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How to Manage Your Career Like Taylor Swift

Apple said, “We’re going to give away music for free! And we’re not paying any of the artists!” Taylor Swift responded, “Well, you’re not giving away mine!” And Apple? It immediately caved. (These are not direct quotes, by the way.) Would that we all had the power of Taylor Swift. Wouldn’t it be nice to say “no, you […]

10 Reasons You Should Absolutely Not Work This Weekend

The weekend is the time you can catch up on work, right? Clients aren’t calling, so you can just put your head down and get something actually accomplished, right? Okay, so you’ll go to your kid’s soccer game, but since nothing is more boring than 6-year-olds bumbling around the field, you’ll catch up on your […]

Every Single Person Finds Me Difficult to Work With

A few months ago, I had the misfortune of losing my boss and the girl who worked with me. We are a three person department and we were an amazing team.  Eventually, I got a new Boss and a new partner, but the partner they gave me has a hard time retaining the knowledge. She […]

HR Horror Stories: What’s the Absolute Worst Thing You Could Do on the Job?

Here it is! The long awaited article from your stories. It was tough to pick the best stories, but go and read! You’ll note this a new site for me, so click through to let them know you appreciate my content. HR Horror Stories: What’s the Absolute Worst Thing You Could Do on the Job?

My Boss Questioned Me About Personal Texts

I work at a pharmacy. Every day at shift end we’re not allowed to leave the building until the manager on duty searches our bags. I typically have my purse and a lunch bag. I don’t like that that the manager can go through my purse. I’m an employee in good standing who’s never stolen, […]

The Two Most Important Days of Your Employees’ Lives

You want the best company with a great culture and strong, hardworking employees. You know that means you need to get your new employees on board, understanding the company mission, and making a meaningful contribution, so the first day on the job is obviously an important day in your new employees’ lives. But, Adam Ochstein, […]

Someday My Raise Will Come — Won’t It?

About five months ago, my supervisor assigned to me major new responsibilities at work, including managing four people and one aspect of our budget. When I asked to discuss my compensation in light of the added workload, he said it could only be addressed as part of my annual review. Now, I’ve learned my compensation […]

Are You Actively Interviewing?

I have been following your blog/subscribed to your emails for quite some time now and I love it! Thank you so much for all your work! So much helpful information and I love your point of view on many things HR. I have a question that has been on my mind for a while and […]

Keep God in Your Heart–and Off Your LinkedIn Profile

Why do I cringe when I see “Child of God-Follower of Jesus!” in a LinkedIn profile? I’m a very religious person and quite open about being a Mormon. Religion is a huge part of my life and of the lives of many of my friends. So, why does this bug me? It’s certainly not because […]

HR Diaries: What’s the Worst Thing You Could Do on the Job?

It’s crowd sourcing time again! What’s the worst thing you’ve seen done at work–by an employee? Either write this as a comment or send me an email at Please remember this is a PG blog, so keep the language clean the descriptions appropriate.

What HR Jargon Do You Need to Know?

When I graduated with a Master’s Degree in Political Science, there weren’t many jobs available for someone who was trained in judicial politics. Okay, there were no jobs in judicial politics in the town where I lived. So, I decided I needed to do something different than policy analysis, but what? I loved teaching and […]

4 Tips about Dealing with Problems When There Is No HR

Not every company has an HR department–or even an HR person. While I think you should definitely have a dedicated, knowledgeable HR person on board before you hit 50 employees, not everyone agrees with me. If you find yourself at a company that doesn’t have HR, here’s what you can do. 4 Tips about Dealing […]

Summer’s Here! How Smart Companies are Engaging Their Employees

The day after Memorial day is the official start of the summer season-or at least when Miss Manners says we can pull our white shoes out of the closet. With summer comes vacation and people wishing they were on vacation. It can be difficult to keep people engagedwhen it would be so much more fun […]

20 Questions You Must Ask If You Are Laid Off or Fired

When you walk into what you think is a normal meeting with your boss and are surprised with a pink slip, it’s devastating. Even if you absolutely, positively hated your job, when your boss yanks it out from under your feet, it hurts and you can’t think straight. You should, however, ask a series of […]

No Matter What Scrabble Says, Don’t Ever Use These 10 Words at Work

Scrabble just added 6,5000 new words to the official word list. For those of you who play, that can mean more opportunities to use that Q on a triple word square. Good news all around! But, does this mean that a word that is allowable in Scrabble should automatically make it into the office? Of […]

How to Turn Your Employees Into Fans

Everyone wants the best people to work for them. But ideally, you want people who not only are good at what they do, but are true fans of the business. Is it possible to have employees who are true fans? Being a sports fan means more than just liking the team. Being a fan at […]

How to Deal with Employees Who Won’t Get Along

When two kindergarten kids get into a spat, teachers temporarily separate the children and know that if you give them a few minutes they’ll probably get over it. When two junior high school girls get into a spat, the whole world can come to an end and they will still hate each other and set […]

The Company Owner Ignores Federal Laws

Currently, I am an HR Generalist for a company that’s never had an HR person before. The owner is an HR nightmare. He won’t allow me to do my job. He asked me what I thought my first priority was. I answered “compliance”. He then asked me “what does that mean”? I’ve been there for […]

Really Smart People You Would Never Want To Hire

So, a bunch of smart people in Silicon Valley need some roommates. So, they posted this absurd advertisement looking for new roommates. Now, I know nothing about laws regarding roommates in California, but I do know I be very hesitant to hire anyone who lives in that house-especially in a management position. If they currently […]

Quora Flap Exposes What’s Wrong in the Hiring Process (or 5 Mistakes You’re Making When Hiring Millennials)

An engineer got a job offer revoked when he posted to Quora, asking for help in deciding between job offers at Zenefits and Uber. Zenefits CEO Parker Conrad rescinded the offer. Business Insider calls his logic “brilliant.” I agree-it brilliantly shows what is wrong with recruiting today. When I first heard about this I figured […]

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