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Population Controllers Predicted Overpopulation Would Destroy the World, They Were Wrong

In a 1971 appearance on the Dick Cavett Show, John Lennon and wife Yoko Ono gave their take on the big scare of the day: overpopulation. “I don’t really believe it,” Lennon said in his Beatle-esque Liverpool accent. “I think whatever happens will balance itself out…It’s alright for us all living to say, ‘Well, there’s […]

Will Planned Parenthood Side With Pro-Abortion Satanists Against Women?

If a woman is seeking to have an abortion in the state of Missouri, it is required that she be given medical information on abortion, how the fetus can feel pain by 22 weeks and wait 72 hours before having the abortion. For Satanists, these restrictions are unconstitutional and violate their “religious” beliefs. Uh, ok. […]

Canadian Medical Association Sells Out as Canada Forces Euthanasia on the Entire Country

In the face of the Canadian Supreme Court imposing a radical nation-wide euthanasia regime on the entire country, the Canadian Medical Association is cooperating with the culture of death. From the National Post story: The nation’s most powerful doctors’ lobby — once long opposed to euthanasia in any form — is proposing its own aid-in-dying […]

Former Abortionist Recalls Baby Born Alive During Abortion Who Lived for Several Days

(LiveActionNews) — Former abortionist Dr. Paul Jarrett gave his testimony at a conference held by the Pro-Life Action League called “Meet the Abortion Providers.” In a speech reproduced on the Priests for Life website, he talks about his experiences with late-term abortion. An OB/GYN, Dr. Jarrett did his residency between 1970 and 1973 in Indiana. Roe […]

Annie Had Anencephaly and Only Lived 15 Hours, But She Did Something Amazing Before She Died

(LiveActionNews) — Annie Ahern lived for only 14 hours and 58 minutes after birth, but two years later, acts of kindness in her honor are still spreading across her home state of Oklahoma. At 19 weeks gestation, Ahern and her husband, Robert, were told that their baby girl had anencephaly, a condition in which the […]

Florida Court Blocks Pro-Life Bill for 24-Hour Waiting Period Before Abortion

A Florida court has blocked a new pro-life law establishing a 24-hour waiting period for women seeking an abortion. Governor Rick Scott signed the bill into law after it sailed through the state legislature after the Senate voted 26-13 and the state House 77-41. Florida joined 26 other states which require that women pause to […]

Supreme Court: Obama Admin Can’t Make Religious Groups Obey Pro-Abortion HHS Mandate

The Supreme Court issued an order on Monday preventing the Obama administration from forcing religious groups in Pennsylvania to obey the HHS mandate that requires them to pay for abortion-causing drugs for their employees. The Supreme Court granted relief in the Zubik v. Burwell case to a group of Pennsylvania-based religious organizations, including Catholic Charities […]

Number of Babies Killed in Abortions in the Channel Islands Drops to Lowest Level Ever

In Jersey, the largest of the Channel Islands, abortion rates are lower than ever since the procedure was legalized in 1997, according to Breitbart News. New statistics released from the Health and Social Services Department reveal that there were 163 abortions on the island last year, which is about half the number that occurred when […]

Teacher Wanted Her Union Dues to Go to Pro-Life Groups. Their Response Has Her Suing

In Pennsylvania, a public school teacher is suing the state’s education association for preventing her from giving her mandated union dues to a pro-life organization. The teacher, Linda Misja, said the following about her lawsuit against the Pennsylvania State Education Association (PSEA): “Plain and simple, it is my money that I worked hard for. I […]

Abortion Drone Will Take Abortion Pills to Ireland After Killing Unborn Babies in Poland

Abortion activists will take their abortion drone to Ireland after using it to kill two unborn babies in Poland, where abortion is generally prohibited. As LifeNews reported, the first so-called abortion drone has delivered the dangerous abortion pill to Poland in violation of its pro-life laws protecting unborn babies from abortions. The pro-abortion organization that […]

Dismemberment Abortions Slice and Crush Unborn Babies And They’re Totally Legal

Faith in humanity is on the fritz at the moment. For those in the pro-life movement, we’ve become accustomed to horrifying rulings from court benches. We march on Washington every year to remember the one that started it all- Roe v. Wade. So perhaps this particular ruling was just the latest in a string of […]

Top Unions Send Hundreds of Thousands in Donations to Planned Parenthood Abortion Biz

Unions are donating money to Planned Parenthood, and members who object are often unable to hold their unions accountable. According to a search of union records on the Department of Labor’s website, the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees, the Service Employees International Union and United Food and Commercial Workers gave a combined […]

Pro-Life Chris Christie Announces Campaign as He Vetoes Planned Parenthood Funding a 6th Time

Republican Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey, who is pro-life on abortion,launched his campaign for the Republican nomination for president today. The campaign announcement comes the day after he vetoed state taxpayer funding for the Planned Parenthood abortion business a sixth time. Christie is pro-life and vetoed Planned Parenthood funding five times before he ran […]

Tennessee Judge Sides With Owners of Unlicensed Abortion Clinics Against Pro-Life Law

Pro-abortion attorneys for Drs. Wesley Adams and Gary Boyle, owner-operators of two unlicensed abortion facilities, successfully argued late Friday afternoon in Federal Court that enforcement of the new state law requiring licensure and inspection of such centers would result in “irreparable harm” to owners of the facilities. Show More Summary

Man Calling Himself the “Facebook Sperm Donor” Has Fathered 10 Babies by Nine Women

In the United Kingdom, 26-year-old Kenzie Kilpatrick has fathered 10 babies by nine women and calls himself the Facebook Sperm Donor. Kilpatrick decided to become a sperm donor after researching the topic on the Internet. According to the Birmingham Mail, he also claims that he just wants to help women fulfill their dreams and only […]

California Assisted Suicide Bill is Not Dead Yet, Calls and Emails Needed to Stop It

American writer Mark Twain once famously said, “The reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated.” In the same manner, reports that the bill to legalize assisted suicide in California is dead for the session also turned out to be premature. As LifeNews has learned from pro-life sources in California, the bill to legalize assisted […]

Louisiana Court Holds Hearing on Pro-Life Law Requiring Abortionists to Have Admitting Privileges

Yesterday, after six full days of testimony, Judge John deGravelles of the Middle Federal District Court in Baton Rouge brought the trial regarding Louisiana’s 2014 HB 388 / Act 620 to a close.  The six days included testimony from both the plaintiffs of the abortion industry and the defendants from the state of Louisiana’s Department […]

Pro-Life Bill Would Allow Father to Sue Abortionist for Killing His Baby in a Late-Term Abortion

(LiveActionNews) — Recently, the Wisconsin Senate passed a 20-week ban on abortion, which Governor Scott Walker has said he will sign. Notably, the proposed legislation in Wisconsin brings fathers into the mix. The measure states in part: Any of the following individuals may bring a claim for damages, including damages for personal injury and emotional […]

Euthanasia Has Expanded as Doctors Now Kill Healthy Couples and Mentally Ill Patients

The media no longer present objective reporting on issues of social or cultural controversy. They choose sides. This has been generally true for about ten years about assisted suicide, and ever since the Brittany Maynard manufactured media frenzy, the bias has really ramped up. Hence, The Economist had a huge fawning piece on euthanasia. I don’t […]

California Assisted Suicide Bill Dies, Democrats Can’t Get Enough Votes in Assembly

In a huge victory for pro-life advocates in California, the bill the state Senate passed to make the state the next to legalize assisted suicide has died. SB 128 is reportedly off the table for the rest of the year after Democrats had trouble finding enough votes in a state Assembly committee to move the […]

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