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Like a goose

It’s one of those projects you start then immediately wonder why the bloody hell you started. We’re painting the inside walls of the garage, or more accurately Gareth’s Hobby Lair. It’s home to bicycles, motorbikes, home made home brewing contraptions, tools of many kinds. Shortly after we moved in he noticed that the garage floor Read More

2015 Review Thingo

Happy new year, comrades! Here’s the seventh annual installment of Review Thingo. Previous episodes: 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010 and 2009. 1. What did you do in 2015 that you’d never done before? Visited Orkney with Mothership. Went to The Ashes cricket at Lord’s. Show More Summary

Everyday Life: October and November 2015

There’s much more to Vienna than schnitzel, but two months on it shines in the memory like a tender, crispy beacon. Rhiannon and I spent a weekend in Vienna for a two-years-overdue celebration of Ten Years Living In The UK. When not busy gnawing schnitzels, my jaw was dropped in awe at the State Hall of the Read More

Return to The Kingdom

After two great years the Highland Experiment is over. We’re moving back to the Fife! Update: we’ve moved back to Fife! We’ve been here five weeks now and it’s taken me awhile to emerge from a pile of work and boxes. Luckily Jennette and I had scheduled a blogging pact break so the Conservative Party is none the richer for my slacktitude. There were Read More

Everyday Life: September 2015

Crikey, I’m way behind on life! There’s so much to catch up on. First of all: September report. September was obviously a hard month with losing our lovely friend Clare at the start of it. There doesn’t seem to be anything stage-like about the Stages of Grief at all. They happen out of order and/or at the same time Read More

I hope you catch lots of bugs in your remaining years

^ That’s what Gareth said in farewell to Neighbour Cat as he left for work on Friday morning. The black & white assassin is finally away to her new house, fifteen months since she first sauntered into our living room uninvited. We were so lucky to get seven bonus weeks of cat sitting. Her owner was full Read More

Everyday Life: August 2015

It would be easy to post this idyllic scene without comment, and make August look so darn wholesome and perfect… …but if you pulled back the frame you’d have seen the car park full of cars and my forlorn expression as we’d just found out there was nae room at the Old Mill Inn for dinner. I was Read More

Remembering Clare

Two weeks ago my friend Clare passed away and I miss her so much. She was a beloved member of the Up & Running community and a huge part of the last four-and-a-bit years, sharing many globetrotting adventures and thousands of forum words with us. I’ve been writing down fragments of memories, to make sure I get down all the Read More

The long goodbye

There’s been a development in the Neighbour Cat situation. First the crap news: our lovely Neighbour moved out two weeks ago. Noooo! The (temporary) good news: Neighbour is between houses, so was searching for a place for Neighbour Cat to stay a few weeks while a new place is sorted. Long story short – thanks to a chance conversation, Gareth Read More

Everyday Life: July 2015

July = rose time! Gareth reckons Neighbour Cat looks like an Angry Bird in this pic. The combo of her face/frilly neck remind me of a black and white cookie. We caught the Caledonian Sleeper down to London ready for the cricket. I love the Sleeper. It leaves Inverness at 8.45pm then you wake up in London Read More

The wall of eggs

Forget The Ashes – last weekend I ticked off an even more thrilling Bucket List ambition: a visit to the egg vending machine! I think I first heard about The Egg Box Shop on Susan’s blog, when she spotted it on a day out in Cromarty. It’s located on a farm where the chooks roam free and produce Read More

A day at The Ashes

I’ve been busting to go to an Ashes cricket match ever since I got hooked on the thrilling 2005 series. I was too slow to score tickets for 2009 or 2013, but this time around I entered the ballot for the Second Test at Lord’s. I got lucky with two seats for Day 2. Woohoo! I know most of Read More

Carry on

I’ve been away visiting friends and family this week and had the bright idea of going ultra minimal with my packing. I planned out a precise mix-and-match wardrobe. I got my transparent lashes and brows tinted so I’d only need to add tinted moisturiser to look alive (plus lippie, in the spirit of Dotto). No gadgets except Read More

Remembering Dotto

This photograph may be the greatest thing to come out of my parents’ marriage. It’s from their 1975 wedding and features all four of my grandparents. The maternals are on the left – Nanny looking glam and somewhat unimpressed; Poppy rocking a checked suit and tremendous sideburns. On the right are the paternals – my Read More

Everyday Life: June 2015

June started out grey and miserable, weather wise, all the better backdrop for this magnificent wheel cover thing. We did a soggy trek up to Fyrish Monument, a hill that offers panoramic views over the Cromarty Firth and beyond. It’s not meant to be a particularly strenuous walk but I’ve done nowt but strut around Read More

My morning routine

The very first thing I do when I wake up is drink a glass of hot water with lemon, say many highly successful people on that bloody Morning Routines website. How does that work? If you have to get out of bed and go down to the kitchen to prepare it, it’s technically not the very Read More

Get off my lawn!

Three moments last week: #1 – Gareth asked me about the upcoming Glastonbury Festival lineup, so I read out a selection of bands from the website. “Florence + The Machine. Kanye West. Pharrell Williams. Lionel Richie in the granddad slot. On the Other Stage… Chemical Brothers, Rudimental, Deadmou5. Who the hell are Deadmou5?” Gareth cackled Read More

Everyday Life: May 2015

We don’t have a garden but started the month with a jaunt to the local garden centre as we heard the cakes were good (agreed!). If you’ve grown disillusioned by your fruitless search for the Loch Ness monster, you can plop the next best thing in the front yard – only £26.99! There was also more first-person signage for Gareth Read More

15 Years of Pussycat

Dear Blog, On Wednesday you turned 15. Right on! It mostly started out of boredom as the About page says, but it was a lot about loneliness. Before the blog I thought if I were ever to share the thoughts and fears stewing away in my brain, a giant trap door would open up beneath Read More

Keen like a lemon

How grim is this NHS air freshener? Nothing says KEEN and LEMON like a bland grey stripe. It’s kind of charming, really. Last week I had to get another mole removed; just a precautionary measure. I wish moles were called something more glamorous than moles, what a creepy word. Anyway, it was all very quick Read More

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