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Evangelical Leaders from Max Lucado to Pat Robertson Urge Action on Gun Safety

Influential Christians want to see bans on certain weapons as well as better mental health resources. Though white evangelicals are less likely than most Americans to push for stricter gun laws, the recent school shooting in Parkland,...Show More Summary

Where Protestants and Catholics Go When They Leave Their Churches

Research shows 1 in 6 US Christians changed their religious affiliation over a four-year span, with nondenominational worshipers leading the way. Much of the switching in religious identity in the United States over the past severalShow More Summary

Our Blood Exposes Our Physical—and Spiritual—Health

When we are sick and need to know what can make us whole again, there is no other fount we know. In the time it takes to read this sentence, your body will produce 17 million blood cells deep in its marrow. To put that in context, that’s as many cells as twice the population of New York City. Show More Summary

Is the Body That 'Betrayed' Me Still 'Very Good'?

What the incarnation affirms about the reality of God's creation. I tend to sympathize with the Gnostics most in the morning. It’s currently common to deride these early heretics for despising our physicality and rejecting the goodness of creation. Show More Summary

Why God Still Works Through Fools Like Samson

The deeply flawed Old Testament “hero” was set apart for a very specific purpose. G rowing up in church as a scrawny kid, I was captured by stories of David slaying Goliath, Gideon defeating the Midianites, and especially Samson taking out 1,000 Philistines practically barehanded. Show More Summary

How History’s Revivals Teach Us to Pray

The case for communing with God in a daring and agonizing way. F rom 1949 to 1952, the unthinkable unfolded on Scottish islands known as the Hebrides: revival! Seemingly out of nowhere, a spiritual awakening swept across the islands of Lewis and Harris, replacing post–World War II despair and depression with earnest, zealous faith. Show More Summary

Why Christian High Schools Are Filling with Atheist Students

Foreign students offer US schools treasure in heaven and on earth. For most of Wheaton Academy’s 165-year history, it was a boarding school. Boarding was ended in the 1980s, then brought back—structured as host families—in 2006. “China...Show More Summary

Gleanings: March 2018

Important developments in the church and the world (as they appeared in our March issue). Trump turns Obama’s HHS into pro-life advocate A new division of the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) will be dedicated to hearing complaints from health workers who face discrimination for refusing services that violate their religious beliefs. Show More Summary

Is ISIS Really Muslim?

Christians can learn from Egyptian debate over terrorism and true Islam. For Egyptian Christians, 2017 was the deadliest modern year on record. At least 87 were killed by terrorists. But despite being labeled by ISIS as its “favorite prey,” Copts were only 12 percent of such fatalities last year. Show More Summary

The Radical Christian Faith of Frederick Douglass

The great abolitionist spoke words of rebuke—and hope—to a slaveholding society. A s Frederick Douglass looked out on the boisterous crowd that had gathered to celebrate America’s independence, he thought of Psalm 137. By the riversShow More Summary

20 Truths on The Human Right by Rice Broocks

God's Sovereignty, Justice, and Truth. Rice Broocks’ book God’s Not Dead inspired the movie by the same name, though it’s an apologetics book (that has a brief cameo in the movie) explaining the rationality of the faith. His new book was just released today. Show More Summary

Commentary: What ‘Black Panther’ Means for Christians

This celebration of black culture and black success points to a bigger story for the church. A while ago, I stopped watching a certain type of black movie. In the wake of the black suffering that I saw in real life, I didn’t want to see another black slave scene. Show More Summary

How the Transgender Narrative Perpetuates Stereotypes

The church can offer hope to those who find it hard to love the body they’re in. From the time Brandon was a toddler, he was what many call “gender nonconforming.” In preschool, while the boys roughhoused on one side of the room, he played with the little girls. Show More Summary

Words of Wisdom for Those Graduating High School and Beyond

God has a plan. He will pursue you. He will use you mightily—just trust him. Recently, McLean Presbyterian church in Virginia tweeted a question out to several evangelical leaders in preparation for an upcoming weekend youth retreat....Show More Summary

Make American Politics Hopeful Again

How the call to “carry one another’s burdens” breaks down partisan stalemates. In our increasingly polarized nation, elections are not just perceived to determine the direction of our nation’s policies but as a declaration of who is included and who is excluded. Show More Summary

Rural Fish Bowl

Pastor Dad needs to be just Dad. Growing up in a rural town, I came to understand the lack of privacy just by picking up the local newspaper. Our local gossip column was called “Out and About.” It kept everyone in the loop of how many...Show More Summary

Christian Parents and Schools Have 529 Reasons to Like New Tax Law

A Q+A on how college savings plans can now be used to pay for private K-12 tuition. Parents now have another way to save for Christian school tuition—and this one comes with tax benefits. Thanks to the GOP-led tax reforms, the 529 college...Show More Summary

Church-Based Academic Partnerships—How the Church and the Academy Can Better Connect to Raise Up and Train

Students receive practical ministry training, in context, when church and academia partner. Ed Stetzer: Why bring the church and the academy together? Why is that important? Colin Smith: Study matters, but so does hands-on experience. Show More Summary

The New View of Heaven Is Too Small

Our recent emphasis on “kingdom work” misses the real hope of the afterlife. H eaven isn’t what it used to be. A friend of mine’s favorite Sunday school song growing up was “Dwell in Me, O Blessed Spirit,” the first verse of which goes, “Dwell in me, O Blessed Spirit, Gracious Teacher, Friend Divine. Show More Summary

Not an Act of God: Ministries Respond to Surge in Mass Shootings

Christian counselors once focused on natural disasters now frequently address manmade crises. Chaplains from the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association (BGEA) arrived in Parkland, Florida, within hours of Wednesday’s deadly school shooting...Show More Summary

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