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1/3 of Americans Say Animals Deserve the Same Rights as People, While Unborn Babies Have No Rights

Bioethics watchdog Wesley Smith noticed a recent polling question from Gallup noting that one-third of all Americans think animals shoud have the same rights as human beings. This comes at the same time that XX% of Americans think unborn babies should have no rights at all. As Wesley notes: I hope these people didn’t think […]

Watch This Former Abortionist Describe What Happens to Babies After Abortions

Dr. Patti Giebink, a board-certified OB/GYN and former abortionist, appeared in a commercial promoting initiative 11, a measure that would have banned abortion in South Dakota. The commercial was produced by pro-life activists who supported the initiative. When the video opens, Dr. Giebink is standing in a building that once housed an abortion clinic. In […]

65-Year-Old Mother of 13 Children Gives Birth to Quadruplets

In Germany, a 65-year-old woman who already has 13 children has given birth to quadruplets. Annegret Raunigk conceived after several attempts with artificial insemination over the last year-and-a-half. Raunigk decided she wanted more children when her youngest daughter told her she wanted a little brother or sister. Show More Summary

Minnesota Senate Rejects Licensing and Inspection Abortion Clinics

Legislation to require licensing and inspections of abortion facilities failed to become law as the 2015 legislative session ended this week. The effort to ensure the safety of women entering abortion facilities was strongly supported by Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life (MCCL). Show More Summary

17-Year-Old Girl Taken for Abortion Against Her Will “No, I Don’t Want to Go! Please Don’t Make Me!”

(LiveActionNews) — In the prolife movement, there have been a number of dedicated and outspoken activists who are former employees of Planned Parenthood. Just recently, Live Action writer Nancy Flanders wrote an article about formerShow More Summary

Filmmaker Who Interviewed Abortionist Kermit Gosnell: “I Was Sitting the Presence of Evil”

Dana Loesch at TheBlaze TV interviewed Irish filmmaker Ann McElhinney, who’s working on a movie and a book about abortionist Kermit Gosnell, now in prison for killing seven babies after birth and allowing an overmedicated woman to die in his dirty Philadelphia clinic. The national media largely blacked out his trial in 2013. She met […]

Abortionist Who Lost License After Approving 10-Year-Old’s Abortion Starts GoFundMe Fundraiser

Ex-Kansas abortionist Kris Neuhaus wants your pity (she sees herself as a martyr) and your money. In a radio interview Thursday, she elaborated that she has lost her research job “without explanation” and has initiated a second online “fund me“ campaign to raise $100,000. Fed by adulation in multiple pro-abortion outlets where she has been […]

Women and Girls Raped and Impregnated by Boko Haram Need Support, Not Abortion

When I was growing up in the South-Eastern Nigerian city of Owerri, I remember once when unspeakable crimes were committed, a poor boy was kidnapped, killed for ritual, and cut up like an animal. These acts signified a very dark time for my people. Eventually a group of men were arrested in connection with the […]

Court Stops Planned Parenthood From Doing Abortions Down the Street From Disney World

A Florida Court of Appeals has ruled that Planned Parenthood’s recently opened facility in Kissimmee cannot provide surgical abortions because the procedures violate restrictions placed on facilities in the medical park where the abortion clinic is located. Planned Parenthood located to the Oak Commons Medical Park, owned by MMB Properties, and opened in July 2014, […]

Court Rules Pro-Life Views Are “Patently Offensive,” Bans Choose Life License Plates in New York

A federal appeals court has issue a ruling banning Choose Life license plates in New York state and claimed in its decision that pro-life views are “patently offensive.” The court issued ruling in The Children First Foundation v. Fiala,  which rejects a pro-adoption group’s application to sponsor a “Choose Life” specialty plate with the New York Department […]

Activists Push Abortion in Ireland After Marriage Referendum Vote, But True Equality Includes the Unborn

The Pro Life Campaign has strongly criticised attempts by abortion advocates to push for a repeal of the 8th Amendment in the aftermath of the marriage referendum. It is deeply hypocritical of politicians to celebrate equality and in the next breath to claim that this translates to a mandate to hold a referendum to repeal […]

Hillary Clinton Has Been the Planned Parenthood Abortion Businesses’ Best Friend

In all the atmospherics last month surrounding Hillary Clinton’s official announcement that she was running for president, it is understandable if you might have missed the congratulatory release issued by Planned Parenthood’s political arm. Show More Summary

Woman Says “I Stand in Front of the Mirror and Scream” But She Still Doesn’t Regret Her Abortion

What’s the adage? Don’t judge a book by its cover? Likewise, as I constantly am reminded, don’t judge an article by its title. What would your first impression be, just reading this: “The Only Person Who Judges Me for My Abortion — Who Matters?– Is Me”? Well I read it quickly and assumed Anna Spargo-Ryan […]

Why Do People Mock This Father and Daughter With a Genetic Facial Disfigurement?

Simon Moore and his daughter Alice both have a genetic condition called Treacher Collins syndrome, or TC.  Throughout his entire childhood Simon was mocked and bullied by other children and adults for having physical differences imparted by TC.  Simon says that his baby girl will be reaffirmed every day – that he will always tell her […]

Botched Abortion Put Woman in Vegetative State for 22 Years, Now She Has Died

In July 1993, 17-year-old Christi Stile went to the Mayfair Women’s Center for an abortion in Aurora, Colorado. Tragically, during the procedure, Christi Stile went into cardiac and respiratory arrest and fell into a coma due to a hemorrhage. After the incident, the abortionist who performed the abortion on Stile, Ronald Kuseski, was sent a […]

Alaska Medicaid Expansion Would Significantly Increase Taxpayer-Funded Abortions

The Charlotte Lozier Institute (CLI), the education and research arm of the national pro-life group Susan B. Anthony List, published a new paper examining how expansion of the Medicaid program in Alaska will significantly increase the number of abortions in the state. The analysis comes as the Alaska legislature considers a law that would expand […]

Incredible Display With the Bodies of Miscarried Babies Reveals the Humanity of Unborn Children

Trigger warning: This post details our experience of going to a museum exhibit that featured preserved bodies of actual miscarried unborn children. None of them were aborted. Their bodies are whole and carefully preserved. Depending on your sensibilities/past experiences, the descriptions and/or pictures of the exhibit that I’ve included may be a trigger for you. […]

These Babies Could Have Been Aborted After 20 Weeks, But Their Parents Chose Life

(LiveActionNews) — In the wake of the U.S. House’s passage of the 20-week abortion ban, abortion advocates are calling something “cruel” and “disgusting.” You’d think the cruel and disgusting things to discuss would be dismemberment abortion (which, yes, literally does rip babies apart, piece by piece), the thousands of these kind of abortions that are […]

She Wanted to Take Her Own Life in an Assisted Suicide, But Something Changed Her Mind

In a recent article in The Daily Signal, author Kelsey Harkness shares the story of Jeanette Hall, an Oregon resident who was terminally ill and wanted to take advantage of the state’s assisted suicide law. When Oregon’s assisted suicide law was on the ballot in 1994, Jeanette supported the measure because she didn’t want people […]

Did You Know It’s Possible to Reverse the Dangerous RU 486 Abortion Pill?

The abortion lobby is once again proving that its main concern is not women and it’s not “choice” – it’s procuring as many abortions as possible. The recent publicity surrounding the chemical abortion reversal process graphically illustrates that abortion backers not only do not want women to consider their alternatives, but they also turn their […]

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