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President Trump Will Protect Doctors Who Don’t Want To Do Abortions

President Donald Trump is reportedly considering issuing new protections for doctors who don’t want to perform abortions. President George W Bush first issued conscience protections for pro-life doctors and other medical workers who did not want to participate in abortions. Show More Summary

Abortion Clinic Offers Discounts on 22-Week Abortions for Members of the Military

A Georgia abortion clinic apparently offers discounts to military service members who want to abort their later-term unborn babies. Priests for Life and Abortion Free New Mexico made the discovery in a new undercover call to the Feminist Women’s Health Center in Atlanta, Georgia. The abortion facility aborts healthy unborn babies up to 21 weeks […]

Nancy Pelosi, ACLU Bash President Trump for Declaring Religious Freedom Day

President Trump proclaimed January 16th as Religious Freedom Day, the White House announced Tuesday. The day was chosen because it is the anniversary of the 1786 passage of the Virginia Statute of Religious Freedom, a bill penned by former President Thomas Jefferson that served as inspiration for the First Amendment. “All men shall be free […]

Jane Roe of Roe v. Wade Never Had an Abortion, Activists Exploited Her to Legalize Abortion

Each year, as we approach the anniversary of the hideous Roe v. Wade decision, Casey Mattox, an attorney with Alliance Defending Freedom, reminds us of a truth that probably 99% of the public does not know. And that is that the plaintiff in Roe –Norma McCorvey—never had an abortion! As Mattox wrote 45 years ago, […]

Court Won’t Let Mother Abort Her 31-Week-Old Unborn Baby Just Because He’s Disabled

A high court in India protected a late-term unborn baby from abortion this week, ruling that the abortion would be too risky for the mother. The Times of India reports the mother, 24, wants an abortion because her unborn baby has a potentially fatal brain disorder. She is 31 weeks pregnant, far past the point […]

Pro-Abortion Feminist Trashes Chip and Joanna Gaines for Having 5 Kids: “That’s Irresponsible”

A pro-abortion feminist in Canada recently attacked reality show stars Chip and Joanna Gaines by claiming they are “irresponsible” for having a large family. The hosts of HGTV’s “Fixer Upper” announced that they are expecting their fifth child earlier this month with an ultrasound video of the baby’s heartbeat. Their online post received both congratulations […]

Had Enough of 45 Years of Abortion? Here’s One Pro-Life Step to Take to Stop Abortion

The pro-life movement today has much to be proud of. Fourteen months ago, we elected a staunchly pro-life President who has already made purposeful use of his executive power, in every way he legally could, to protect life and to reverse the funding and promotion of abortion. In that same election, we were successful in […]

Doc Wanted Parents to Abort 37-Week-Old Baby With Down Syndrome: “How Could Our Doctor Call My Baby Retarded?”

Iris Day was nearly full term when medical professionals suggested that her parents abort her. According to the Daily Mail, Iris was diagnosed with Down syndrome at 37 weeks of pregnancy. And if her parents had wanted to, or if they had succumbed to the pressure from the British NHS, they could have had her […]

Doctors Will Euthanize Healthy 29-Year-Old Woman Because She is Mentally Disabled

The Netherlands RTL news published an article on yesterday about a 29 year-old healthy woman who was approved for euthanasia for psychiatric reasons. Her euthanasia death by lethal injection is scheduled for January 26. The article states (google translated): Sarah has no terminal illness, but knows that she will die in twelve days. Surrounded by […]

Switzerland Outlaws Boiling Lobsters Because They Feel Pain, Aborting Babies Still Okay

Switzerland has followed New Zealand and a few other localities to outlaw boiling live lobsters. It also requires them to be shipped in salt water. Supporters claim that lobsters can feel pain, a dubious prospect, given that they don’t have brains to process stimuli. But never mind. The Swiss epitomize the world we are creating once we […]

President Trump Proclaims Religious Freedom Day: “Don’t Force Americans to Choose Between Their Faith and the Law”

President Donald Trump proclaimed January 16th as Religious Freedom Day in the United States. Now every year the president will declare January 16th as Religious Freedom Day, a day set aside to celebrate religious faith in America. The day is important for pro-life Americans because Christians are being forced around the country to promote or […]

Planned Parenthood Hijacks Martin Luther King Day, Says Its Abortion Agenda “Furthers His Dream”

The abortion chain Planned Parenthood insulted the legacy of Martin Luther King Jr. on Monday by claiming that their abortion work is furthering his dream. Planned Parenthood is responsible for the deaths of millions of unborn black babies. Abortion is the top killer of black lives in America. Yet, on Monday, the abortion giant had […]

I Was a Virgin Saving Myself for Marriage, Then I Was Raped and Got Pregnant. But God Had a Plan

My story begins when I was 19 years old, living in Cincinnati, Ohio. I was a brand new Christian, church-going, ecstatic, blissful young woman, working at IHOP as a waitress. Oftentimes, I had to work late shifts and take the bus home after midnight. One night, on my way walking home from the bus stop, […]

Friends Prayed at This Abortion Clinic for 9 Years, When They Went Saturday to Pray Again It Was Closed

Last year the pro-life movement was successful in closing down dozens of abortion clinics and saving countless unborn children from abortion. These successes are continuing into 2018 — as news comes from California that another abortion clinic has closed up shop, this time in Oakland. Imagine going to an abortion clinic every day for nine […]

Canadian Government Says Catholic Priest Has to Support Abortion to Qualify for Federal Program

An Ottawa Catholic priest had hoped to employ three students this summer to work in the church yard and office. But the Rev. Tim Moyle will not be able to this year unless he complies with the government’s demand that he support abortion for any reason up to birth. Many churches and other groups provide […]

Report: Arizona Named the Most Pro-Life State, Washington Most Pro-Abortion

Americans United for Life today released its annual report about the most pro-life and pro-abortion states when it comes to passing pro-life legislation that protects women and unborn children. Arizona was named most pro-life and Washington most pro-abortion. Show More Summary

Catholic Church Gives Top Award to Prominent Abortion Activist

Catholics across the world expressed outrage this week after learning that the Vatican honored a Dutch abortion activist with a prestigious award. Lilianne Ploumen, the former minister of foreign trade and development cooperation for the Netherlands, is known for pushing abortion on demand across the world. In 2017, she founded an international abortion campaign in […]

The #MeToo Movement Ignores The Most Offensive Form Of Partner Violence That Exists

As American voices reach a fever pitch over sexual abuse allegations against powerful men and more women adopt the #MeToo rallying cry every day, there’s still a trend of fatal abuse that has received nary a peep of condemnation from Hollywood elite. Shrouded in silence, abusive men across the country — and the world — […]

Pro-Lifers Challenge Justin Trudeau to Meet Pro-Life People After He Says They’re “Not in Line With Society”

On Friday, more than 300,000 Americans are expected to march in the nation’s capital to celebrate life and condemn abortion. While the networks often overlook the March for Life, it exemplifies the strength and youth of the pro-life movement – something one leader wants the Canadian prime minister to grasp. March for Life President Jeanne […]

Government May Take Disabled Girl Away From Her Parents, Who are Suing Doctors For Withdrawing Her Treatment

An 11-year-old terminally ill girl may be removed from her British parents’ custody because of a disagreement about her medical care. Melody Driscoll could die in a foster home away from her parents as a result of their lawsuit against the hospital that is treating her, the Daily Mail reports. The young girl is suffering […]

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