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Career Zingers #17: Be Ignorant

Ignorance is essential for authentic career development Ignorance means not knowing. Stupidity is thinking you know when you don’t. Often in career development we seek out experts, coaches, authors, and counsellors to tell us what we should be doing. We can learn from others but deep and authentic learning can occur if we are willing  to […]

Career Zingers #16: Authenticity is an Empty Bowl

Authenticity is less about what you have and more about what you can hold. “Authenticity is a practice we choose in each present moment. It is not a plan or a destination to get to.” ~ Henna Inam I encourage you to think of authenticity as being an empty bowl. Your authentic core is not […]

Career Zingers #15: New Eyes

I Eye “The journey of discovery begins not with new vistas but with having new eyes with which to behold them.”  ~ Proust Are you able to refresh the I behind your eyes? Many of us are myopic in looking for something new in our careers when the newness may be to look at our career, […]

Career Zingers #14: Precious Work

Do you experience the preciousness of your work? Precious defined: ?preSH?s – of great value; not to be wasted or treated carelessly. Imagine today at work is your first day at work. Imagine today at work is your last day at work. Each of us, regardless of how long we work, will have a first […]

11 Free and Freeing Career Zingers

Free Fast Acting Career Zingers to Perk Up Your Career We must take responsibility for our own career development. No organization, parent, or coach can do it for us. I am not willing to go through 368 pages to find our the color of parachute or read hundreds of pages of some career book to […]

Career Zingers #13: I can fly

Preparing for Flight I was sitting at the gym and she came up to me, looked me in the eye and declared, “I can fly – you know.” Then she took off with two quick steps then leaped into the air for a flight of about 100 milliseconds and an elevation of 3 inches, landing, […]

Career Zingers #12: The Fiction of Our Career

“I’ve had a lot of worries in my life, most of which never happened.” – Mark Twain Is your career a work of fiction? I think most of us believe our career is non fiction – based on facts, real events, and real people. On the surface most of us fail to recognize our career is […]

Career Zingers #11: A Fresh Start

There is the possibility of growing in the most difficult of places New Year’s Day is fading fast in our rearview mirror. Perhaps you dreamed of a career change or made a career resolution and broke it. You believe all is lost, thinking now you’ll wait until your birthday in late August to make a […]

Career Zingers #9: Standing naked in the locker room

Running the career race: What did you leave behind? I was in the change room at the gym today. One gentleman arrived at the gym to suddenly realize he had left his gym clothes at home. He bemoaned, “I was in such a hurry when I left home I just forgot my clothes and I […]

Career Zingers #8: Constructing Our Career

Career Zinger: Constructive Thinking Trumps Positive and Negative Thinking I am not a fan of either positive thinking or negative thinking because they are both shallow and too one-sided. Sometimes good things are not as good as we thought or bad things turn out to be good in time. Good things happen for a variety […]

Career Zingers #8: Trash Talk for 2018

Career Development: Empty Your Bins On a cold January morning, the garbage truck and recycling truck picked up my trash and recyclables. Every week two large bins of material from my home either gets thrown out or recycled. Too many of us in our career development are always trying to add, attain, obtain, or achieve. […]

Engaging Zingers #7: Invitational Career Development

Career Zinger #7: Invitational Acceptance  In 2018, as you strive to enhance your career I encourage you to avoid being coercive with yourself because when you are coercive you set yourself up for guilt and failure. You can end up transforming part of yourself that is an ally into an adversary. A powerful way to […]

Learn About the 21 Transitions to the New Employee Engagement (Webinar – January 10th)

21 Transitions to the New Employee Engagement January 10, 2:00 pm – 3:00 pm (EST) Employee engagement has been around for approximately 28 years. It has implied a robust set of promises for results, performance, productivity, wellbeing, safety, and a host of other important outcomes for organizations and individuals. Yet employee engagement, as it is […]

HRZingers: Humor To Lighten the Load of 2018

If you could proclaim 2018 the year of something, what would that something be?  I am suggesting we proclaim it the Year of the Pencil. To learn more or just to take a 3 minute break humour break from work, I invite you to read my first HRZingers, humour post for 2018.

Engaging Zingers #6: Stop Trying to Be Great — Be Good!

Career Zinger: Doing good work is the pathway to career success. Ed Sheeran had the biggest hit song of 2017: Shape of You. Bernadette Jiwa, in writing about 12 lessons derived from the biggest hit of the year stated: You have to put yourself into the situations that give you the best chance of doing […]

Engaging Zingers #5: Be Resolute Without Being Coercive

Career Zingers #5: Be Resolute, Don’t Be Coercive. Ah, New Year’s Day signals a time when many of us make resolutions to advance our career or begin the 100 other self-improvement initiatives we scheme up. The good news is that we don’t resist change but the bad news is we resist coercion. We can be […]

Engaging Zingers #4: Clean Your Smudges for 2018

During the day as I look through my glasses I often fail to notice how many smudges are on the glass – obscuring my worldview. As I take off my glasses – and look at them – I see how much they are in need of cleaning. Before launching into 2018 stop looking at yourself, […]

Engaging Zingers #3: On the Path

Career Zingers #3: On the Path.  As we speed into 2018 many of us make resolutions and dream of an idealized year ahead. Many of our resolutions are neither attainable nor sustainable. We get caught up in the frenetic compulsion to get to some idealized destination. Stop your motor mind and start thinking of yourself […]

Engaging Zingers #2: The Career Moment

Career Zingers #2: How to have an engaging career in 2018 Too often we view career development as aspirations, goals, and future results. In our pursuit of the future we miss the living moment of our career. To have an amazing career in 2018 ensure you don’t miss where you really are in a blind […]

Engaging Zingers #1: The Wooden Yardstick

Career Engagement: Incomparable. Merry Christmas. I hope the gift you open on Christmas day is yourself. Comparing yourself or your career development to others is to transform yourself into a wooden yard stick. You may be able to measure things but you are no longer human. The next time you feel jealous, diminished, or envy […]

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