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Cat Appreciation System

I was recently contacted by a site who is compiling a list of Best Cat Sites and invited me to be considered. They asked that I describe my site in a unique way; they don’t want a duplicate kind of … Continue reading ?

Kitty see, kitty try to do

One of the things that captivates me about cats is how they like to use their paws as hands, or otherwise try to do the same things I do. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Of course cats work … Continue reading ?

Cats who need middle names

Some of my cats have middle names. Like Tristan Cutthatout Pickledish. If we have an Alpha Cat Type, we might as well give them a middle name from the beginning of our relationship. But any cat can benefit from something … Continue reading ?

Dear Pammy, My cat fears the litter box

A commenter writes: I am a recent Cat Mama with two kittens from separate shelters, about 5-6 months old each. Long story short, one of the kittens nearly died before I got him due to a worm infestation. He spent … Continue reading ...

Sinner of Attention

Cats can misbehave on purpose. It is usually a communication attempt. So if they are misbehaving to get our attention, it is partly our fault. If we think our cat is misbehaving for attention, here are some of the ways … Continue reading ?

Pets are dirty, they say

Got a blog comment which I did not approve, but wished to discuss: Dont try to justify your creepy cat fetish by trying to claim that people who are controlling are synonymous with people who are simply repulsed by indoor … Continue reading ?

Peer Pressure

Cats are social creatures. So of course there is going to be peer pressure. We might not realize that goes for we humans, too. We influence our cats and our cats influence us with the dance of friendship and the … Continue reading ?

The cat personality test

Australian researchers have come up with a system of five different cat personality types. While I applaud the effort, I’m personally not sure about their conclusions. But then, personality typing is tricky for for humans, too, with no universally recognized … Continue reading ?

Cats with drinking problems

I have water bottles because I have cats. If I leave a glass of water anywhere, within minutes Tristan has his head in the glass. Whether it fits, or not. If we ever wondered why cats like to knock over … Continue reading ?

Cat Affection Move: The Secret Hand

Since my cats have been in varying degrees of confusion when we expanded our living space, I’ve been using Secret Hand more often. This is an affection move where Hand becomes a third party in our interactions. Secret Hand is … Continue reading ?

Smoothing the ripples between cats

Tristan, as he so often is, was equal parts help and trouble in this recent living space transition. He was an ambassador who encouraged the other three cats to explore the new place. But he also got upset when they … Continue readi...

What is their motivation?

Reverend Jim has embraced all the enjoyment of Shirehouse that Tristan tried to tell him about for two months. Our enzyme treatment (still ongoing) removed a source of fear (the smell of a previous dog in residence) that RJ, alone, … Continue reading ?

Dear Pammy, Is it true about whisker fatigue?

Because this has become a popular question on the Web, I get emails which ask: Are cats fussy about their food because of their whiskers? Dear Readers, It can happen. Cats have lots of reasons to be fussy about their … Continue reading ?

Containing our cats

Cats believe in “a place for me and I want to be in my place.” Before the boxes, the cats wanted to be close to their person, and part of the action at their desk. But they did not have … Continue reading ?

Three cats more than two

It is Cat Higher Math. Three cats are easier than two cats. I know it seems strange, but we must all remember that cats do not obey the laws of physics. I am a big fan of Cat Civilization, the … Continue reading ?

Mithrandir gets a lion cut

Grooming Mithy has always been tricky. He’s big and strong and nervous, so no matter how gently we try to untangle his knots, we don’t make rapid progress. Still, we had reached a fairly good place recently, but all our … Continue reading ?

Success! RJ happy in new place

My diagnosis was correct. It was the dog smell. After several days of treatment with the enzyme cleaner discussed in the post, Cats expand to fit the space, we brought Reverend Jim back down to Shirehouse. This time, for the … Continue reading ?

Feminism and cats

Women and cats do seem to have a magnetic attraction to each other. Part of this folklore probably got started from cultural gender roles, and how this interacts with the cat’s nature. Women have strong instinctive and socialization drives to … Continue reading ?

Cats expand to fit the space

Reverend Jim still has not accepted our new space. As I explained to Mr WayofCats, it would be different if this new space was a continuation of the old one, as when we put an addition on an existing home. … Continue reading ?

Cats who love concepts

One of the most enjoyable things about our upcoming move has been Tristan’s reaction to it. Our Alpha boy is always in the center of any home activities. This new turn of events was a challenge for him, because it … Continue reading...

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