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Only two days left to sign up for GBA Conference to hear Michael Bush, Dean Stiglitz, and Dewey Caron

On September 12, the rate for the GBA conference in Milledgeville on September 18 and 19 goes up to $75 a person. Sign up TODAY to get the discounted rate of $60. The conference has a great program, great speakers, a honey show, an auction of bee-related products, and much more. Show More Summary

At long last here is the program for the GBA Fall Conference on September 18-19

We welcome GBA members and nonmembers alike! To register, click here.Julia and I are part of the meeting committee and have really worked hard to plan a good meeting. We are proud to have Michael Bush, Dewey Caron and Dean Stiglitz and Laurie Herboldsheimer as nationally known speakers as well as a host of other good speakers and breakout presenters. Show More Summary

Mr. Holmes: A Poem on Film

This afternoon I went to see Mr. Holmes, a beautiful poem of a film that is acted well and just lovely. I appreciate Ian McKellen as both an actor and a beekeeper. The scenes of the beekeeping are well done. The bees look great and Mr. Show More Summary

Upcoming GBA Fall Conference - Michael Bush, Dewey Caron, Dean Stiglitz and Laurie Herboldsheimer

Julia and I have been working really hard on the meeting committee to plan to the GBA fall conference on September 18 and 19 in Milledgeville, Georgia. We are thrilled with our speaker line-up. Michael Bush is coming as well as Dewey Caron and even Dean Stiglitz and Laurie Herboldsheimer, authors of the Complete Idiot's Guide to Beekeeping. Show More Summary

New Take on the Solar Wax Melter - Trying Something Different

I've got a lot of wax to melt and have been feeling a little frustrated with the solar wax melter method I am currently using. I hate wasting all of those paper towels and you can only do a little at a time with the Tupperware, the paper...Show More Summary

Growing a Greener World

Last year I spent a good bit of time driving up and back to Milton, Georgia, home of Joe Lamp'l, the producer and star of Growing a Greener World. The irony is that Joe's wonderful show is seen on PBS in almost all the states exceptShow More Summary

Rabun County Bee Status Report

Since I am up here for the Fourth of July holiday, I went over to check on the bees at Robin's house. The sourwood is blooming up here. It started early this year and is about in the middle of its bloom. I fully expected the bees to be bringing in tons of nectar.We are not planning to harvest from this hive this year. Show More Summary

Mark Winston's Manifesto

I was lucky enough to hear Mark Winston in the spring of 2014. He is the author of the Biology of the Honey Bee that I and many others studied for Master Beekeeper. He writes essays on his blog and his essay today just blew my mind.Please go and read every single word of it.I hope to have the opportunity to hear him in person again soon. He has some good YouTube videos:

Now THIS is a Beard

This hive started from a package that I got from Jarrett Apiaries at the beginning of bee season.I got home in the 90 degree June (??? - feels like August) Atlanta evening and found this hive looking like: And when I went around to the...Show More Summary

Deep Dilemma

My hive in Rabun county died. Robin Line with whom I play Words with Friends wrote me a note on our ongoing game to tell me that there had been a pesticide kill and all the bees were dead. He told me he had removed a large pile of bees from in front of the hive and that there had been no activity. Show More Summary

Video of a Queen Moving Around the Hive

This talented photographer/beekeeper, Anand Varma, has made this video of the queen moving around the hive. He attached a fluorescent marker to the queen's back and shot this in black light in the hive. On my computer, at first it looked like the video wasn't actually posted, so be patient if it takes a moment or two to load. Show More Summary

WABE and Me - a Conversation about Allergies and Honey

Our local public radio station, WABE 90.1 FM, sent reporter, Michelle Wirth, over to my house to interview me and to look at and listen to my backyard hives. She spent a good part of last Thursday afternoon over with my hives and me.As the day went on, she got more and more comfortable with my bees. Show More Summary

TED Talks on Bees

Here are all I could find:Anand Varma Marla Spivak: Noah Wilson-Rich Dennis VanEnglesdorp John Miller Dino Martins Bees and Hexagons

Queen Problems in the hive

I checked on my doubly caught swarm today. They apparently had a poorly mated queen who was laying spotty brood and lots of drones. So a month ago I gave them the resources to make a new queen.Today I checked to see if they had made a queen and gotten rid of the bad one.No is the answer to that question. Show More Summary

Tom Webster, Heat and Nosema

I heard Tom Webster speak on Wednesday night at the local bee club meeting. Dr. Webster is at Kentucky State University and focuses his research on nosema. He had slides to show how nosema lives as a parasite in the bee's gut. The spore of nosema sends out a tube which finds purchase in the wall of the bee gut lining and embeds itself. Show More Summary

The Slatted Rack and the Empty Bottom Box in Early Spring

Every spring in most of my colonies, the bees have moved up in the hive and when I open the hive for the first time, there is nothing going on in the bottom box. I keep a slatted rack on all of my colonies and this serves at least two purposes. Show More Summary

Genetic Consciousness at Work

Today I checked the hives at Stonehurst Place (doing fabulously well) and my backyard hives. The Stonehurst hives each needed a new box - we've had great weather throughout May after the wettest April in years and years.The bees areShow More Summary

Protecting the Community Garden Beehives

For several years now I have had hives at the Morningside Community Garden, within walking distance from my house. On three occasions, I have visited the hives to find something awry. Once the entire top was off of the hive - inner cover...Show More Summary

Swarm Hive Intervention

In Atlanta this year we have had a record-setting 53 days of rain. It rained on April 8 and 9. Then Atlanta tied a 1980 record with rain for eight straight days from April 12 - 19. Now in the beekeeper's mind, this has lots of consequences. Show More Summary

Three Good Uses for the Queen Excluder

In a tree there is no queen excluder. Bees in the wild build where they want to and the queen is free to wander in the comb and lay where it suits her. However, humans are always wanting to bend nature to meet their convenience. The queen excluder is no exception.It was developed for the convenience of the beekeeper. Show More Summary

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