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Watch: GOLDEN LIVING ROOM and t e l e p a t h ???????? - “FINAL PHANTASY VIII”

Ignorance is seriously bliss when it comes to expectation in music. Like, if you’re listening to a pop song and have no idea you’ve really ever heard something similar, you’ll probably think that pop song’s gimmick is genuine, legit, and huge. Show More Summary

Cerberus: Jacob Kirkegaard - 5 Pieces

By Ryan Simpson on Apr 15 2015 How important is it to understand the process of how something was created? Certainly context is good, but how does one weigh the results of an effort with the process of the effort? The results on Jacob Kierkegaard’s “5 Pieces” are breathtaking. Show More Summary

Music Review: The Silence - The Silence

The Silence The Silence [Drag City; 2015] by Michael J Rating: The Silence opens with a song that Ghost were playing more than 10 years ago; not just here by vocalist and guitarist Masaki Batoh, but also by former Ghost members Kazuo Ogino, whose keyboards are crucial to The Silence’s sound, and drummer Futoshi Okano. Show More Summary

Music Review: Colleen - Captain of None

Colleen Captain of None [Thrill Jockey; 2015] by Willcoma Rating: [The following is a poem inspired by the music of Colleen and, in particular, her new album, Captain of None. Yeah, I know… But this isn’t (totally) a beg-off from writing a no-nonsense review for you to consult before proceeding to Thrill Jockey checkout (which I highly recommend). Show More Summary

RIP: Percy Sledge, R&B singer

From The New York Times : Percy Sledge, the R&B singer whose soulful ballad of eternal love and rejection, “When a Man Loves a Woman,” topped the charts in 1966, died on Tuesday in Baton Rouge, La. He was 74. His death was confirmed by Artists International Management, which represented him. Show More Summary

Premiere: Blue Jazz TV - “Power Down the Blue Sky” / “Assholes”

While a big chunk of the cassette scene rolls around in its own low fidelity filth, having a label like Galtta Media around feels important somehow – something smooth for the medium, music that gleans like such fine crystal in heavenly...Show More Summary

Premiere: Blue Jazz TV - “Power Down the Sky” / “Assholes”

While a big chunk of the cassette scene rolls around in its own low fidelity filth, having a label like Galtta Media around feels important somehow – something smooth for the medium, music that gleans like such fine crystal in heavenly...Show More Summary

Watch: Ari Swan - “Heartless”

“Heartless” by Ari Swan travels that fine line of disinterest and enjoyment for me. Personally, a lot of the melodies and vocal types she draws upon and uses typically puts me out, but because she traverses so much ground, it’s impressive. Show More Summary

? Listen: Gut Nose - “Inside the Banker Compound”

“To all those who lead monotonous lives in the hope that they experience at second hand the delights and dangers of adventure.” -Agatha Christie Let Gut Nose take u there. The steam is coming through the manholes, the neon lights cut through to the damp pavement. Show More Summary

PC Music & SOPHIE to debut “mass media network” called Pop Cube at Red Bull Music Academy NY

“Gunna eat that stage up like lobster and foie gras.” – GFOTY, philosopher ‘Member when we recently ‘nnounced PC Music and SOPHIE’s appearance at Red Bull Music Academy NY? And ‘member it was enigmatically called Pop Cube? Wow, you do?...Show More Summary

Dommengang announce debut album Everybody’s Boogie on Thrill Jockey

At the time of writing, it’s rather telling that the second result of a Google search for “Dommengang” is a prior news article that we wrote, announcing the NYC band’s signage to the Chicago-based Thrill Jockey earlier this year. I don’t...Show More Summary

Premiere: DJ NJ DRONE - “Blood Kakao”

Alluding to the title, “Blood Kakao,” one can only imagine DJ NJ DRONE is trying to audibly convey the feeling of translating a text written in blood. Trying to figure out who’s blood it is, feeling the revenge upon finding out, and what he’ll do when he gets there. Show More Summary

? Listen: luv2 - frivolous luv nightcore ep

Who the fuuuuuuuck is ready for this summer? I woke up this morning and it wasn’t chilly out, for the first time. All my plants lasted the night. Ima grow everything. Mostly, I’ma blare frivolous luv nightcore ep by luv2 until it’s actually warm. Show More Summary

Premiere: Severed+Said - “Phosphene”

It’s that time of night when all you hear is the radiating beat of some club a mile away, nobody saying anything echoing in this room makes sense, and there’s a lounger laying on their patio two or three houses down-hill, listening to light string music. Show More Summary

Cerberus: Debre Damo Dining Orchestra - Debre Damo Dining Orchestra

By Clifford Allen on Apr 14 2015 The Debre Damo Dining Orchestra are a Copenhagen-based Afro-jazz ensemble who’ve just self-released their debut single, a gleefully anachronistic two-sider that blends the raw tenor slink of Hans Dulfer, plugged-in Ethiopian jazz of Mulatu Astatke, and drone-heavy psychedelic processionals. Show More Summary

Drake unveils tour dates with Future, physical release for If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late; hopefully if YOU’RE reading this, it ISN’T too late

Man. Stupid internet! I thought the whole POINT of you was so that I wouldn’t have to stay on top of anything and could always just look stuff up later! But no. Now that everything is all instantaneous and world-wide and shit, it turns...Show More Summary

Music Review: Ahnnu - Perception

Ahnnu Perception [Leaving; 2015] by Birkut Rating: My recent fascination for field recordings got me thinking about what makes certain pieces within that practice more affecting than others. For me, a lot of it has to do with specific sounds or natural effects that are unplanned or unexpected, but that strike a nerve and provoke a moment’s pause. Show More Summary

Music Review: ALSO - ALSO

ALSO ALSO [R&S; 2015] by Nico Callaghan Rating: “There’s so many people making sonically ‘correct’ or refined 4x4 music, we just wanted to explore everything other than that, whilst still keeping the dance floor moving.” – Laurie Osbourne A...Show More Summary

High Wolf announces new album Growing Wild on LEAVING, for consumption by your aura this June

High Wolf a.k.a. [redacted] has gotten himself into a bit of a bind. On the one hand, he’s admitted to toying with the idea of abandoning music propagation (but not music itself) for reasons unexpounded, and on the other, there are the...Show More Summary

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