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Pro-choice activist: Don’t stigmatize very non-traditional families

Queer and trans folks have been making babies for a long time, and it’s rarely ever easy. Even when we create biological children, we have to fight to be recognized as their parents… What can you do? You can visit for messaging...Show More Summary

Pro-life video of the day: All black lives matter

by Hans Johnson A pro-life exhibit at Fayettville State College in North Carolina drew a lot of positive interest. The “Black Lives Matter” project featured thought-provoking signs noting concerns such as police encounters and fears of voter suppression, and compared them to the atrocity of abortion within their community. Show More Summary

NYT Opinion flashback: Was abolitionism a failure?

by Kelli Today, we point to abolition as proof that we can improve society by eliminating one glaring evil. This is what unites “new abolitionists” across the political spectrum, whether they’re working to end the death penalty or ban abortion. Show More Summary

Pro-life vid of day: “Yes, we’re having another baby!” announcement

by Hans Johnson It seems if you have more than 2.3 children these days, there will be people who expect you to explain yourself. That’s what Andrea Chapman found when she became pregnant after having had twin girls and a boy. After comments...Show More Summary

“Immediatist vs Incrementalist” debate analysis, Part V: Sacrificing children to the idol of abolitionism

Abolish Human Abortion leader Don Cooper wrote on Facebook two days ago: I am an abolitionist. I am calling for the immediate abolition of human abortion. And anyone who opposes the immediate abolition of abortion I consider an enemy of God, an enemy of my neighbor, and enemy of me. Show More Summary

Photographer’s Down Syndrome portraits to showcase “beauty and diversity”

Ella’s work on this project actually began after she’d heard a discussion of the ethics behind prenatal tests to detect birth defects. The First and Foremost I Am photo series aims to do more than showcase the “beauty and diversity of...Show More Summary

Pro-life blog buzz 5-5-15

by Susie Allen, host of the blog, Pro-Life in TN, and Kelli Culture Campaign comments on self-professed Satanist name “Mary” who claims the Missouri waiting period is preventing her from exercising her religious belief “that her body...Show More Summary

“Immediatist vs Incrementalist” debate analysis, Part IV: Straw men and the Bible

Abolish Human Abortion followers love to use the term “straw man” to dismiss pro-life arguments that point out their inconsistencies. (For example, during their recent “Immediatist vs Incrementalist” debate, AHA’s T. Russell Hunter called...Show More Summary

Pro-life vid of day: Post-abortive mother helps to save a life

by Hans Johnson A moving encounter occurred last Friday at the Founder’s Women’s Health Center in Columbus, Ohio. A woman passing by saw displayed images of abortion victims and felt compelled to stop and relate her awful experience from 30 years before. Show More Summary

Columnist: Christians are at risk of “adapting” to accept abortion

by Kelli … [W]hen Christians take offense at the suggestion that deeply held religious beliefs must change so that women can access abortion, they may be failing to appreciate the tenuous nature of their pro-life hegemony. Not only is [Hillary] Clinton’s suggestion not absurd, recent history tells us it’s completely plausible…. Show More Summary

“Immediatist vs Incrementalist” debate analysis, Part III: Social justice history vs TR Hunter

As I start, I’d like to reiterate why I’m pursuing this multi-part analysis of the “Immediatist vs Incrementalist” debate between Abolish Human Abortion’s T. Russell Hunter and Center for Bio-Ethical Reform’s Gregg Cunningham. In a comment...Show More Summary

Pro-life vid of day: Welcome to the Pro-Life Future

by Kelli Students for Life is promoting a new division of their organization – Pro-Life Future – which is for “young, pro-life adults and Students for Life alumni.” They state that their mission is “to mobilize communities to abolish...Show More Summary

Questions surround artist Frida Kahlo’s “El Aborto” lithograph

Kahlo depicted herself mourning with tears rolling down her cheeks. At the bottom left, she drew a healthy fetus attached to her by an umbilical cord, suggesting her unfulfilled role as a mother. On the right, an arm holding a heart-shaped...Show More Summary

Stanek Sunday funnies 5-3-15

Good morning, and Happy Sunday! Here were my top five favorite political cartoons this week. Be sure to vote for your fav in the poll at the bottom of this post! beginning with a twofer by Chip Bok at…  … the latter in reference to this video of my kind of mom catching her son participating […] The post Stanek Sunday funnies 5-3-15 appeared first on Jill Stanek.

Sunday Word: “How Great Is Our God”

Lord my God, you are very great; you are clothed with splendor and majesty. The Lord wraps himself in light as with a garment… he who looks at the earth, and it trembles… I will sing to the Lord all my life; I will sing praise to my God as long as I live. Excerpts […] The post Sunday Word: “How Great Is Our God” appeared first on Jill Stanek.

Stanek weekend Q: Is feminism losing to multiculturalism?

The hypocrisy of feminists when it comes to the true war on women in Muslim cultures is on flagrant display. On a daily basis we hear of atrocities committed against women, or shocking prejudices displayed against women, to utter silence on the Left. Show More Summary

Hypocrisy much? Planned Parenthood CEO brags about growing number of male supporters

Interviewer: What’s happening with Planned Parenthood and young men? Richards: It’s one of our fastest-growing demographics. They come mostly for STD treatment and testing. A lot of places, if you want nonstigmatized and nonjudgmental care, you come to Planned Parenthood. Show More Summary

Pro-life blog buzz 5-1-15

by Susie Allen, host of the blog, Pro-Life in TN, and Kelli ProLifeBlogs links to a CNS News report about pro-abortion Hillary Clinton’s recent speech in which she claimed every life matters. Clinton was, of course, not speaking about the preborn. Show More Summary

“Immediatist vs Incrementalist” debate analysis, Part II: There’s only one way to cut down a tree?

See also, “Immediatist vs Incrementalist debate analysis: Prologue,” and  “Part I: Let babies die today, we can save the rest later.” Click to enlarge… While arguing in defense of abortion immediatism during his debate against Center for Bio-Ethical Reform’s Gregg Cunningham, Abolish Human Abortion’s T. Show More Summary

Pro-life vid of the day: Out of the mouths of babes

by Kelli ProWomanProLife shares a video created by Online For Life, in which children are asked various questions, eventually leading to some simple yet profound reflections on life: Sometimes the most insightful and remarkable statements come from children. Show More Summary

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