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When Your Gen Y Child Comes Home

I have to begin with a little apology. For anyone who heard me speak about the generations over the past several years, you may have noticed a small, smug flash of satisfaction flicker across my face when I got to the part of my talk about Generation Y’s’ rather perplexing tendency to return home. Show More Summary

Hispanic Talent Is the Future for Big Companies

By 2050, Hispanics will represent over half of the U.S. workforce.

Never Say Goodbye to a Great Employee

To retain valuable "boomerang" employees, manage their exit.

The Rise of the New Contract Worker

Why more people are choosing temporary employment over full-time work.

It's Time to Re-Think the U.S. Education System

Today's kids know they aren't getting what they need at school.

Generation X and the Narrowing Career Path

Melissa, a talented Gen X’er, is given a promotion that puts her in direct contention for a key senior spot. Although her Boomer colleagues are offering their congratulations, Melissa finds herself feeling vaguely uneasy. She is reaching a point in her career where the path seems to be narrowing suddenly and precipitously. Show More Summary

Collaboration Will Drive the Next Wave of Productivity Gains

Increasing productivity — making more with less — is at the core of any company or any economy’s economic progress. From a societal view, productivity drives higher living standards and increases shared resources — for example, providing a government with more resources to invest back into its citizens. Show More Summary

Gen X Hits Another Bump in the Road

Here’s the bad news for Gen X: at each point thus far, you’ve drawn a pretty short straw. Your timing — at least in the context of contemporary generations, and through no fault of your own — could hardly have been worse. Not only did...Show More Summary

How Mobile Technologies Are Shaping a New Generation

The cohort I like to call the “Re-Generation” began to take shape around 2008. Individuals at the formative ages of 11 to 13, those born after about 1995, were part of a substantively different world than the one that had shaped 11 to 13 year olds over the preceding fifteen or so years. Show More Summary

The Biggest Mistake You (Probably) Make with Teams

Throughout most of my career, I’ve made a big mistake in the way I’ve lead teams — and wouldn’t be surprised if you have, too. Which is more important to promoting collaboration: a clearly defined approach toward achieving the goal,Show More Summary

How Organizational Hubs Encourage and Enhance Collaboration

Collaboration has a cost. It requires time and, in some cases, significant effort. When it comes to connections, more is often not merrier. As a result, people prioritize. We are most likely to collaborate voluntarily when the task involved is important and challenging. Show More Summary

Talent Management When the Old Outnumber the Young

The population used to be shaped like a pyramid: lots of young people, a medium number of middle aged, and a few old folks. But the demographic geometry has changed radically in just the last few decades in many parts of the world — and will shift further over the decades ahead in still others. Show More Summary

Trust Is Dead. Long Live Trust!

As business leaders pick up the post-recession pieces, I’m increasingly asked how companies can restore trust with employees. My answer: only by instituting new talent management approaches that reflect the reality of today’s relationship between employees and the corporation. Show More Summary

Why We Use Social Media in Our Personal Lives — But Not for Work

“We’ve spent a fortune on collaborative technology, but no one is using it … or if they are, it’s for purely social, non-productive activities.” Sound familiar? It’s a lament I’ve heard many times from organizations over the past several years. Show More Summary

The Case of the Rolling Stone (that Gathers No Moss) Resume

What would you think if a job candidate sent you a resume listing six jobs held in the last four years? Some of you would probably have an instinctively negative reaction: “This is someone who can’t make up her mind or settle down — probably a flake. Show More Summary

Your Diversity Officer Should Be a Cruise Director

I’m uneasy with the idea of affinity groups, the single-dimension networks that are all the rage in the corporate diversity world. Seems every company I know is forming affinity groups centered on various differences: race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, generation, and so on. Show More Summary

Don't Let the Absence of Facts Slow You Down

We’ve all read articles bemoaning how calculators and their digital cousins have destroyed our children’s motivation to memorize the multiplication tables, crippling their mental math skills for life. Recent experience prompts me to put another such burning proposition on the table: Google may have ruined our ability to estimate. Show More Summary

Rethinking Performance Assessment

Here’s another assumption that is deeply embedded in much of our organizational behavior, but sadly out-of-date: If I keep my head down and do my own task well, I’ll be fine. This assumes that an individual’s responsibility is simply...Show More Summary

Generations Around the Globe

Geography significantly influences the formation of generational beliefs and behavior. Each country’s unique social, political, and economic events shape specific views and attitudes among today’s adults. Western generational models cannot be applied broadly to a global workforce. Show More Summary

Meaning Is the New Money

Over the last year, I’ve been doing a lot of research on how organizations will need to evolve to meet the demands of the 21st century. The central premise of this work is that new technologies, most of which have appeared only within the last decade, greatly amplify our abilities to interact simultaneously with large numbers of people. Show More Summary

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