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Podcast #21: The Cat’s Toys

It’s the gift giving season. Of course, our cats should enjoy it, too. If our cats like a certain kind of toy, expanding on that interest is a good way to put some variety in their toybox. In my latest … Continue reading ?

Cat Tree Games

Or, as they are known around our house, Reindeer Games. When Tristan’s baby legs began to grow, he became a small deer. Since this occurred all through that year’s holiday season, the nickname stuck. As an adult, Tristan’s Reindeer Games … Continue reading ?

Wrapping presents, with cats

If we tend to have holiday presents around the house this time of year, we can be setting our cats up for misbehavior. Ribbons! Sparkly bows! Crackly wrapping paper unrolled on the floor! It’s hard to blame them for investigating … Continue reading ?

Happy Holidays Raffle!

It’s the start of my own Holiday Week: Coming up on Solstice Eve, Solstice, Festivus, Christmas Eve, Christmas, Boxing Day, and Kwanzaa. Love them all! Because I’m a giver, I have a possible gift for you, my darling readers. A … Continue reading ?

Cat Affection Move: Villain Hands

When Reverend Jim was a kitten, I showed Mr WayofCats how to play Villain Hands. Villain Hands is a trust game. We spread our hands out as though we are going to grab the kitten or cat, and we advance … Continue reading ?

Mithrandir is one third grown

Those eyes! That face! Our baby kitten, Mithrandir, is so darned cute. But then, he’s only a third of the way to maturity. He’s still a kitten. When a kitten develops into their lanky adolescence, it’s a common mistake to … Continue reading ?

Tristan and his Alpha needs

For a few days now I’ve been coming home from work and getting into bed. This is a (so far successful) attempt to stave off the flu that is currently only a tickle in my throat and some tiredness. The … Continue reading ?

Dear Pammy, It was the dry food!

A commenter writes: Our cat fern was on the vetinery recommend dry food science plan. After 6 months on the food she started to take seizures. They were horrific to witness. She would foam at the mouth, fit violently and … Continue reading ?

The Power of Suggestion

My cats vary in how much they respond to my suggestions. I was just in our small kitchen, where I needed to get something out of the refrigerator. Tristan was there, eating from a bowl at one of our two … Continue reading ?

Explain it to our cats

I always tell my cats what is going on. It started as a rhetorical sharing of what I was thinking and feeling. But it turned into an incredible communication tool. It wasn’t that I could understand what they were saying … Continue reading ?

When cats need intensity

We are giving our cats a lot of attention. But maybe it is not enough… especially if the cat who is complaining or misbehaving or crying is an Alpha Cat Type. With Alphas, it is all about the intensity. This … Continue reading ?

Is a robotic cat the perfect gift?

A recent news story asks “Is a Robotic Cat the Purr-fect Gift for Your Favorite Elder?” No. I don’t think so. I enjoy watching, and critiquing, movies, and fortunately the people I watch movies with most often enjoy it too. … Continue reading ?

Dear Pammy, Does Cat feel neglected because of the Baby?

A reader writes: We are having a bit of an issue with our rescued Bengal. We have a relatively new baby, a 10 month old, and it seems like the cat has picked up a bad habit from the baby! … Continue reading ?

Shadow of the Past

Olwyn has taken to hiding behind the bedroom door (always open) to get some peace and quiet. Just like James Bond used to. It has been about a year since we had to say goodbye to James Bond. Olwyn, his … Continue reading ?

Dear Pammy, Cat depression is real

A commenter warns: Folks, when you are away, please tell the cat caretakers that your cats are not merely depressed when they fail to eat or drink for a couple days. This is a serious medical issue and can lead … Continue reading ?

Are cats family?

It’s an interesting question to ask because people’s reactions vary so widely. From of course! to don’t be stupid. Why is thinking of cats as family members such a helpful thing? justification The more we get from our cat relationship, … Continue reading ?

The feed, it is new

Thank you all for your patience. I have created a new feed and it is ready to go. As seen in the upper righthand corner My favorite reader is Feedly. It’s free and easy to use. Got you a form … Continue reading ?

Reverend Jim, large and in charge

The other morning, Reverend Jim did something I found extraordinary. I was lying on the couch, working on my laptop, with my legs held down by Tristan, as usual. So when there was a clunk from the kitchen, (a small … Continue readin...

About the cat that may want to kill you

It’s a catchy headline, certainly. Your cat may want to kill you, study says Color me deeply, deeply, skeptical. Cats don’t kill people. Over years of the CDC tracking dangers to babies, not one baby had their breath stolen by … Continue reading ?

To all feed readers: it must be replaced

I am a feed reader too! And while I am fond of all my posts, I (and an alert Friend of the Blog who has been in correspondence with me on the subject) have gotten a little tired of Gears … Continue reading ?

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