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Dear Pammy, Should I clip my cat’s claws?

A reader writes: I have a quick question. In one of your posts you mentioned a kitty named Update who got really upset about having his claws clipped. How did you maintain his claws then? From what I’ve experienced, at … Continue reading ?

How to hug a cat

We love hugging our cats! But, do they like the way we do it? Most cats will enjoy hugs, if we do it in a way they find enjoyable. Here are some of the Hug Types we should be aware … Continue reading ?

Cat imagination: the realization

In the beginning, there isn’t much thought. Kittens automatically chase things that move, just as babies automatically put things in their mouths. It’s how they experience the world. Assembling concepts will come later. In both humans and cats, adolescence triggers … Continue reading ?

When cats explain themselves

What is the cat thinking? What do they want? Why won’t they stop doing that? Why won’t they do that thing I want them to do? The answers to all of these questions are contained in our cat. The answer … Continue reading ?

Please get me over the top?

I’m sorry if I’ve neglected anyone. I’ve been wrestling with health issues including the nefarious flu this year which is hard to kick… and then I got walking pneumonia. I request your patience as I work to catch up. And … Continue reading ?

The difference between dogs and cats

In the great dog/cat debate, I can be neutral. Because I love them both, and I’ve had them both. It really shouldn’t be a debate at all. Cats and dogs are different kinds of pets, for different purposes. We can … Continue reading ?

Podcast #17: Speaking in Cat

My latest podcast is all about talking to our cats. Podcast #17: Speaking in Cat explains a lot of what I call Catspeak. The more we communicate with our cats, the more we convey our mutual regard and cooperation. Since … Continue reading ?

Purring: it’s complicated

A reader writes: My kitten, G–, is 16 weeks old. She’s very snuggly, and tolerates being held just fine. She’ll even perch on a shoulder every now and again. My problem is this; she only purrs when she’s interacting with … Continue reading ?

Dialoguing with our cat

I adore The Far Side, and this is one of my favorites: But it’s not true. If, that is, we have been working on our cat communication. When Mithrandir was a baby, a gentle “Now, Mithy” would propel him away … Continue reading ?

When Cats Attack Feet

Why do cats attack feet? Well, from their point of view, why wouldn’t they? When our feet move around the floor in fluffy slippers or bouncing shoelaces, they are shaped a lot like prey. When our feet are covered in … Continue readi...

The Cat Detectives

A cat’s day is potentially full of puzzles to be solved. And it should be. It might seem strange that a being who loves routine would also be a being who enjoys things which confuse them. But both these branches … Continue reading ?

Draining stress from our cats

The past few months have had their cat challenges, as our four remaining cats adjust to life without their friend, James Bond. Olwyn misses him terribly, Tristan was silently upset for weeks. RJ and Mithy took it more in stride, … Continue reading ?

Cats and their love of drama

When we live with cats seen for who they truly are, our world becomes one of high feeling. Once we are able to understand cat language, and recognize their emotions, we could be amazed by how much passionate regard and … Continue reading ?

Playing Favorites

When I mention that I have multiple cats, I often get asked, “So, who’s your favorite?” I find this question difficult to answer. Philosophically, I object to the ranking obsession that crafts ever narrower categories to wind up with only … Continue reading ?

Podcast #16: Cats in Winter

Whether we are Northern or Southern Hemisphere, most of us have a change of seasons, and the challenges that brings to both us and our cats. My latest podcast, Cats in Winter, is all about what we can do for … Continue reading ?

The Odd Cat Out

We currently have an Odd Cat Out situation. Our three boys are happy buddies together. And then, there’s Olwyn. It’s not that Olwyn doesn’t get along with the other cats. She enjoys play sessions (sometimes) and shares her eating space … Continue reading ?

Why cats study us

People often find it unnerving when cats stare at them. But it’s really a compliment. It means they find us interesting. The cat stare is communication It’s also a sign of the equality a good cat relationship demonstrates. Cats look … Continue reading ?

When we are inexplicable

Every day, I do something that my cats can’t figure out. I start my day with such puzzlers as changing my fur and standing in a stream of water. I spend much of my evenings writing, which means I stare … Continue reading ?

The Power of the Spot

To understand Cats in their Spots, we must understand how cats weave themselves into their environment. It is one of the most seamless relationships in all of nature. A cat without an environment is only a partial creature; insecure and … Continue reading ?

Clash of the Titans

When our elderly Statesman cat, James Bond, passed away, the simmering conflict between RJ (seven) and Olwyn (five) boiled over. Not that they rolled around on the floor screaming and drawing blood. But there was a lot more teasing (from … Continue reading ?

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