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Watch: DJWWWW - Arigato [trailer]

Steven Seagal Full Movie Action 2009 720p 17+ (Steven Seagal) Full Movie 2006 IN HD Rated R Steven Seagal - Exit Wounds (2001) Fighting Action HD English Movie What’d you rather watch: one of THREE Steven Seagal movies OR the Arigato trailer for the new DJWWWW release on repeat via Orange Milk Records?

? Listen: A Q U A E - Imediat?.?ez - Elucidário das Paragens I (Buscador) Do Intuito Para Ligar Frases a Partir de Uma (Re?)?Captação de Fontes

When we were called out here, it was for an unofficial “Bandcamp drop” which we didn’t understand at first, but ended up walking in on a Mr. Noodle in pizza stained underwears e-mailing another Internet anomaly C Monster about some music...Show More Summary

Premiere: Booker Stardrum - Dance And

It’s a Macy’s Dystopian Day parade during a hurricane in the head of one Booker Stardrum. He’s on a break from drumming in “post-instrumentalism” quartet VaVatican, whose c32 for NNA Tapes was an exercise in discovering the limit where virtuosity meets epilepsy meets pure freestyle. Show More Summary

Lush announce first American reunion show… for September 2016

Lush are reuniting for their first American show of 2016 in New York. They’ve kindly planned it for September 14, TEN MONTHS FROM NOW, in case you’d like to structure your life around it. Tickets go on sale to the general public today,...Show More Summary

? Listen: Sneaker - Rat Life 6 / Algerian Raï

This is what Algerian Raï sounds like: This is what a motherfucking box jam sounds like: This is what three motherfucking box jam interpretations of Algerian Raï sound like: Rat Life 6 / Algerian Raï by Sneaker (Disclaimer: This is not a dialectic. This is harmony.)

Music Review: Lotic - Agitations

Lotic Agitations [Janus; 2015] by Stefan Wharton Rating: Resonating with the innards of Lotic’s current state, the felicitous title of his latest endeavor is well-suited, as Agitations carries its meaning in plurality. First, entailing a move or force toward violent, irregular action, Agitations turns out more as a noise release. Show More Summary

DeLorean: godheadSilo - Skyward In Triumph (1996)

1996: godheadSilo - Skyward In Triumph by Marcos Hassan on 11-12-2015 I first heard about godheadSilo from a Kill Rock Stars catalogue included in a CD I bought from the label. In the description of their album The Scientific Supercake, it said that bassist Mike Kunka had gone deaf in one ear during its recording. Show More Summary

Premiere: Your Gay Thoughts - “Cup Of Smoke”

Out in early 2016, King Deluxe is dropping the new Your Gay Thoughts album, THE WATERCOLORS LP in a refreshing array of refracted pop sounds. It’s always a pleasure to hear when a band request Tiny Mix Tapes premiere their works – considering...Show More Summary

Chief Keef doubles your “pleasure” and “fun” by dropping two mixtapes this week

Last Halloween, I had the pleasure of blasting my costumed friends’ faces with Back from the Dead 2, because my pal Keef the Chief had just dropped it. It was a fun and spooky Halloween, and I hoped to reenact it this year by blasting Back from the Dead 3 under similar circumstances. Show More Summary


It’s like getting punched in your face so many times it bulges up like a fat person, but only you’re gaining weight, and swelling from blood and water is becoming rip. Awkward rips in your cheeks and hair torn in the shape of a spider web, or spider. Show More Summary

? Listen: Andrew Pekler - “Autumn Sketch / Feedback + Horns”

The secretion of candlelight. Dry hall steps. Solid brown bag existence. Fern tetanus. Hanging up the radio. Unthinking gardenhose division. Silver tobacco. Plumes of smoke wrapping around kaleidoscopes and ribbons. Arranging coins and rubber bands on your dresser so the perfect picture, framed under light-pole tropics, can be snapped and captured. Show More Summary

Michael Gira to tour (and possibly ruin the sunny vibe of) Australia

As America and the Northern Hemisphere head into another long winter, the mere thought of Australia heading into another one of its summers spent on golden sand beaches is enough to make anyone who isn’t in Australia more than just a...Show More Summary

Premiere: Certain Creatures - “The Suffering Seas”

Okay, first off: Are you over the age of 14 and therefore suitably horrified by the brutal and existentially hopeless nature of all life in this cold, unfeeling universe in which we find ourselves? Great. Second: You’re not… “freaked-out”...Show More Summary

? Listen: Rob Magill - In The Name Of Someone Named Something Else In The Country Known As Terror

Everyone remembers the first time Rob Magill changed their life. Even if you’re not part of this phenomena, there’s always time to hop on! And In The Name Of Someone Named Something Else In The Country Known As Terror is a nice little spot to pick up this appreciative turn of events in one’s life. Show More Summary

Premiere: Dreamcrusher - “Trapdoor”

Generally, I’m a fan of Dreamcrusher. The noiser stuff produced throughout the Dreamcrusher discography has been real helpful to me at various points in my recent life. The gravitational pull of THE LOUDEST SOUNDS gives my initial intention...Show More Summary

? Listen: Cherushii - “Far Away So Close”

100% Silk been running HEAT this year, so no DOUBT they popping a new Cherushii12-inch. And we ALL been dying for a new 100% Silk 12-inch, so you’re only lying to yourself if you don’t agree. Side-A featuring “Far Away So Close,” a jazzy...Show More Summary

Napster relaunches in Canada, definitely the most important thing to happen in Canada lately

Not all of you are old enough to remember how it felt to search for and then download individual songs for the first time ever back in 1999, but I’m here to testify on behalf of the “it was fucking sweet” side, as the shackles imposed on us by the RIAA and physical mediums were uniformly removed with the advent of a seemingly new P2P technology. Show More Summary

Cerberus: Nicolas Bernier & Francisco Meirino - Fiction

By Grant 'Gumshoe' Purdum on Nov 12 2015 Nicolas Bernier and Francisco Meirino come together to create a new genre of Fiction steeped in wicked lashes of ear-lapping noise on this LP, and if you got the striped edition (limited to 100) you’ve experienced what I believe is one of the best front-to-back audio/visual packages released this year. Show More Summary

Music Review: Kode9 - Nothing

Kode9 Nothing [Hyperdub; 2015] by Jeffrey Dunn Rovinelli Rating: Nothing is an antiseptic collage of corporate aesthetics and clean tones that does away with the ominous bass tones that once filled the cavernous empty space of his early dubstep productions. Show More Summary

Music Review: Clay Rendering - Snowthorn

Clay Rendering Snowthorn [Hospital; 2015] by Willcoma Rating: If, like me, your brain is swimming with the medieval fantasy gristle that is Joe Abercrombie’s The First Law Trilogy, then this album title immediately calls to mind some...Show More Summary

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