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? Listen: Black Panties - “Prophet of Hate”


Premiere: Tomaga - Familiar Obstacles (Side A - Excerpt #1)

What’s that tumbling down the hall like a night of alley walking around the wrong area of town? That’s yellow and negative art, fragments of memory and violence, tools and a hell of a lot of soreness in the morning. Surface Tomaga’sShow More Summary

Julian Koster (The Music Tapes, Neutral Milk Hotel) plans free immersive theater performances at NYC carousel

Julian Koster is a delight. There, I said it. On this site of all sites, that statement is very controversial, I know, but I’m brave and strong and I really do think that pretty much everything I know about Julian Koster is delightful. Show More Summary

? Listen: 01100001 S.T.A.R.D.U.S.T. Subsidiary - Arcadia Campus: Virtual Tour

Arcadia Campus: Virtual Tour Course Syllabus Fall, 2095 Instructor: J01100001 S.T.A.R.D.U.S.T. Subsidiary Course Website: This course will take you through your first days here at Arcadia Regional Campus. Show More Summary

Feature: 2015: Third Quarter Favorites

by TMT Staff • September 2015 Before we enter the final, release-heavy months of 2015, we take a look back at some of our favorites from the last few. And compared to the first two quarters of the year, there was much less consensus this time around at TMT. Show More Summary

Cerberus: Shearing Pinx - Poison Hands

By Grant 'Gumshoe' Purdum on Sep 21 2015 It’s been a long, long, long time since their heyday but anyone remotely familiar with TMT or, well, me, knows that Shearing Pinx were a huge part of my initial baptism into the tape underground. Show More Summary

? Listen: Sam Hatzaras / noino - Split

So, you mean to tell me that Oxtail Recordings, one of my favorite tape labels to emerge over the last year or so, who up until now has exclusively dealt with noise/synth/experimental/etc. releases, has offered up a split tape filled...Show More Summary

Swans guitarist Norman Westberg’s solo album on its way

A Swans live show can be a brutal thing, so imagine not only being at every one of M. Gira’s pummeling onslaughts, but also being on the stage in the center of each unfolding maelstrom. That dubious pleasure belongs to one man: Norman...Show More Summary

Music Review: Battles - La Di Da Di

Battles La Di Da Di [Warp; 2015] by Simon Chandler Rating: Not since 20 Jazz Funk Greats has there been an album titled as insincerely as La Di Da Di. An entirely instrumental album of transhuman post-rock and fiberglass math, it couldn’t be much more distant from the innocent singalongs deceitfully promised by its name. Show More Summary

Drake x Future finally confirm joint release, drops tomorrow

After a couple weeks’ worth of rumors, nasty teasers, and jokes, Drake and Future finally confirmed the existence of their new joint release. Titled What a Time To Be Alive, the album will premiere on OVO Sound Radio tomorrow at 6 PM...Show More Summary

James Ferraro drops three-song release called WAR

Fuck Drake and Future. On this dark, dreadful night, James Ferraro has taken to SoundCloud to drop a three-track playlist called WAR. The release is a prelude to his new album, Skid Row, which is due later this year. In his own words: In...Show More Summary

Mix Tape: Falling into an infinite abyss with a talking dog

Requested by Amo Bishop Roden • Compiled by Frayb In memory of Laika 01. Emeralds - “Candy Shoppe” (Does It Look Like I’m Here?) 02. Neon Indian - “Mind Drips” (Mind Crtl: Psychic Chasms Possessed) 03. Torn Hawk - “Streets On Fire” (Through Force Of Will) 04. Show More Summary

Live Blog: Basilica Soundscape 2015

Basilica Soundscape 2015 Basilica; Hudson, NY [September 2015] by Willcoma on 09-18-2015 After dumping a 24-hour Drone fest on our heads (featuring Prurient, Greg Fox, Patrick Higgins and other greats) earlier in the summer, Basilica...Show More Summary

Premiere: Media Jeweler - “Making $99 R/T Hawaii (Mini Documentary)”

Oh, you didn’t get the trip advisory alert on new airline Media Jeweler tossing out $99 R/T Hawaii flights? Big deals. Full deals. All the deals you can sink your teeth into below: Oh, w-uu-t? Media Jeweler done-did a “Making $99 R/T Hawaii (Mini Documentary)” on YouTube?? That’s fucking RIGHT. Show More Summary

? Listen: Call Super - “Migrant”

I don’t get political. But as far as I would, “Migrant” is fairly interesting in terms of the Times. Or BBC, whoever you read. And as a soundscape (although an antiquated term), Call Super takes “Migrant” from a very sterile and clear cut beat and minor backing sounds into a forest of ethernet and photosynthesis. Show More Summary

Premiere: Helvetia - “A Dot Running for the Dust”

Whoa, better beware of these guys! Helvetia (it’s pronounced “hel-vee-shuh” and is apparently the female personification Switzerland … er, but you totally already knew that, right?) is the project of Built to Spill bassist Jason Albertini,...Show More Summary

Mark Van Hoen (Locust / Seefeel) returns with new album Nightvision

When you get to the higher echelons of the music business Illuminati, they reveal a lot of shit to you. One of the best-kept secrets in music is that L.A.-based/UK-born artist Mark Van Hoen is pretty much responsible for a large portion of the music/media we consume. Show More Summary

? Listen: Rob Magill - Move To The Movement To The Next (Loop Series)

I wanted to make this a.gif post in reference to Rob Magill distinction between ALBUMS, RELEASES, SERIES, Weird Cry, Rob Magill, Rob Magill Trio, Magill-a-Rob, and Roberto Magicianato, although the last two are false, maybe. But shit like that falls short of understanding, and I already did that once this week. Show More Summary

Premiere: Rewrote - letters + numbers

Prepare for the mirage of Rewrote’s jungle menagerie of beats crashing around the radius of your sonic temples, absorbing the energy like vitamins, but on a totally holistic spectrum. As letters + numbers flourishes with mystery surrounding its title, in comparison to the track names, Rewrote holds back nothing in terms of maximalism. Show More Summary

Interview: Julia Holter

by jrodriguez6 • September 2015 A young woman falls prey to a bewilderment akin to an infatuation. She dithers, wanting to be overtaken yet afraid of looking like she provoked the plunge. So the chase begins. A pursuit both literal and...Show More Summary

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