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Underestimating the Cat

I should know better. But I can still do it. I can underestimate a cat. I forget my own rules occasionally, and then I get surprised. Whether it’s RJ taking over an area of responsibility like the Litter Robots (boy, … Continue reading ?

Mithrandir, the social social boy

Mithy loves everyone. Human or feline. Our Mithrandir is now 16 months old. If he were an Alpha cat, that would be halfway to physical maturity. But since he is a giant Beta, we are very far from that. Mr … Continue reading ?

Teaching cats coping skills

Yesterday was a rowdy Sunday morning. As happens so often, the complex center of this sweet, learning opportunity, treat… was Tristan. Tristan is almost five years old, but he’s an Alpha. That means he won’t grow up for a long … Continue reading ?

Are cats the most rational of all beings?

Are cats the most rational of all beings? There’s reason to think so. In an article called “Why Cats Are Smarter Than Any Other Animal on Earth,” they discuss a 1960’s psychological study. Of the 200 rats, 199 of them … Continue reading ?

The gears of their ears

Do we want to know what our cat is thinking? We watch their ears. There is considerable connection between the thoughts the cat has on the inside, and the behavior of their ears on the outside. Many people think of … Continue readin...

Dear Pammy, What is my Ru made of?

A recent comment asked: We recently rescued a 3 year old cat from a shelter – she has tall ears and is a small cat – also pretty darn quiet – I’d be interested in what you think she might … Continue reading ?

Don’t judge a cat by their cover

When we have trouble with our cats, are we sure we are seeing our cat clearly? When our cats have troubles of their own, it’s worth remembering that they are gifted, natural, actors. The cat persona they are presenting to … Continue reading ?

We’re so close to hitting my fundraising goal

Put me over the top? If you can help out, now is the time! I do all I can to make Way of Cats self-supporting — I found some good things to advertise, people buy our cat toys and Littermint, … Continue reading ?

Cats in different slots

Once upon a time, Reverend Jim and Tristan were good buddies who played together happily. But now, Tristan and Mithy are good buddies. Tristan took over kitten wrangling from RJ, who returned to his exacting schedule of window sitting and … Continue reading ?

Cat Communication: Better than we think

In a recent post, Mithrandir, the magic cat, I explained how Mithy’s love of hiding had taken a distressing new turn after I startled, and then frightened, him during a clumsy incident in the kitchen. At the end of the … Continue reading ?

Cat training move: Pick A Spot

We’re doing something, and the cat wants in, but it’s really not cat appropriate. This is one of those many times when prior training will help us. We tell our cat to Pick A Spot. My cats understand that Pick … Continue reading ?

Mithrandir, the magic cat

Mithrandir is 15 months old, and loves cuddling, often comes when called, and wrestles with Tristan at least once a day. He’s a happy boy. But, as seen above, he still has his feral instincts. More than most cats, he … Continue reading ?

Listening to our cats

I love doing my Kitty Konsultations, and I have been so impressed with the folks who are choosing this option to avail themselves of my expertise. They are dedicated Cat Appreciators who have done a lot to fix their cat … Continue reading ?

When our cat seems angry at us

In a human relationship, we would ask, “Are you mad at me?” What should we do when our cat seems touchy and upset with us? Is it something we did? Maybe. Maybe not. It will feel like a personal betrayal … Continue reading ?

Dear Pammy, The cat seems defiant

Cats usually have very good reasons for not cooperating. They don’t defy us on purpose. In truth, cats are both intelligent and not being defiant for the fun of it. Cats refuse to do something because they can’t understand why … Continue reading ?

What cats teach each other

The only one unhappy about our new bedframe with the storage drawers was Mithy. He loved hiding under the bed. But the other day, he demonstrated that he knew how to pull the comforter down so it hung to the … Continue reading ?

Cat imagination: the power

Cats have incredible powers of imagination. We can, and should, harness this power. I credit our cat’s intelligence with their ability to transition from one Pet State to another. For thousands of years, it was a vermin-catching partnership. Agricultural societies … Continue reading ?

Podcast #20: Hero Cat & Mythbusting

Because there’s no end to the myths that need to be busted, I’ve started a new take on my podcasts: exploring news of the day for cat myths and misconceptions. Here’s Episode #20. Play on your computer, or listen on … Continue readi...

Not obedience. Something better.

Do my cats come when I call them? Usually. Does this mean they aren’t trained? Yes. I don’t have my cats obedience trained, but this would require much more energy and effort, on both our parts, to accomplish. And there … Continue reading ?

Regarding cats as people

I realized the other day that I found success in understanding cats because of what some would characterize as a misconception. In the process of figuring them out, I defaulted to regarding cats as people. Small and furry people, rather … Continue reading ?

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