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Dear Pammy, do cats have autism?

There was an very interesting blog comment, on my post, Social ability = cat compatibility: I’m taking a course about art and autism. This post in so many ways describes my school kids as well as my cats… copy and … Continue reading...

The art of redirection

There is a principle of cat physics that goes like this: Cat energy cannot be extinguished. It can only be redirected. A big part of cat “training” is mastering the art of redirection. Cat training is never going to be … Continue reading ?

Reading the cat’s face

I have always found cat faces fascinating. I think their expressions are as easy to read as a book. But this is not a common talent among those who are not already Cat Appreciators. What alchemy turns the basic cat … Continue readin...

How Cats Choose Spots

Sometimes it is easy to see the appeal of the place the cat chooses. Not always, though. We can’t think like a human. We must think like a cat. field of view Tristan loves to hang out in our hallway. … Continue reading ?

Dear Pammy, Cat cannot handle kitten

A reader asks: I have an 8 year old cat who I think is a Beta (the dog cat) and have just introduced a kitten who I really think is an Alpha cat(the monkey cat). The 8 year old has … Continue reading ?

Curing Mithrandir, the feral cat

I have been writing a lot about the scientific underpinnings of how cats and humans seem to have an instinctive connection. How can we explain feral cats, then? These are cats with two competing drives. Confronted with humans, held back … Continue reading ?

Science says: Cats like people

From the world of science comes a wonderful study, Social interaction, food, scent or toys? A formal assessment of domestic pet and shelter cat (Felis silvestris catus) preferences. Conclusion: social interaction with humans was the most-preferred stimulus category for the … Continue reading ?

Tristan’s favorite music

I used to think Tristan didn’t have favorite music. Then I discovered that we just hadn’t played it for him yet. Between us, Mr WayofCats and I have overlapping and eclectic tastes. We had the misfortune to spend formative decades … Continue reading ?

Multiple cats, in space and time

How many cats is too many cats? I get asked this all the time. The answer is, “That depends.” It depends on the cats; not so much their number, as how they blend together. It’s about what they need, and … Continue reading ?

Dear Pammy, THANK YOU

A reader writes: Hi there! I just wanted to give you a huge THANK YOU for your wonderful blog. A month ago, I adopted a semi-feral cat who was trapped with her mother and litter mates as a kitten. Her … Continue reading ?

Personal cat language

When I am home, Tristan is usually in the area. When a part of me is horizontal, Tristan is often on it. Any two beings who interact so closely together will develop their own personal communication system. As seen above, … Continue reading ?

Dear Pammy, Is it normal to be so bereft after losing my cat?

A reader writes: i’ve recently lost my pet cat and it’s causing me a great deal of sadness. … I’m not asking for help with my feelings, but I was just wondering whether it is normal to feel so attached … Continue reading ?

What littermates do for cats

Kittens act independent, early. This can make people think they are ready to be independent before they really are. The developmental period with their mother and littermates is an important area which is often skimped in rescue. Through ignorance or … Continue reading ?

Mithrandir, almost not quite feral

On a recent consultation, I reminded the human that their 2 1/2 year old Maine Coon was still a kitten. As our own Maine Coon mix, Mithrandir, approaches three years old, he provides a great window into the process. He’s … Continue reading ?

Cats who handle their own problems

Why do cats fight? Because they see the other cat as the source of their issue. Rightly, or not. Since a cat’s first impulse is varying degrees of independence, they will try to handle things themselves. However, these issues vary … Continue reading ?

Dear Pammy, Isn’t there more I can do?

Someone wrote in saying my post, Dear Pammy, Trouble with my purebred, did not go deep enough. I wish you would offer this caring person some more help with providing a happy future for the Russian Blue. After some thought, … Continue reading ?

Cat Kisses = Human Smile

One of the challenges of inter-culture communication is how a well-meaning outreach can look… wrong. And send the wrong message. With cats, people make wrong moves all the time; reaching for a shy cat and making them think they are … Continue reading ?

Dear Pammy, Trouble with my purebred

A commenter asks: My husband and I adopted a female, That we think is a Russian Blue, from a pet shop 2 years ago. She was there from a kitten on. When we got her, she was 1 year old. … Continue reading ?

Helping cats deal with medical

Modern medicine is a bitter blessing for our cats. On the one hand, medical professionals are a vital part of keeping our cat happy and healthy. On the considerable other hand, our cats hate everything about it. From the visit … Continue reading ?

Dear Pammy, My cat is a lap cat now!

A reader writes: Just a short note – and a big THANK YOU!!! I have been meaning to support your site for a while – and I saw that you are currently having a drive, but decided that purchasing the … Continue reading ?

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