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Why cats won’t meet and greet

Why won’t they do it? Why do so many cats not want to come out and greet our friends? There are cats who can be greeter cats in stores or homes. But the cat default is to observe from a … Continue reading ?

Dear Pammy, I must leave my cat

A commenter writes: Any tips on getting my cat ready for my departure? Getting him used to where he’ll live after? Maybe I should get a new friend like a kitten for him to have company he’d be used to. … Continue reading ?

Do cats make us better people?

Does having pets create a more empathetic human? Research suggests that being an animal lover does create a more loving person. I think it’s because we need to make more of an effort with someone not quite like ourselves. It … Continue reading ?

When we come back

I went away for a weekend recently, for a combination of business and leisure, and everyone missed me. One cat in particular: Tristan. To me, Tristan is proof of that relationship element I call “chemistry.” No one picked Tristan; a … Continue reading ?

Dear Pammy, I have been chosen by a cat

A reader writes: since May 4th, there has been a cat that keeps coming to my backyard door to cry. I gave her some water but if I leave the door open she comes in after meowing for a bit. … Continue reading ?

Litter Boxes and their myths

Like everything else about cats, there’s a lot of litter box myths. Don’t let a false belief cause trouble. Here are some of the ones I run across most frequently: Myth: We have to teach kittens and cats to use … Continue reading ?

Track the cat technology

One of the most awesome elements of recent technology is the miniature tracking devices we can use to locate missing cats. Cats are especially challenging because of their tendency to hide when they are frightened. And they hide so very … Continue reading ?

Review of Littermint, cat box deodorizer

I’ll reveal possible bias up-front: Littermint is a Way of Cats product. It was crafted by our “house herbalist,” Mr WayofCats, to solve a litter box problem. It might solve one of yours. When we added Mithy to our household, … Continue reading ?

New Donate Page

I’m asking for your help again. If you have helped, thank you so much! Love of cats is what keeps me going. But donations from my fans keeps the blog going. Here’s my new Donate Page. It has come to … Continue reading ?

How cats take up space

We have a 1.5 bedroom apartment that holds two humans and four cats. We all take up differing amounts of space. Our cats can have wide differences in how much “room” they take up, just as humans do. Mr WayofCats … Continue reading ?

Cat Affection Move: The Nose Boop

There are two levels of Nose Boop. There’s actual nose to nose, and the lower intensity of a human touching a cat’s nose with their finger. However close we get with Nose Boop, it is a sign of high regard. … Continue reading ?

Dear Pammy, My cat is a roadblock for a wheelchair

A reader comments on my post Cat Communication Move: Roadblock: It doesnt bother me much when my girl does it… but my boyfriend is physically disabled. She will plop in front of his wheelchair and trap him in the hallway. … Continue reading ?

Podcast #19: Cat Growth Stages

In my latest podcast, Cat Growth Stages, I give some tips on figuring out where our cat is at in terms of their development, and what it means. Cats can be confusing because they have an incredible ability to “hit … Continue reading...

When it has to be special attention

I’ve had many varieties of pets, but I’ve never experienced any other animal that will specifically ask for attention the way a cat does. They want attention for its own sake. This can be confusing if we are new to … Continue readin...

How cats work boxes

Science has now studied cats and boxes. This is a big subject, of course, worth many more studies. But it’s a start. Three conclusions were drawn in a recent article on Wired, What’s Up With That: Why Do Cats Love … Continue reading...

Dear Pammy, I have an indoor/outdoor dilemma

A reader writes: I recently moved to a neighborhood in the Irish countryside from the middle of a very busy large American city. My Maine Coon, Smoky, a talkative Beta… Ink, a Gamma … were never outside when I was … Continue reading...

Cats and clutter don’t go together

As any Cat Appreciator knows by now, our stuff is also our cat’s stuff. I lived with cats terraforming my house for years before I realized that is who they are, and this is what they do. Cats are driven … Continue reading ?

The Jealousy Issue

Jealousy is a highly misunderstood emotion. So many regard it as proof of love. But it’s actually a sign of deep insecurity. Jealousy is what happens when we think there isn’t enough love around for us to get our share. … Continue reading ?

New phase of Cat Civilization

Our Cat Civilization has been reconfiguring itself after the loss of James Bond and the arrival of Mithrandir, events that were mere months apart. I’ve been looking for every opportunity to help encourage the friendly overtures, and defuse potential trouble. … Continue reading ?

Cat imagination: the practicalities

Cat imagination is at work when we amuse them with toys. We might not realize how well we can use this tool for other avenues of communication. Of course the cat knows the puffball is not a rodent, and the … Continue reading ?

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