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Creating a Visual

When we successfully teach our cats human language, we “create a visual.” So when I say “hungry,” my cats visualize their food. If we make this a deliberate communications strategy, we advance our understanding and speed up our training. learn … Continue reading ?

Dear Pammy, Do all cats need routines?

A reader writes: I´ve noticed that my cat does the same thing every morning and every night. Every morning I wake up with her sleeping in my bed (she sometimes sleeps in her cat tree, but always ends up in … Continue reading ?

When cats are reminders

A blog commenter writes: I’m grateful that one of my three cats is a routine-enforcer like Olwyn – one of the steps in our morning routine is that I take my pills, so if I get distracted by the computer … Continue reading ?

The Generosity Generator

I ran across this interview with an actor I admire, Christoph Waltz. He expressed an important concept well (he is discussing working with Brad Pitt in Inglourious Basterds): And when we worked together, I learned something from Brad, something that … Continue reading ?

Can we spoil the cat by spoiling the cat?

There are times when I share a funny story about my cats, and someone takes offense at how I treat them. How well I treat them. I like to spoil the beings I love. Despite the scorn of Cat Skeptics, … Continue reading ?

Give them some

Even when I was a child myself, I was puzzled when someone would ignore someone else with, “They just want attention.” So? Attention is something they want. Give them some. The more our cats love us, the more our cats … Continue reading ?

Tired babies

Helping our kitten grow up healthy and happy means understanding the demands of the Kitten Energy Cycle. Kittens need to play hard and sleep hard. Here’s how to guide that process: supervised play The tiny kitten attention span means everything … Continue reading ?

What cats dream about

Dreams are a function of higher brain functions. Since cats have higher brain functions, they do dream. When scientists have offered a number of possible reasons for why humans dream, with no real consensus or evidence, it’s even harder to … Continue reading ?

The landslide of love

It can seem like magic: that moment a troubled cat accepts our love. Once that first gesture is made, things speed up. This cat reacted with such panic when she was adopted at eight months old she had to be … Continue reading ?

Presence and the camera-shy cat

Why do I take so many pictures of my cat Tristan when I have three other cats who are just as cute? He lets me. Tristan happily supplies what every cat photographer needs; proximity (he’s always around,) trust (Tristan initiates … Continue reading ?

Cats and the artificial environment

My cats live an indoor life. For their safety and their human’s peace of mind, they spend their days and nights in the entirely artificial environment of a human living space. As a result, my cats live very much in … Continue readin...

Cat Appreciators: Condemned to Doubt

My entire Cat Appreciating career, I have dealt with those who are utterly convinced I am delusional. There are lots and lots of them. The people who look at me with pity, as though I had declared my favorite goldfish … Continue reading ?

Cats and their compulsions

Cats can focus their attention on things to a great, and admirable, extent. This indicates an ability to concentrate. If this overwhelming interest creates problems for us or our cat, we need to manage this impulse in a more useful … Continue reading ?

Cats and hormones and behavior

When you spend a lot of time in rescue, large-scale altering becomes a pillar of belief. Every female cat who had a litter too young resulting in dead kittens or even dead mother cats. Every intact street survivor who has … Continue reading ?

Cats who play fair

Cats have a fine-tuned sense of fairness. Sometimes, this can lead to them being indignant and upset at how their actions are seen by others. If we are having a cat conflict, we should try to think about it from … Continue reading ?

The cat in the bed

According to a frequently cited study by American Pet Products Association, 62% of Cat Appreciators share their beds with their cats. I wonder how the 38% are managing without such enjoyment. That percentage is as high as dog people with … Continue reading ?

Cat Appreciators: more creative?

I was intrigued by this new industry survey: Mars Petcare, a global manufacturer of pet-related products and a provider of animal care services, just released the results of a survey of 1,000 cat owners and 1,000 dog owners focusing on … Continue reading ?

How to read a cat’s face

Why do many people not understand what cats are saying with their facial expressions? I believe it is because cats don’t have eyebrows. Eyebrows help dog faces convey expressions. But cats do not have this advantage, nor do their mouths … Continue reading ?

Dear Pammy, How do I choose a third cat?

A reader writes: [We] have two cats – a female alpha and a female beta (both spayed). They tolerate each other, but aren’t friends. We are thinking of getting a third cat. Based on what we’ve found, we think an … Continue reading ?

Value judgements

I don’t know which I enjoy most; the ways cats are like me, or the ways they are not. We can have a similar love of comfort, while expressing different ways of achieving it. It can give us an interesting, … Continue reading ?

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