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Pride & Prejudice: Homophobic DJs in the Age of Twitter

Photo via Tanner RossJune is Pride month, a recognition of how some first world cultures have evolved to accept marginalized and often criminalized queer subcultures, when we celebrate an openness that was not possible mere decades ago. Show More Summary

Op-Ed: Does the Struggle of Making Art in America Make for Better Art?

Growing up as part of a classically trained, musical family in Denmark was a privilege. Honestly, my upbringing in this setting probably afforded me the best possible opportunity to become a professional musician anyone, anywhere in the world could ever hope for. Show More Summary

I’m 15, and I Took My Dad to Bonnaroo: This Is My Story

This past weekend we sent 15 year-old photographer Dorothy Dark to cover Bonnaroo, in tandem with her dad, Pitchfork contributor David Dark. This is their report of the experience. David: "People have died there," my mother intoned over the phone. Show More Summary

Fear of A Metal Planet

Earlier this month, Taylor Swift launched her 1989 World Tour, her largest and most elaborate spectacle yet. Tens of thousands of Swifties will pack the arenas and baseball stadiums of these United States to see pop’s reigning princess. Show More Summary

We All Destroyed Amy Winehouse

I never actually met Amy Winehouse, but I met her side-eye once. It was May 9, 2007, and Amy was performing at the Highline Ballroom in New York City. This was before the Highline threw V.I.P.’s and press in the balcony and allowed them to sit side-stage in an area the size of a baby’s fist. Show More Summary

What the Failure of Troy Ave Tells Us About The Industry of Hip Hop

When NYC rapper and 50 Cent doppelganger Troy Ave was profiled for his spot on the 2014 XXL Freshmen list, he seemed to overestimate his own status: "I thought the Freshmen cover was going to make it happen. Now, it’s going to happen either way. Show More Summary

Our Reporter's Report From Porto

Nos Primavera Sound is a festival that takes place in the beautiful Portuguese coastal town of Porto. It’s got a smaller lineup than the Barcelona festival that takes place the week before, but there is plenty of crossover and it's very much its own festival owing to its setting amid the hills, trees, and ponds of the Parque da Cidade. Show More Summary

Kanye West Is Going to Brick and It's Going to Hurt

Kanye West’s seventh studio album remains a mystery. No one knows if it is finished, if he’s scrapped several versions of it, if he’s still tinkering with it, or if it’s been sitting somewhere, done, for months. Seth Rogen heard a live version of one, rapped to him in a van by Kanye himself, in December. Show More Summary

Consumer Goods and Bads: Laying On's Recycled Plastic Sheets

When people complain about celebrities it’s always about the wrong things—sure, celebrity culture is making us ever more shallow and narcissistic, but what we should be irate about is the tangible, provable stuff like how they’re bad for the environment. Show More Summary

Looking at 20 Years of Mogwai

Photo by Shannon McCleanLater this month Mogwai will celebrate their 20th anniversary with shows at Glasgow’s Barrowland Ballroom and London’s Roundhouse. That the Scottish quintet has held on for this long is laudable: Post-rock, and...Show More Summary

Active Child, Prince, and the Science of the Male Falsetto

Photo by Will Deitz"People joke all the time about castrati this or that," says Pat Grossi, "but I promise you all is intact." Given the ethereal, even otherworldly nature of Grossi’s music—he’s the soprano-range singer, harp player,...Show More Summary

The Weeknd's East African Roots

At the end of May, the Weeknd (née Abel Tesfaye) released the visuals for his most recent single, "The Hills", a dark, almost discordant meditation on lust, drugs, and fame. The track, with its grating chords and vulgar lyrics, is jarring to the uninitiated. Show More Summary

Martin Sorrondeguy on Los Crudos' Reissues and Latino Punk History

Photo by Mateus Mondini"In the early 1980s, I got really into b-boy culture. I spun on my head and all of that shit." Martin Sorrondeguy, the documentarian and Los Crudos vocalist is reclining in his San Francisco apartment, recalling a time before he was either of those things. Show More Summary

Op-Ed: Should the Black Artistic Class Go On Strike?

Photo via TwitterPaying attention to mainstream media’s take on police killings and the protests that followed over the past year has been a sobering affair. It has reinforced to me that the effort spent manufacturing our perfectly contrived American worldview has paid off for those who’ve been carving it. Show More Summary

An Interview with JoJo Zarur, Young Thug's Stylist

Photo via Joanna ZarurLike many 23-year-olds in 2015, Joanna "JoJo" Zarur doesn’t work in the field she went to school for. Under pressure from her parents, she studied pre-law and economics at Stanford. Her heart lay elsewhere—she’d always loved fashion, and throughout college she worked at a boutique on the side. Show More Summary

Invisible Hits: Decades of Dead - Garage-Psych in ‘67

I've spent the last few summers digging deep into the Grateful Dead's vast live archive, listening to one show for every year of the band's existence—1965-1995. The project isn't wildly original, and the upcoming 80-disc (!) box set, 30 Trips Around the Sun, will officially re-create the experience for anyone with $700 burning a hole in their pocket. Show More Summary

From Barf Bags to Custom Dildos: Test Your Knowledge of the Priciest Band Merch Ever Made

With the release of his book The Sick Bag Song this week, Nick Cave enters the rarified air of artists who’ve charged exorbitant prices for inexplicable merch. True to its name, the book includes a real airline bile sack mussed over with Cage’s errant jots and doodles, along with two white vinyl records, for the cool price of £750 ($1,153). Show More Summary

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