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A little cool still

Our weather while warming up some and giving us some melting, is still cool enough to leave on our winter covers. Not much has changed on our hive routine at the moment. Pollen patties on, check food stores for proper food supplies. Feed syrup if necessary. Show More Summary

Nuc's for sale

My buddy Brian has some nuc's for sale. Nuc's usually arrive in early May.A nuc comes with four frames of bees with a laying queen.It is about the same strength as a package of bees is, in early May. You take the four frames of bees and brood and put them in 10 frame equipment to start a hive.Call 763-421-6644, leave a message and he will get back to you.

Package bee delivery date update

Looks Like the delivery date is a little different than previously stated.First delivery, all 2 lb packages - April 7th - 8thSecond delivery, all 3 lb packages - April 14th - 15thWe will now be open on Wednesday noon - 6pm

Spring Mite Strategy

As colonies start their spring build up, once again mites are on the minds on most beekeepers. As colonies get more populated with the increased brood production, there is also increased mite production. Colonies should be treated for mites before divides are done in the month of May. Show More Summary

3 lb packages update

We picked up the mail today and there were over one hundred packages ordered.If anyone wants a three lb. packages, you should call us directly. By the time the mail comes in another day or two we will be out of bees.

Tentative package bee delivery dates

Bee Delivery Truck These are the tentative bee delivery dates. The dates may change due to weather. But at this time these are the dates we are planning on.2 lb packages first delivery, April 5th3 lb packages second delivery, April 12thWe will be publishing a pick up schedule when we are near the delivery date. Show More Summary

Package Bee Update

We are sold out of 2 lb packages.We are still taking orders for 3 lb packages.

It is pollen (yes) and feeding (maybe) time

It is almost time to put on pollen patties. Anytime starting this weekend should be OK. Always put the patty where the bees are. The bees need to be touching it. They will not travel much of a distance to get it. A strong overwintered colony should get a full patty and may eat it all in ten days. Show More Summary

2018 University of Minnesota Bee Class

The University of Minnesota Bee Class 2018. Welcome to the newest beekeepers in Minnesota. 240 students.

Univ of MN added a second bee class

The University of Minnesota has added a second year 1 bee class.It is on March 31st. Here is the link:

Wednesday colony check?

Looks like 40's on Wednesday. Good time to check colonies. When it is above 25 degrees and not windy, it is not a problem to open a colony for a quick check.What to look for: whenever you open a colony in the winter, having a plan on what to look for before the top is pulled off. Show More Summary

Hive Location

I was driving up near Finlayson this morning. I noticed a temperature contrast that was worth noting. Driving on I-35 the temperature was about 1 below in Forest Lake. As I continued driving north the temperature was cooling off. By the time I got to the Finlayson exit, the temperature was 6 below. Show More Summary

What is happening in the hive right now.

The winter is moving forward, now it is early February and beekeeping spring is about 30 days away. Beekeeping spring is when we can feed pollen patties and syrup (if needed) to our overwintered colonies. Right now the bee cluster should be up in the top brood box. Show More Summary

Saskatraz Queens

I talked to my bee supplier today Ray Olivarez. He was talking Saskatraz queens.He says he has Saskatraz queens in about half of his operation of 16,000 colonies. He has been really pleased with how the queens have worked.Saskatraz queens when they were being developed, part of the criteria was being sustainable. Show More Summary

Sign of Spring

After the big dump of snow and the bone chilling cold of a short time ago. Beekeepers are looking forward to be able to dig in their hives. While beekeepers need to be patient for the short term. Spring is coming. I was out shoveling today. Show More Summary

The heavy snow

If you experienced a big snow dump at your place like I did. About 9 inches at 6 pm with more coming. If the hives get buried with snow, it is usually not a problem. The snow will add some insulation to the hives. It doesn't look like big cold after this storm as would be normal after a January snow storm. Show More Summary

Possible new mite treatment?

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