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When Jamie xx Dropped Tame Impala at Coachella: Why Are We Still Worried about DJs 'Playing Other People's Music'?

One of the things that makes Jamie xx such an impressive DJ is the depth of his crates. Not only do his sets dart seamlessly from grime to house to techno to his own bewitching, impossible-to-genrify brand of club music; he frequently leapfrogs dance music entirely. Show More Summary

MP3 Blogs Are Still a Thing (And They Are Awesome)

In the pre-Spotify era, one of the main ways to discover music was through MP3 blogs. In fact, some of us spent a lot of time burrowing through these obscure blogs, hoping to find and obtain rare vinyl rips and mindblowing '70s Japanese prog. Show More Summary

The Fight for All-Ages Shows

Photo by Erez AvissarLive music is, by nature, impermanent and ephemeral, but the places that show are staged can be either transitory or stable. All that’s needed is a power supply, a space for artists to play, and a place for the audience—meaning live music can happen most anywhere. Show More Summary

Ageism, Lou Reed's Lulu, Madonna's Tongue and Jazz Fest

Image via InstagramLou Reed and Metallica’s ill-fated collaboration Lulu is a record we’d all like to forget exists. Critics panned it like crazy when it came out, smacking it around like negative-review batting practice. Some of the...Show More Summary

The Misunderstanding of Faith No More

Photo by Dustin RabinIn December of 1989, the French-Canadian thrash metal band Voivod—a cult favorite influenced equally by Discharge, Die Kreuzen, and early Genesis records played backwards—toured the U.S. and Canada with Soundgarden and Faith No More as openers. Show More Summary

Consumer Goods and Bads

In product design, as in nature, evolutionary forces sometimes spin out of control and push certain features to surreal extremes. Look at cars from the '50s with soaring tail fins and dashboards packed with every Space Age doodad imaginable, or the Irish elk evolving antlers so massive that they literally drove them extinct. Show More Summary

Kanye West, the Antihero

Photo by Erez AvissarEach passing month can be marked by a new defining turn in Kanye West’s audacious act(s); attempting to walk on water is perhaps the merest of them. However, Kanye’s gall is rarely off-target. He often presents the unspoken thoughts we never utter, either out of fear or better judgement. Show More Summary

What Happens When There Are No Boys in the Room: A Report from Robyn’s Tekla Conference

Photo by Tom Spray"I need to be a hamster!" Robyn yells across a packed hall. Here, at the kick-off of Tekla, the free one-day tech conference that the Swedish pop star has helped organize for 200 teenage girls, she is merely a hamster seeking her other hamsters. Show More Summary

Jim O'Rourke on Drag City: A Primer

Earlier this month, word arrived of a new album by the musician Jim O’Rourke. To some people this will mean a great deal; to the other 99.99% percent of the population it will mean nothing at all. O’Rourke is an artist of mildly godlike...Show More Summary

Why Artists Are Returning to the Torrent Communities That Birthed Them

Photo by Erez AvissarIt’s no surprise that sample culture has been amplified by the Internet Age, revitalized by the advent of torrent clients, which have been sparking debates about authorship and ownership ever since Bram Cohen debuted the original BitTorrent code in 2002. Show More Summary

The Audacity of Hotep (A Playlist)

Encompassing a wide array of styles and ideas, hip-hop and R&B go together like two swinging double dutch ropes. Some aspects, like the so-called conscious movement, are celebrated as often as they are mocked for their earnesty. But conscious hip-hop’s basement-dwelling cousin, hotep, often flies under the radar. Show More Summary

Familial Bond: Mountain Goats' Sunset Tree and Sufjan Stevens' Carrie & Lowell

Photo by Emmanuel Afolabi Sufjan Stevens' latest album Carrie & Lowell is unlike any previous work he’s ever released. Haunting and intimate, it pulls back the curtain on the devastation and sadness of his childhood and invites us into its aftermath, and says this happened to me. Show More Summary

Record Store Day and the Ambivalent Branding of Independence

Is Record Store Day stronger than ever? Or is it irrelevant? Heading into the 8th annual celebration of "the unique culture" of independently-owned record stores this April 18th, the same evidence can be used for each side of the argument. Show More Summary

The Replacements Return (to Portland)

The best place to watch a band at Portland’s 1500-person capacity Crystal Ballroom is the all-ages side. Except at a reunion show. Then, it’s just the sober section, and "all-ages" mostly means "all of the ages between 35 and 60." This past Friday, the Replacements came to Portland, having kicked off its first proper tour since 1991. Show More Summary

The National's Alligator at 10

A few months after the National released Alligator the band played a small college venue to 30 people, a number that included venue staff and the opening band. I know this because I was there, and I counted. At that point, the Ohio-transplants...Show More Summary

Coachella Was Our Woodstock

Photo by Chris TuiteCoachella, Coachella was our Woodstock; Jungle our Jimi, Tame Impala our Sha-na-na, Steely Dan our Steely Dan, and Touché Amore our, uh, Modern Life Is War. It was a golden shimmering time, you didn’t recognize the...Show More Summary

Earl Sweatshirt and Tyler, the Creator's Odd Future as Mature Adults

Photo by Sagan Lockhart On his latest album, I Don’t Like Shit, I Don’t Go Outside, Earl Sweatshirt raps like he’s been pulled, kicking and screaming, into the cold world of adulthood. His flow is fleshed with earned aggression, and when he raps about "accepting a fifth of whiskey and necking it ‘til I’m dizzy," he sounds like he means it. Show More Summary

This One's For the Fans: One Direction and the Illusion of Access

Image via InstagramOver the weekend, the exclusive first interview with One Direction following the departure of founding member Zayn Malik was published in UK tabloid The Sun. The now-quartet— comprising Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson,...Show More Summary

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