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Anonymous Hacktivist Group: NASA Is About To Announce Discovery Of Technologically Advanced Alien Life

12 hours agoHumor / odd : The Inquisitr - Odd

The hacker collective Anonymous claims it has evidence that NASA is about to announce the discovery of intelligent and technologically advanced alien life. In a new message posted to their website, Anonymous claims that based on the evidence of a number of new discoveries by the U.S. Show More Summary

Small Kentucky Town Of Rabbit Hash Elects A Pitbull As Mayor

17 hours agoHumor / odd : The Inquisitr - Odd

Small towns have a feel about them that just can’t be matched by larger cities – especially the closeness of community, mom and pop businesses and the feeling of “going back in time” when you’re there after living somewhere else. The...Show More Summary

UFO News: NASA’s Mars Rover Photographs Strange Crystal Clear Object, UFO Or Simple Debris?

UFO sightings are pretty common on Earth, with numerous incidents being reported worldwide practically on a daily basis. On Mars, however, things are a little bit different. While alleged UFO sightings on the Red Planet have been reported...Show More Summary

Three-Fingered ‘Alien’ Mummy Reportedly Found In Peru — Is It A Hoax?

Researchers have reportedly discovered a three-fingered mummified “alien” body in Nazca, Peru. If the city sounds familiar, it’s because Nazca is home to the famous and mysterious Nazca Lines and has long been known as a hotbed of alleged extraterrestrial activity. Show More Summary

‘Super Mario Bros.’ Comes To Life In Central Park With Microsoft Hololens [Video]

A 28-year-old developer was playing around with the Microsoft Hololens when he suddenly got the idea to recreate Super Mario Bros. for augmented reality. Abhishek Singh spent about a month working on this demo, which was a replica of the iconic first level of the Super Mario Bros. Show More Summary

UFO Sightings: Bizarre-Looking Object Captured By Wildlife Photographer In Oshawa, Canada — See Photo

UFO sightings are not a regular occurrence in Oshawa, a city in Ontario, Canada known for its proximity to Lake Ontario shoreline, which is why wildlife photographer Ken Rice was completely taken by surprise when he witnessed a UFO on...Show More Summary

Nostradamus Prophecies For 2017 And Beyond [Opinion]

Nostradamus’ prophecies foretold of Hitler by name and location, calling him Hister, for the Hister river Hitler was born near, and thus missing the spelling of his name by one letter to create a play on words. Nostradamus in his cryptic quatrains described Hitler as the second of three antichrists. Show More Summary

Caller Dials 999, United Kingdom’s ‘911,’ On The Queen For Not Wearing Seat Belt While Driving

An eagle-eyed resident phoned in to England’s 999 system, similar to that of America’s 911, to report a spotting of Queen Elizabeth driving through the streets of London without a fastened seat belt, according to Metro. Writers for the...Show More Summary

UFO Disabled 10 Nuclear-Armed ICBMs In Silos, U.S. Government Covered-Up Alien Attack, Ex-Serviceman Claims

In December of 1966, Captain David D. Schindele, a Minuteman I intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) launch crew commander at the Minot Air Force Base, claimed that he witnessed a saucer-shaped UFO flying over the air base and disabling...Show More Summary

Thousands Apply For Live-In Nanny Position At Haunted House After Five Nannies Fled Position

A Scottish family that offered the equivalent of almost $64,000 dollars to anyone brave enough to become a live-in nanny in their allegedly haunted house has become flooded with applicants and inquiries. The couple own a home in Jedburgh, Roxburghshire that is supposedly haunted. Show More Summary

Let’s Revisit These 3 Conspiracy Theories That Turned Out To Be True

Conspiracy theories will never cease to capture the interest of the public. Over the past few decades, dozens of conspiracy theories about various alleged events have emerged, and while many of these could easily be debunked, there are always speculations which are eventually proven to be correct. Show More Summary

UFO Sightings: Brazil’s Night Of UFOs Is The Most Legitimate Incident In Years, But No One Is Talking About It

These days, it is not rare to find UFO enthusiasts getting mocked for their beliefs in extraterrestrials. While the voices of critics drown out the voices of those who assert the existence of legitimate UFOs, however, some events simply beguile any rational explanation. Show More Summary

Would You Drive Down This ‘Haunted Road’?

Some people believe places can be haunted, others don’t, but many who have traveled the winding road that connects Seaforth to Narrabeen in New South Wales, Australia, say the stretch of road called Wakehurst Parkway is a road they prefer never to travel again. Show More Summary

Roswell Incident Update: ‘Expert’ Obtains ‘Top Secret’ Documents Proving Aliens Crashed In New Mexico

The Roswell incident in New Mexico back in 1947 is the most compelling and most-talked about UFO sighting ever reported, and Daily Star reports that a UFO ‘expert’ has claimed to have in her possession “ultra secret” leaked government...Show More Summary

UFO News: Possible Legitimate Sighting Recorded Sunday Morning In New York

A seemingly legitimate UFO sighting has recently been reported this Sunday in New York. Conventional UFO sightings usually involve shaky, grainy footage from low-resolution cameras and sensationalist claims, and this has led to numerous alleged alien encounters being debunked or criticized by skeptics. Show More Summary

UFO Sightings: Kurt Russell And Former Arizona Governor Talk Openly About ‘Phoenix Lights’ Incident

The UFO sighting known as the “Phoenix Lights” was reported by actor Kurt Russell on March 13, 1997, when he was piloting a plane over Phoenix at the time, but what do we know today about this extraordinary event? On the night in question,...Show More Summary

Six USAF ‘Fighter Jets’ Spotted Chasing Mysterious Red-Orange 30-Foot Sphere UFO Over Georgia

UFO researchers are investigating a report by a resident of Ty Ty, southern Georgia, that he sighted a group of United States Air Force (USAF) jets apparently escorting or chasing a red-orange sphere UFO across the sky at an altitude...Show More Summary

New Trump Tape Coming? U.S. Ally Reportedly Has Compromising Video Of Trump, May Be Released Soon

A new Trump tape could soon be released, with viral reports that a close United States ally has a “compromising” video of the president that may soon see the light of day. The chatter of a potential Trump tape exploded after a strangely...Show More Summary

Flying Saucer UFOs Spotted In Formation Over Louisiana, Disappeared Behind ‘Cloud Cloaking Device’

A man in Lafayette, Louisiana, has reported sighting two saucer-shaped UFOs flying in a tight formation through clouds over Lafayette, Louisiana. He observed the mysterious flying saucer UFOs through a pair of binoculars as they passed...Show More Summary

Roswell UFO Proof At Last? Alleged DIA Document Leak ‘Confirms’ Crashed Alien Spacecraft, Dead Aliens

An alleged leak of top-secret U.S. government documents from the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) appears to confirm that a flying saucer UFO really did crash at a ranch a few miles from Roswell, New Mexico, in July of 1947. The alleged DIA documents also appear to confirm that alien bodies were recovered from the wreckage of the crashed UFO. Show More Summary

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