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Unbreeds: The Stealth Siamese Cat

We have three long-haired, big-boned Beta cats, and one long-limbed, short-haired Alpha cat. That’s because we didn’t choose Tristan. He was a foster we fell in love with. I adore Alphas, but they are tricky in our small space with … Continue reading ?

Staying sharp about vaccinations

I formed my views on vaccinations from a combination of low cash, high volume, and mutual respect with my animal medical personnel. These views have turned out to be on the cutting edge even now. It’s not simple to figure … Continue reading ?

Why cats hate that thing we bought them

So we buy the cat a brand new scratching post, cat tree, bed, or cat condo. And they don’t like it. What does the cat want? To please them, we have to think the way the cat does. Then we … Continue reading ?

When their time is short

I recently emailed condolences to the writer of this comment: The day before yesterday we had to put our little Baxter baby down. We got him at a pet adoption center a little over 4 months ago. He was only … Continue reading ?

Building a strong kitten

A loving kitten is a happy kitten is a confident kitten is a secure kitten. People often get kittens because they want to build their cat “from scratch.” It is certainly a chance to build a relationship from an early … Continue reading ?

Podcast #18: Manage the Cat’s Stress

In my latest podcast, Manage the Cat’s Stress, I outline this most important cat caretaking skill. Cat routines which incorporate stress-reducing activities at regular intervals serve as an instinct-matching way to reduce our cat’s stress. Cats accumulate stress the way … Continue reading ?

Fixing Cat Conflicts: Matter and Antimatter

Some cat combinations are going to be a helplessly volatile mixture. Every Star Trek fan knows you can’t mix matter and antimatter. In the words of Lt. Cmdr. Montgomery ‘Scotty’ Scott: Aye, Mr. Spock, and I found out why. The … Continue reading ?

The emotional life of cats

The most destructive cat myth of all is that they do not care about us or our feelings. In fact, cats have a reactive and deeply felt system of emotions, combined with a subtle, nonverbal, system of communication. If human … Continue reading ?

Happy Birthday, Mithrandir!

We got him last May, and according to shelter calculations when he was a baby, his birthday is in early March. So our little Mithy is one year old! Of course, he left “little” in the dust months ago. As … Continue reading ?

The cat who stays past dinner

A recent comment opened a dialogue about the possibilities of merging a traumatized stray with her current indoor cat. Is it possible for two such disparate cat situations to result in friendship? Of course. We do need to consider these … Continue reading ?

The best laid plans

Cats love to plan. Some, like my late James Bond, enjoyed the planning so much he rarely got around to the execution. Others, like our Miss Bossy Pants, Olwyn, figures everyone else likes to plan as much as she does. … Continue reading ?

Music and cats — I told you so!

I feel, once again, vindicated by science. Music that incorporates everything from purrs to meow-like sounds is gaining feline fans, according to a new study that suggests cats enjoy tunes that are crafted for them. Moggy music ‘purrfect’ for cat … Continue reading ?

Dear Pammy, Should I clip my cat’s claws?

A reader writes: I have a quick question. In one of your posts you mentioned a kitty named Update who got really upset about having his claws clipped. How did you maintain his claws then? From what I’ve experienced, at … Continue reading ?

How to hug a cat

We love hugging our cats! But, do they like the way we do it? Most cats will enjoy hugs, if we do it in a way they find enjoyable. Here are some of the Hug Types we should be aware … Continue reading ?

Cat imagination: the realization

In the beginning, there isn’t much thought. Kittens automatically chase things that move, just as babies automatically put things in their mouths. It’s how they experience the world. Assembling concepts will come later. In both humans and cats, adolescence triggers … Continue reading ?

When cats explain themselves

What is the cat thinking? What do they want? Why won’t they stop doing that? Why won’t they do that thing I want them to do? The answers to all of these questions are contained in our cat. The answer … Continue reading ?

Please get me over the top?

I’m sorry if I’ve neglected anyone. I’ve been wrestling with health issues including the nefarious flu this year which is hard to kick… and then I got walking pneumonia. I request your patience as I work to catch up. And … Continue reading ?

The difference between dogs and cats

In the great dog/cat debate, I can be neutral. Because I love them both, and I’ve had them both. It really shouldn’t be a debate at all. Cats and dogs are different kinds of pets, for different purposes. We can … Continue reading ?

Podcast #17: Speaking in Cat

My latest podcast is all about talking to our cats. Podcast #17: Speaking in Cat explains a lot of what I call Catspeak. The more we communicate with our cats, the more we convey our mutual regard and cooperation. Since … Continue reading ?

Purring: it’s complicated

A reader writes: My kitten, G–, is 16 weeks old. She’s very snuggly, and tolerates being held just fine. She’ll even perch on a shoulder every now and again. My problem is this; she only purrs when she’s interacting with … Continue reading ?

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