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Swans announce final shows before their next mutation (no, REALLY this time)

Wait, what was that about a “last hurrah in its present incarnation?” At this point, we might need to consciously adjust our expectations of general “hurrah-length,” because, in addition to taking the latter half of 2016 by storm with...Show More Summary

Premiere: Big French - “Hey Grandma”

Been mad judgmental about coverage this week. And I’m trying to do-so moving forward. This isn’t really a warning. It’s more proof that Big French is the sorta rock I fuck with, sorta. Like, “Hey Grandma” as the example here: it’s outsider...Show More Summary

Twin Peaks getting two new soundtracks this fall

Think of all those Twin Peaks fans last night, expecting campy scenes and cute banter between familiar faces, hoping for meme-able quotes about coffee, cherry pie, and owls. Instead, for the relaunch of Twin Peaks, we were treated to new characters, new locations, horrifying mutilation, and a whole lot of The Black Lodge. Show More Summary

Premiere: NEW FEAR - “Floating Voltage” – (Gem Tree Remix)

Eco-urban athlete Gem Tree’s got a remix of a NEW FEAR song that will pour fury over all ears, rendering the future into a slime of hiccups. It supplants light, whips nerves, collides fervent memories. When it’s all done the feeling of a big blobby thing lurkin’ ‘round the corners with a death-drive leaves the heart dark & cleft partial. Show More Summary

Elysia Crampton releases new album Spots y Escupitajo, TMT struggles to relay that information to you in as pure a form as possible

Elysia Crampton has a new album out! Did you know?! Maybe you did. Maybe you didn’t. For a person like me, there’s no way of telling. Your experience is inextricably separate from mine. Why can’t we know one another. You and me. I wish to reach you. Show More Summary

? Listen: Spinee - “Distant Promise”

As we reported 20 day(s) ago, PC Music will be releasing something new every day for the month of May. Today, for “Month of Mayhem” release # 22, we get a new [ song /video/album/EP/mix/other] from Spinee titled “Distant Promise”. It’s a really Spinee and Spinee [ song /video/album/EP/mix/other]. Show More Summary

? Listen: Web of Sunsets - “Crimson”

It’s been a minute since Moon Glyph’s popped up on my radar. While the relentless misery of the Internet hype machine keeps churning, enduring labels like MG thankfully keep doing their thing, whether you give a shit or not. All youShow More Summary

The Como Mamas release new album Move Upstairs, premiere new video “Count Your Blessings”

Daptone Records has built its reputation not just from feeding the flames of midcentury soul music, but by seeking out performers whose gifts might otherwise be lost to time, and then throwing a big ol’ spotlight on them. And one ofShow More Summary

Premiere: Suspirians - “Moonwave”

We’ve seen it before. Sardines praise God when the key twists the tin back. The wind blows the long brown locks of the prisoner’s hair as he breathes the fresh blue air. Out in the plains, the clouds break up. Now we’re free. Coastline, coasting, cruising, streamline, airborne, horizon. Show More Summary

Coyote Records premieres Drain, debut EP from Jamaica-Miami producer Marks

Googling “dubtrap” to see if some reaching writer or keyword-savvy publicist has coined the phrase as a microgenre unzips many a body-bag of the Soundcloud era. Liquid pools at the epicenter of the virtual morgue’s floor, as if the room itself were a sink. Show More Summary

? Listen: Sour Gout - IRON_FETISH

IRON_FETISH begins as the metal first leaves your body. It’s the mindset that sets in like a sinking feeling only weight can bare. Heavy lay the Sour Gout in condensed rhythmic labyrinths to curvature an exit into a larger maze, contorting seamlessly between exercise and world. IRON_FETISH begs to be tested relentlessly. Show More Summary

Music Review: Felicia Atkinson - Hand In Hand

Felicia Atkinson Hand In Hand [Shelter Press; 2017] Rating: 4.5/5 “ Unlike the ashes that make their home with hot coals, snails prefer moist earth. Go on: they advance while gluing themselves to it with their entire bodies. They carry it, they eat it, they shit it. Show More Summary

Mix Tape: Leather jacket. Red lipstick. Cigarettes.

Requested by Mrs Alex Turner • Compiled by Heinrich Mahler 01. New York Dolls - “Personality Crisis” 02. Elvis Costello & The Attractions - “Motel Matches” 03. Grace Jones - “She’s Lost Control” 04. Blondie - “Rip Her To Shreds” 05. L7 - “Hangin’ On The Telephone” 06. Show More Summary

Mix Tape: I’m not okay

01. spooky black - "destrooy" 02. GREAF - "Nothing Left To Save" 03. TeamSesh - "MyBiggestEnnemyHasAlwaysBeenMyself" 04. cathedrals - "SULFUR" 05. greafer - "Take This, You'll Feel Better" 06. Squarepusher - "Tommib" 07. Burial - "Forgive" 08. Vitalic - "Trahison" 09. drip.133 ft vegard - "lauthn" 10. Have A Nice Life - "I Don't Love" 11. Teen Suicide - "America"

Actress announces precious few US summer dates, including MoMa PS1 Warmup peformance

If I was a "reclusive, London-based, avant-garde club producer" like Actress's Darren Cunningham, I tell you what I'd do: I'd STAY THE FUCK IN LONDON and occasionally put out new albums of avant-garde club music.

Mix Tape: I’m not okay

Requested by C • Compiled by U 01. spooky black - “destrooy” 02. GREAF - “Nothing Left To Save” 03. TeamSesh - “MyBiggestEnnemyHasAlwaysBeenMyself” 04. cathedrals - “ SULFUR ” 05. greafer - “Take This, You’ll Feel Better” 06. Squarepusher - “Tommib” 07. Show More Summary

Watch: Pioneer 11x - “Grumpy Goomba”

If Elon Musk gets his way (and why wouldn’t he?), in a few years we’ll all be living on Mars anyway. Los Angeles duo/spacemen Pioneer 11 have simply cut to the chase, preparing us for the voyage to the next home planet by preemptively colonizing our minds with the sounds of interplanetary travel. Show More Summary

Listen: Demen - Nektyr

Demen is a reminder to listeners of the gratuity that is artistic background information. The folks at Chicago's Kranky have a whole story about this accompanying the release of Nektyr :

Feature: Who Says You Can’t Can’t Go Home

REALIZED I didn't think I have to leave this place until I was standing in the Red Room with the six other men who looked like me. We had stuffed our limbs into ill-fitting Value City suits, and we'd shellacked our hairs back flat. We all wanted to be Dale Cooper, because we all knew we already were, at least in our own lives. Show More Summary

Listen: Proc Fiskal - “Greatest of All Times”

Not one for nuance or humility, Edinburgh-based producer Proc Fiskal cuts right to the sonic chase. "Greatest of All Times" is as assertive as its name suggests, pummeling its imagined opponents up against the ropes with a flurry of muscly bass riffs, drippy chiptune melodies floating in the hostile air to signify a boss battle.

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