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PR Firm Says It Ghost-Wrote Thousands of Op-Eds in Major US Papers

To the extent that this service can really reach 50,000 people whom one wouldn't have otherwise reached, it is part of the corruption of a thoroughly corrupt communications system. It's part of the rigging of everything that breeds cynicism and resentment.

Vice Photospreads Present ‘Girly, Teenage’ Side of Israeli Occupation

For the second time in the last five months, Vice has run a bizarre, titillating photo spread of “girlish,” “teenage” Israeli soldiers that manages to be obtuse and borderline creepy at the same time.

USA Today Helps Mylan Sell an Extortionate Price for EpiPen

You don't need time travel to make the generic EpiPen a bad deal; you just need to travel across the border into Canada.

Will Debates Inject Ideas Into Election Coverage? That’s Debatable

Debates are a natural opportunity to possibly pull candidates off script, force them to answer questions they didn't write themselves. But, activists are saying, debates that include only the two major party candidates are far less likely to do that.

Kandi Mossett on Native American Pipeline Protests

For many people, what's happening right now in North Dakota is a crucial story of a frontline fight of indigenous people against extractive industry—and on behalf of humanity, really, and the planet.

A Guided Tour of the ‘Alt-Right,’ by the Trump Campaign Chief’s Website

Rather than giving one definition of the alt-right, Breitbart News chooses to describe it piece by piece. Let's put the pieces together and see what kind of picture it makes.

Stoking Russia Panic for Partisan Gain Will Have a Long-Term Price for Peace

According to leading pro-Democratic media, the US cannot possibly work with Russia; they are fundamentally adversarial. This type of macho posturing, previously the domain of Fox News, has become increasingly commonplace as the the Clinton camp drives home the talking point that Trump is a Kremlin agent.

NYT Cites FAIR’s Criticism of NYT

In an explainer about Donald Trump hiring Breitbart News' Stephen Bannon as campaign CEO, the New York Times references FAIR's criticism of the Times' handling of the distorted ACORN story, which was promoted by Andrew Breitbart.

‘If You’re So Proud of This Technology, Put It on the Label’ - CounterSpin interview with Patty Lovera about GMO labeling

"If we’re going to tell people that they are voting with their dollars and they're making decisions, you have to give them all the information. And when we came to that line, the industry wasn’t willing to do that."

‘They Are Incentivized to Arrest People Because It Raises Money’ - CounterSpin interview with Donna Murch on for-profit punishment

"Nearly everyone who’s being arrested or incarcerated is incurring criminal justice debt. And in many states you can be stripped of your right to vote until you pay off all of your criminal justice debt. So I talk about that essentially as a modern day poll tax."

Felicia Kornbluh on the Politics of Welfare

we're told we're in a moment of reconsideration, perhaps, of the notion that depriving needy people of assistance would lead to their gainful employment and well-being. A true reconsideration of the 1990s welfare overhaul would require a so-far invisible recentering of the people in its crosshairs: low-income women, particularly mothers raising children on their own.

NYT Touts Honduras as Ad for ‘American Power’–Leaving Out Support for Murderous Coup Regime

A Times writer offers the results of Honduran anti-violence programs as "a striking rebuke to the rising isolationists in American politics," who "seem to have lost their faith in American power." But she failed to explain how American...Show More Summary

Humanitarian Nightmare for Colombia’s Wayuu Fails to Awaken Corporate Media

The documented deaths of more than 4,700 Colombian indigenous children in just the last eight years are a humanitarian nightmare, but corporate media appear unmoved.

Election Meddling: Bad if Done to USA, Bad to Complain About if Done by USA

When US media—to say nothing of the leading contender to be the next president of the US—allege that foreign elements are steering our politics, that’s rational, serious discourse. When others do it, it’s laughable, unhinged blabber...

Your Parents Aren’t Your Parents, an Announcer Tells an Olympian

Faced with one of the best athletes in the world, commentators focus on what one called her "broken home." Of course, what they're really revealing is just the narrowness of their vision.

‘We’re Trying to Transform How Policy Looks in the 21st Century’ - CounterSpin interview with Ash-Lee Woodard Henderson on 'A Vision for Black Lives'

"This very platform is a manifestation of ongoing work that’s been happening in the black radical tradition, in the black liberation struggle, before many of us were even born."

How Media Distorted Syrian Ceasefire’s Breakdown

Coverage of the breakdown of the partial ceasefire in Syria illustrated the main way corporate news media distort public understanding of a major foreign policy story.

NYT Reveals Think Tank It’s Cited for Years to Be Corrupt Arms Booster

the think tank industry, as the internal emails New York Times revealed make clear, is often based on laundering influence through ostensibly neutral-sounding “institutes” or “centers,” with the fact that the average media consumer won’t know who funds them being part of the service offered to donors.

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