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Many Arms and Toshimaru Nakamura non-surgically join limbs for new collaborative album

It was an unusual phenomenon subjected to a concerted media blackout: during the spring of 2013, an enormously long (but not quite as wide) shadow stretched from east to west across the United States, and maritime experts talking forcibly off-the-record confirmed that the darkness extended across the entire Pacific Ocean as well. Show More Summary

Watch: Furchick - “Hangouts with Wires” (prod. by Dental Drill)

Live buoyant heartbeat noise jam supports a split screen birth ritual. The gloves are on in the mirror maze where pulsing orbs lost from the ball room must be dodged or handled like rattlesnake eggs. Once you take those prophylactic gloves off then once you handle those eggs, they’re yours - heart and soul take responsibility. Show More Summary

Spoon release remix EP, get musicians to turn their track “Inside Out” inside out

Spoon really want you to know about this song they wrote called “Inside Out.” It was included in their genuinely fantastic album from last year They Want My Soul, but we didn’t even give that track a mention in our otherwise gushing review. Show More Summary

? Listen: Mat Dryhurst - MINE: Chapter 1

“”I’m not an artist, I’m an architect.’ The agent didn’t seem to care for the difference.” Furthering his notion of net-concréte, the act of metabolizing one’s internet surroundings ala The Age of Earthquakes, frequent Holly Herndon collaborator, Mat Dryhurst has taken on the task of creating reality-testing art. Show More Summary

Slackk debuts on R&S with Backwards Light EP

Enter Paul Lynch a.k.a. Slackk: mastermind behind the iconic, painstakingly curated Grimetapes site (which still exists in Tumblr form), member of London’s Boxed crew alongside the likes of Mr. Mitch and Logos, and a tireless producer in his own right, with a fine back-catalog to show for it. Show More Summary

Premiere: brrd - jade

The pilot of severed skies and cut clouds known as brrd is flying again, y’all. I know my dude Top Heavy is all about “The Anointing”, but I don’t care about that, because TODAY it’s all about that jade. We here at TMT are lucky enough...Show More Summary

Live Blog: Arca & Jesse Kanda

Arca & Jesse Kanda Hollywood Forever Cemetery; Los Angeles, CA [04-15-2015] by Erik Westra on 04-23-2015 Venezuelan-born producer Arca and visual artist Jesse Kanda made a stop at L.A.’s famed Hollywood Forever Cemetery on their recent...Show More Summary

Red House Painters albums to be reissued individually in August, right after you cracked the cellophane on the RSD boxed set!

A few months back, TMT shocked and awed the music world with its epic announcement that guitar strumming balladeer-extraordinaire Mark Kozelek’s Red House Painters project was gettin’ all its SHIT re-released as a vinyl box set for this year’s Record Store Day. Show More Summary

? Listen: bryantcanelo - “Pic-A-Watt”

There’s something important going on in the bryantcanelo world. Pick a track. “Pic-A-Watt.” Listen to how the fellah switched sounds from 928 / cold sweat to around PC_MUZAK. Like, there’s that same type of playful and jovial vibe. And similar depth in layers and maximilism controlled with focus in expansion. Show More Summary

Cerberus: Nostromo - Entropy

By Jspicer on Apr 23 2015 A world of what ifs now summarized in Entropy, though the biggest may be what would have happened had Ozzy joined Rush and crashed CBGBs in 1975. But that reads like PR fodder and does Nostromo’s blend of fleshed out hard rock no favors. Show More Summary

Music Review: Florian Hecker & Mark Leckey - Hecker Leckey Sound Voice Chimera

Florian Hecker & Mark Leckey Hecker Leckey Sound Voice Chimera [PAN; 2015] by Stefan Wharton Rating: “For Hecker, chimerization is a systematic method of summing disparate elements — sound, image, and text — and of outputting a new, singular, and distinct object that retains the intrinsic aspects of all the unique inputted parts. Show More Summary

Premiere: Five Star Hotel - Outlands

Five Star Hotel (a.k.a. Michael Jerome) drops Outlands today on noise-leaning experimental-sound label, Visual Disturbances. The Detroit-based label – created by MJ and Otto Peyer (Spirit Waves) – hosts different shades of electronic-like...Show More Summary

Holly Herndon softens the blow of the robot apocalypse by way of a spring and summer tour

Come May, the flowers will not bloom, as the April rain will have been acid and the earth will have been revealed as cold steel. Our robot bodies will be carried up into the middle atmosphere — drawing to a close our short-lived capacity...Show More Summary

? Listen: Wether - Organics

My dad worked as a soda jerk for a bit in his youth. When he first told me this, I thought he was claiming to have been a Grade-A sodie-pop snob. That, or a dude who’d fiddle your ding-dong for some soda. Turns out, I was wrong. Completely. Turns out I was also wrong about the new Wether tape, Organics. Show More Summary

Carpark Records celebrate 16 years with retrospective USB, sweatpants, locked-grooves, and more

You’d have to have been living under a pretty huge rock to not be aware of the fact that the record industry has been pretty fiscally challenged this century. However, several awesome independent labels have bucked the odds, one of them being Carpark Records. Show More Summary

Film Review: True Story (Dir. Rupert Goold)

True Story Dir. Rupert Goold [Fox Searchlight; 2015] by 80s Tom Hanks Rating: James Franco and Jonah Hill know each other personally, just as their respective roles, journalist Michael Finkel and convicted murderer Christian Longo, would like to think they do. Show More Summary

? Listen: Rambow - “Rmx Pack 2k15”

Rambow is back and state-side, clubbers. Boii did a bit of that UK grind last month, turn’t the heat in “DECLINE 2k15 LIVE MIX RADAR RADIO,” and how he already planning for the warm weather with “Rmx Pack 2k15.” Consisting of tracksShow More Summary


Strap on your best sweat-bands and -attired and prepare of some crank. You’re in the JEAN’S WORK-OUT MIX // SPRING BREAK MEGA-JAM training class, and maximalizing your tonality is key! Don’t even fuck on the frantic or fast-paced sessions. Show More Summary

Software to release Ben Zimmerman’s The Baltika Years, an album made using a Tandy DeskMate computer

Ben Zimmerman, a Michigan-based electronic musician and recent Software signee, has announced his debut album, The Baltika Years, a collection of recordings he created between 1992 and 2002, using a Tandy DeskMate computer. But the album is anything but a low-grade digital-technology curio. Show More Summary

? Listen: Ahnnu & Nerftoss - “Hoffie Too” / “Com”

How I Heard About the Ahnnu & Nerftoss Collaboration: A Reflection Me: Hey, brain! Whatcha doing? My brain: Who, me? Oh, nothing much. Just thinking what it’d be like if Ahnnu & Nerftoss hung out, maybe made a snack plate, maybe talked about their rare coin collections, maybe even recorded a few songs together. Show More Summary

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