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? Listen: Electric Sound Bath - Secular Liminality

Try to listen to Electric Sound Bath, a new tape of extended drone meditations by LA-based multimedia artists Brian Griffith and Ang Wilson, in a public location and you’ll miss pretty much everything. If some other music breaches your...Show More Summary

Six Organs of Admittance & Elisa Ambrogio bring their magical musical tour to certain parts of North America

Do you believe in love? Do you believe in magic? (Say no for the purposes of this story.) “No,” you say? “NO”!?!?!? Well, Six Organs of Admittance and Elisa Ambrogio (Magik Markers) are here to change your mind. And, perhaps, your life,...Show More Summary

? Listen: Lenticular Clouds - HEALTH GODS

Lenticular Clouds is back after what may be lifetimes absorbed in photocurrents. Gorgeous and abundant, HEALTH GODS contains 6 tracks – Dian Cecht, Hygieia, Imhotep, Kukulkan, Osiris, and Tartessos – all named after gods of health and healing. Show More Summary

? Listen: THIRSTY - “MY CUP”

Whoa, this whole hyper-pitched vocals, bass-twerked screw, trap-funhouse, pictures of drinks and straws, and timbre acousticabilities are all really going hard. Like, you got PC Music on the EURO club-pop scene. Manicure on the straight slick-mix slip. Show More Summary

Pickathon Festival assemble axis of awesome for 2015 lineup

Now an Oregon mainstay, the Pickathon Festival folk are continuing their well-proven formula with a fest that focuses on sustainability, good food, and great (mostly) folk music. TMT has been a fan of the festival for quite some time,...Show More Summary

? Listen: Future Islands - “The Chase”

Happy Record Store Day! Happy, uhh, a few days ago! Maybe you got something good, maybe you stayed home and played the Playstation 1 classic Klonoa: Door To Phantomile, like some people. Future Islands spent theirs at Abbey Road Studios, a recording studio in London that is extremely famous for whatever reason. Show More Summary

? Listen: ILLER / VIRTUAL FLANNEL - Split [almost]

This is something I’ve been awaiting for a minute, but it’s finally arrived: Dirty Tapes 007. Now, don’t QUESTION where 006 at, because Dirty always got u on hook-up. Just cast out a line. Last year’s September Cassette Store Day, IShow More Summary

The Orb announce Moonbuilding 2703 AD on Kompakt; ordinarily cloyed and jaded house music fans become overly-excited and get nosebleeds

Holy shit! So, I was just googling English ambient house duo The Orb like I do every Monday morning at around this time (along with all the other electronic artists whose names begin with N - R) — not exactly expecting too much, since...Show More Summary

Cerberus: TALsounds - Medium Strong

By Ryan Simpson on Apr 20 2015 I have the suspicion there is something to do with memory at the heart of this cassette. The tidal washes of synth combine with spectral vocalizations to create an inner-thoughts oriented space. Here are...Show More Summary

? Listen: Various Artists - MENACE vol 1

It’s hard to be kind. It takes effort. But, it’s necessary for us humans. Kindness and respect are what build strong communities, and supporting each other is an immensely important part of this. I mean, just look at what MENACE is doing. Show More Summary

Lil B launches Thank You Based God Meme Creator app, technology reaches apex

1450 AD: mechanical movable type printing press is invented. 1876 AD: first telephone is created. 1928 AD: discovery of penicillin. 2015 AD: invention of Lil B’s Thank You Based God Meme Creator app, as announced by Complex. You can download the app at iTunes. Show More Summary

Music Review: Zu - Cortar Todo

Zu Cortar Todo [Ipecac; 2015] by Simon Chandler Rating: No music has power, really. You might think otherwise, but you’d be wrong. You’d be wrong because, for every song or symphony lauded as potent, there’s always a listener with vulnerabilities,...Show More Summary

Music Review: Nz?mbe - Titubeo

Nz?mbe Titubeo [Organized Music From Thessaloniki; 2015] by Birkut Rating: When Miguel Pardo and Michael Pisaro released White Metal back in 2014, it was almost impossible to imagine anything past the parameters of their “expertly exploding...Show More Summary

? Listen: John Krausbauer - “Blues for the Grave” (excerpt)

Noise music can be a difficult genre to process, especially when most releases contain songs that hover around or above the ten minute mark. In the fast paced click-bait loving world of music blogging, noise and other strands of cerebral experimental music can get left by the wayside. Show More Summary

Watch: Soul Ipsum - “Vacation”

Car stolen a week before tour. Fate struck when a drifter hot-wired my Subaru, tour is still on. The video is directly self explanatory. It’s a real bummer. If you want to help out a budding musician, GO HERE, GO HERE, GO HERE, GO HERE,...Show More Summary

? Listen: Ynfynyt Scroll - Ynfynyt Scroll Spring Mixtape ‘15

It’s spring in the majority of cities I’ve lived in. It’ll rain every day in Florida until October, Chicago will only see snow two more times in mid May, and Seattle is set to have kids wearing shorts all week. It’s Spring again and spring time means track season. Show More Summary

Gobby drops a “noisy techno” album as Monkeybone called The Roommate

We’ve all been there. Your college roommate gets married and moves out, so you trawl Craigslist for a suitable replacement. You find someone who seems normal enough, and he moves in. He brings his parakeet. He listens to The Joshua Tree 24/7. Show More Summary

Film Review: Kumiko, The Treasure Hunter (Dir. David Zellner)

Kumiko, The Treasure Hunter Dir. David Zellner [Amplify; 2015] by Jake Marcks Rating: Kumiko, the Treasure Hunter, written by brothers Nathan and David Zellner with the latter serving as director, tells a relatively simple story: a young woman travels to a faraway land in search of buried treasure. Show More Summary

? Listen: So So In Luv - “Swerve”

The label Activia Benz is known for their melodic and computerized creations and So So In Luv takes it an abstract step further with their cool-as-a-cucumber, weird-as-a-sea-cucumber single “Swerve”. The minimal (if you can call it that)...Show More Summary

Kid606 to release ambient piano record Recollected Ambient Works Vol.1: Bored of Excitement

After more than 15 years of mostly scrambling the minds of his listeners with his trademark glitchy electronic music and subverting the dominant pop paradigm with classics like The Action Packed Mentallist Brings You the Fucking Jams, Kid606 (a.k.a. Show More Summary

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