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As much as they can stand

How much can our cat take when it comes to sensory input? How big can we make their world? That seems to depend on the intersection of their Cat Type and their stress level. We not only need to know … Continue reading ?

Cats who groom us

Mr WayofCats has a bedtime ritual with Olwyn. She climbs onto his chest and grooms his eyebrows. He does some wincing but also recognizes this is a high honor. When she does it to me, I also wince. That’s one … Continue reading ?

He makes me laugh every day

I sent the below picture to a friend of mine, along with the oft-shared “capsule description” of Tristan I use when explaining my cats to people who do not know them that well. Tristan is my clown cat. However much … Continue readin...

The business of being a cat

Being a cat is serious business. We humans can fall into the trap of thinking our cats lead a life of indolent leisure. I mean, sure, they do: that’s the point of their being our pets. Their gratitude for the … Continue reading ?

Keeping our cat social

Perhaps the most important thing we can share with our cats is socialization. By which I mean we both need to be properly socialized. Love is something which requires another creature; both to give and to get. Reciprocation is how … Continue reading ?

Love levers

It is possibly my least favorite question. “How do I make my cat love me?” Because thinking of it that way displays a fundamental misunderstanding of love. Love is not about force. Love is not even about persuasion. Love works … Continue reading ?

How our cat contains multitudes

In Walt Whitman’s famous poem, “Song of Myself,” there are these lines: Do I contradict myself? Very well then I contradict myself, (I am large, I contain multitudes.) Of course, the only thing being contradicted is the too-small perception of … Continue reading ?

Dear Pammy, I have a cat Odd Couple

A reader comments: I have 2 spayed/neutered cats–an 8-month-old alpha male and a 9-month-old gamma female. I also have 2 children, one in middle school and the other in 2nd grade. My kids LOVE the cats, but my youngest child … Continue reading ?

Cats who notice the little difference

Gamma cat types tend to be super-noticers. My cat Smokepuff had trouble in the winter, when Mr WayofCats and I would enter our home with hats on. He wouldn’t know who we were until we took them off. That extra … Continue reading ?

It’s Global Cat Day!

I love the Global Cat Day slogan: Kindness for All Catkind To celebrate Global Cat Day, I’ve put together some of my favorite “sticking up for cats” posts. Feminism and cats What cats and women have in common: Both have … Continue reading ?

Cat Affection Move: Scritches

The joy of scritches. Tristan likes them under the chin, Olwyn likes under her jaw up to the bottom of her ears, and RJ likes the top of the head. Our recovering feral, Mithy, finds scritches delightful. They are a … Continue readin...

Cats and Food and Fat and Love

Fat cats are a serious problem. It’s not the cat’s fault. It’s not even the human’s fault; when those humans have been given the wrong information. It’s become a reflexive response: fat happens when a being eats too much. But … Continue reading ?

The kitten who started it all

I have heard it rumored that Blogspot is going away in the next couple of years. That is where I started this blog, in early October, 2007. I have decided to grab any pertinent posts from there and preserve them … Continue reading ?

Dear Pammy, Cat only affectionate when alone

This blog comment is a situation I get asked about quite often: … Willi always did retire as soon as Leo came around and too close but stayed on the same couch or in the bed. They lived together with … Continue reading ?

Cats and rhetorical questions

Why do we state the obvious to our cats? I know I am always doing it. I come home and exclaim, “It’s Tristan!” when I see him approaching. While it is an odd way to interact between two adults, this … Continue reading ?

State of Fear

While Mithrandir, our three-year-old recovering feral, was the second cat to confidently explore the new space, this fearlessness still has some limits when it comes to humans. As seen below, as Mithrandir watches the Cagney classic White Heat with us, … Continue reading ?

The Cat Circuit

When it was two humans and four cats on a full-sized bed, we were all crowded together. After years of our bedroom size not allowing for a larger bed, we were able to upgrade to a queen size. And we … Continue reading ?

Cat Appreciation System

I was recently contacted by a site who is compiling a list of Best Cat Sites and invited me to be considered. They asked that I describe my site in a unique way; they don’t want a duplicate kind of … Continue reading ?

Kitty see, kitty try to do

One of the things that captivates me about cats is how they like to use their paws as hands, or otherwise try to do the same things I do. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Of course cats work … Continue reading ?

Cats who need middle names

Some of my cats have middle names. Like Tristan Cutthatout Pickledish. If we have an Alpha Cat Type, we might as well give them a middle name from the beginning of our relationship. But any cat can benefit from something … Continue reading ?

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