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Dear Pammy, Cat depression is real

A commenter warns: Folks, when you are away, please tell the cat caretakers that your cats are not merely depressed when they fail to eat or drink for a couple days. This is a serious medical issue and can lead … Continue reading ?

Are cats family?

It’s an interesting question to ask because people’s reactions vary so widely. From of course! to don’t be stupid. Why is thinking of cats as family members such a helpful thing? justification The more we get from our cat relationship, … Continue reading ?

The feed, it is new

Thank you all for your patience. I have created a new feed and it is ready to go. As seen in the upper righthand corner My favorite reader is Feedly. It’s free and easy to use. Got you a form … Continue reading ?

Reverend Jim, large and in charge

The other morning, Reverend Jim did something I found extraordinary. I was lying on the couch, working on my laptop, with my legs held down by Tristan, as usual. So when there was a clunk from the kitchen, (a small … Continue readin...

About the cat that may want to kill you

It’s a catchy headline, certainly. Your cat may want to kill you, study says Color me deeply, deeply, skeptical. Cats don’t kill people. Over years of the CDC tracking dangers to babies, not one baby had their breath stolen by … Continue reading ?

To all feed readers: it must be replaced

I am a feed reader too! And while I am fond of all my posts, I (and an alert Friend of the Blog who has been in correspondence with me on the subject) have gotten a little tired of Gears … Continue reading ?

Growing their brains

I try to develop my cats’ intellectual capacities as much as I can. Because it’s useful and fun. Even though it can require a bit more effort on our part. Because busy brains must be kept busy. Science has been … Continue reading ?

Tristan settles his nerves

Last week, we had a few nights where Tristan reverted to his anxious kitten behavior. He was crying in the middle of the night, deliberately scratching where he shouldn’t, annoying the other cats, and refusing to be comforted by the … Continue reading ?

Dear Pammy, Why is this kitten getting attacked?

A reader writes: I have a kitten who has integrated fine with 3 of her much older siblings. The 4th, however, keeps viciously attacking the kitten, and I don’t know what to do about it. I’ve tried having them “meet” … Continue readi...

Tristan wears a sweater

Tristan is our only short-haired cat. As our Northern Hemisphere moves toward the approach of winter, we joke about buying him a sweater. When I ran across one that looked like it would fit him, which was on super-sale, I … Continue reading ?

Dear Pammy, How can I convince the cat-indifferent?

A commenter asks: I’m living with my boyfriend, who couldn’t care less about [my cat’s] existence. He doesn’t hate her, but when we left her at my parents for a while because we were travelling abroad, I missed her dearly, … Continue reading ?

The Kitten Mysteries

It’s so easy to love kittens. It’s so easy for them to love us back. Until, suddenly, it’s not. When our kittens are pudgy little goofballs, our encounters are simple… but they are also superficial. The kitten attention span does … Continue reading ?

Finding each cat’s lens

Knowing how cats view the world helps us figure them out. This helps us take care of them, solve behavior problems, and even get more affection. Even as a kitten, Olwyn did not like to be handled with anything but … Continue reading...

Rehoming help with Petfinder

We can put pets needing rehoming on Petfinder even if we are humble civilians. By working through a local shelter, we can put our cat’s picture and resume up for so many potential adopters to see, multiplying our cat’s chances … Continue reading ?

Cat requests: giving in, or just giving?

Recently, Mr WayofCats has been cooking up his own chicken breasts to get the kinds of freshness and flavor he likes. Turns out, Olwyn likes that, too. So much that we are now buying more chicken breasts just to cover … Continue reading ?

Dear Pammy, They said to let the cats work it out

A commenter wrote: I recently adopted a “bonded pair” of two fixed male adult cats through a rescue organization who aren’t getting along too well. They had a very traumatic start to life but I was told that they are … Continue reading ?

Fund Drive for the Fall Equinox

Hello, fellow Cat Appreciators! The site has picked up 20% more traffic since the last fund drive. It’s wonderful that so many people find my cat advice helpful. It thrills me. It really really does. So here I am, asking … Continue reading ?

Let’s talk about cat fountains

Before we got a pet fountain, we had giant coffeehouse mugs around the place that got washed every day and filled with water from the filtering pitcher. We decided a fountain was worth the cost, due to less time and … Continue readi...

Unbreeds: the panther

Black cats are beautiful and mysterious and devalued and have low adoption rates. Why? They are wonderful! Sadly, it’s also black dogs who have low adoption rates, a phenomanon called black dog syndrome. Is there a black cat syndrome? Science … Continue reading ?

Don’t give up the cat: a relationship guide

An article which draws a lot of comments is one of my posts about cats and relationships, How far does love go? It’s a burning question: when is it right for a potential life partner to ask us to give … Continue reading ?

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