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Want Engaged Employees? Try Team Building

Having a cohesive team is critical to the success of your department–and your entire company. Why is this? And how can you do this? To answer these questions, I interviewed Strayboots CEO Ido Rabiner over at Cornerstone, Inc.’s ReWork blog. For my sharp-minded readers, I interviewed Ido once before, for a sponsored post on this […]

Have You Ever Received an Unfair Performance Rating?

One of my readers had her boss announce that everyone would receive low ratings because there wasn’t money for raises. This is not how this should work. Unfortunately, not every company HR and/or Finance department has half a clue. (Hint: You should hire someone with a clue. It’s worth the cash.) Over at Inc, I […]

Megyn Kelly’s Dress Was Inappropriate

I  keep seeing articles supporting Megan Kelly’s spaghetti strap dress. It’s cute, and it doesn’t indicate anything negative about her morality or ability as a reporter. However, what it does indicate is either a complete lack of awareness about social norms or a desire to push against those norms. The latter is okay (if that’s […]

Sheryl Sandberg Now Thinks It’s Okay to Cry at Work

After Sheryl Sandberg tragically lost her husband, she realized that she might not have been right about everything in Lean In. For instance, she acknowledges that the book assumes a supportive spouse, and now that she doesn’t have one, she can see that that makes a difference. However, she is also now saying that crying in […]

Nervous? Here’s How to Ask for a Raise Anyway

If you’re doing a fantastic job, or you’re doing a good job and your pay isn’t up to market rate, it’s time to ask for a raise. Some managers are on top of things like that, and you don’t need to really worry about it, but lots of managers aren’t. If you’re nervous about asking […]

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You Can’t Be Mean, Even When You’re Beautiful

Former Playboy Playmate Dani Mathers probably thought everyone would agree with her when she snapped a photo of a normal woman showering at the gym. While she claims she only mean to share it with one friend, she shared it with the world. Now, I don’t believe it was as accidental as she claims, but […]

New Overtime Laws are Coming!

Today, over at Comstock’s Magazine I go into detail about how the new Department of Labor regulations are going to affect your business–since this is a California based magazine the focus is on California, but it affects the entire United States. If you are currently an exempt employee earning less than $47,476 a year, you’ll want […]

Benefits that Make Your Company Awesome

Have you ever thought that benefits can contribute to your company culture? They do. Today, at Making Healthcare Reform Work, I talk about how choosing the right benefits can make a big difference in how your employees view your company. Defining Company Culture Through Your Benefits Offerings

Why I Love America

I’m visiting the US for the first time in two years, so there’s a lot of stuff that strikes me as awesome, that people who live here all the time probably don’t notice. So, today at Inc., I’m documenting some of the things that are happy about America. I figured as the news is all awful, we […]

The Minimum Wage in America Must Rise, So Says Giant Company CEOs

JP Morgan Chase is raising it’s internal minimum wage from $10.70 per hour to $12.00 per hour. Jamie chief executive of JPMorgan Chase, writes in the New York Times: A pay increase is the right thing to do. Wages for many Americans have gone nowhere for too long. Many employees who will receive this increase work as […]

Why Your Coworker Gets Special Privileges

Your coworker seems to get special treatment all the time and it drives you crazy. Now, it’s possible that your boss is simply a bad manager who plays favorites (or who is too wimpy to stand up to an employee who doesn’t take her job seriously). However, while some managers totally stink, most are doing […]

Dilemma of the Month: Do I Need an MBA?

I’m a 27-year-old high school English teacher, but my long-term goal is to open a performing arts school. I’m torn between obtaining an MFA so that I may bring a strong creative background to my future students, and earning a business degree so that I may learn how to run the school. I worry the […]

My Coworker is Tracking My Hours

I am an exempt employee and my boss has recently started having a co-worker of mine keep track of my hours. We have a soft start time of 7 am – 9 am at the latest. I know if I work 7 hours one day. I will work 9 hours the next day. My boss […]

Can I Please Quit without Notice?

To start off, yes I have read all the other posts of yours pertaining to this topic but none of the posts seem to apply to people working in positions other than office jobs. I work at Company A. Company A is a fast-food franchise popular for hiring young teenagers with no work experience, in […]

Your Manager Loves You. Here’s Why Your Raise is Awful.

A reader sent me an email asking if a “1.75 percent raise” was appropriate for salary in the 90k range. “It’s like giving a waitress a $7 tip on a $300 meal,” he wrote. First of all, wouldn’t it be awesome to get a 15-20 percent raise each year? Second, if any of you leave […]

8 Questions a Hiring Manager Should Never Ask

Most people who conduct job interviews aren’t actually experts in hiring. In theory, recruiters should be (although, I’ve heard some horror stories about “professional” recruiters as well), but most hiring managers hire maybe one person per year. As a result, most hiring managers never become experts in hiring. Job interviews should be designed to find […]

The One Thing Every Boss Should Say to Her Summer Intern

We’re midway through the summer intern season. Hopefully, it’s going well. Internships can be a bit of a challenge-adjusting to an office environment after years of school can be a bit difficult for all involved. Frequently, the people managing interns are low-level supervisors and sometimes it’s their very first time managing another person. The result of […]

10 Interview Skills You Need to Get Hired (and How to Improve at Them)

Even though most jobs don’t require smooth talking skills, getting through the interview often does. You don’t have to answer every interview question perfectly, but you can improve your interview skills. Here are 10 interview skills that will help you land the job. 1. Do your background research. This may not seem like an actual […]

Death to the Feedback Sandwich

I got an email from a colleague the other day at the place I volunteer. We have parallel roles — she heads up one organization, and I head up another. The first paragraph was filled with praise about how she admired my work and my parenting (really). As I read this, I knew what was […]

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