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How to read a cat’s face

Why do many people not understand what cats are saying with their facial expressions? I believe it is because cats don’t have eyebrows. Eyebrows help dog faces convey expressions. But cats do not have this advantage, nor do their mouths … Continue reading ?

Dear Pammy, How do I choose a third cat?

A reader writes: [We] have two cats – a female alpha and a female beta (both spayed). They tolerate each other, but aren’t friends. We are thinking of getting a third cat. Based on what we’ve found, we think an … Continue reading ?

Value judgements

I don’t know which I enjoy most; the ways cats are like me, or the ways they are not. We can have a similar love of comfort, while expressing different ways of achieving it. It can give us an interesting, … Continue reading ?

Cats who use power

Do cats understand leverage? I think they do. From Smokepuff’s “I am starving!” pantomime drama to Tristan’s special, sad, toy-cow mooing, they know how to work our levers. And why not? Don’t we work their levers, too? capable of reciprocation … Continue reading ?

Why spray bottles fail

This common tactic to try and keep the cat away from things is not the magic wand it seems. If we think about the difference between what we are trying to say, and what the cat “hears,” the problem becomes … Continue reading ?

How do I meet my dream cat?

I am often asked how to get a cat who is a talker, a play machine, a love bug. (Or all three, as in the case of Tristan.) To answer these questions, for myself and others, I have become a … Continue reading ?

Dear Pammy, I wanted a purebred cat!

A commenter asks: I very recently adopted two ragdoll cats one male and one female. And i was wondering what to do as they are not adjusting very well..does it take a long time or is there something i can … Continue reading ?

Cat wants, cat needs

Cat wants are cat needs. Their instincts tell them what to do to survive. This is why they are so very stubborn about what they want. People find this aspect of cats confusing, because we are taught from childhood that … Continue reading ?

When cats interpret laws

In a previous post, I mentioned that Tristan had been caught wrestling with our Father Christmas, but got a pass because Mr WayofCats had absent-mindedly left it on his cat tree upstairs. Cat Rules. If it is on Tristan’s cat … Continue reading ?

The cat trap

Create a space, and a cat will fill it. Getting our new living room ready for the holidays included cleaning out all the stuff we temporarily had stored in this inset shelf situation, and putting in the stuff we wanted … Continue reading ?

Cats getting us to do their bidding

We want our cats to learn how to get us to do things for them. We need to know what each of us need from the other. When we advance our ability to communicate, it means we can accomplish a … Continue reading ?

Rebooting Reverend Jim

Not all of Reverend Jim needs fixing, of course; most of him works great. But his digestive system needs some reprogramming. We tried steroids, but it made things worse. We had some luck with Flagyl (metronidazole,) which is an antibiotic … Continue reading ?

We turned Mithy upside down

When we got Mithy at five weeks, he was more feral than tame. Now, the proportions have shifted. He’s more tame than feral. It was a tremendous help that he wanted to be the cuddly boy he is deep down … Continue reading ?

Cats not as smart as dogs? Let’s talk.

Yes, it’s true: dogs have more cortical neurons, significantly more than cats. The first study to actually count the number of cortical neurons in the brains of a number of carnivores, including cats and dogs, has found that dogs possess … Continue reading ?

Time for a scratching post?

A wonderful investment for our cat this year might a good scratching post. Because if we don’t pick one, our cat will. I once had someone ask, in highly skeptical tones, “Do your cats really not scratch on your furniture?” … Continue reading ?

Games we never win

There are some games we should not play unless we can manage to not be sore losers. These are games our cats will always win. Such as the who-blinks-first game. Cats will always win, because their corneas require less moisture … Continue reading ?

Dear Pammy, Why won’t they listen to me?

I get a lot of the same kinds of questions that boil down to: My relative/romantic partner/roommate treats my cat in a way that makes my cat unhappy. I tell them what to do to make friends with my cat. … Continue reading ?

Cats and Emotional Boundaries

Cats and ourselves use the same emotional language. “Oh, we’re very close,” we say when we love and trust another being. Closeness is trust, both metaphorically, and in physical space. To understand how our cats speak the Language of Boundaries, … Continue reading ?

As much as they can stand

How much can our cat take when it comes to sensory input? How big can we make their world? That seems to depend on the intersection of their Cat Type and their stress level. We not only need to know … Continue reading ?

Cats who groom us

Mr WayofCats has a bedtime ritual with Olwyn. She climbs onto his chest and grooms his eyebrows. He does some wincing but also recognizes this is a high honor. When she does it to me, I also wince. That’s one … Continue reading ?

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