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Mithrandir reaches adolescence

How is our kitten boy, Mithrandir, now nine months old? He’s wonderful! He’s an even bigger giant mutant kitten. Tristan is starting to tell him “You don’t know your own strength!” with occasional raspy complaints. Since Mithrandir weighs almost 12 … Continue reading ?

Why Cats are Curious

Curiosity is the “art of what-if.” And cats are famous for it. Put those two things together, and I think it says a lot about a cat’s intelligence potential. Cats wonder about things. I love that about them. All cats … Continue reading ?

Cats and a Sense of Proportion

Despite the many traits we have in common, our cats will rank things in order of importance somewhat differently than we do. Windows are a classic example. We see windows in terms of what curtains or blinds we put over … Continue reading ?

Do cats expect to be adored?

It’s pretty simple. Cats want to be adored. Who doesn’t? It’s a misconception to assume a cat’s low maintenance reputation applies to their emotional needs. Cats want to be loved; truly, madly, deeply. The wonderful effects of adoring our cats … Continue reading ?

How we confuse cats

I was just teasing Mithy. He was resting on top of his favorite cat tree, now in the bedroom, and I walked over, very slowly, until I was quite close, and then I pointed at him and said his name … Continue reading ?

Choosing kittens for their cat qualities

When we encounter a young kitten, how much do we know about what they will be like as an adult cat? That depends on how much information we have about them, and how good we are at picking up the … Continue reading ?

Match the toy to the purpose

Toys are tools. They have more uses than we might realize. Draining energy This is a very important purpose for toys, of course. Letting out cats practice their hunting skills, and letting them discharge their energy, keeps them healthy and … Continue reading ?

How alike cats are still different

We have three cats who are all long-haired, Northern breed, Beta cats. I chose them for these very qualities because I needed kittens who would be mellow about fitting in with other cats, and not overly demanding in the energy … Continue reading ?

Cats who smell good to their human

Since he was a skin & bones neglected kitten, up to his becoming a magnificent almost-twenty-pound beast, and even now… Reverend Jim has always smelled of cinnamon. Some cats are like that. I have come to believe that, often, when … Continue reading ?

Podcast #15: Taming the feral

I’ve missed doing podcasts. Tristan has missed doing podcasts. I hope my listeners missed me doing podcasts. And we’re back! This photo is only one of many where Tristan politely asked me to record a podcast. He enjoys them so … Continue reading ?

The limits of our imagination

How much can our cat love us? I do believe it is only limited by how much we love our cat. This has implications far beyond we and our cat enjoying each other’s company. It has a lot to do … Continue reading ?

Behold, the power of Cat Civilization

Mr WayofCats is a sweet guy who welcomed my two cats when we moved in together. He bought them new toys, planted kitty grass, and let them sleep on the bed. He shared stories of his favorite cat from when … Continue reading ?

Their heart, their genes As I discussed in The genial vs feral continuum, Find out more with a visit to my page on How to Choose the Right Cat.

Holiday Rug 2014

For our cats, it’s not the holidays until they get their Holiday Rug. Within seconds of me announcing that the new rug has appeared, Tristan came racing into the room, outdistancing his fellow Rowdy Tabby Boys, to become King of … Continue reading ?

Getting Our Attention

Do we know when our cats are asking for attention? If we are not attuned to the ways cats, and especially our cats, ask for things, we will miss these important signals. Worse, we will blame the cat for “bothering” … Continue readin...

How attachment works

Because our cats are territorial, they get attached to their “spots” in the home. Because our cats have a social side, they get attached to each other. When cats have a familiar, portable, object, they get attached to that, too. … Continue reading ?

The path to cat compatibility

We can set the template for what our life with cats will be like with our very first choice. How many? It can seem daunting, even foolish, to dive in at the deep end by starting with two or three … Continue reading ?

Cat Communication Move: Twenty Questions

If there was a faster method, I would use it. But since cats speak body language, and we humans speak verbal language, there’s no other choice. We have to play Twenty Questions. When I ask my cat to Show Me … Continue reading ?

Cats training themselves

I see training as harnessing the power of our cat. The power of what they want. Attention and affection and appreciation, from us, is what they want. When they love us, that is. This is why gaining the friendship and … Continue reading ?

Cats who exclude

We have a lopsided cat arrangement at the moment. With the loss of James Bond, who was Olwyn’s closest cat friend, she now has a gap in her circle of friendship that she is having trouble filling. I predicted this … Continue reading...

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