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Cats are communal

I get a lot of disbelief when I share that I have a Cat Civilization. Many people don’t believe multiple cats can live together in harmony. My own experience taught me that cats, if not stressed by scarcity, prefer to … Continue reading ?

Cat Affection Move: Invisible Petting

When I am dealing with a shy cat, I don’t actually pet them. I pretend to pet them. In my experience, any cat can figure out this move, and then understand what we are saying. They “feel” the petting without … Continue reading ?

Cats with chronic conditions

The sad thing about having our cats for a long time is that this increases their chances of developing a chronic condition. Kind of like humans. Our Reverend Jim barely escaped a criminal case of animal neglect. For his first … Continue reading ?

The cat in a rut

There’s two kinds of bored: passive and active. People can’t help but notice the active kind. Which often results in mayhem as our cats seek out things to play with. People also need to notice the passive kind. As intelligent … Continue reading ?

The solar powered cat

It’s like a tractor beam on the Starship Enterprise: sun shapes on the floor pulls in cats. Why? Turns out, there’s several reasons. territorial imperative As I explain in my latest holiday rug post, we can create new territory with … Continue reading ?

New Year’s Resolution: Home a Cat

It can be big: we get a new cat. It can be small: we find a needy local cat on Petfinder and let people know about him or her. Any of us can help a cat find a home. This … Continue reading ?

Dear Pammy, It’s true about wet food

A reader writes: I wanted to pass along some more anecdotal evidence that even the BEST dry food is not as healthy for our cats as wet food. About a year ago I told you that we switched T– and … Continue reading ?

How cats play

Cat play is part reflex, and part imagination. We see this in how a cat changes their play, from the unthinking responses of a kitten to the elaborate plotting and planning of a senior cat. In my post, Cats Playing … Continue readin...

The Heart Cat

I was talking to Mr WayofCats on his cell phone, and he held it down so I could say hello to Mithy. As Mithy stared at it, trying to understand, he darted a glance at nearby Tristan. According to Mr … Continue reading ?

Cats are not evil geniuses

A handy tip for figuring out if a belief is irrational is to examine it for incompatible elements. Like when the cat-averse assert that cats are both indifferent to people (“they only want you to feed them!”) and are bent … Continue reading ?

Tides of Socialization

Cats can extend friendship to other species. This is the magic of socialization. But since cats are continually processing new information, their basic socialization skills are often being updated and recalibrated. This can be confusing for their humans, who get … Continue reading ?

Holiday Rug 2016

Welcome, Holiday Rug! At the top of the post Tristan demonstrates its timeless appeal. As I explain in my first holiday rug post, a small throw rug can become an incredible toy for our cats. It plays with their conception … Continue reading ?

Kitten or cat: the eternal question

I don’t have to tell anyone about the advantages of kittens. Anyone who is contemplating a kitten should also be familiar with their disadvantages. Kittens are considered “more adoptable” and there’s nothing wrong with adopting them. However, one of the … Continue reading ?

Dear Pammy, Why won’t this cat love me?

A commenter writes: My family and I adopted two 10 week old female sister kittens 4 days ago. I’ve bonded with one of the girls somewhat, but the other one wants nothing to do with me. I’m a homemaker and … Continue reading ?

When cuteness fades

I love kittens. It was loving kittens that got me into this. Now, I also love cats. Because I realized what I really love about kittens is their potential to be cats. No matter when we got our cat, they … Continue reading ?

Sign language for cats

I use a lot of gestures with my cats. If I had a deaf cat, I would do it even more. Because a cat’s first language is body language. My cats know that an index finger pointed at them means … Continue reading ?

Mithrandir develops his magic

At two years and eight months old, our “baby,” Mithrandir, has made incredible progress over the last few months. (I put baby in quotes because he still is, but he is also the largest of our cats.) It is still … Continue reading ?

Dear Pammy, Did Olwyn find new friends?

A commenter writes: It’s been just about two years since you posted this (sorry about the recent sad anniversary for James). I’m curious how successful this has been, and whether re-realignment has happened…and if so, what the new alignment looks … Continue reading ?

Fur babies

I often get accused of giving love to cats when it should be given to humans. This illustrates a common misconception about love. That it is a finite resource. Many of those hostile to humane animal concerns have a central … Continue reading ?

Threat assessment

Much of our cat’s finely tuned, highly cranked, nervous system is about being on the lookout for threats. Even if we humans don’t see any. I’ve had true scaredy cats who crept around the edges of the house, and bold … Continue readi...

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