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Hillary Clinton Loves People With Disabilities, But Only if They Weren’t Aborted

Writing at the Federalist, pro-life writer Mary Powers hits on one the biggest duplicitous positions of pro-abortion presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. On one hand Clinton is able to show apparent real emotion and support for people with disabilities, but on the other hand she shows absolutely no compassion for unborn children who are victimized by […]

Remember the Huge Embryonic Stem Cell Research Debate? Turns Out the Pro-Life Side Was Right

The biggest ethical and scientific debate of the early 2000s has all but disappeared. And we need to tell people why. Some issues in presidential politics have staying power. Twelve years ago, everyone was talking about immigration, abortion, and terrorism. Today, everyone is still talking about immigration, abortion, and terrorism. But another issue that gripped […]

Kim Kardashian is Voting for Hillary Clinton Because She’s Pro-Abortion

Reality star Kim Kardashian quashed rumors on Saturday that she plans to vote for Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump. Instead, Kardashian said she is voting for Democrat Hillary Clinton because she is pro-abortion. Last week, there were rumors that the reality show celebrity was thinking about voting for Trump after talking with her former step-father […]

Thousands of People March to Celebrate Abortion and Legalize Abortions in Ireland

Abortion activists across the world have their eyes on Ireland, hoping to pressure it into legalizing abortion on demand. On Saturday, they staged a pro-abortion “March for Choice” in Dublin and dozens of other cities to call for the pro-life nation to change its laws. Thousands of abortion activists joined the protests, demanding that the […]

Abortion Supporter: “God Has Already Decided” It’s Okay With Women Abort Their Babies

A letter-writer in The State Journal-Register argued that God gave women the “responsibility” to choose abortion or life for their children. In an article published on Thursday, letter-writer Henry Piper said “the Lord has spoken” that women should have the “right to choose.” Piper began his piece by recounting the pro-life argument that abortion goes […]

Why Oppose Assisted Suicide? Even if They See No Value in Their Lives, We Do

I have read and re-read the following passage from Kevin Yuill over and over again. He is addressing not only the lure, the seduction, of “assisted dying”; not only the threat that this poses to people with physical and intellectual disabilities; but also the stake the rest of us have in people not “facilitating” their […]

Woman Who Aborted Twins Says She Felt Them Resist: “I Felt Them Moving, I Felt Them Fighting”

From a woman who had an abortion because she felt she was pregnant with too many children: “The doctor explained that he would inject special salty water and that the needle would go into my tummy and… puncture the babies’ hearts – they were going to do it like that. And the babies stay inside […]

Abortion Activist Compares Ban on Taxpayer-Funded Abortions to Slavery: “Set Us Free”

An abortion activist urged a U.S. House committee on Friday to force taxpayers to fund abortions and compared the current restrictions on abortion funding to slavery. The U.S. House Judiciary Committee held a hearing Friday about the Hyde Amendment, which prohibits taxpayer funding for most abortions through Medicaid. The Hyde Amendment, which has had decades […]

Late-Term Abortion Activist Wendy Davis Has Traveled to 20 States Campaigning for Hillary Clinton

Some of America’s top abortion activists are campaigning for pro-abortion Democrat Hillary Clinton in dozens of states. Planned Parenthood CEO Cecile Richards has been campaigning for Clinton all across the U.S., and a new report says late-term abortion activist Wendy Davis is on a similar path. Davis is a former Texas state Senator who rose […]

Abortion Abortions Decline as 245 Babies Saved From Abortion Last Year

Fewer Arizona women are getting abortions! The latest numbers show 245 fewer babies were aborted in 2015 than the year prior. This continues a downward trend from the high in 2011 of 14,401. The Arizona Department of Health Services’ annual report shows a total of 12,655 abortions in 2015 – down 12% from 2011, the […]

Abortion Activist George Soros Funding Pro-Abortion March to Legalize Abortion in Ireland

Abortion activists are planning a march in Ireland this weekend to demand that the nation legalize abortion on demand and stop protecting unborn babies. However, most of the support for the pro-abortion campaign appears to be coming from outside the country and not its own citizens. Strong evidence suggests that American billionaire George Soros is […]

Mother Releases Photos of Daughter Miscarried at 17 Weeks to Help Stop Abortions

It’s one of the most devastating phrases an expecting mom could ever hear: “Your baby doesn’t have a heartbeat.” Several weeks ago, Miranda heard those heartbreaking words during her 17 week prenatal appointment. Her doctor told her that her unborn daughter had died in the womb. The grieving mother reached out to LifeNews to share […]

Ted Cruz Endorses Donald Trump: “If Hillary Wins Our Country is Devastated, I Have to Stop That”

Former Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz made it official today and endorsed Donald Trump for president. Cruz announced the endorsement in a post on  his Facebook page: This election is unlike any other in our nation’s history. Like many other voters, I have struggled to determine the right course of action in this general election. […]

Ted Cruz To Support Donald Trump, Potentially As Soon As Today

Politico is reporting that Ted Cruz will announce his “support” for Donald Trump in the near future, potentially as soon as Friday. It is unclear as to if “support” means “endorse,” or if Cruz will admit that he is indeed voting for Trump. #BREAKING: Ted Cruz expected to throw support to @realDonaldTrump — […]

Tricked Into an Abortion Appointment, How One Mom Rescued Her Daughter

Like so many women, when I found out I was pregnant, my initial reaction was shock. I could not believe I was pregnant. But unlike so many others, my shock had everything to do with the joy I was feeling—though that initial joy wouldn’t last. In fact, it would take walking into (and out of) […]

Donald Trump Releases 2nd List of Potential Supreme Court Judges: “I Will Nominate Someone Like Scalia”

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump today released a second list of potential Supreme Court judges he would appoint if he is elected president. A first list Trump released earlier this year went over well with pro-life voters and had the kind of possible Supreme Court judges pro-life groups would welcome. When it comes to abortion, […]

She Survived an Abortion But Was Then Tied Up in a Trash Bag and Left to Die

I first met Thandi in 2006 while working at an orphanage for abandoned infants in South Africa.  She was a thriving four-month-old with an infectious smile and a very distinctive scar on her tiny bald scalp.  Even at only four months old, Thandi exhibited a profound fighting spirit to overcome the circumstances that led her […]

Mike Pence: “There is No More Important Cause for My Wife and Me Than the Cause of Life”

Donald Trump’s vice presidential pick Mike Pence is pro-life both in word and action. The Republican governor from Indiana has made a number of encouraging pro-life statements on the campaign trail, and his long, extensive pro-life record both as governor and a U.S. Congressman is strong evidence of his sincerity. This week, Pence told an […]

Poland Initially Approves New Law Banning All Abortions and Protecting Unborn Children

Polish legislators debated a citizen-led bill this week that would ban almost all abortions and protect unborn babies’ right to life. And in an initial vot ethe measure has been approved. The strong Catholic country already prohibits most abortions. Unlike most of Europe, abortions are legal in Poland in only cases of rape and incest, […]

Abortion Survivor Tells Congress: I Was Burned in My Mother’s Womb for 18 Hours But I Survived

A woman who survived a saline abortion procedure told Congress this morning about her amazing story of beating death. Gianna Jessen’s testimony came during a hearing on the anniversary of the Hyde Amendment, which has saved the lives of 2 million Americans from abortions by stopping taxpayer financing of abortions. “Many Americans have no idea […]

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