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Sorry about that, blog emergency declared

We had one of those malware attacks, and while the security service blocked it and cleaned it up, it also broke some things on the blog. So I have to declare a funding emergency. As I have discussed before, the … Continue reading ?

Dear Pammy, They won’t blend anymore!

A commenter writes: My cat Callie went missing for a week. Before then my cats lived happily (being sisters) since then my other cat Tricks is so mean to Callie. Chasing her around and the rest, I’d kept them separate, … Continue reading ?

Latest news and Fall Fundraiser

Hello, all Cat Appreciators and fans of Way of Cats. Happy to announce that things are advancing on several fronts. Our Way of Cats Facebook page has over 18,000 likes! The blog has grown to the point where I can … Continue reading ...

Accepting feedback: the crucial move

All pets give feedback. Sometimes it is clear and focused, like when our dog pulls the leash off the hook and brings it to us by ramming their nose into our crotch. Other times it’s a puzzle, like when we … Continue reading ?

The challenge of harmony

The more we like cats, the more cats we want. Which is great. Provided everyone gets along. Litter box issues are usually the most distressing cat problem, but cat conflict can vie for that position, too. (Especially since cats who … Continue reading ?

The fear of cats

A persistent, irrational fear of cats is known as Ailurophobia. Of course, I regard all generalized fear of cats as irrational. There’s a few factors which lead to this stubborn problem. persistent myths Cat behavior is constantly misinterpreted as having … Continue reading ?

The cat training paradox

A recent news story about dog training got me thinking about cat training. Which is a highly contradictory phrase. We didn’t want to work with normal trainers, because, at least in Hungary, there are two different lines. The traditional way, … Continue reading ?

Puppet Master Theory of Cat Affection

I love you. Now obey me. It can seem that is what our cats are saying. Olwyn will get on my lap and purr and knead my stomach. Often, because she wants something. Answer the phone Once she returns to … Continue reading ?...

Communication breakdown

When we have trouble with our cats, communication is probably both cause and solution. We need to know what they want. They need to know what we want. The other night, Tristan was chasing Olwyn and making her growl. (She … Continue reading ?

International Cat Day: Six important facts, half wrong

Monday was International Cat Day, August 8th, and while I very much appreciate the sentiment, I wish it could be a bigger opportunity to explode some pernicious cat myths. The Telegraph has a self-described “pet agony uncle,” but I have … Continue reading ?

Cats are really superheroes

Cats have a lot in common with comic book superheroes. More than I had realized. amazing origin stories Even as tiny kittens, cats manage to overcome amazing odds and find friendship among the humans. Maybe they don’t come from Krypton … Continue reading ?

Tactics of the neglected cat

I have been sleeping a lot lately, which is healthful and healing, but it means Tristan is not getting his full measure of attention from me. Last night, I went to bed very early, and Tristan decided that this was … Continue reading ?

Dear Pammy, The cat seems to be the boss

A commenter shares something I won’t approve, for reasons I will make clear in the post: Anyway… I ended up here because my girlfriend has a cat that, while I find amusing and at times even entertaining, I do not … Continue reading ?

Cats who solve problems

How do cats solve problems? They work at them from the angle of their hard-wired instincts. It can lead to some misunderstandings. Because we do the same thing, and our human instincts are not the same as a cat’s instincts. … Continue reading ?

Understanding cats and fear

We are blessed, most of us, by living in an environment with a low incidence of what might be called sudden high risk of death. It exists, of course: highway driving, or certain occupations like high steel workers; but we … Continue reading ?

How we got them

How did we get our cat? It’s not only a great question, it’s a wonderful answer. It can be a lovely bonding moment for us to tell our cat the epic story of how our lives came together. This was … Continue reading ?...

Dear Pammy, Will he forget me?

A message on the Way of Cats Facebook page asks: My daughter is moving out of the house and taking the cat. Will he remember me if I can only see him every few weeks? Dear Readers, I know they … Continue reading ?...

Podcast #21: The Cat’s Toys

It’s the gift giving season. Of course, our cats should enjoy it, too. If our cats like a certain kind of toy, expanding on that interest is a good way to put some variety in their toybox. In my latest … Continue reading ?

Cat Tree Games

Or, as they are known around our house, Reindeer Games. When Tristan’s baby legs began to grow, he became a small deer. Since this occurred all through that year’s holiday season, the nickname stuck. As an adult, Tristan’s Reindeer Games … Continue reading ?

Wrapping presents, with cats

If we tend to have holiday presents around the house this time of year, we can be setting our cats up for misbehavior. Ribbons! Sparkly bows! Crackly wrapping paper unrolled on the floor! It’s hard to blame them for investigating … Continue reading ?

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