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Ask The Millennials

Last month this blog turned 17. After some idle number crunching, I realised that two of the women I’m working with at the moment are about the same age that I was when I started! #elderly (I’m doing some part-time contracting at the mo, so I have a great balance of home working days  – [...] Read More... The post Ask The Millennials appeared first on Shauna Reid.

Working In My PJs – Heidi Fiedler

It’s time for another episode of Working In My PJ’s, a monthly series where I chat to people who are running a web-based business. I ask lots of nosy questions about how and why they do what they do. Today I’m chatting to Heidi Fiedler. Heidi is a children’s book writer and editor. She does, “the [...] Read More...

Walking back to happiness

My exercise mojo has been M.I.A. for about five years and I want it back. In 2012 an orthopaedic specialist advised I cease various fun but pain-inducing activities (e.g. kickboxing and squatting) to preserve what remained of my right knee’s cartilage. Show More Summary

Foxy by 40 – Deadlines like the Dickens

Things I Briefly Convinced Myself I Needed, While Perusing Instagram In The Midst Of Deadline Denial: Microbladed eyebrows A gigantic, arm-knitted blanket Vitamin C serum A second cat, in a contrasting colour scheme to the first one An Instant Pot Three new haircuts Adult ballet lessons Approximately 27 new novels A turmeric latte In other news: [...] Read More...

Working In My PJs – Heidi Fiedler

It’s time for another episode of Working In My PJs, a monthly series where I chat to people who are running a web-based business. I ask lots of nosy questions about how and why they do what they do. Today I’m chatting to Heidi Fiedler. Heidi is a children’s book writer and editor. She does, “the [...] Read More...

International Women’s Day 2017

Happy International Women’s Day. I am so thankful to women near and far for inspiring, moving, entertaining, awakening, teaching, challenging, and opening my eyes ever wider, with your courage, wisdom, tenacity and fierce intelligence. I wanted to share a sprinkling of recent great reads: Hot of the presses here in Scotland today: Nasty Women: A collection of essays, [...]Show More Summary

Under the sea with Fiona

For me, for many years, exercise was all about calorie burn and the quest to take up less space. But these days I crave something more akin to moving meditation. I want calm and fresh air. I want muscles waking and all senses humming. I want a reminder that my body is not just a brain, and [...] Read More...

Working In My PJs – Sas Petherick

Today I’m kicking off Working In My PJs, a monthly series where I chat to people who are running their own business online. When I was starting out, I’d longing look at those with fancy websites and dazzling testimonials and wondered what it would be like to have one’s shit together. Did they ever fail [...] Read More...

Welcome to my new website!

It’s been four long years since we last had a fresh coat of paint around here. I wanted to brighten things up, and also bring the dear old blog and my copywriting business, Shauna Reid Writes (gedddit?) into one place. When I started increasing my freelance work, I stuck up a temporary biz website listing my services. [...] Read More...

2016 Review Thingo

Happy new year, comrades! Here’s the eighth annual instalment of Review Thingo.  Previous episodes: 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010 and 2009. One blazing sunny morning before school, aged about ten, I opened the front door. I was about to step outside of the house and into the world, my foot hovered above the doormat, when I noticed there was a brown Read More

Foxy by 40 – A few good women

We’re at the halfway point in the “gentle renovation” that is Operation Foxy By 40, so it’s time for a check in. One of the Operation’s biggest aims is to “hide less and have more fun”. Progress has been slow on that front, until… MEGA NOVEMBER! Thanks to both planning and luck, I backloaded about a year’s Read More

You’ve got mail

If you fancy a leisurely Sunday read, the latest edition of my Marginalia newsletter has just been zapped out! There’s three wee stories about the joys of mail, spanning love to friendship to nerdy obsession. Plus a cracker of a postal playlist for your aural pleasure. You can check it out here and subscribe if you wish.

Dig your own hole

Do you know the famous opening scene from Chariots of Fire, with the dudes slo-mo running along a beach to the stirring strains of Vangelis? That beach is in St Andrews, and we ended up there recently with fish and chips. What better place to eat freshly fried goods than a beach so associated with Read More

Foxy by 40 – You are a Shark!

July & August update for Operation Foxy By 40: sewing, shark mantras, cat quilts and the meaning of life. A new hobby This year Gareth is deep into restoring a vintage motorcycle, a 1976 Honda CB750. Much of its dismembered innards are currently living under our bed in neatly labelled boxes. I’m often called into the Read More

Oh Rio, Rio

I love the Olympics. I measure life in Olympiads. It’s a nice handy unit of time, more interesting than your usual years and minutes and so forth. Thus, it’s been six Olympiads since my sister was born. I blogging for an Olympiad. And it’s been an Olympiad since I bought new trainers. I must buy Read More

Friday reading for you

Hello comrades! I’ll be back en blog next week, but wanted to share that I finally zapped out my monthly newsletter today. Only 29 months since the last one! In a moment of madness I put “Greetings, friends and Russian spammers” as the subject line, since so many of my subscribers are Russian spambots. But this Read More

Foxy by 40 – June 2016

Some updates on Operation Foxy by 40… This is 66 The Mothership is back into orbit after a month in the UK. The pinnacle of the trip was a jaunt to Manchester to see her beloved band Heart in concert, to belatedly celebrate her 60th. I had no expectations other than fervently hoping that those giants of 70s Read More

Breathe into a paper bag

This is a space to acknowledge the incomprehensible muck of the past week that I’m having trouble articulating beyond retweeting other people’s witty things. (It appears there is no plan. I don’t like not having a plan. This comes from having a Mum that quizzed me every morning as I sleepily slurped my cornflakes, “Right Shauna, what’s Read More

Meditation with Don Draper

There’s a number of items that I write on my Things To Try This Year list each January, never actually do, then faithfully carry forward to the next list. Top of the list was meditation. I’d tried about nine different meditation apps in an attempt to calm the chattering mind, but always found a nit-picky reason to abandon Read More

Operation Foxy By 40

There was an olive in my bra! It was green and fridge-cold. I’d been scoffing them straight from the jar when the rogue fella slipped and disappeared down the front of my t-shirt. The olives were a hasty 3pm lunch on a wet and windy Friday last November. I’d been installed on the couch avec laptop since 9am, a mere Read More

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