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What does 2 + 2 add up to in these two hives?

I have two dead hives in my backyard that needed my evaluation. I went through the first hive - the Northlake Swarm hive - which died in the second hard freeze week we had in February. Temperatures were in the 20s most of the week. In...Show More Summary

Short Postscript and Predictable End

Well, I said the box felt light.This morning it was raining in Atlanta and I could see about six bees at the entrance to the cardboard nuc. When the rain slowed down I went to my yard and lifted the top of the box. No bees....The six...Show More Summary

Impossible Swarm Day Two

I left the swarm all night with my swarm box with a ventilated hive cover on the top. The cover was open 1/2 inch so that if the bees wanted to come into the box, they could. I arrived at 7:30 before sunrise, although it was getting light, this morning. Show More Summary

Impossible Swarm

Tonight I got a swarm call. Swarm season has begun.I was thrilled because my hive at the Morningside Community Garden has died and I want to have a hive at that community garden. The beehive makes for a good ambassador for beekeeping...Show More Summary

New Grandba-bee Arrived on Thursday

The newest grandbaby in my life arrived on Thursday. His name is Parker James and my daughter and son-in-law will call him Parker. He was a big bee weighing in at 7 pounds, 13 ounces! Parker with Grandma My daughter Parker and his big brother Max. Show More Summary

Moving Day for Polar Bees

This past Sunday was moving day for the Polar Bees in the overwintered nuc. I was hesitant to get into swarm season with this highly enthusiastic hive in a nuc. I was cautious about moving them because last year every time I fooled with this hive, I got stung several times, but I accomplished the move with no gloves and no stings. Show More Summary

Flying Bees HOORAY

We've had a bad end to winter - I hate to say that when Boston is ten feet deep in snow - but in Atlanta we had below freezing temps for the last week of February and that is bad for the bees. I was sure my bees had failed to make it through that last week, so I crossed my fingers. Show More Summary

I Think I have a Dead Hive Post the Freezing Weather

I have had three thriving hives in my bee yard at home and every time we go up to 50 degrees, I have looked out of my window with relief to see the bees flying. We've just had a week of temperatures in the 20s or below and today it is raining and in the 50s. Show More Summary

Analytical Thinking about the New Dead Hive

So the hive that appears dead today (it rained and was too cold to open it today) needs some careful thought and I have not been able to get it out of my mind today.First it originally was my Northlake swarm hive - a swarm from a hive of bees that had been living "for years" in a column in a business condominium complex. Show More Summary

Great GBA State Meeting

Last weekend was the "spring" meeting of the Georgia Beekeepers Association. In 2013, they barely had 120 people. This year we had 240 registrants!We have a fabulous president of the association now who had built up the numbers of local clubs and has encouraged each of them to join GBA. Show More Summary

The Dead....... and the Living

At this time of year, all of us beekeepers are crossing our fingers that our bees make it through the winter. Today the icy wind is blowing and Atlanta will have temperatures in the 20s tonight. This occurs after several balmy days. Thus is winter in the south. Show More Summary

Warm Temps Equal Flying Bees

The temperature is milder today and the bees are flying.I have three live hives in my backyard which means I lost two over the winter. One was the tiny hive we moved from Jeff's yard that never really got off the ground. The other was the Sebastian hive which made good honey and were surprisingly strong. Show More Summary

Honey of a Dinner 2015

The table is set for the Honey of a Dinner 2015. The people coming to this dinner purchased it at auction in September 2014. There will be eight people in all including me and my helpers. I've got honey bee skep napkins that my daughter...Show More Summary

Soap-making, John Campbell Folk School Style

After a weekend at the Folk School taking a soap making class, I came home with all of this soap. It has to cure for a month. You remember how I like to find uses for the queen excluders I bought when I first started beekeeping? On two occasions in ten years, I have put them on a hive for overnight to solve a problem. Show More Summary

What Do Beekeepers Do in the Winter.....?

And your answer was make soap - right? That's what I am going to do this weekend. My sister and I are going to the John C Campbell Folk School to take a class in making lye soap. I love spending time with my sister and I love going to...Show More Summary

Blanketing the Bees

"Baby, it's cold outside...." Seems weird to see a hive in a blanket. After all, we are in Georgia. But tonight the temperature is going to drop so low that with the wind, it is supposed to feel like 0 degrees. BRRRR. I keep thinking of the child's finger game: Here is the beehive. Show More Summary

Learning to Bee

As the New Year starts, many people set goals for themselves - such as becoming a beekeeper. The ideal way to get started is to take a short course in beekeeping. These are offered all over the country in various cities and towns, usually by the local bee club. Show More Summary

Happy New Year and Hope it's a good Bee Year

I'm rather glad to see the beginning of a new year - while it does make me older and older, I am glad to shut the door on 2014. I had a hard beekeeping year in 2014. I had an injured leg for most of the year, falling on Christmas day, 2013, and in a cast for much of the summer. Show More Summary

The Winter Solstice - the Shortest Day of the Year

I try to post on this every year because I find it so phenomenal. In the dark depths of the beehive, I hope my bees are alive and making it through what has already been an unusually cold winter in Atlanta. On warmish days most of my hives are flying. Show More Summary

Fun and Facts about Wax

Last week I was the speaker at my local bee club meeting. I have given lots of talks and wanted to try something different so I talked about Fun and Facts about Wax! I covered a lot of facts about wax and then talked about melting it, employing it in making candles, lip balm, lotion, swarm lure, etc., and ended with enjoying it. Show More Summary

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