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Thinking inside the box: saints and relics

6 years agoReligion : Iconia

The current exhibit at the Walters Art Museum in Baltimore, M.d., Treasures of Heaven: Saints, Relics, and Devotion in Medieval Europe, which was previously at the Cleveland Museum of Art and will travel to the British Museum later this year,...

Iran boycotts Olympics logo as 'Zionist'

7 years agoReligion : Iconia

I guess I was wrong about Iran. Back in January 2007, I blogged about the World Award of Monotheistic Religions, which was hosted by Tehran. The third place winner? Michal Jandura of Poland, whose piece showed three interlocking books...

An artist inspired by Scientology, Jule Rotenberg

7 years agoReligion : Iconia

Although sculptor Jule Rotenberg says her study of Scientology ("and thus my understanding of myself and others as spiritual beings, not just bodies or minds") has affected her art, she considers herself an artist, not a religious artist. "I don't...

What does burning Korans mean in the digital age?

7 years agoReligion : Iconia

When Pastor Terry Jones announced his intent to burn Korans, he was threatening to destroy both the physical codices (books) and the words therein that symbolized the Koranic ideas. The threat, which recalled Nazi book burnings and Fahrenheit 451, attracted...

8 questions for MFA Boston Judaica curator Marietta Cambareri

7 years agoReligion : Iconia

Marietta Cambareri is curator of decorative arts and sculpture and Jetskalina H. Phillips curator of Judaica, art of Europe at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. Previously, she was curator of decorative arts and sculpture at the MFA. According to...

7 questions for Marc Winkelman, president, Calendar Holdings, Austin, Texas

7 years agoReligion : Iconia

With Jewish artist Mark Podwal's 2011 calendar A Sweet Year hitting the presses, Iconia caught up with Marc Winkelman, president of the Austin, Texas-based Calendar Holdings LLC, which published the calendar. A friend of Podwal's, Winkelman discussed the genesis of...

Interview: Kate Shellnutt, web producer, religion blogger, Houston Chronicle

8 years agoReligion : Iconia

I first connected with Kate Shellnutt on Twitter (where she has two handles). I was very excited to be a part of her article “This Muslim-American life: Allah and the Arts,” which she wrote as a journalism student at Medill. Shellnutt has since graduated and now works on the Houston Chronicle’s religion page, where she [...]

Mesorah D.C.: Parshat “Vayechi”

8 years agoReligion : Iconia

This post is part of a feature of critical responses to sermons by religious leaders. I wanted to share an interesting sermon that the rabbi at Mesorah D.C. delivered this past Friday night. The rabbi doesn’t seem to post his sermons, so I am keeping him anonymous. The rabbi began by noting that the weekly portion, [...]

Eric Robert Parnes, Jean Pierre Ramos at STILLLIFE

8 years agoReligion : Iconia

The above image comes from the Md.-based STILLLIFE. Here’s the caption: “Clockwise: Eric Parnes ‘Sex, Drugs, and Rock and Roll’ (in Farsi) neon sign 18″x20″ 2008. Jean Pierre Ramos ‘Men’s shirt’ vegetable ivory button, 2009. Jean Pierre Ramos ‘Behind the Scenes’ 2009. Eric Parnes ‘KFC’ acrylic on canvas 8″ x 6″ 2009.” According to the promotional [...]

John Piper on Domenico Feti’s “Ecce Homo”

8 years agoReligion : Iconia

In his most recent talk on titled “At the Price of God’s Own Blood,” renowned pastor John Piper (of Desiring God) starts by discussing 18th century German Moravian bishop Nikolaus Ludwig von Zinzendorf. Piper speaks of von Zinzendorf’s trip to Dusseldorf, where he saw “Ecce Homo” by Italian painter Domenico Feti/Fetti. The inscription at [...]

Vatican art, digital Koran, Jewish pop art

8 years agoReligion : Iconia

Archbishop Gianfranco Ravasi, president of the Pontifical Council for Culture, on the church and art: “We are a bit like estranged relatives; there has been a divorce.” Haitham Eid (see here, here) writes that he has some paintings on exhibit on Nov. 11 from 5:30 to 8 p.m. at the JW Marriott Lobby on 614 Canal [...]

Review of “The Last Ember” by Daniel Levin

8 years agoReligion : Iconia

My review of the Jewish, Dan Brown-styled book by Daniel Levin appears in The Jewish Press.

Thous shalt not admire religous calendars with nice pictures too much

8 years agoReligion : Iconia

In a sermon, Rev. Gary W. Schultz writes on what he perceives as the failures of religious calendar art: I often receive these calendars in the mail, with nice pictures and Bible verses on them, like this stream and beautiful white rocks and the fall leaves beginning to change. And at the bottom it says, “The [...]

Vatican embraces artists, but at the cost of dissing non-Catholics?

8 years agoReligion : Iconia

The Pilot, the official paper of Boston’s archdiocese, reports that the Pope is meeting hundreds of artists at the Sistine Chapel in an effort “to rekindle faith-art dialogue.” According to the article: Archbishop Gianfranco Ravasi, president of the Pontifical Council for Culture, said the meeting was to be the first of many initiatives aimed at bridging [...]

Glenn Beck’s attempt to analyze art

8 years agoReligion : Iconia

I finally had a chance to see Glenn Beck’s rant about Communist art in New York, particularly at Rockefeller Center. I’m pretty sure we are up to the same kind of analysis (studying things that are hidden in plain sight), just mine is real… If Beck is right that there is a problem of too many [...]

Hitler vs. Lenin (chess), Iran’s cultural dilemma

8 years agoReligion : Iconia

Image: An etching of Hitler playing chess with Lenin, by the former’s Jewish teacher, from the Telegraph. It’s always tough to understand the intricacies of Islamic calligraphy if you don’t read Arabic, but KT has an interesting piece on Kuwaiti calligraphy, which tries to explain how that form is unique. Although soulful art should be calming, Iran’s [...]

Interview with Mima’amakim (Jewish art journal)

8 years agoReligion : Iconia

I was interviewed by Aaron Roller of the Mima’amakim journal on a variety of topics related to art and faith. The interview is posted here, and it addresses (at least in part) mostly Judaism, but also Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, and LDS. (The photo, which Aaron selected without consulting me, is from my trip to [...]

Mega-church and Hebrew ring typos

8 years agoReligion : Iconia

Yesterday, I attended the Frontline (young adult) service at McLean Bible Church’s Tysons campus. This was my first mega-church experience, and if you haven’t had one it’s something absolutely unique. I’m not great at estimating numbers, but it wouldn’t surprise me if there were 2,500 seats in the room, and almost all were full — [...]

Interview: Clarke Scott (Loden Jinpa), Buddhist monk

8 years agoReligion : Iconia

I “met” Clarke Scott (monk name Loden Jinpa, pictured above with HH Dalai Lama) on Twitter (follow him here). According to his website, Scott is a graduate student in philosophy at the University of Tasmania (Australia). His research areas include Madhyamaka philosophy, personal identity, epistemology, and philosophy of mind. Scott is a Buddhist monk ordained [...]

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