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Ticketmaster buys Front Gate and Universe ticketing companies for undisclosed amount (+ convenience charge)

Ticketmaster, the corporate baby of a wicked threesome to remember between the monocle-wearing, top hat-bedecked Hasbro creation known as the Monopoly Man, large Japanese nuclear lizard Godzilla, and the slime that turned you into an alien if it touched you on that late series arc of The X-Files, continues its quest for world domination. Show More Summary

? Listen: Amnesia Scanner - “AS Baltic Rim / Confission”

The warping of materials is often necessary in reclaiming freedom against the objects that enclose and expand our bodies and creative lives into decorative containers both marvelous and disgraceful. The warp can be studious in its interests, perhaps in the manner Holly Herndon recently explored in Platform. Show More Summary

Premiere: toiret status - ObenjO

Pedicure just got the porcelain polish with toiret status’ newest flush of an EP, ObenjO. Another thing I dig about Pedicure is how gritty the whole collective gets with sounds. Like, save the bathroom humor for the loo, because these sounds need a double flush. Show More Summary

Heems embarks on tour, glides through art gallery with a grey cowl-neck shirt in hot new video

I’m wondering if describing a music video as “hot” draws clicks from Tiny Mix Tapes readers? I bet it does. Regardless: Thank you, Heems, really — you’ve given us much, from Das Racist and your own mixtapes, to breaking Le1f and Lakutis,...Show More Summary

Music Review: Container - LP

Container LP [Spectrum Spools; 2015] by Willcoma Rating: Music this exciting makes written reflection seem superfluous at best. On the one hand, this Sharps container of volatile materials defies erudition. On the other, it is the classic hyperbole magnet. Show More Summary

Posh Isolation reissues Erik Enocksson’s Apan

It starts off slow — tentative yet pregnant with tension. The volume gradually crescendos, a beautiful unease growing at the same time. It freaks my cat out. It sounds like soundtrack music. Because it is. What’s currently on blast: Erik Enocksson’s Apan (English translation: The Ape ). Show More Summary

? Listen: Blood Music - “Chicks” (Helm Remix)

0.00 Gently stretch your neck, angling it down to your left shoulder, and hold in place. 0.30 Slowly, return your neck to its central position, keeping your shoulders low and your breathing measured. 1.00 Now, angle your neck down towards...Show More Summary

Premiere: Nic Lawless - “New House”

From the last Hoko Sounds releases, one could be thrown off – considering the last few label releases consisted of footwork, future-spa, ambient, and Shisa – by the newest Nic Lawless singled “New House,” but it’s really just taking the label back to a sound that’s always engrained in their discographic vision. Show More Summary

Ghostface Killah and Adrian Younge announce 12 Reasons to Die II, share new track

Adrian Younge and Ghostface Killah have announced a new collaborative album, out July 10 via Linear Labs, and titled 12 Reasons to Die II. A follow-up to 2013’s 12 Reasons to Die, 12 Reasons to Die II: Electric Twelvealoo finds Ghost...Show More Summary

Premiere: H A X X X O R S - “Vitae”

Patience is key whilst awaiting the perfect programed sound. Take the intricately programmed sound of H A X X X O R S’ “Vitae” off their new MJMJ Records release, Brain Water. The mingling melodies tangle with each other like a cellphone...Show More Summary

? Listen: Sunk Heaven - Mirrored Confines

lol @ “songs,” amirite? And “music,” too. Deep belly lol there. Like, I like a nice cohesive verse-chorus-verse type thing as much as the next person, but my brain really starts to fire when any semblance of structure breaks apart before me into a mass of raw material closer to some hideous sculpture with sharpened metal protrusions than a song. Show More Summary

Interview: Stellar OM Source

by Papaya • June 2015 Amsterdam’s Christelle Gualdi has been creating lush synth environments as Stellar OM Source since the mid-aughts. Her early work was characterized by free, vibrant synth play, with her recent work being more structured and beat-driven. Show More Summary

Cerberus: Ramlord - Ramlord

By Grant 'Gumshoe' Purdum on Jun 11 2015 I feel weird when people talk in the past-tense, like this cat at Easy Street Records in Seattle once said to me, “Yeah man, I used to collect a lot of stuff on Marriage (Records).” To me it’s...Show More Summary

Jerusalem In My Heart announces new LP coming on Constellation

Alrighty, let’s talk about an album. No, not just any album; you’re not the one in charge here. I am the one in charge [editor’s note: say what??], and I say we’re going to talk about the new Jerusalem In My Heart record that’s coming out September 4 on Constellation. Show More Summary

? Listen: Panabrite - “Disintegrating Landscapes”

Yeah, buddy, Seattle synth maestro Panabrite is back at it! Immune Records, who also put out his recent full length (Pavillion), have just released a new tape, Disintegrating Landscapes, from the man himself. An edited version of a 45-minute...Show More Summary

Music Review: Time Wharp - Time Wharp

Time Wharp Time Wharp [Astro Nautico; 2015] by Hydroyoga Rating: Halfway through my dinner of liver, fava beans, and a nice Chianti, I remembered the winter of 2012, when I used to ride the G train to my internship, listening to Time...Show More Summary

Premiere: Benjamin Finger - “Vocal Limited”

From Oslo to Buenos Aires, sound travels in mysterious ways. “By-way of” seems more like an introduction these days. Somewhat like The Odyssey only with a way short last name, Benjamin Finger spans an interesting language in sound today...Show More Summary

Jim Magas (Bulb Records, Lake of Dracula) starts new label Midwich, reveals solo EP as MAGAS

If the styles colloquially labeled “mutant techno” and “trip metal” in the US underground can loosely claim any sort of spiritual godfather figure, in terms of both sonic vocabularies and label/distribution practices, Chicago-by-way-of-Ann-Arbor champion zoner Jim Magas is that person. Show More Summary

? Listen: Michael Speers - Damped / Driven (excerpts)

– Ranger on foot on land cuts the compact soil while, overhead, a crop-duster issues a “sasquatch yawn” into the antique fan, splitting the wood. Brawny clubs on the piano interrupt the crop-duster’s harvest. The Ranger has been advised to leave the hat and bandana on at all times, as protection from the dust and splinters and exploding trees. Show More Summary

Members of N.W.A. to reunite for a calm, candlelit performance in L.A.

Maybe you’ve seen the photo elucidating Dr. Dre’s marked transition to “coming straight out of Cupertino,” and maybe you consider Ice Cube’s cinematic portrayal of a paternal hero a success story given his Jheri-curled past, but that doesn’t mean that either of these individuals, or the surviving members of N.W.A. Show More Summary

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