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Listen: Beatrix - ”//Tiny Laughing CHERUBs\” ft. Advanced Darkness

Head in the cirrostratus, cheeks smooth and porous as unglazed ceramics: Beatrix's cherubs are cuddly enough for a Hallmark card, but as fearsome as the chimeric entities described in the Old Testament. While many electronic producers...Show More Summary

Listen: Abby - Chaos Magic

It's mostly a Friday night thing, but today happens to be Tuesday, so doors open at midnight. Come thru, forever. The party continues are max intensity. What remains consistent is the Chaos Magic surrounding that energy. Like it's all over your body and dancing like a maniac --like-- like, this isn't coming off: move quicker! Remember, "Look what I can do?" Yes, do that.

Music Review: Coldplay - Kaleidoscope [EP]

Coldplay Kaleidoscope [EP] [Parlophone; 2017] Rating: 0.5/5 “[Chris] Martin once presented a song to Beyoncé called “Hook Up” and played it in the studio for her and producer Stargate. She turned it down, he says, “in the sweetest possible...Show More Summary

Premiere: POUNDSHOP - “Fields”

"Fields" by Tobago Tracks is the stretch POUNDSHOP has been pursuing upon listeners since day one. It's cricking the tissue that is playable, but not actually THAT flexible. An arms' length looking at a spread of Michael Jordan palming a basketball. Show More Summary

Jon Mueller’s Rhythmplex label releases archival album by improv duo Telecognac

Most of us who create some sort of art wind up being embarrassed by our early endeavors, but in the case of percussionist Jon Mueller and guitarist Chris Rosenau, their collaborative Telecognac project seemingly surpasses in quality what most musicians strive to produce as a career culmination. Show More Summary

Watch: tropes - “mask off”

Webster's dictionary defines NEW as "having recently come into existence" Webster's dictionary defines CONTEXT as "the parts of a discourse that surround a word or passage and can throw light on its meaning" Webster's dictionary defines...Show More Summary

Seeming premieres “Stranger” video from forthcoming album “SOL: A Self-Banishment Ritual”

It ain’t easy, that’s for sure. In these “post-human, post-gothic, post-political, post-dance” times, you need someone who is familiar with the confusing climate to guide you through it all, ears intact. A musical porter, if you will, rather than an ungraceful stranger. Show More Summary

Listen: x.y.r. - Labyrinth

x.y.r. -- the nom de guerre of synth explorer Vladimir Karpov -- makes music that sounds like the soundtrack for colonizing the loneliest, coldest, Tarkovsky-like moon in the solar system. His latest, Labyrinth, is no exception, though with perhaps a larger concentration on the journey inward, toward the deepest dead-ends of the soul.

Beastie Respond announces new album “Information City,” premieres new track “Enter 89”

Visualize: every data stream, all the torrents, each and every social media network flowing together into one colossal information feed. And then, visualize this overdose of content jacking itself right through your body, the material form fusing with Snapchat into one unending feed of 24 hour stories.

Disappears’ Brian Case shares two tracks from ominous forthcoming album “Spirit Design”

Presumably, Brian Case has not slept in a year. The Disappears vocalist has now completed new album Spirit Design, following up his 2016 Hands in the Dark debut solo album Tense Nature. Also released by Hands in the Dark, Spirit Design takes the post-industrial loop formations of his earlier record to even grander, insomnia-driven heights and depths.

TMT Comics: Are We Not Men? - “Trees”

• Richard There - Are we not men?:

Jon Mueller’s Rhythmplex label releases archival album by Jon Mueller/Chris Rosenau duo Telecognac (featuring Jon Mueller!)

Most of us who create some sort of art wind up being embarrassed by our early endeavors, but in the case of percussionist Jon Mueller and guitarist Chris Rosenau, their collaborative Telecognac project seemingly surpasses in quality what most musicians strive to produce as a career culmination. Show More Summary

Cerberus: Reese McHenry - Bad Girl

The trials of Reese McHenry are well documented (an understatement), but that hard-earned stake at a second, third, fourth, and fifth life is the soul behind Bad Girl. Recorded with Spider Bags, the soulful country that caresses the album’s grooves are the sort that is missing from daily life. Show More Summary

Premiere: Mini Dresses - “Fantasy Nails”

City streets lined with little trees, blossoms in their leaves, flowers dance and wave as you pass, all tinted rosy and peach, shimmering in sunlight. All daylight, all soft breezes, all winding sidewalks, all late and low sunsets. “Fantasy Nails” is summer-sweet and honest, pure and full of heart, like promises made and kept. Show More Summary

? Listen: Devil Jin - Soul of Devil Jin

There’s never a background to the iron-fist champion. Or thy dubbed, “King.” So imagine Devil Jin’s background more like Gandalf the Grey becoming Gandalf the White. Only way harsher in terms of “putting up a fight,” but only viewable in 720p HD. Show More Summary

Music Review: Nídia - Ni?dia e? Ma?, Ni?dia e? Fudida

Nídia Ni?dia e? Ma?, Ni?dia e? Fudida [Príncipe; 2017] Rating: 4/5 N ídia (f.k.a. Nidia Minaj) occupies a position of liminality on her new album, Nídia é Má, Nídia é Fudida. She is everywhere and nowhere, an animating presence and a ghostly remnant. Show More Summary

Black Dice’s Eric Copeland to release “Goofballs” on DFA

Prolific electronic artist Eric Copeland has announced a return to the venerable DFA Records for his third release with the label and (only) his second album for 2017. The album is called Goofballs and will be available September 22, but if you want to experience the feeling of actually transacting money for theoretical ownership of Goofballs, you can pre-order it now.

Listen: smuv - soundcloud doobies

Need some serenity in your life? Well, get a fucking koi pond. Jk. For real tho, grab some candles and draw a bath cuz this smuv collection will get you down in the zone of relaxation with supreme eaze. Piano chords and kick drums like ringing ripples in water. Mm-hmm.

HOCO Fest 2017: featuring Elysia Crampton, Yves Tumor, Pharmakon, Lee Fields

The last time I visited Arizona in the summer, I mistakenly went outside during the day, and it felt like my eyes were constantly witnessing the presence of God for the first time. Luckily, Tucson's Hotel Congress conforms to standards...Show More Summary

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