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Angelo Badalamenti confirmed to score Twin Peaks reboot

Nostalgia tripping. Why hasn’t it stopped lately? Is it because we have our hands tied when it comes to creating, you know, “original” culture? Would it be because we admire a past time period that seemed optimistic, and that we wish...Show More Summary

Mix: Guest Mix: Steel Tipped Dove - not trolling

(MP3 DOWNLOAD) - (PODCAST) The 13-year-old inside you (||) doesn’t care about your defeatist political “stance” and adult cynicism. S/he’s a truther who owns a physical copy of The Anarchist Cookbook. S/he doesn’t ironically listen to (Hed)P.E. Show More Summary

? Listen: Platinum Boys - “Later Girl”

I just got my bike back from the shop, it’s looking good, and I am cruising around town on the reg. For safety’s sake, I do not listen to music when I ride; however, if I were to listen to do such a thing, the Platinum Boys would most def be my go bike jamz. Show More Summary

? Listen: In Media Res - ???????: Quindecim, Triginta Septem, & Viginti Sex

So, that Tweet/Facebook line isn’t exactly true because I’m not sure WHAT ??????? is, although it’s listed on the Exo Tapes Bandcamp before each of the new In Media Res pre-order CDrs: Quindecim, Triginta Septem, & Viginti Sex. That is, outside of it’s lawlz translation. Show More Summary

Watch: Matchess - “The Law of Pure Will (The Lamentation of the Greatest Wealth)”

Built over the disembodied live playback of cassette tape collages and the hands-on-keys presence of a human being somewhere behind a shroud of reverb, the music that Chicago-based multi-instrumentalist Whitney Johnson makes under the Matchess moniker hovers between the realms of the earthly and the paranormal. Show More Summary

? Listen: Sandra Boss - “Perfekt Termisk”

I know there’s an alien hiding in here somewhere. Or a half-moon revolving above a branding iron. Small acts of arson are viewed through the passenger window of a moving vehicle: a shotgun house burns on the diagonal; tornadoes singe dirt; motor oil burns off the engine. Show More Summary

Film Review: Da Sweet Blood of Jesus (Dir. Spike Lee)

Da Sweet Blood of Jesus Dir. Spike Lee [Gravitas Ventures; 2014] by Jeff Miller Rating: It’s interesting to me that Spike Lee would follow up his failed 2013 remake of Oldboy with yet another remake of a cult classic. After all, Ganja...Show More Summary

Lil NoiD’s uncooked, influential Memphis rap cassette Paranoid Funk to receive vinyl reissue

Let’s get the obvious cultural reference out of the way: contrary to what you might think, Lil NoiD’s relative absence from the Memphis rap scene over the last 20 years isn’t due to an extremely well-concealed propaganda campaign on the part of a national pizza chain. Show More Summary

? Listen: Jon Oh - “BBQ Grill” Jon Oh also goes by Mr. No Condom and Your Favorite Black Guy. In other words, he’s the type of dude you want to have at your Memorial Day celebration this weekend. But unless you’re in the Charleston, SC area, that’s probably not going to work out. Show More Summary

Premiere: POLYGLOVE - “Czarist”

From their album Redial, released as a double-album cassette with Dialler on Illuminated Paths earlier this February, PolyGolve returns to the kaleidoscopic intensity with a video for sweat-beader, “Czarist.” Phoning in a signal of looping...Show More Summary

? Listen: Zao Dha Diet - “The Contest”

What’s the end-all here? Who wins “The Contest?” Why, even, though, like– shouldn’t there be balance? “I’m confused, was it something I said?” Maintenance is mostly unbecoming, right? That’s literal! “The Contest” is quite literal. Like, musical articulation. Show More Summary

Indie retailers and Record Store Day launch “Vinyl Tuesdays”… FINALLY records will be available on Tuesdays

You love spending money on Record Store Day! So, what if every week there was another Record Store Day? How much would you love spending money on THAT? I mean, well, technically there is, because records come out every single week of...Show More Summary


For a long time now, I’ve been drawing a line between two forms of making modern music: vibrated creation and synthetic creation. Yes, they can combine them, but the further you midi a vibrated instrument’s sound (i.e. string instrument, tapped persecution, wind resonated hollow body, voice box, etc.) the more it becomes less of that. Show More Summary

Watch: Species Pluralis - (20:12), 06-V-2015, Spring

?the realization you don’t gaze anymore? ?achieving natural potential and wanting more? ?tfw Jarrod Fowler buys all your tapes? ?pronouncing Taku Unami correctly? ?watering the land on which you live? ?cont. to find bliss in everything? ?seeing...Show More Summary

Destroyer announces new album Poison Season, world tour

With a mere flick of his wrist, Dan Bejar (a.k.a. Destroyer) can announce a new album called Poison Season, share a track from that album, and post tour dates ALL AT ONCE. Well, he didn’t do it exactly; press people did it for him. But I’m assuming it’s because he flicked his wrist at some point. Show More Summary

Music Review: Faith No More - Sol Invictus

Faith No More Sol Invictus [Reclamation; 2015] by Simon Chandler Rating: Faith No More were as self-destructive as the characters their songs portrayed, at least when it came to their career trajectory. Owning the charts in 1989 with...Show More Summary

Feature: Red Bull Music Academy Festival New York 2015

by TMT Staff • May 2015 For the entire month of May, the Red Bull Music Academy has brought another incredible series of performances, club nights, lectures, and workshops to New York. In addition to a performance by FKA Twigs and conversations...Show More Summary

? Listen: Paul Hares - “th lp fm hpp nd”

Got a second? I hope so, because I’m gonna let you in on a little secret: pretty much anything Paul Hares puts out, I’m gonna cover. For realz. Reason is, I’ve got a quota to meet, and this old brain-box gets a bit dry and skull-bodied when it comes to exploring the WWW. Show More Summary

Watch: Juiceboxxx - “Walking in Milwaukee”

Milwaukee, WI is not a city that you would necessary think of as “walkable.” In fact, growing up in and around the city, I was never encouraged to use walking as my primary mode of transportation. It’s either too cold out or your destination is too far away to even consider walking. Show More Summary

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