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Tristan teaches Mithrandir

The first day we brought Mithy home, I promised Tristan they would have a lot of fun together. While Tristan demanded that this start happening right away, there was an important pause while Mithy grew confidence and Tristan figured out … Continue reading ?

Where cats fit in the pet kingdom

Cats are a particular kind of pet. I don’t mean that they are particular about things (though they are.) I mean that they are pets who are very good at certain purposes, and not at all good for other needs … Continue reading ?

What kind of exercise do cats need?

“Cats and exercise” can be a misleading term when we think of it as a human does. What cats need are “activities.” Most people don’t give their dogs enough exercise, and they need it. When we realize dogs, in the … Continue reading ...

Giving the kitten a kitten

When I can choose a cat, (sometimes they arrive unannounced,) I always look for social skills because our new cat will be living with cat friends. And they all need to be cat friends. I also tell our youngest that … Continue reading...

When we hurt the cat’s feelings

We may be bigger than our cats, but we are never too big to apologize. Staying cognizant, and respectful, of our cat’s feelings is highly important to our relationship. I accidentally hurt my cats’ feelings more often than I’d like. … Continue reading ?

Are cats naturally self-centered?

I hear it all the time. Cats are selfish! They only care about themselves! Sadly, if these people had cat encounters, those cats did seem that way. Because the cats were not interested in them. Of course, people who do … Continue reading ?

Why do cats have a pouncing routine?

So what’s with the butt wiggle? It’s true. Cats get all jiggy with their behind right before they pounce. But why? It’s the same thing a dart player or golfer does “lining up” a shot. The big cats do a … Continue reading ?

Our taste in kitties

While I love all kinds of kitties, I’m also the first to urge anyone to choose wisely. If we can match the potential cat to our actual personality and circumstances, we have a much greater chance of everyone being happy. … Continue reading ?

Cat Affection Move: The Love Blanket

We love our cat so much! But when we show it, they run away! What are we doing wrong? We are probably coming on too strong. We must remember that cats have keen senses. We are trying to show affectionate … Continue reading ?

Mithrandir is a giant kitten

Our delightful Mithy (who comes to the call of Mithy, Mithy, Mithrandir!) is not quite six months old. I’ve known adult cats who are the size he is now. We have a giant kitten. Mind you, we’re fine with having … Continue reading ?

Training a cat the wrong way

It seems so intuitive. It seems so straightforward. What we might call “negative discipline” goes like this: when the cat does something we don’t like, we do something the cat doesn’t like. Then the cat will realize we don’t want … Continue reading ?

The lie of cat indifference

If there’s any cat myth which makes me roll my eyes back in my head like a slot machine, it’s when I’m told (and I get told this constantly) that cats are not capable of affection. Some people are so … Continue reading ?

How our cats tell us things

I was combing James Bond and he bit me. But I wasn’t upset, and he wasn’t upset. This was communication in action. Between me not feeling well and James not feeling well, we’d both neglected his grooming. So when I … Continue readin...

When we try a shortcut

I regard cats as low-maintenance pets. Once they have some non-negotiable needs met. Cats can’t take care of themselves if we don’t give them the tools they need. We can “train” all we want, but if we place our most … Continue readi...

Why cats love the known

We buy the cat a New Thing, and they would rather sit in the box it came in. Happens all the time. But why? Because most cats have the middle name of “Caution.” The box is reliably fun, and a … Continue reading ?

Mithrandir is a delightful person

Our kitten Mithy is five months old. Everybody is enjoying having him around. Even James Bond. Click on any thumbnail for full size. Mithy loves to hide, even though his favorite chair pad doesn’t cover nearly as much as it … Continue reading ?

Why science gets cats wrong

A reader sent me this interesting article which explains how myths about cats get started, and perpetuated. What Are Cats Thinking?: Inside the mind of the world’s most uncooperative research subject is the name of the article… and the essence … Continue reading ?

Dear Pammy, How can he achieve cat closeness?

A reader writes: We have 2 cats – 1 adult, 1 kitten about 10 weeks of age – both rescued. Husband has strange relationship with adult cat. When cat was younger (I found him when he was about 1 years … Continue reading ?

Mayhem storage

Our summers have short spells of warm weather, followed by longer stretches of cool. This perfectly illustrates a cat’s storage battery system. They charge up, with naps and stillness, then need to discharge it all at once with headlong play. … Continue reading ?

The Ambush

Does our new kitten attack our ankles? Does our cat attack our toes at night? Are we afraid to go around that particular corner or wear shoes with laces in the house? If so, we might be part of the … Continue reading ?

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