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Dear Pammy, Why won’t this cat love me?

A commenter writes: My family and I adopted two 10 week old female sister kittens 4 days ago. I’ve bonded with one of the girls somewhat, but the other one wants nothing to do with me. I’m a homemaker and … Continue reading ?

When cuteness fades

I love kittens. It was loving kittens that got me into this. Now, I also love cats. Because I realized what I really love about kittens is their potential to be cats. No matter when we got our cat, they … Continue reading ?

Sign language for cats

I use a lot of gestures with my cats. If I had a deaf cat, I would do it even more. Because a cat’s first language is body language. My cats know that an index finger pointed at them means … Continue reading ?

Mithrandir develops his magic

At two years and eight months old, our “baby,” Mithrandir, has made incredible progress over the last few months. (I put baby in quotes because he still is, but he is also the largest of our cats.) It is still … Continue reading ?

Dear Pammy, Did Olwyn find new friends?

A commenter writes: It’s been just about two years since you posted this (sorry about the recent sad anniversary for James). I’m curious how successful this has been, and whether re-realignment has happened…and if so, what the new alignment looks … Continue reading ?

Fur babies

I often get accused of giving love to cats when it should be given to humans. This illustrates a common misconception about love. That it is a finite resource. Many of those hostile to humane animal concerns have a central … Continue reading ?

Threat assessment

Much of our cat’s finely tuned, highly cranked, nervous system is about being on the lookout for threats. Even if we humans don’t see any. I’ve had true scaredy cats who crept around the edges of the house, and bold … Continue readi...

Dear Pammy, How did Tristan turn out?

A commenter asks: It’s been a while. Can you tell us if the above suggestions worked long term with Tristan? How is he getting on? I have a 16 week male kitten and the better he gets in with our … Continue reading ?

The awesomeness of senior cats

I recently ran across the incredible story of Dexter. He left his family at the age of 22, but the really heart-tugging thing about it was that his family got him when he was already 20. Go experience the whole … Continue reading ?

I get another award

Thank you, Thoroughly Reviewed! I am very happy to be chosen. Many of my other awards are from websites which are not around any more, or I lost track through an upgrade, and so forth. Even if I only have … Continue reading ?

Dear Pammy, How can I help my little orphan?

A commenter writes: I have a kitten who was taken from her mother too soon. Her name is Khloe. She exhibits almost all of the behaviors you described (clingy behaviors, nursing on couch pillows, panics when left alone, etc). What … Continue reading ?

Grooming care for the senior cat

As I have gotten older, I notice that there’s simply more maintenance than there used to be. This goes for our cats, too. Our senior cats might have more trouble keeping up with their grooming than when they were younger. … Continue reading ?

Dear Pammy, How can I love more?

A commenter asks: my cat’s name is Treasure…Treasure has been with me since he was little, and was so playful and very interesting…there was another cat next door, who was very timid but they were friends. This other cat used … Continue reading ?

The ways cats ask

Do we know when our cat is asking for something? Do we know what they are asking for? Tristan and I have developed some intricate rituals that foster our mutual communication. When he comes back from playing Stairball or a … Continue reading ?

The diplomatic cat

They are both made (by encouragement) and born (with the right genetic temperament.) They can be seen as a form of Supervisor cat, but with a social twist. They are peacemakers; friends of everyone. They are diplomatic cats. Our highly … Continue reading ?

Cats who experiment

Ordell, the highly Alpha cat type we adopted and had to rehome, grew up to become quite the cat scientist. One of his favorites was to put a pig ear in his water dish… and watch what happened next. Alpha … Continue reading ?

Cat Affection Move: The Kitten Face

Even if we didn’t have them as a kitten, we can find their Kitten Face. One of the attractions of adopting a kitten is that we experience them at a tiny and cute stage. But I have discovered that we … Continue reading ?

The cat who sleeps with us

Some people don’t want it and struggle to stop it. Some people want it and can’t make it work. It’s the often complicated issue of letting our cat sleep on our bed at night. Now that the weather is getting … Continue reading ?

When cats realign

Every shift in a cat collection, from adding a new cat to losing an old one, creates an entirely new constellation. Even if we do not add or lose any members of our Cat Civilization, our cats can change their … Continue reading ?

Sorry about that, blog emergency declared

We had one of those malware attacks, and while the security service blocked it and cleaned it up, it also broke some things on the blog. So I have to declare a funding emergency. As I have discussed before, the … Continue reading ?

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