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Fund Drive for the Fall Equinox

Hello, fellow Cat Appreciators! The site has picked up 20% more traffic since the last fund drive. It’s wonderful that so many people find my cat advice helpful. It thrills me. It really really does. So here I am, asking … Continue reading ?

Let’s talk about cat fountains

Before we got a pet fountain, we had giant coffeehouse mugs around the place that got washed every day and filled with water from the filtering pitcher. We decided a fountain was worth the cost, due to less time and … Continue readi...

Unbreeds: the panther

Black cats are beautiful and mysterious and devalued and have low adoption rates. Why? They are wonderful! Sadly, it’s also black dogs who have low adoption rates, a phenomanon called black dog syndrome. Is there a black cat syndrome? Science … Continue reading ?

Don’t give up the cat: a relationship guide

An article which draws a lot of comments is one of my posts about cats and relationships, How far does love go? It’s a burning question: when is it right for a potential life partner to ask us to give … Continue reading ?

Cat Affection Move: Fussing

I say it a lot: “fuss over the cat.” What do I mean? Whatever it takes. Whatever makes the cat happy, let’s do it. A lot. Happily. I convey great enthusiasm to my cats without raising my voice or moving … Continue reading ?

Dear Pammy, Is a cat circus abuse?

A reader writes, about an ad for a cat circus assistant: Is this abuse? I wonder how they feel about traveling for hours in cages, and then being made to perform. I honestly don’t know enough about the subject. It … Continue reading...

The giant sensory map

Cats use their highly developed senses to build a three dimensional map of their territory. They keep track of every possible change that occurs in it. So, even if they aren’t patrolling it, they are “patrolling” it. Every cat builds … Continue reading ?

Why to kitten, and why not to

It is imminently practical to adopt cats at all ages and stages. A lot of what we want in a cat is much easier to see in older versions. We can choose with far more confidence. Yet, I also have … Continue reading ?

The Power of Focused Attention

If I want to make my cats happy, I just give them all my attention. Neither of us can keep it up for very long. But when we focus intently on each other, there’s a transfer of energy which makes … Continue reading ?

Dear Pammy, My cat is still afraid

A commenter writes: Faith, my rescue cat has been with me for almost 8 months, she is very afraid of everything, I had a cat whisperer to the house and through her intuition I come to understand Faith was kicked … Continue reading ?

Reverend Jim and the Anniversary

Labor Day Weekend is always, for me, the Time We Got Reverend Jim. Eight years ago, Mr WayofCats decided we should try another kitten. Previously, I had chosen according to his instructions, but he didn’t know enough yet and I … Continue reading ?

Charges of Favoritism

It’s true. I adore Tristan and he adores me. This summer has been one incident after another in which Tristan is separated from his loved ones for short periods. He does not weather such times well. He is crushed by … Continue readi...

Tristan has an emotional crisis

Tristan is great friends with our downstairs neighbors. They went away for vacation and lent their apartment to another couple, letting me know what was going on. He has weathered their absence before. But this time, he saw the other … Continue reading ?

Underestimating the Cat

I should know better. But I can still do it. I can underestimate a cat. I forget my own rules occasionally, and then I get surprised. Whether it’s RJ taking over an area of responsibility like the Litter Robots (boy, … Continue reading ?

Mithrandir, the social social boy

Mithy loves everyone. Human or feline. Our Mithrandir is now 16 months old. If he were an Alpha cat, that would be halfway to physical maturity. But since he is a giant Beta, we are very far from that. Mr … Continue reading ?

Teaching cats coping skills

Yesterday was a rowdy Sunday morning. As happens so often, the complex center of this sweet, learning opportunity, treat… was Tristan. Tristan is almost five years old, but he’s an Alpha. That means he won’t grow up for a long … Continue reading ?

Are cats the most rational of all beings?

Are cats the most rational of all beings? There’s reason to think so. In an article called “Why Cats Are Smarter Than Any Other Animal on Earth,” they discuss a 1960’s psychological study. Of the 200 rats, 199 of them … Continue reading ?

The gears of their ears

Do we want to know what our cat is thinking? We watch their ears. There is considerable connection between the thoughts the cat has on the inside, and the behavior of their ears on the outside. Many people think of … Continue readin...

Dear Pammy, What is my Ru made of?

A recent comment asked: We recently rescued a 3 year old cat from a shelter – she has tall ears and is a small cat – also pretty darn quiet – I’d be interested in what you think she might … Continue reading ?

Don’t judge a cat by their cover

When we have trouble with our cats, are we sure we are seeing our cat clearly? When our cats have troubles of their own, it’s worth remembering that they are gifted, natural, actors. The cat persona they are presenting to … Continue reading ?

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