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Swiss Saturday: CheckOrphan

I just started volunteering with a CheckOrphan, a charity that helps raise funds for “orphan diseases.” Any one orphan disease is rare, but there are over 7,000 out there, so you or someone you love probably has one of these rare diseases. Show More Summary

Why You Should Work on Black Friday

After you stuffed yourself with turkey and pie yesterday, you may be planning on a day of bargain shopping. Don’t. There is never anything available that makes the hassle worth it, but there are great reasons to head into the office instead. Show More Summary

10 Life Lessons from Mrs. Brady

Florence Henderson died on Thanksgiving Day, 2016. She was best known for her role as Mrs. Brady on The Brady Bunch, a show that had a relatively short run but somehow got embedded in our culture for a very long time. As a child of the 70s, I’ve probably seen every Brady Bunch episode numerous […] The post 10 Life Lessons from Mrs. Brady appeared first on Evil HR Lady.

Science: Your Millennial Managers Are Destroying Morale

Or maybe your Gen X-ers and Baby Boomers are destroying morale. Sometimes it’s hard to tell. As companies have switched from a seniority system to a meritocracy system, people who are better suited for management roles have landed in the senior roles. Show More Summary

Texas Court Blocks $47,476 Overtime Rule

The Obama Administration made sweeping changes to the Fair Labor Standards Act(FLSA), which changed the threshold for salary “exemption” from $23,000 per year to $47,476 per year ($913 per week). Yesterday, Texas Judge Amos L. Mazzant III blocked the implementation of this law. Show More Summary

There Are No Do-Overs in Job Hunting

The Wall Street Journal shared a heart-warming tale of Abhijit Phadnis who messed up a job interview, asked for feedback, convinced them he could do what they wanted and ended up with the job. It’s a great story. But you shouldn’t bank on it happening to you. Show More Summary

Managing Seasonal Overtime: Rallying Your Staff for the Busy Season

Organizations that have busy seasons can have significant seasonal overtime challenges. Those challenges can include time management, filling shifts and compensating employees. When gearing up for a busy season, organizations are wise to anticipate obstacles and address them before they ramp up. Show More Summary

HR Humor in Hollywood

Every office-based TV show and movie needs an HR department. But what would happen if you were trained in HR by watching TV shows and movies? You’d probably learn both good and bad things. Mostly bad, though, because let’s face it, HR isn’t exactly portrayed accurately in Hollywood. Show More Summary

No, You Can’t Force People To Resign for Supporting Trump

GrubHub CEO Matt Maloney sent an email to employees stating his disappointment with Donald Trump’s win and telling employees that if they agree with Trump’s “hateful politics” they should “reply to this email with your resignationbecause you have no place here. Show More Summary

How to Make Your Friends Rich (Without Spending a Dime)

Maybe you’ve seen the plea from small business owners and solopreneurs to buy your Christmas presents from friends and families and other small businesses, rather than supporting big corporations. The thought is noble–you’re going to...Show More Summary

How to Calm Your Staff After Last Night’s Trump Upset

Trump managed to achieve an amazing upset last night, defeating Hillary Clinton with 279 electoral votes to her 218. And this morning, Clinton supporters are freaking out–if my Facebook page is representative of the rest of the world. Show More Summary

5 Reasons You Should Let Others Make Your Decisions

Have you ever sat, staring at a blank email, trying to figure out what to say and how to say it? Have you rehearsed a conversation over and over in your head, trying to figure out what to say and you just can’t come up with something? Then you ask a friend and the friend […] The post 5 Reasons You Should Let Others Make Your Decisions appeared first on Evil HR Lady.

My Boss is Leaving the Company

My boss told me she is resigning. She has given a month’s notice, says she is leaving for a position that will help her grow professionally and still seems to have great relationships with her peers and boss, so I do not think this is necessarily a sign of something wrong with the company. This […] The post My Boss is Leaving the Company appeared first on Evil HR Lady.

Managing isn’t all about hitting targets

The most important thing a manager does is make sure the work is getting done on time and on budget. Of course, these two things are critical for success, but managing the people is also very important for a successful department. If...Show More Summary

Even Medieval Peasants Got More Vacation Time Than You Do

I just got out of a hot shower, and am sipping a cup of hot chocolate while I listen to music on my iPhone in my heated apartment, while I write this article on a computer that allows me instant access to more information than I could...Show More Summary

Can I Dock Pay and Work Through Lunch?

I work in a small dental practice where out “office manager ” is salaried weekly and I work under her. She has been off 16 weeks this year and I am expected to do her job as well as mine during her time off. I asked for a raise and was told if I felt […] The post Can I Dock Pay and Work Through Lunch? appeared first on Evil HR Lady.

Room For Debate, Election Day

I had the opportunity to participate in the New York Times’s Room for Debate. My opinion: Have Businesses Give Workers Time Off on Election Day Dari Sylvester Tran: Celebrate Democracy With a Weekend Voting Festival Instead of a Tuesday Election Day John Conyers: Make Election Day a National Holiday The post Room For Debate, Election Day appeared first on Evil HR Lady.

You Should Never Hire an Over-Qualified Worker. Right? Wrong

A recent study found that there are some serious advantages to hiring someone who is more than qualified for the position. Hiring someone who is overqualified person sometimes means that person has the knowledge, skill, and time to be creative. Show More Summary

Why High Salaries Can Be Bad for Your Business

Everybody loves a good sized paycheck, and if you want to get the best people on board, you need to pay more than your competitors, right? After all, onsite dry cleaning and lunchtime yoga can only go so far in attracting the top talent. Show More Summary

How to Pick the Best Holiday Presents for Your Employees and Clients

The Halloween decorations are down, and the Christmas Trees are about to start popping up, which means it’s time for you to think about gifts, and parties. Business owners and managers often have large gift lists–for employees and clients–to fill. Show More Summary

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