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My boss put everyone’s salaries up on a power point slide

A few weeks ago during a department meeting, the general manager put all of our salaries in an overhead screen projection and exposed all of us to each other. The salary info included someone who was recently fired.   I am still stunned!  While I am trying to figure out what the purpose of this […]

An HR Manager on a Power Trip

We are in the midst of a reorganization. My current (soon to be former) title is simple and straightforward – Customer Service Manager. I had a staff of 3 reps, whom I managed along with the department. Our company has decided to follow the model of our UK partner, and dissolve the customer service department, […]

How to Give Women in Male-Dominated Roles a Fair Shake

Ellen Pao claims that Venture Capitalist Firm, Kleiner Perkins Caulfield & Byers,discriminated against her because she is female. They claim that she wasn’t a team player and lacked leadership skills. It’s highly possible that both Pao and the Kleiner Perkin leadership team are telling the truth. How could that possibly be true? Because being a […]

7 Critical Skills Successful People Have

What skills do you really need to succeed? In school, they taught us history and algebra and if we got good SAT scores they said we’d succeed. But, are those the skills we really need? Developmental psychologist Susan Engel researched the skills that actually predicted success. I’ll give you a hint–differential calculus isn’t on the […]

The Costs (and Benefits) of Employee Turnover

Smart businesses are concerned about turnover, because turnover is expensive. When you need to replace an employee, you’re out the following costs. High Cost of Employee Turnover Recruiting costs. These can be high or low, depending on your organization and the level of the position. A grocery store that is constantly recruiting and hiring cashiers […]

Flexing Hours for Salaried Exempt Employees

I have some newly installed supervisors who don’t seem to understand what salaried exempt means. I am an HR Manager new to the organization and apparently they have never had a “real” HR Manager. At any rate, we have board meetings, after hours meetings, before hours meetings and even some meetings on the weekend (it’s […]

A co-worker’s seedy past

It was recently discovered that a “Team Lead” at my business has an extensive past in the adult porn video business, starring in videos and producing. Many of the female staff are uncomfortable taking direction from her now. I spoke with a female Vice President and advised that the whole floor knows of this woman’s […]

Relocation: Locking it Down

Last year, I paid someone to relocate for a position with our company. I had the person sign a contract requiring repayment if she left before one year. At one year and two weeks, she quit. Now I need to find someone else, and it’s looking like I need to recruit from out of the […]

Forced to resign for refusing to take a break 4 minutes into the shift

A friend of mine has asked my help on a few HR issues, but this one I’m not certain on so I thought I’d ask you He works for an airline and was told to go on break 4 minutes after his shift began and he refused, now they are asking him to resign in lieu of […]

10 Interview Tips

If it’s time to find a new job, that means it’s time to go on interviews. You know, those painful awkward conversations where the person sitting across from you is focused on judging every aspect of you. Fun times! Whether you’re intent on finding solicitor jobs or finding fast food jobs, there are some basic […]

How to Make the Best of Shrinking Office Space

Mad Men‘s Don Draper has a desk, chairs, and a couch in his office. Plus, enough room to practice his golf putting skills, hold a meeting, and engage in inappropriate office behavior. If you’re a bigwig at your company, you may be lucky enough to have an office with a door, but the chances of […]

5 Signs That You Are A Jerk and How to Fix It

People aren’t very good at judging themselves. We like to think we are, but it turns out we’re not very good at it all. If you doubt this, think about the times you’ve sat down with an employee and discussed their performance, only to be met with blank stares and utter denial. Columbia Business School […]

Can the Employer Legally Cut an Employee’s Pay?

I was working as a dental hygienist in a dental office. I was getting paid $28 an hour. I found another job that is full time and giving me all my hours so I let my boss know that I found another job. So when I went to pick up my last pay stub she […]

I’m gay, disabled, litigious, and recently fired. Wanna hire me?

I was fired unexpectedly under the explanation of “I didn’t like your production last month, or attendance”. This was 4 days after my then coworker became appointed manager of our department (of two people). The month before her promotion, the approval for her position didn’t exist but she had permission from HR to announce to […]

People Data and the False Sense of Security

It used to be that the only way a manager could manage was by getting to know his people. Management by Walking Around is even an official thing. You had to physically observe the interactions your employees had with each other to understand who they knew and what they were doing with their time. Now? […]

Take 5 Key Steps to Enrich Your Job

Job Enrichment occurs when a job is redesigned in order to make it more challenging and/or less repetitive. Instead of moving an employee to a different job, the job itself changes. A recent survey found that 53 percent of employees say the number one reason they love their company is interesting and challenging work. If […]

Miscommunication at the Office

I am educated at private University and need a job to pay off school loans and save for the future. I recently started working for healthcare and the supervisor and team leader are friend and the supervisor appears to dislike me.   After 2 weeks of working, the supervisor stayed late to ask me if I […]

Happy Valentine’s Day: Show Your Love

When we think of Valentine’s day we think of love and candy and Evil HR Lady. What? You don’t associate me with this holiday? You should. Show your love by doing one of the following: Follow me on Twitter: RealEvilHRLady Subscribe to my blog (so that all my posts show up in your email inbox): […]

Is the Human Resources Department a Joke?

I got this lovely comment on an article about how to treat your employees better: The human resources department is an absolute joke. Do you realize, that if it weren’t for all the people that you trash talk about, you wouldn’t have a job??? If this were a perfect society, there would be no need […]

TBT: Past Transgressions

This post originally appeared in May, 2009. You can read that and the awesome comments here. I have come across some information at work and I don’t know what I should do about it. Please help! I work in a sales environment. I have been there for over one year now and I love all […]

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