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Dear Pammy, The cat seems defiant

Cats usually have very good reasons for not cooperating. They don’t defy us on purpose. In truth, cats are both intelligent and not being defiant for the fun of it. Cats refuse to do something because they can’t understand why … Continue reading ?

What cats teach each other

The only one unhappy about our new bedframe with the storage drawers was Mithy. He loved hiding under the bed. But the other day, he demonstrated that he knew how to pull the comforter down so it hung to the … Continue reading ?

Cat imagination: the power

Cats have incredible powers of imagination. We can, and should, harness this power. I credit our cat’s intelligence with their ability to transition from one Pet State to another. For thousands of years, it was a vermin-catching partnership. Agricultural societies … Continue reading ?

Podcast #20: Hero Cat & Mythbusting

Because there’s no end to the myths that need to be busted, I’ve started a new take on my podcasts: exploring news of the day for cat myths and misconceptions. Here’s Episode #20. Play on your computer, or listen on … Continue readi...

Not obedience. Something better.

Do my cats come when I call them? Usually. Does this mean they aren’t trained? Yes. I don’t have my cats obedience trained, but this would require much more energy and effort, on both our parts, to accomplish. And there … Continue reading ?

Regarding cats as people

I realized the other day that I found success in understanding cats because of what some would characterize as a misconception. In the process of figuring them out, I defaulted to regarding cats as people. Small and furry people, rather … Continue reading ?

Dear Pammy, Teddy loves the couch now

A reader writes: I am so happy. Teddy has finally started sleeping on the couch. We brought him home about 2 years ago from the Arizona Humane Society, at the time his age was about 2.5 years old. He would … Continue reading ?

When we are our cat’s Special Person

I went away for a weekend and upset Tristan. It’s been over a month. Isn’t he “over it” yet? When I was late coming home recently, he told Mr WayofCats of his distress. He continues to seek out affection with … Continue reading ?

Dear Pammy, How do I be the Boss of Cat Town?

A commenter asks: I have two cats that are about 1 year old. They are from the same litter (male & female both altered). I have been noticing some aggression and rough play fighting that seems to be instigated by … Continue reading ...

Unbreeds: Tortoiseshell and Calicos

When I point out breed clues that link to different personality traits, I usually add a reminder that there is some leeway in how this trait will be expressed, especially in mixed breed cats. But this doesn’t happen with tortoiseshell … Continue reading ?

Hyper-Nutrition can’t hurt and will help

For as long as I’ve had cats, people have come in and exclaimed over their apparently-incredible size. Since my cats have usually come to me totally at random, it’s not that I’m picking large cats. I often get them at … Continue reading ?

Caring for the declawed cat

Of all the cats in all the world, my friend chose the cat she renamed Bob. He’d been at the shelter for a while, because he’d lost his ears to frostbite, his tail to an accident, and all his claws … Continue reading ?

Dear Pammy, Can I give my cat play dates?

A commenter asks: I have a one year old rescued bottle baby named Tucker. He hasn’t been around other cats for most of his life and although I and my family play with him and give him lots of love … Continue reading ?

Dear Pammy, My cat needs her own space

A reader writes: I have a 2-year old cat who is a cat who is friendly to all she meets, investigates new environments very fast, and finds her way in new places very easy. But she is not a lap … Continue reading ?

Mithrandir, so totally Beta

Our baby kitten, Mithrandir, is 15 months old now. Has he learned anything lately? Yes. He’s found his mischief. One of the not-very-common areas that are off-limits to our cats is the line of clothes cupboards beside Mr WayofCats’ side … Continue reading ?

Dear Pammy, We’ve had a dramatic turnaround

A recent comment from Charlie asked: Hi Pamela, and anyone else who might see this. What my wee boy Guts REALLY wants, is to roam in the kitchen. He’s not allowed in, due to the fact that its hard to … Continue reading ?

Kitty Keywords

Reverend Jim’s favorite word, the one that makes his whole head come to a point, is hungry? While Tristan’s requests are usually best answered with a sentence that has the word door in it. Olwyn loves to hear the word … Continue reading ?

Satisfying the cat

Reverend Jim is the most obviously and easily satisfied of our cats. Bedtime is when he is most likely to appear, waiting at the foot of the bed until his targeted human is settled in. Then he wraps himself around … Continue reading...

Proud to be a Cat Lady

Have we ever not told anyone how many cats we have? I understand. Yes, I am a Cat Lady, or, as I prefer, Cat Appreciator. I have four cats. It shouldn’t mean anything more, or less, than being a person … Continue reading ?

Why cats won’t meet and greet

Why won’t they do it? Why do so many cats not want to come out and greet our friends? There are cats who can be greeter cats in stores or homes. But the cat default is to observe from a … Continue reading ?

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