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Why I Always Followed up with People Who Didn’t Sign Severance Papers (General Releases)

Earlier this week, I was on the Hostile Work Environment Podcast, which is an awesome podcast that you should all listen to. It’s funny and informative, and they owe me $1000 or something. (Joking.) We were officially discussing this...Show More Summary

Companies are Reducing Employee Stress by Doing this One Simple Thing

Do you have $500 you could access for an emergency? If you do, you’re in the minority of Americans. According to a 2017 Bankrate survey, 59 percent of us don’t have $500 to cover an emergency. The problem is, savings or not, emergencies happen. Show More Summary

The Ultimate Guide to Handling Office Bullies

When my daughter was in first grade, she came home complaining about a girl who bullied her. I went to the teacher and explained and asked that she keep an eye on the situation. A few days later the teacher reported that my daughter was mistaken–there was no bad behavior. Show More Summary

5 Steps to Take in the Wake of a Data Security Breach

Equifax, Target and Yahoo each suffered a massive data security breach that made their customers vulnerable. While you may think you are safe because your customer data isn’t nearly as interesting as these giant corporations, nothing could be farther from the truth. Show More Summary

The NLRB Says Google Did Not Violate Discrimination Laws in Firing James Damore

In August, Google fired engineer James Damore for an internal memo he wrote which questioned the role of biology in career choice. He wondered if the reason there were fewer women in tech than one might expect had more to do with innate...Show More Summary

Top 5 Employee Benefits Trends of 2018

The new year has arrived. So, what employee benefits trends can we expect to see in 2018? Here are five that may impact your business. 1. Tax Reform The new tax bill will likely change a lot about your company’s finances. How businesses choose to respond to this will vary, but you can expect to […] The post Top 5 Employee Benefits Trends of 2018 appeared first on Evil HR Lady.

3 Critical Things I Learned When I Worked For Wegmans

Fortune released their annual list of the Top 100 Companies to Work for yesterday. Salesforce took the number one spot, but I want to talk about the first runner up–Wegmans. Wegmans was my first “real” job out of graduate school. Prior...Show More Summary

Let’s Conduct a Survey and 23 Other Ways to Stop Change

You believe in change. You know change is the way to succeed. Everyone on your team says the same thing. So why are you still using the same processes that were developed in 2012? You’re suffering from Change Resistance. There are symptoms, of course, but they seem to be difficult to spot in yourself. Show More Summary

How to Smooth a Tech’s Return from Family Leave

If you have 50 or more employees, your staff qualifies for up to 12 weeks of unpaid leave under the U.S.’s Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA). When someone takes a protected leave, you know the steps to take — have the employee fill out...Show More Summary

Why a Bonus Isn’t as Good as a Raise (Even Though It Seems Awesome)

It seems that everyone is getting bonuses due to the new tax breaks. Walmart, Disney, Home Depot, and Best Buy are among the many giving out bonuses up to $1000 to employees. There’s nothing better than a nice lump sum of money. Is there?...Show More Summary

Your Rigid Attendance Policies Are Making Everyone Sick

The flu is terrible this year and because the flu shot isn’t very effective this year, there’s a chance you’ll get it even if you did the responsible thing and get your flu shot. This means that your employees are likely to get sick as well. Show More Summary

Want to Get Fired? Have an Office Romance.

I’ve stated before that sexual harassment isn’t a dating problem, it’s a power problem. This power problem is why you should have strict rules about managers dating subordinates. And by strict rules, I mean it should be absolutely, positively forbidden. Show More Summary

Dilemma of the Month: Speaking Freely on Social Media

I have a client who recently threatened to quit working with us after seeing politically-charged posts she deemed offensive on one of my account manager’s social media accounts. I’ve asked the employee not to let this happen again, but...Show More Summary

Yes, You Can Stop New Parents from Quitting. Here’s How

A new baby is the best thing ever, and not just for the parents. You probably throw baby showers for all expectant employees, and send them out on parental leave with giant gift baskets and well wishes for what’s to come. Everything is seemingly perfect when they step out that office door. Show More Summary

6 Tips for Setting Business Goals in the New Year

Setting business goals may occasionally seem like a waste of time. Can’t you just take things day by day? Well, sure, but then you let other people determine what your year looks like. That’s not exactly the best way to grow your business. Show More Summary

Yes, Math Will Be Required for Life

Our company was recently bought out and my annual salary per my contract is $53,300, we used to get paid on a different pay period and therefore calculation.  Now we are paid bi-weekly.  I asked my hr person because I have a $202.40Show More Summary

If You’ve Never Priced Yourself Out of a Job, You’re Not Charging Enough

What if offering a better price than all your competitors wasn’t the best way to go? What if simply being the cheapest wasn’t a way to success? Meagan Fischer, the owner and web designer at Owltastic tweeted this story: Real thing that...Show More Summary

What to Do If You Get Incorrect Tax Documents

Jessie Stake and Terri Adams were both surprised by the tax documents they received from the multi-level marketing company they worked with. The numbers on the 1099ks didn’t match their own records: Stake’s records showed she sold $5000 less than her tax paperwork showed, while Adams’ was off by over $20,000. Show More Summary

My Former Employee is Bad-Mouthing Me

Help! I’m dealing with a disgruntled former employee. She was fine while she worked here, and I even agreed to be a reference for her in the future. But since she left she has bad-mouthed me and my company—even leaving a terrible Glassdoor review. Show More Summary

How to Approach Diversity Training in the Workplace

Not all diversity training in the workplace is created equal. Some approaches are more effective than others; because diversity training is so beneficial for employees and business owners alike, it’s important that your program is strong. Show More Summary

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