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40 Years Ago

( An occasional reminiscence on the events of 1968 )( See the posts in chronological order )A few days after the election, as the reality of Nixon's election sunk in, Washington Post cartoonist Herb Block ran his 'free shave' cartoon:...Show More Summary

Changes at

At ProPublica, Jennifer LaFleur reports that the Obama agenda pages are back at Some have been rewritten. (See previous reference here.)

Some good research links

Wall Street Journal's Photo Journal large versions of photos in the news, like the Boston Globe's Big Picture. The Plum Book (United States Government Policy and Supporting Positions): 2008 Edition, list of openings in the Federal govt. Show More Summary

Eight years

I started a website with a 'blog' page in early November 2000, which I remember because I missed the Ramble at Fairchild Tropical Garden that weekend, putting it together, and because just about that time we discovered that the results...Show More Summary

How it was in DC

I love Joel Achenbach's blog posting with photos of the spontaneous demonstration that erupted outside the White House Tuesday night: All-Night Party at the White House; as well has his report on the lines for copies of the Washington Post the next day. Show More Summary

I voted

Right here. No lines. (Although one began to accumulate as we were leaving.)

Holiday weekend diversion

For something totally silly, especially if you're a fan of sites like Stuff White People Like, here's a new one: Stuff Journalists Like. Like 'Professional Organizations': Journalists need to connect with others who enjoy long talks about deadlines, copies and incompetent editors. Show More Summary

Good stuff

Europeana is a just-released Web site that is a repository for information from archives all over Europe, including "digitised books, films, paintings, newspapers, sounds and archives from Europe’s greatest collections."...Unfortunately the demand has exceeded server supply and the site is now down and being retooled to re-open in 'mid-December'. Show More Summary

Life pictures on Google

The announcement yesterday of the availability of the Life Magazine photo archive on Google Image has lots of sites buzzing. (See Sheila Lennon, for example...) Getting access to this treasure trove is nearly unbelievable, and will be...Show More Summary

Concerns for gun owners

All over the country, gun stores are seeing sales jump in response to Barack Obama's election. Gun enthusiasts...never comfortable with Obama's stated laisse faire policy on guns....are saying 'I told you so' now that the election is over and it's clear that Dems will control both houses of Congress and the presidency. Show More Summary

Learning from the campaign

Good posting from Ken Doctor on his Content Bridges blog: 10 truths the press can learn from the Obama campaign.

New government Website for Obama

There's a new website for the president-elect: Lots of information here on the inauguration, the new administration, the agenda (or will be).It includes a link to Presidential Transition Resources site, a directory of new...Show More Summary

Looking a little deeper

In The Times Online, an interesting analysis of the state of American politics: It was a great victory - but not for the Left.The Guardian has a good three-part Obama biography: The Obama Story. Slide show: Road to the White House.Then there's Newsweek's blockbuster, Secrets of the 2008 Campaign.

How the Times covers Iraq

Great story in next month's Vanity Fair about the New York Times bureau in Iraq, the only U.S paper that hasn't cut back it's in-country coverage. The New York Times’s Lonely War.

40 Years Ago

(An occasional reminiscence on the events of 1968)(See the posts in chronological order)November 5. The election was upon us, a scary time. The choice, between LBJ's vice president Hubert Humphrey, a likable former mayor, congressman and senator from Minnesota who had for years been a reliable liberal campaigner, and Nixon. Show More Summary

What could you buy with it?

Dress Like Palin. What you could do with Sarah's spending money.

Another good news research story

How The Times followed a trail to find Barack Obama’s aunt.

Useful and different elections info sources

Our Vote Live tracks election problems during election day. Google Elections Gallery will show real-time elections results on maps. on electoral projections. Early Voting Database, 2008. 2008 Electopedia from New York magazine. Show More Summary

Thoughts from the mountains on this election

Up the mountain road near us on the way to Hiwassee Dam, a sign at a small country church, saying something like this:'Never fear change. Think how glorious fall is'.Yet, in front of many of the houses nearby, little shacks with junk...Show More Summary

Can't resist this

Here's a novel take on a political ad. Subtle but effective. It's the 'Wassup' gang from the Budweiser commercials, 8 years later.This one via KnoxViews.

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