage of the case. The attorney shares public court records and information about the court schedule. The case is newsworthy, and on the eve of trial the editor’s publication runs a story that outlines...

Summary: Behavioral study of expectation in media

W e designed a study aimed to determine whether participants’ trust in the information contained within an online news article is altered by changing the brand of the article, by demographic factors, and by readership habits such as regularly accessing news online or in print. Given prior findings in analogous disciplines based upon expectation and trust in media, we...

The New Yorker, BuzzFeed, and the push for digital credibility

t's one of magazine journalism's most pressing questions: How can publications that have long captivated print consumers earn the trust of wary online readers? As the internet solidifies its role as a leading news source amid continued declines in print, news organization homepages are losing traction. Show More Summary

BuzzFeed to social platforms: More transparency, please

Amid publishers’ ongoing handwringing about social platforms’ control over media, BuzzFeed has become a poster child for embracing third-party distribution networks. This progressive view has helped it gain a massive global audience....Show More Summary

Winners in Brexit: Old people, old media

The referendum on Britain’s membership in the European Union was a battle of old against young. But it was also a battle of old media against new. And on both counts, the result was a smashing victory for the elder generation. During the campaign, there was much talk about data-driven targeting, and relentless attempts at social media engagement. Politicians from...

'It’s just a tough environment': Kansas sales highlight the challenges for family-owned papers

June 17 was a tumultuous day for family-owned newspapers in Kansas. Members of the Simons family, which has owned the Lawrence Journal-World for 125 years, informed employees that morning that they had agreed to sell the paper and other properties to West Virginia-based Ogden Newspapers for an undisclosed sum. Show More Summary

Inside Mother Jones' monster investigation of private prisons

Shane Bauer tried to keep a straight face. The Mother Jones senior reporter was on assignment at a private prison in Louisiana, working as a guard. Conditions at the facility were deplorable. A poorly-trained staff lacked the support to respond to growing violence. And one of Bauer’s colleagues, who had no knowledge of Bauer’s primary job, told him that an...

Deaths, detainments mount as media environment worsens in South Sudan

JUBA, South Sudan – Joseph Deng received a call from a friend on March 8 saying that his 27-year-old son was lying in a cemetery. “He’s alive. Don’t go alone,” the friend warned. Deng’s son, a newspaper editor named Afandi Joseph, had been missing for four days. It was evening, around 9 pm, when the father rushed to the graveyard...

A big investigation of slaughterhouse safety highlights the promise of media partnerships

Two years ago this month, Ralph Horner, a 54-year old maintenance employee at a Greeley, Colorado, meatpacking plant, was killed in the middle of the night. The piece of equipment he was working on caught his hair and the sleeve of his shirt, pulling him in. He was suffocated beneath a conveyor belt. One of the journalists following Horner’s story...

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