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Ask A Manager & Evil HR Lady Answer a Question Together

First of all, if you’re not reading Ask a Manager every day, shame on you. Alison Green is brilliant and you should follow her. She came across a sitaution she’s not terribly familiar with–the expat family interview. So, since I’m an expat, and I know a lot of expats, she asked me for my help […]

Should You Quit Your Job When You Feel Your Company Is Unethical?

Kelky Rudnicki, who was Mylan’s spokeswoman for two years, just resigned her position in response to the “price gouging of EpiPens” (her words). In a letter posted on Robyn O’Brien’s website, Rudnicki explains her reasoning for quitting her job. She writes: As I previously mentioned in an email earlier this week, I must address the […]

Yikes! You’ve Got to Give the Boss Negative Feedback. Here’s How

Contrary to popular opinion, you boss isn’t perfect. (Okay, that’s not popular opinion–although that could be your boss’s opinion.) Sometimes you have to give the boss negative feedback. “Hey, boss, you’re doing it wrong!” As you well know, that doesn’t always go over well. Today at the Field Service Digital Blog, I give you some […]

Managing Like Willy Wonka

Gene Wilder died yesteday, and as the world mourns his passing, I’m reminded of his famous role in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. I loved this book as a child, but as I’ve gotten older, the labor violations bother me. So, just what would happen if you managed like Willy Wonka? Hop over to Inc […]

How to Fire Someone and Have Them Thank You For it

Firing is always horrible? Well, yes, it is. But sometimes it’s the right thing to do, and if you do the right thing in the right way, it can make everyone better off–even the person you just terminated. Read some tips and trips from me and Tucker Max, Co-Founder and CEO of Book In A Box, […]

Top 10 Annoying Water Cooler Topics

Do you have annoying co-workers who spill way too many beans around the water cooler? (Or coffee pot, depending on your office culture.) I asked my readers for their top annoyances and comprised  list of the top 10 over at Inc. Right after I published, I got another one where one of my readers confessed […]

It’s Swiss Sunday! Permission Slips

I haven’t done a Swiss cultural post for a while, so I thought I’d do one for fun. Today, my 3rd grader is at the local swimming pool with his class. (I’m writing this on Friday, even though I’m publishing it on Sunday.) A normal thing to do, but it will probably make your American […]

Exempt Employees with Same Titles and Different Rules

Hello, I am a salaried employee at a hospital. Despite the fact that there is no official start time for us (3 total), 2 full-time, 1 part-time, the full-time employees work 4 days and the part-time works 3. I am being told that I am late at least once a week. Respectfully, office operating hours […]

Making Job Candidates Compete Works for Reality TV, but Not for Reality

So, I used to watch reality tv. (Don’t anymore, in fact, I don’t even own a television anymore.) I watched several seasons of the Apprentice and was equally horrified and fascinated. But, while a competition makes for great television, it’s not the right way to hire. A reader asked me a question about a job […]

Posting Absences

I’m hoping you can help me with something. I’ve been in HR for a long time but have never come across a situation like our owners are currently doing. They have two calendars out in the open (one for office staff and one for our laborers). Anyone from vendors, customers, etc. can see it. They […]

How to Manage Those Women Folks

So, Jason Shen, a BigWig at Etsy, wrote this article about managing women. Now, to be fair, “he means well, but he don’t know.” In his attempt to point out that we shouldn’t discriminate against women, he pretty much invokes every negative stereotype out there. In response, I’ve penned some advice on how to manage […]

Want to Work From Home? Here Are Tips from 5 Top Companies

Have you ever wondered what giants like Intel and Google do about telecommuting? Yahoo killed telecommuting and now look at them–sad and sold. Not even the facts will convince me that the banning of telecommuting was 100 percent responsible for this. (Just joking, people! I’m sure it contributed to the problem, but it wasn’t the […]

Happy 10th Birthday!

Today, Evil HR Lady is 10 Years Old! Can you believe it? I can’t. A 10 year birthday deserves a present, and since I lack all manners, I’m asking for a present. Pick from the following list: Follow me on Facebook Network with me on LinkedIn Follow me on Twitter Share your favorite post on […]

You MUST Choose a STEM Major. Except, Wait These Leaders Didn’t.

If you are getting ready to go off to college, or you are sending a child off to college, you might be concerned about a major. Majors are important, of course. I mean, I majored in political science and look where it got me. I asked some small business owners what they majored in and […]

Want Your Website Not to Be Terrible? Here Are 10 Simple Ideas

Okay, this is not my normal topic, but I’m a heavy internet user and there are some things that drive me absolutely  nuts. Like popups that are too big for my phone screen so I can’t dismiss them and can never get to the website. Seriously, web designers? Who thinks this is a good idea? […]

100 Employees, 1 HR Manager Who Is Straight Out of School

What would you do if you just graduated from college and got a great job doing HR at a startup? Cheer, right? What if the company size doubled, and they fired the HR consultant and now it’s you? Alone. With 100 employees, and continuing to grow rapidly? ReWork has started an advice column with me! […]

HR Giant Randstad Purchases Monster. What Does That Mean?

When a consulting firm purchases a big job board, what does that mean? Monster was at it’s heyday in 2000 with a stock price of $91 a share, and was sold for a little more than $3 per share. There are tons of problems with the internet recruiting. Maybe they can fix some of the […]

Could Waiting Tables Be Better for Your Career Than an Internship?

The most important thing we do is school and internships, right? So many parents tell their kids to focus on school while mom and dad pay the bills. But, what about a restaurant job? Does that have value, or is it just a way to pay the rent? HotSchedules CEO Anthony Lye thinks that a restaurant […]

Bullying or Harassment or Am I Missing Something?

I was brought to your site by fate, and have finally decided you are probably the best person to give me advise with my current situation. I don’t do so well with ambiguity so your straight forward demeanor is exactly why I am finally writing this email. In a nutshell, I believe my supervisor intimidates […]

Lazy? Is it Because You Like to Learn? Science Says Yes!

Okay, new study comes out that says people who need to learn a lot tend to be less active than people who are currently happy with the state of their brains. Okay, it doesn’t actually say that and there are some problems with the study, but overall it makes sense–if you are more focused on […]

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