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How is Honey Made by the Bee? Spoiler Alert: It isn't Vomit...

At the Carter Center on Saturday at the Butterfly Trail Discovery Day, I had to field questions over and over about how the bees produce honey. People wanted to know if the bee vomited the nectar from a stomach.I had to explain thatShow More Summary

Mrs. Rosalynn Carter Becomes a Beekeeper and I was THERE!

Today at the Carter Center in Atlanta, Rosalyn Carter had an event to encourage the perpetuation of monarch butterflies and other pollinators. Holly Bayendor, the president of the Metro Atlanta Beekeepers, asked me and my friend andShow More Summary

Bees in Bedford

I'm at a professional conference in Bedford, Pennsylvania at the Omni Bedford Springs resort. As I drove in I saw this old style building with bright blue beehives behind it. Later that day I stopped, pulled my car off of the road and walked over to take their photo. Show More Summary

Crossword puzzle about Hive Inspections

Just for fun, I did a crossword on hive inspections that I plan to put in the GBA Newsletter, but I thought I'd put it here as well for your fun and games: If you'd like to work it online, here's the link. /! Base CSS for pdf2htmlEX...Show More Summary

The Beekeeper's Car and the Parking Attendant

A friend of mine and I eat lunch every other Wednesday. Today we met at a restaurant where you have to valet park. We had a delicious lunch and at the end of lunch, we walked down to the valet stand and each handed the attendant our claim tickets. Show More Summary

Bee-Surprise at Home in the Process of Managing Swarms

The invited swarm at Tom's house that moved in in response to my swarm lure appeared to be queenless when I opened the hive a couple of weeks ago. As you'll remember from my last post, my plan was to take them a frame of brood and eggs...Show More Summary

Swarm Follow-up

I've gotten four swarms this year. The first was up high in a tree in Buckhead. The second was in an I-Beam down south of Atlanta past the airport in Forest Park. The third was in a holly bush in Buckhead. I also got a fourth swarm which...Show More Summary

Where do Bees and Babies Come From?

Today I spent my morning giving a presentation on bees and beekeeping to the second-grade classes at Chestnut Elementary School in Dunwoody, Georgia. The kids were adorable and listened with open mouths when I told them all about the bees and the beehive. Show More Summary

Safety First in Beekeeping or Where has my Girl Scout Training Gone?

When I was a Girl Scout and later as an adult, when I was a Girl Scout leader, we always emphasized fire safety. Building a fire meant clearing an area of combustible material and taking every precaution to make sure fires could notShow More Summary

AZ Hives in Gilmer County

I was invited to speak to the Beekeepers of Gilmer County on the topic: Fun and Facts about Wax. I love giving that talk because many beekeepers know very little about wax. The talk covers the history of beeswax, its many uses, and how...Show More Summary

A Swarm by Invitation

When spring arrived, I had one hive alive at my friend Tom's house. The other, which had lived through the previous winter, had died. I had a lot of hope in those bees, had thought they were survivors and would outlast the attacks of...Show More Summary

Second Atlanta swarm on I-Beam in Forest Park

My second swarm call of the year came just a couple of days after the first one. I was told the bees were on rebar at a construction company. When I arrived I found the bees tucked into the squared corners of an I-Beam! So I did the swarm catching prep while I decided how to get these bees that I couldn't shake and didn't want to make angry. Show More Summary

A Thorny Atlanta Swarm

And so for my third act, I went into Buckhead to get a swarm out of a holly bush. It was about the size of a basketball and on the side of a very slanted backyard. It was a little hard to get to, but the homeowner said it was fine to clip back the holly. Show More Summary

Atlanta Bee Swarm - My First of the Season

I got a call to go to a house near Chastain Park to collect a swarm. The man who owned the house is a beekeeper and these were his bees. He understood that if we came to help him, he would be giving the bees away. I assured him that I would install them in the community garden near my house.Bee swarms are always their own unique challenge. Show More Summary

Painting boxes Efficiently

OK, I know we all say that in the winter is a great time to paint boxes and read bee books. Somehow I always manage to get all the way to spring without accomplishing this.So it's time to move my overwintered nucs into boxes and to make splits and to move some bees around. Show More Summary

Heat from Inside Can/not Predict Live Bees in Winter

At GBA this past weekend, Jim Tew suggested that if you wanted to have a good time in the winter, go buy yourself a cheap stethoscope and have yourself a party listening to the sides of your beehives. It probably isn't much of a party if you don't hear anything, but if you do, that could be fun.We had snow on January 23. Show More Summary

A Sad Time for Beekeepers: Walt Wright has Died

Walt Wright died on February 6 in Tennessee. A former NASA engineer and a GE employee in the security side of things, he brought his analytical mind to beekeeping and taught all of us about checkerboarding.Walt took up beekeeping in his retirement in his fifties. Show More Summary

Georgia Beekeepers Association State conference on February 13

The GBA Spring Conference is February 13 in Milledgeville, GA at Central Georgia Technical College. Registration for GBA members is $40 for early registration. Tomorrow the registration fee goes up to $65 a person. Register today if you want to go!Julia and I have been planning the meeting. Show More Summary

It's the Coldest Night of the Year and I'm Thinking of Bee Season

A while back I wrote an essay for a workshop on being changed through experience. It's cold and I hope my bees are clustering and happily awaiting spring. Meanwhile I thought I'd put this essay on my blog:~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Bee Changed I open the hive to the steady hum of bees at work. Show More Summary

Happy Bee Year 2016 - It's Finally Cold

In Atlanta, it is finally cold and the bees are clustering (and hopefully alive). They have had countless days to fly. As is typical of January in the south, there are some blooming plants so the bees can find pollen and some nectar from outliers like Fatsia Japonica: As I walked the dog, I saw camellia in bloom and the bees are often on it. Show More Summary

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