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Mithrandir gets a lion cut

Grooming Mithy has always been tricky. He’s big and strong and nervous, so no matter how gently we try to untangle his knots, we don’t make rapid progress. Still, we had reached a fairly good place recently, but all our … Continue reading ?

Success! RJ happy in new place

My diagnosis was correct. It was the dog smell. After several days of treatment with the enzyme cleaner discussed in the post, Cats expand to fit the space, we brought Reverend Jim back down to Shirehouse. This time, for the … Continue reading ?

Feminism and cats

Women and cats do seem to have a magnetic attraction to each other. Part of this folklore probably got started from cultural gender roles, and how this interacts with the cat’s nature. Women have strong instinctive and socialization drives to … Continue reading ?

Cats expand to fit the space

Reverend Jim still has not accepted our new space. As I explained to Mr WayofCats, it would be different if this new space was a continuation of the old one, as when we put an addition on an existing home. … Continue reading ?

Cats who love concepts

One of the most enjoyable things about our upcoming move has been Tristan’s reaction to it. Our Alpha boy is always in the center of any home activities. This new turn of events was a challenge for him, because it … Continue reading...

The cat who insists

Why are cats so stubborn? It’s simple. Their lives depend on it. In small ways, and large, cats follow their instincts, which are remarkably intact despite some 12,000 years of living with us. life and death They are so stubborn … Continue reading ?

Stress and the vulnerable cat

Since initiating our multi-apartment living space, we’ve had an increased incidence of cat disputes. Which we humans anticipated and have been handling, both proactively and in the moment. This is a Boss of Cat Town issue, where timely intervention and … Continue reading ?

Do cats visualize?

Visualization is the ability to form a mental image of something. This is especially valuable because we can use our imagination to manipulate this object. We can discover things just by thinking about them. Cats have this ability. It is … Continue reading ?

Is it hurt feelings?

When a cat misbehaves, I have learned to ask myself, “Is this hurt feelings?” Because a lot of the time, it is. cat conflict We have been seeing more and more of Olwyn in our new space. She will explore … Continue reading ?

Affection Move: Flirting

I flirt with my cats. Everyone should. A cat’s native language is body language. So the gently teasing postures of flirting is a great way to convery affection to our cat. be coy A quick glance galvanizes my cats. They … Continue reading ?

Healthy Treats – oxymoron?

A commenter asks: Do you know of any brands of kitty treats that are GOOD for our cats? They generally have lots of fillers and carb sources that I would like to avoid. Cosmo gets treats as part of our … Continue reading ?

Success! The crowd showed up

It took a week. Saturday morning we created separate bedroom cuddle sessions with Reverend Jim and Olwyn, after bringing them downstairs in a carrier. This has gone better each time we’ve done it, with lessening vocal complaints and more time … Continue reading ?

Acceptance Rate at 50%

After a week and a half, we reached the halfway point: two cats who move happily from the old place to the new place. This makes it seem that full acceptance will be a long process. Which would be correct. … Continue reading ?

Mithy and the Mat Knife

Mithy recently let me cut off a giant matted spot I have been working on for weeks. He gave me cat kisses and a happy, relaxed face all during this particular session, the longest yet. Because he now knows I’m … Continue reading ?

Where’s my spot?

Last weekend, Tristan happily explored our new space with us. Even though the space was empty. When Mr WayofCats brought down Olwyn, she crouched on the floor and made air raid siren noises. She was saying, “This space has no … Continue reading ?

Tristan makes himself at home

This past weekend we started “camping out” in the new apartment. The furniture moving (which will be done by other people) is next weekend. But this gradual process is a great way to introduce the cats to their new space. … Continue reading ?

Maxing out maturity

There are times when we never want our kitten to grow up. There are times when we think they never will. This can happen even when we didn’t adopt a kitten. Adult cats can vary widely about how much maturity … Continue reading ?

Tristan’s new territory

We are in a unique position to help our cats with an upcoming move. We are getting a new territory, but we are also keeping the old one. The path between is one the cats can travel themselves. We had … Continue reading ?

Cats with Ideas

Even very smart cats can use some help in this category. I have to help all of them understand some human concepts, because they live in a world they did not make. Helping them know how to think is part … Continue reading ?

Insulin and the Bond of Trust

An advice column gets asked: DEAR JOAN: Last week I took my beloved cat, Buster, to the vet. He kept him for 24 hours and charged $857 to diagnose diabetes and set me up with insulin and needles for a … Continue reading ?

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