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Embedding Software History

9 months agoTechnology / Internet : Waxy

I'm so excited about this, I had to try it myself—Jason Scott announced that the Internet Archive now supports embedding playable games and other software from their collections in web pages. (Look for the share icon on any softwareShow More Summary

Block With Abandon

10 months agoTechnology / Internet : Waxy

Last week, my friend Jessamyn rounded up a list of Internet Resolutions from the writers of The Message, the blog/zine/thing I contribute to on Medium. I don't normally make New Year's Resolutions, online or off, but I made an exception this year. Show More Summary

Black Lives Matter

12 months agoTechnology / Internet : Waxy

Jay Smooth's new video for Fusion on rioting in Ferguson was so powerful a debunking of a common racist trope, I felt compelled to transcribe it in the hopes more people would read it, quote it, and pass it on. Take it away, Jay. So,...Show More Summary

Too Many Cooks

last yearTechnology / Internet : Waxy

Every night this week, tucked quietly into the 4am slot, Adult Swim is broadcasting a segment simply listed as "Infomercial." Most of these have been parodies of late-night infomercials, but last night, they aired something different. Have...Show More Summary

Analyzing 72 Hours of #Gamergate

last yearTechnology / Internet : Waxy

Over the last week, I've been scraping every single #Gamergate tweet to do some network analysis. I ended up writing the whole thing up on Medium, I hope you like it. One interesting bit: I discovered Newsweek made a major mistake reporting the sentiment analysis on their Gamergate feature, confirmed by the analytics company that collected it. I updated my post with the details.

Runnin' On Empty

last yearTechnology / Internet : Waxy

Dave Fothergill's Maya crowd simulation is hilarious and hypnotic: But it's missing a soundtrack, don't you think? Here, I made one for it over on

Justin Hall at XOXO

last yearTechnology / Internet : Waxy

We're posting every XOXO talk on YouTube, one every weekday in speaker order, and we're a little over halfway through. There's some really amazing stuff in there already, it's hard for me to even pick favorites. Jonathan Mann and Gina...Show More Summary

Gamergate Is Running Out of Heroes

last yearTechnology / Internet : Waxy

If you follow me on Twitter, you've probably gleaned how I feel about Gamergate. I'm not even going to attempt to summarize it—this covers it pretty well. When 4chan started banning every Gamergate-related thread from its videogame forum, the infuriated gamers fled to 8chan (aka ?chan), a year-old spinoff with its own unique origin story. Show More Summary


last yearTechnology / Internet : Waxy

Twitter's for 140-character short-form writing and Medium's for long-form. Weirdly, there really isn't a great platform for everything in the middle — what previously would've just been called "blogging." Mid-length blogging. Middling. I...Show More Summary


last yearTechnology / Internet : Waxy

For the second time in 18 months, I've lost a friend to depression—a unique, young talent with their greatest years ahead of them. Chloe Weil tasted words. She was vulnerable to rich emotional experiences in the summertime. She hated her birthday, and she hated surprises. Show More Summary

Every Lonely Sandwich Video At The Same Time

2 years agoTechnology / Internet : Waxy

Adam Lisagor's pioneered a style of promotional video that's changed how startups market themselves. They exude a nerdy cool, clearly showing the product or service, explaining why it matters and why you should use it with a deadpanShow More Summary

The Return of

2 years agoTechnology / Internet : Waxy

I don't even know where to start, so I'll just start with the news: In a surprising move, Yahoo sold the domain back to me. I want to build a new Upcoming. I launched a Kickstarter project to make it happen. I wrote much, much more on the project. Yes, this is insane. More thoughts soon.

Medium Is The Message

2 years agoTechnology / Internet : Waxy

This month, I joined The Message, a new collaborative writing experiment on Medium with an all-star list of some of my favorite writers--danah boyd, Anil Dash, Craig Mod, Rex Sorgatz, Paul Ford, Joanne McNeil, Virginia Heffernan, Clive...Show More Summary

The Indiepocalypse at Webstock 2014

2 years agoTechnology / Internet : Waxy

Last February, I was honored to be invited to speak at Webstock in New Zealand, along with Maciej Ceglowski, Erika Hall, Charlie Todd, Clive Thompson, and a bunch of other neat people. My talk, like New Zealand itself, was a bit of a whirlwind. Show More Summary

Dirty, Fast, and Free Audio Transcription with YouTube

2 years agoTechnology / Internet : Waxy

Five years ago, I wrote about how I transcribe audio with Amazon's Mechanical Turk, splitting interviews into small segments and distributing the work among dozens of anonymous people. It ended up as one of my most popular posts ever,...Show More Summary

Ellen DeGeneres' "Walter Mitty" Screener Leaks Online

2 years agoTechnology / Internet : Waxy

It's Oscar piracy season, that time of the year where screeners of newly-released critical darlings are leaked online as DVD and Blu-Ray screeners are sent out around the world to Academy voters and secretly loaned to their friends and...Show More Summary

Goldieblox and the Three MCs

2 years agoTechnology / Internet : Waxy

Everyone thinks they know how copyright works, and everyone's usually wrong. Who can blame them? It's often counterintuitive, inconsistent, and riddled with grey areas and edge cases. And no area of copyright law is more confusing than...Show More Summary

Listen to MEEE

2 years agoTechnology / Internet : Waxy

Ever wanted to hear me blather on about different subjects for hours? You're in luck! I've been invited on a number of podcasts recently, and for some reason, never mentioned it here. This is just as much for my own records, but hey, here are all the podcasts I've spoken on lately. Show More Summary

Fix Your Boring Slides

2 years agoTechnology / Internet : Waxy

After running XOXO for two years, and doing a bunch of talks myself at various conferences, I've seen my share of presentation slides from non-designers. Way too often, they look something like this: Inevitably, they use one of the two basic Keynote templates — black on white, or white on black. I get it! You're not a designer. Show More Summary

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