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The ethics of a guest cat

It was Mumsnet that gave me the guilts. As much as my cat-owning friends said it was common for moggies to adopt second homes, we had mixed feelings. One afternoon she was yet again snoozing on the living room rug, fluffy belly-up like a sheep about to be shorn. “Do you think this is right?” Gareth Read More

Friday night frights

It’s Friday night and there’s 47 minutes until my Scary Blog Deadline. The post I’ve been working on today won’t come together in time so I’ll blurt an old fashioned update. I keep thinking of the lovely Jen’s comment on the Phoning It In post asking if there was any reluctance to blog stemming from unpleasant comments received in the weight loss Read More


We whisked The Mothership away to Orkney for a few days, because as you may recall she loves, “The history, Shauna, THE HISTORY!”. These islands, ten miles off the north coast of Scotland, have been inhabited for at least 8,500 years. First by Mesolithic and Neolithic tribes… then by the Picts… then invaded and annexed by Norway Read More

Everyday Life: March 2015

March kicked off with a night on Skye for our wedding anniversary. It poured the whole time, but that added a nice brooding atmosphere. The best reason for a sneaky night away? B&B breakfast! I went to see the Scottish Ballet’s production of A Streetcar Named Desire. I loved it so so much! I wish I had Read More

Phoning it in

I remember Jillian Michaels screaming Don’t phone it in! during in her 30 Day Shred DVD, probably as I slumped on the couch pouring water over my head. I haven’t done that DVD in yonks but that phrase stayed with me. Don’t phone it in. Don’t half arse it. Yet here I am at 11.30pm with my Read More

Midnight Brownies

Tonight I’m going to the lovely Susan’s house for dinner. After faffing around on recipe websites for two hours in search of a gift to bake and take, I’ve circled back to the trusty Midnight Brownies. Way back in 2000 the brilliant Claire Robertson of Loobylu had a Celebrity Chef feature on her website. Because there Read More

Everyday Life: February 2015

Another month, another snowy jaunt down the A9… I was also back in London to hang out with some our lovely Up & Running Alumni members to celebrate the book coming out, including a DIY 5K that began in front of Buckingham Palace (Rhi and I had planned the route at Christmas). Julia left Jennie and I in Read More

10 years a sham

It’s ten years today since Gareth and I got married in Las Vegas. So much has changed. Back then we had to take selfies with our ARMS. No selfie sticks, kids. Times were tough. One of the reasons I was excited to get hitched was because I was marrying into a Nokia 6230. This state of Read More

Up & Running March 5K winners

Thanks for all your four-legged giveaway comments. There was so much variety! If you missed out but would like to join our only live 5K Course for 2015, you can use the code MARCH2015 at checkout for 20% off until the course starts on Monday 9 March. This discount can also be used on our other self-paced courses Read More

Everyday Life: December 2014 and January 2015

Praise be to Christmas lights, for without them a December 4pm would be so depressing… I know it looks sad but promise we haven’t resorted to dressing up Neighbour Cat. Her December caper was to come in all miserable from the rain and stare at us until we dried her off with a tea towel… Read More

Win a spot on the March Up & Running 5k course

Giveaway time! This is the first and only time I’ll don the Up & Running 5K Course pimp hat this year. The March 5K is the one live course we’re running in 2015, as we need to clear space for the epic task of creating a new Marathon course. The course starts on Monday 9 March and goes for eight weeks. Here’s what you get… an eight week training Read More

Upping the stakes

A true win for Consistency last year was my blogging pact with Jennette. I ended up with 37 new posts in 2014, versus 28 in 2013 (both numbers exclude pimping-my-wares posts). It was very effective having an accountability buddy and using Stickk to manage our commitment. It reminded me that whatever you do consistently shapes the tone of Read More

2014 Review Thingo

I’ve got no bloody idea where January went. I wish I could say it was glamorous book promotion or naked skydiving, but it was mostly stomping around in the snow trying to hit my 10,000 steps per day. A very belated happy new year to you all! Here’s my untimely annual review. Previous episodes: 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010 and 2009. 1. What Read More

Enjoy the process

It’s Publication Day for our Up & Running book! Why a pic of Julia Jones in a tub? Well, when Dietgirl came out I didn’t really enjoy P-Day. I was scared and felt fraudulent and undeserving. Back then I still believed if I dared celebrate something I’d be immediately struck down for being an indulgent fool (see also: iPhone laundering incident). But now I Read More

Everyday Life: November 2014

November began as usual with a birthday, the highlight of which being this card from Rhiannon: The last of the Autumn colour… Arrived home one night, flipped on the lights and found Neighbour Cat waiting. After many long and boring months of slowly re-building the post-surgery forearm strength, I finally got back into proper heavy weight training Read More

Book 1, Book 2 and 13 teaspoons of whisky

Update on the 52 Whiskys In 52 Weeks Project: It’s Week 49 and I’ve only clocked up 13! I’ve really tried to get into the spirit of things but I think maybe I just don’t like whisky. I’ve dabbled across the islands, Highlands, Lowlands and Speyside and while the milder fellas taste less like punishment, it’s not exciting me like it Read More

The many inboxes of David

I recently discovered something fascinating about my father-in-law David: he has six email inboxes. He’s been retired for a few years now so wasn’t sure why he would need six. But he has a lot of hobbies. And he likes to keep the email relating to these hobbies completely segregated. So he has: one email account Read More

The many inboxes of David

I recently discovered something fascinating about my father-in-law David: he has six email addresses. He’s been retired for a few years now and has a lot of hobbies. And he likes to keep his emails relating to these hobbies completely segregated. So he has: one email account for family correspondence, one for online shopping, one for Read More

Everyday Life: October 2014

October started out with a visit to Italy. First I stayed with Julia for an Up & Running workathon. This included a wee photo shoot to redo all the photos and videos in our running courses. I’ve been busting to get them done professionally for years. Most of the originals were clumsily shot on my old iPhone 3 in the Read More

The other Mrs Reid

Growing up in rural Oz through the 80s and 90s, I didn’t know any other Shauna’s. I thought my name was daggy and annoying. I longed to be a Jenny, Tracy or Melissa and be spared the indignity of being nicknamed “Shauny Prawn”. But thanks to the invention of the internet I now know there’s twenty gazillion fellow Shauna’s, and many Read More

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