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Dear Pammy, I have an indoor/outdoor dilemma

A reader writes: I recently moved to a neighborhood in the Irish countryside from the middle of a very busy large American city. My Maine Coon, Smoky, a talkative Beta… Ink, a Gamma … were never outside when I was … Continue reading...

Cats and clutter don’t go together

As any Cat Appreciator knows by now, our stuff is also our cat’s stuff. I lived with cats terraforming my house for years before I realized that is who they are, and this is what they do. Cats are driven … Continue reading ?

The Jealousy Issue

Jealousy is a highly misunderstood emotion. So many regard it as proof of love. But it’s actually a sign of deep insecurity. Jealousy is what happens when we think there isn’t enough love around for us to get our share. … Continue reading ?

New phase of Cat Civilization

Our Cat Civilization has been reconfiguring itself after the loss of James Bond and the arrival of Mithrandir, events that were mere months apart. I’ve been looking for every opportunity to help encourage the friendly overtures, and defuse potential trouble. … Continue reading ?

Cat imagination: the practicalities

Cat imagination is at work when we amuse them with toys. We might not realize how well we can use this tool for other avenues of communication. Of course the cat knows the puffball is not a rodent, and the … Continue reading ?

The Cat Interpretation

Our cats live in our world. And I think they do a wonderful job of adapting. Cats are a contradictory bundle of instinctual imperatives and adaptive improvising. We, too, were once creatures who adapted from a completely natural world to … Continue reading ?

Create multi-dimensional portals

A recent tweet came from a reader who is adding two new cats to their two existing cats: @WayofCats these hall ones [cat trees] have been essential for defusing tense confrontations, where everyone was on equal ground trying to pass … Continue reading ?

Give a cat a shortcut

It can look that way, I’ll admit. But cats do not plot and plan to upset or annoy us. That’s merely a side effect. I know how it can seem that cats demand attention at the least opportune times. But … Continue reading ?

When cat breeding gets extreme

A commenter asks: I have an extreme Persian. Kenzie is 5 months.She has trouble eating and drinking properly because of her flat face.She eats face down. I tryed all kinds of bowls and low plates.I don’t know what to do. … Continue reading ?

Cat Civilization: then and now

Every Cat Civilization is different. Over the course of time, adding and subtracting the cats who are its citizens changes its form and forces. And yet, some things do not change. When The Boys were James, RJ, and young Tristan, … Continue reading ?

Fooling our cats

Yes, we can play April Fool’s tricks on our cats. They will even enjoy it! If we do it right. The right kind of trick does not startle or frighten our cat. The kind they enjoy puzzles them. Even a … Continue reading ?

Unbreeds: The Stealth Siamese Cat

We have three long-haired, big-boned Beta cats, and one long-limbed, short-haired Alpha cat. That’s because we didn’t choose Tristan. He was a foster we fell in love with. I adore Alphas, but they are tricky in our small space with … Continue reading ?

Staying sharp about vaccinations

I formed my views on vaccinations from a combination of low cash, high volume, and mutual respect with my animal medical personnel. These views have turned out to be on the cutting edge even now. It’s not simple to figure … Continue reading ?

Why cats hate that thing we bought them

So we buy the cat a brand new scratching post, cat tree, bed, or cat condo. And they don’t like it. What does the cat want? To please them, we have to think the way the cat does. Then we … Continue reading ?

When their time is short

I recently emailed condolences to the writer of this comment: The day before yesterday we had to put our little Baxter baby down. We got him at a pet adoption center a little over 4 months ago. He was only … Continue reading ?

Building a strong kitten

A loving kitten is a happy kitten is a confident kitten is a secure kitten. People often get kittens because they want to build their cat “from scratch.” It is certainly a chance to build a relationship from an early … Continue reading ?

Podcast #18: Manage the Cat’s Stress

In my latest podcast, Manage the Cat’s Stress, I outline this most important cat caretaking skill. Cat routines which incorporate stress-reducing activities at regular intervals serve as an instinct-matching way to reduce our cat’s stress. Cats accumulate stress the way … Continue reading ?

Fixing Cat Conflicts: Matter and Antimatter

Some cat combinations are going to be a helplessly volatile mixture. Every Star Trek fan knows you can’t mix matter and antimatter. In the words of Lt. Cmdr. Montgomery ‘Scotty’ Scott: Aye, Mr. Spock, and I found out why. The … Continue reading ?

The emotional life of cats

The most destructive cat myth of all is that they do not care about us or our feelings. In fact, cats have a reactive and deeply felt system of emotions, combined with a subtle, nonverbal, system of communication. If human … Continue reading ?

Happy Birthday, Mithrandir!

We got him last May, and according to shelter calculations when he was a baby, his birthday is in early March. So our little Mithy is one year old! Of course, he left “little” in the dust months ago. As … Continue reading ?

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