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Attention! Hand! Salute!

Quite a while ago I read that the rules had been changed and Veterans were now allowed to use a standard hand salute when in civies instead of the old hand over the heart business. I'm a bashful sort of fellow and didn't want to be the first to do that. Show More Summary

Viva! Scotch Tape!

I usually wear my wristwatch almost 24/7. I don’t believe that it is waterproof so it comes off for showers, shaving, swimming, etc. This morning I showered and then flopped on my comfy chair in the living room. I fell asleep while reading the paper and woke up with no idea what time it was - no watch. Show More Summary

Where were I ??

Folks may wonder what I have been doing that has kept me from the business of keeping up with blogging for the last three months. Well, my 85th birthday sort of got me thinking that I didn’t have a lot of time left and I should be using what time there was in “doing” instead of writing about things I had done. Show More Summary

Scattered Thoughts for August

I love the story of the flight attendant that blew his stack at the passenger who thought the rules didn’t apply to him/her. When I was very young, I got furious at my boss. I went to the locker room, got my coat, and went home – at 2 in the afternoon. Show More Summary

Florida Politics

After a brief (?) pause, I hope I am back for some more blogging. While I have been off, I've had the misfortune of having to watch a lot of commercials for the various candidates for governor and US Senator. This year there was no fooling around. Show More Summary


$106,000! That’s one hundred and six thousand dollars!! That’s how much the hospital charged for the simple little angioplasty I had last month. That doesn’t include the surgeon who did it nor the anesthesiologists that put me to sleep. Show More Summary

Calling All Inventors!!!

Do you have any idea how many old folks are standing back on the boardwalk wishing they could walk down to the water and out a few yards?Can't some clever fellow develop a "sand cane" based along the lines of a ski pole which could assist walking in soft sand. Show More Summary

Thoughts of the Day

Oh Gosh! We elect a guy from Chicago and what should we expect? He opens the whole Atlantic coast line for oil drilling! Those mid-westerners have no appreciation or love of beaches!There is something that puzzles me. We catch law-breakers, put them in jail, and it costs the tax-payers a fortune to keep them there. Show More Summary

Beach Day

While talking food and all the current emphasis on eating healthy the other day with a friend, he said that he had no objection to eating “healthy” at home; but by golly, when he went out to eat, he wanted to eat "UNhealthy" and enjoy it! The picture above is just to show that I think he has a useful and valid philosophy. Show More Summary

I Did a Bad Thing

My conscience never kicked in. It was overpowered by laughter. I flat-out stole the following from Kenju's blog IMAGINE...(Always a source of Joy.)1. I think part of a best friend's job should be to immediately clear your computer history if you die. Show More Summary

Second Chance

One of the good things about being old is that you can reread old mystery books knowing full well that you have read them before but without the faintest clue as to who-done-it. A corollary to that is that you can stay up all night finishing the book and sleep in the next morning no matter what day of the week it happens to be. Show More Summary

The Golden Years

GOLDEN YEARS, my A! Ooops! Sorry, every once in a while that thought just bubbles up and out. We just went to the super market and it hurt going, there, and back. The driver that takes us is very nice. He lets everyone else out at the entrance, then drives me the 75 feet to the exit where the electric carts with the big baskets are parked. Show More Summary

When Approaching Old Age

The other day I was reading an article, I think it was on, about how to age gracefully and happily. It made several points, but the one that struck me was about being foregiving. It quoted the old saw that holding a grudge...Show More Summary

Feb Madness

Well, the Air Force is again shuffling injured Hatians to hospitals in the States despite the Florida governor. The poor governor is trying to win the Republican nomination to run for senator. However, the choice of the Tea Party crowd has gotten the edge over him. Show More Summary

Apple Magic Mouse

This is just a brief product endorsement. Several weeks ago I indulged myself and purchased an Apple Magic Mouse. I love it! You can find a list of the great features of this product at the Apple Store online. Believe what you read. I had tried it several times in their local retail store and was somewhat afraid it might be too small for my hand. Show More Summary

Solutions for D.C.

Here I am, back from a short hospital and nursing home visit. This morning I had my post-op visit to the surgeon that did the carving. He is very happy about the outcome of this latest procedure. If he is happy, I guess I am too.A visit to the nursing home is always a chance to watch too much (to the saturation point) television. Show More Summary


This morning’s news headline is that medical evacuations of the severely injured ƒrom Haiti have been halted because the governor of Florida wants to know who is going to pay for all these hospitalizations. My question is, “Who is it...Show More Summary

Beachy Day

A gang of us from Vi at Lakeside Village took our bus out to a famous (deservedly) restaurant on the beach for breakfast yesterday. After eating too much, we were free to go frolic on the beach. Who am I kidding? The last time I tried...Show More Summary

One Tiny Corner of the Immigration Flap

There, of late, has been a lot of negative noise made about immigration, immigrants, and illegal immigrants. I’ve had a spell of less that sparkling health lately and I got thinking about the team of doctors that have pulled me through. Show More Summary

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