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Listen: Ynfynyt - Ynfynyt Scroll Summer ‘16 Mixtape

RiRi's only mistake Drake had the song of the summer if you go by what most Honda drivers listen to with "One Dance." It was pleasant, watered down like iced coffee left overnight watered down dancehall, but it took all summer to get a counterpoint. So leave it Ynfynyt and Track Meet Records to bring the hit dancehall heat with Ynfynyt Scroll Summer '16 Mixtape.

Listen: Samantha Glass - • RECIPES FOR STRETCHING MIX 8.22.16 •

So, I imagine Samantha Glass made the mix, • RECIPES FOR STRETCHING •, between traveling currently on tour with TROLLER (scope the tour video and try catching them on their last few bills) via HOLODECK Records:

Nicolas Jaar books massive tour

Experimental electronic music dude Nicholas Jaar recently overhauled the website for his record label Other People so that it now spits out tracks based on random numbers you insert. As Pitchfork points out, there's probably more to this and it possibly has something to do with a new album, which may or may not be called Trilogy.

? Listen: Ynfynyt - Ynfynyt Scroll Summer ‘16 Mixtape

RiRi’s only mistake Drake had the song of the summer if you go by what most Honda drivers listen to with “One Dance.” It was pleasant, watered down like iced coffee left overnight watered down dancehall, but it took all summer to get a counterpoint. Show More Summary

? Listen: Sporting Life - “Hydrate The Hustle”

The production in “Hydrate The Hustle” is flames. Turning it all the way up, Sporting Life harmonizes squared up and dropped out club, sampling the chilliest humming, all trapped up, catching a heat that only “Hydrate The Hustle” can douse. Show More Summary

? Listen: Nimkis - “Hyve”

Running alongside a sleigh pulled by four jack o’lanterns. Smithy gloves on cake. Lipgloss on sale. Buy two wigs get one free. It’s easy to hide from yourself. It’s much harder to hide from others. Leghair like spiderlegs. Animation being brought to you by Haydn and Shakes the Clown. Show More Summary

Watch: shitty poet - “shitty day”

Hell yeah, shitty poet (a.k.a. Gobby) up on the “shitty day” vibes. Visually, it feels more like a recollection of this “shitty day” sorta highlighted in the sporadic jump cuts pared with the plucking, poking, booming, and stretching of the music. Show More Summary

Cerberus: Dennis Callaci - A Bed of Light

This is how Cerberus is supposed to work. I’ve never met Dennis Callaci (of indie legends Refrigerator), though I’ve admired his Shrimper label from afar for years upon years; now they’ve gone and garnered my address from an unknown benefactor (this all has a “Great Expectations” feel) and… well HERE WE ARE. Show More Summary

Day for Night Festival 2016 ft. Aphex Twin, Björk, Mykki Blanco, Oneohtrix Point Never

As we recently revealed courtesy of Billboard’s reveal courtesy of the freely viewable tweet that Aphex Twin just tweeted, the reanimated musician known by his local barista as Richard D. James has more or less confirmed plans to perform at the second-ever Day for Night Festival in Houston this December 17-18. Show More Summary

? Listen: Pinky Rose - “Rockaby”

After locking up my heart with renditions of Lucinda Williams, The Roches, and, most recently, Bruce Springsteen, Pinky Rose has done thrown away the key with this performance of Samuel Beckett’s one-woman play Rockaby. Losing, lost; a warbling echo swallows us up. Show More Summary

Watch: Public Speaking - “Blacksite Blues”

Public Speaking really goes out on a limb with the way the output makes music. Maybe I haven’t listened to a lot of Public Speaking’s works outside of “Blacksite Blues,” but the whole project bares similar resemblance to Autre Ne Veut or How To Dress Well, only baring vocals similar to 90s alternative rock, or lite-grunge. Show More Summary

Mohammad set to release “uber opus” Pèkisyon Funebri

In the cluttered Greek chamber doom market, Mohammed are the undeniable pinup boys. Thus, the news of what they promise to be their “most ambitious work to date” should be approached with much trepidation. They’ve been frightening the...Show More Summary

? Listen: garbage boy - in the godule

son of total trash born in heaps and mounds left to ferment o become a man or at least a solvent instead reduced to rubble crushed, compiled, and covered or gathered, left, and grown heir trash father pushed them around with one of those bulldozer...Show More Summary

Music Review: Preoccupations - Preoccupations

Preoccupations Preoccupations [Jagjaguwar; 2016] Rating: 2.5/5 S o, the new Viet Cong album then. I’m not going to pretend I understood how offensive it could have been for Vietnamese communities to learn that four white Canadians were happily profiting from the “bad ass” resonance of a name that represented an entire history of trauma for them. Show More Summary

Music Review: The Moles - Tonight’s Music

The Moles Tonight’s Music [Fire; 2016] Rating: 3.5/5 I sit on the couch with The Moles, hoping my headphones will blot out the vacuum’s holler. I press play: “Oh mighty sun, light up the fire in the sky.” Was the sound better this morning,...Show More Summary

Listen: Hibikure - “way of the flesh (drum & lace mix)”

Traversing the airport terminal, ham-and-swiss six-inch swaddled in wax paper and cradled in the crook of your arm, you juke through openings in the migrating multitude with the grace of a third-string fullback. Mustard-y shreds of iceberg lettuce are left in your wake, a trail of leafy greens prostrated across the gleaming linoleum. Show More Summary

DJ Diamond returns with “Footwork or Die” on Duck N’ Cover

New Hampshirites, at least, are pretty acquainted with terminal ultimatums, so if you accept the official statewide proposition that living un-free is not a life worth living at all, it's difficult not to think about the next logical step in the philosophical chain. "Live free and happy or die"? "Live free and with compassion or die"? In the case of Karlis Griffin a.k.a.

Listen: Trends // ????????? - Business Mixtape

A couple days ago, Kudatah flicked a match into a pit of crude oil, and Business Mixtape was the outcome. From the maniac mind of Trends // ?????????, Business Mixtape is a gabber-fiend’s overdose. Especially now, when people are still...Show More Summary

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