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10 Types of Employees That HR Secretly Hates

I’m currently on vacation and not writing anything, so here’s a throw back. People generally go into Human Resources because they like people. After a few years of dealing with these humans, HR people can become cynical. You would too if you had to deal with these types below. If you see yourself in one, stop it. Show More Summary

It Takes a Village to Boost Employee Job Satisfaction

Job satisfaction is critical to keeping your workforce happy and productive. If people are satisfied with their jobs, they are more engaged, work harder and are less likely to leave for another job. One of any HR leader’s top priorities should be increasing job satisfaction across all business units and locations. Show More Summary

Things You Wish Your Employees Would Do Before the End of the Year

The year is ending in about five minutes (maybe an exaggeration there), but there are things every manager wishes their employees would do before the year ends. If you haven’t taken the time to come up with a list of last minute tasks for your employees, you can use mine. Show More Summary

Don’t Fall for These 5 Workplace Myths

There are many misconceptions about the workplace that, sensible as they might be, simply aren’t true. Some actions, while undoubtedly a bad idea, won’t necessarily get you fired. Below are five common myths that are good to know — whether you’re the boss or the newest hire in the field. Show More Summary

Why Wonder Woman Was the Best (If Flawed) Spokesperson for Women’s Rights

Wonder Woman can do just about anything, from fly an invisible jet to deflecting bullets with her wristbands, but she can no longer be an Ambassador for the United Nations. While the UN says that her stint as an Ambassador was meantShow More Summary

3 Conversations You Must Have Before Year-End

We are almost to the end of 2016 and everything you’ve been putting off has to be done now, or you’ll start 2017 with a cloud hanging over your head. While putting some things off does cause the problem to just go away, other things just need to happen. Show More Summary

The Best Office Secret Santa Idea Ever

Office holiday gift exchanges are designed to be fun, but in the end, you often end up buying something someone else doesn’t like, need, or want and receiving something you don’t like, need, or want. We keep doing it in the name of “fun.”...Show More Summary

Putting Your Family First Is OK (No Matter What KellyAnne Conway’s Opponents Say)

KellyAnne Conway made a miracle. Almost every pundit and pollster thought that Donald Trump could never win the presidency, but as of yesterday’s Electoral College vote, it’s official–he’ll be our new president come January. Conway made that happen. Show More Summary

10 Life Lessons from Mr. Seaver

This has been a bad year, and now we lose another beloved celebrity, Alan Thicke, who had a heart attack while playing tennis, at age 69. While he’s best known for his role as Psychiatrist Dad Jason Seaver on Growing Pains, he had a brilliant career in other areas. For instance, he used to write […] The post 10 Life Lessons from Mr. Seaver appeared first on Evil HR Lady.

An End-of-Year Checklist for Motivating Employees

There’s always a sense of starting new on January 1st. Employees are going to naturally want to be better in 2017, so now is the time to take advantage of that and make sure you’re doing everything to motivate them. Here’s a Checklist to follow. Show More Summary

The Surprising Self-Interest in Being Kind to Strangers

We all have problems. Not a single one of us is living a perfect life. Syndicated advice columnist Amy Alkon recently gave a TedX talk titled The Surprising Self-Interest in Being Kind to Strangers, where she discusses how our current...Show More Summary

Do You Hate Office Christmas Parties? Here’s Why

Christmas parties are supposed to be fun. Or, Holiday parties, or end of year parties, or whatever your place of employment calls it. It is supposed to be fun for everyone. But, they aren’t. And sometimes, we just can’t stand the party. Show More Summary

Swiss Saturday: Subtle Educational Differences

For the past year, I’ve taken part in a survey from the Swiss government on employment. Every three months they call me and ask me questions about my job–how many hours I work, how much money I’ve earned, if I’ve applied for any new jobs, etc. I love data so I’m always happy to help […] The post Swiss Saturday: Subtle Educational Differences appeared first on Evil HR Lady.

How to Hire the Best of the Long Term Unemployed Candidates

Last week I wrote 5 Things the Long-Term Unemployed Need to Do to Find a Job and it ruffled a few feathers of the long-term unemployed. Here’s some of the feedback I received: If you’ve never sent out over 200+resumes/applications and...Show More Summary

Want Your Employees to Love You? Develop This Characteristic

Maybe you have the fantasy of being like Mr. Scrooge before the ghosts visited, but if you’re like most people, you’d actually like to have your employees like you. Not in terms of being your best friend, but think  highly of you. Do...Show More Summary

Glassdoor’s Top 50 Places to Work 2017

Not all companies are created or managed equally. Some are just better places to work, but how can you figure out which ones are where you’d like to build your career? Well, the folks at Glassdoor figure the best way to know if a company is a great place to work is to ask the […] The post Glassdoor’s Top 50 Places to Work 2017 appeared first on Evil HR Lady.

Survey: Online Harassment Happens To Men and Women Equally

The Center for Innovative Public Health Research just came out with a new report: Online Harassment, Digital Abuse and Cyberstalking in America. Here are some of their findings: 47 percent of internet users have experienced online harassment or abuse. Show More Summary

Five Things the Long-Term Unemployed Need to Do to Find a Job

I got this email from a reader: You are lying to us. No one can get hired. If there are people working they don’t live in the world of MOST people. Hope you can learn to understand. I’m a huge fan of honesty, actually. I’ll say it how...Show More Summary

Possible Gender Discrimination

I have been in my current job for about one year. I have been working in my industry for eight years and have an MBA. When I applied, the minimum experience was two years. A new man has started in the development program, which is a higher level. I do more work and train him, […] The post Possible Gender Discrimination appeared first on Evil HR Lady.

Dear ReWorker: What Should I Do About a Lack of Learning Opportunities?

During the interview for my current job, I emphasized that I wanted a job with professional development opportunities. The hiring manager said that professional development was important and definitely a priority. After six months, I approached my supervisor about a recognized professional certification that I wanted. Show More Summary

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