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Dear Pammy, Are females just fussier?

I hear it quite a bit: girl cats are fussy and bossy, boy cats are laidback and easygoing. Is it true? Sometimes. Their cat type, the breed cues, and the way they interact with us will all mean much more … Continue reading ?

When to get an adult cat

The beauty of “hiring” an adult cat is that they can get to work right away. They come with all the skills. This is what worries potential adult cat adopters. They don’t know who raised this cat. What if they … Continue reading ?

Cats and the Scenic Overlook

To understand how cats regard their spaces, we must consider how they use them. They like being up high. It’s not that they “look down” on us. It’s that they like looking down… on everything. Our cat’s need to be … Continue reading ...

James Bond baffles the veterinarians

The good news is, two vets and a laboratory couldn’t find anything wrong. The bad news is, two vets and a laboratory couldn’t find anything wrong. Both these vets exclaimed over the great physical shape James is in. While his … Continue reading ?

When to get a teen kitten

Of course, the best reason to get an older kitten, or any cat, is because we have fallen in love! But there are other, good, reasons to be open to choosing an adolescent cat. Here’s why adolescent cats are overlooked, … Continue reading ?

Tristan gets a new cat tree

My WayofCats admitted it was all his fault. So he figured out a solution. During the living room revamp, our large area rug got rolled up and placed in Tristan’s favorite “lookout spot” in the hallway. It was stood up … Continue reading ?

Creating an Easter Egg Hunt for cats

I’ve been feeling guilty because things got away from me the past several months and I didn’t get the cats their usual Holiday Rug. So I searched diligently among the offerings for the upcoming spring holiday because the little gadgets … Continue reading ?

Way of Cats Fundraiser – Spring 2014

I never anticipated such a good news/bad news scenario when I started the blog. The good news is that my returning visitors are coming back in ever-increasing percentages, I keep getting new readers worldwide, and now there are over six … Continue reading ?

When to get a kitten

In a multiple cat household, the occasional kitten has incredible utility. It can be the easiest way to add a new cat when it comes to territory issues, we get help raising the kitten from the other cats, and it … Continue reading ?

Cats who wake us up

My cats have different techniques when it comes to waking me up. Tristan makes cow noises by my side of the bed. RJ uses my body as a trampoline. James does the paw laid on a closed eye. Olwyn paw-pokes … Continue reading ?

To the best of their ability

Looking back, it was a tremendous advantage to come to cats with no real knowledge of their capabilities. It meant when I watched them do something, I simply recorded it as “something cats could do” and I didn’t get tripped … Continue reading ?

Reverend Jim, Management Cat

Just a few mornings ago, I had a great experience with Reverend Jim. I was rushing around getting ready for work when RJ parked himself at my feet, caught my eye, and spoke loudly. As always, I immediately began interacting … Continue reading ?

The cat who bites

Why is the cat who bites such a scary experience? Because cats can exert greater force than the ancient prehistoric super-shark, Carcharodon megalodon, that’s why! Cat biting can be a very confusing or problematic behavior. Or it can be something … Continue reading ?

Making a cat dangerous

A recent event has been the topic of much online conversation. A cat attacked a Portland family, trapping them in their bedroom and requiring them to be rescued by the police. As detailed in a local news source, which I … Continue reading ?

Cats love boxes

We were recently reminded of how much cats love boxes when we got a shipment of herbs for our herbal cat products. The cats enjoy the unpacking, but of course they loved the empty box even more. Because of the … Continue reading ?

When cats have Will to Power

In addition to my cat behavior skills, I have considerable dog training experience. Back when I had a ranch house, a big backyard, and pet-loving children who were willing to be coerced into caring when they forgot, we welcomed all … Continue reading ?

Science doesn’t understand cats… again

These researchers certainly need to know more about cats. Here’s the video in question: They have structured an experiment, varying only the being under test; a child, a dog, and a cat. They bring the test subject into a room … Continue reading ?

Cats who are close

The relationship between James Bond and Tristan is simply amazing. By that I mean it amazes me. Because these two are such opposites in so many ways. Tristan was always high energy. We had to get him a cat tree; … Continue reading ?

Yes, cats do think they own the place

It’s not unusual for my cats to take up almost as much room on the bed or couch as I do. When Tristan naps against my leg, he stretches from my waist to my feet. We have positioned a scratching … Continue reading ?

Cats and their sense of self

Do cats have a sense of self? Cats do behave in ways that indicate acknowledgement of themselves as separate beings. They show indicators of being aware of how things look from “outside” themselves. Look at the classic cat response to … Continue reading ?

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