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Does Free Speech Protect Me at Work?

I was recently terminated from my job as a part-time Administrative Assistant. My performance review was stellar—zero complaints, perfect attendance, great attitude and work ethic—and I had absolutely no indication that my job was even in jeopardy. Show More Summary

Ask the Readers: How Can You Get Women to Work on a Day Without Women

I’m a manager in a female dominated profession that serves some of the most vulnerable in our society. March 8 is a protest day in the United States called a Day Without Women. From employee lounge and other overheard hallway conversations,...Show More Summary

How to Make Sure Your Child Doesn’t Need Adulting Classes

Keeping your brain young sounds fabulous. Having your life fall apart because you can’t keep a budget is not so fabulous, so I read with fascination about an “Adulting School” in Maine that takes people who are chronologically already adults and teaches them how to act their age. Show More Summary

Why HR Doesn’t Protect You

One of the common misperceptions of Human Resources Departments is that they are there to protect and advocate for the employees. They should be there to protect and advocate for the employees because happy employees are necessary for a business to succeed. Show More Summary

Court: Hugging Could Be Sexual Harassment

Is a hug sexual harassment? What if hugs are given by a male supervisor to female staff? What if the male supervisor hugs male and female staff alike (although females more than males)? If a male supervisor hugs a female staff member...Show More Summary

Why Hollywood Stars Shouldn’t Get a Pass on Pay Inequities

Yesterday, Inc ran an article titled “Why Are CEOs Criticized for Income Inequality While Hollywood Actors Seem to Get a Pass?” It’s an excellent question, asked by and answered by Quora users. The answer focused on two things: Big named...Show More Summary

What You Can Do For Rare Disease Day

February 28 is Rare Disease Day. This year’s theme is “With research, possibilities are limitless.” This is true, but, unfortunately, research is also expensive and difficult. What can we do to help cure rare diseases? Consider the Possibility...Show More Summary

10 Times You Should Take a Pay Cut

We’d all love to have constant upward climb in pay, but it doesn’t always happen. There are sometimes when you should hold out for a raise, but there are sometimes when taking a pay cut makes sense. While more money seems like the best thing, it’s not always feasible. Here are 10 times you should […] The post 10 Times You Should Take a Pay Cut appeared first on Evil HR Lady.

Cost-Effective Growth: Let Big Data Do Your Heavy Lifting

When your business grows, it can be exciting but also expensive. If you maximize big data, however, you can have the best of both worlds: cost-effective growth. Data has always been out there, but until recently it’s been too difficult to pull it all together. Show More Summary

Talent Strategy for Corporate Success: Choose Your Path Wisely

Designing a talent strategy for corporate success doesn’t happen accidentally. It must be carefully thought out. In recent years, many management theorists have concluded that talent strategy is one of the prime determinants of corporate success. Show More Summary

Study: Bullied at Work? No Matter What You Do, You’re Screwed

Bullying is not only a huge emotional drain on an individual, it’s a huge financial drain on businesses. It’s easy enough to put a stop to it–bullies need victims and they need bystanders to ignore their bullying, so if we don’t putShow More Summary

Good News For Ugly People: You’re Going to be Rich

Beautiful people earn more money than regular folks. We’ve known this for a long time and it’s been widely reported on. But research from Satoshi Kanazawa and Mary C. Still found that it’s not the beautiful people who have an advantage when it comes to pay: It’s the ugly people. Show More Summary

Why HR Is Critical for Business Success

Lots of people misunderstand HR. After all, HR is the group that often has to deliver bad news. But HR can be a rewarding career that makes a difference in people’s lives and helps businesses succeed. Why HR? Many individuals pursue HR because they love people. Show More Summary

Dilemma of the Month: Holding Exempt Employee Accountable

Last year, we hired someone to run our small business, and we paid him very well. However, he was always coming in late, taking Fridays off, calling in sick, having car trouble and dentist appointments, etc. He was an exempt employee, so we kept paying him as if he was there all the time. Show More Summary

Swiss Saturday: Reusable Shopping Bags

The Swiss are big on using reusable shopping bags. They are always for sale–about $2 for a sturdy plasticky-cloth bag and $0.30 for a paper bag. There are times when those plastic disposable bags are available, but they’ve recently started charging $0.05 for those. Show More Summary

Expert: IBM Made the Right Move in Forcing Everyone Into the Office

Last week, IBM told employees that full-time telecommuting was done and everyone would need to work in one of six offices. I strongly denounced this change as short-sighted. Bruce Hall, President and CMO of Eureka! Inventing, disagreed with me. Show More Summary

How Is the Day Without Immigrants Going For You?

13.3 percent of the US population are immigrants. 26 percent of the US population is either an immigrant or a first generation American. So what if all these people took today off–from work and school? From the looks of things, this isn’t an isolated event. Show More Summary

Happy Valentine’s Day: Tales of Harassment Horror at Work

Valentine’s Day is upon us, so it’s time to talk about love, romance, and sex at the office. I could give you handy guidelines for what is and what is not appropriate at work, but how boring is that? Instead, here are five things soShow More Summary

Bringing a Health Insurance Broker to Your Office: Is It Worth It?

Being a health insurance broker is all about plans and numbers and sales calls, so you might not think about inviting your broker to explain benefits to your employees. You should rethink that. A report from Harvard University estimated that people spend 1.1 billion hours on health care issues, which is a tremendous burden. Show More Summary

Quiz: Are You a Detail Oriented Person?

Tons of job descriptions say they need a “detail oriented person” in them. And lots of us say we are detail oriented when asked but are you really detail oriented? Would you like to find out? I stumbled upon this Attention to DetailShow More Summary

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