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Miffed Bosses, Missing Bras, and Other Holiday Party Disasters

Good office parties are great. Bad ones? Well, they are more fun to read about. Here are some holiday party nightmares from readers. Make sure to share your story in the comments: The one with the live fish “We no longer have Christmas white elephants because, well, about two years ago someone brought a […]

A Simple Solution to Your Complex IT Problems

You have a project that needs doing, but it’s not simple and no one on your staff has the skills. It’s only one project, though, so you don’t want to hire someone full time, have them leave their current job and then be jobless after six or twelve months. It’s unfair to them. (And if […]

What’s the best way to lower pay?

My employer has asked me to create an incentive program that includes pay decreases for failure to meet the standard and bonuses for exceeding it. I need some supporting information because the Salaried employees will not be happy with a salary decrease. Where should I look? I have no clue and your Googe skills are […]

Office Holiday Parties Your Employees Want to Attend

Some holiday office parties are awesome, and others are nightmares. Last year weasked about gifts, and this year we went out and asked real people to share whatholiday parties they still rave about. Keep in mind that these answers come from real humans and not from companies that are trying to market their products, so […]

Who is wasting time on the internet? The boss, that’s who.

Cyber Monday has come and gone, but the shopping from the office continues, and you want your biggest offenders to stop wasting time and get back to work. As asmall-business owner or manager, time is critical and resources are scarce. You could start monitoring everyone’s computer usage or have a daily report sent to you, noting […]

Is a dumb joke sexual harassment?

I have been a contractor at a bio pharmacy company for six years. Due to a reorganization, I am no longer qualified to do the job that I have performed since 2008. I want to know how to address two inappropriate sexual comments made. My director, a male, shared a joke during an offsite holiday […]

Sick of Sitting Around?

I know sitting all day is bad for me, even if I’m getting exercise, so I’d like to try a standing desk. Some of my coworkers would, too. How do I approach my boss about potentially making a change to the way his employees do their work? I have the same question for getting new […]

More than half of employees don’t feel respected

When your boss “informs” you on Friday that he expects you to come in on Saturday to do a project he just assigned you five minutes ago, you feel like he doesn’t respect you. When you work hard on a presentation, and then your boss announces that she’ll present it to senior management — with […]

When HR is Incompetent

Dear Evil HR Lady,  I want to preface this by saying how much I love my job and [most of] my coworkers. However, our HR woman is heinously incompetent. She doesn’t know the answer to any of our questions and spends hours doing things manually that computers can do in minutes. She scoffs at any […]

Should companies ask workers to donate to their fellow employees?

Businesses often collect donations at this time of year for the less fortunate. But what if the less fortunate you are asking your employees to support are other employees? “Making Change at Walmart” — a coalition of workers, faith-based organizations and other groups linked with the United Food and Commercial Workers — says some Walmart […]

Was I passively rejected?

I recently had a first phone interview and I thought things went well providing honest and through answers to questions asked but it was the end of the phone conversation that has me puzzled. The interviewer wanted me to “dwell on the conversation we had” and if I wanted to continue the process for me […]

Surviving a Black Friday work shift

If you have to work on Black Friday (or worse, on both Thanksgiving and Black Friday), you’re probably already bracing yourself the longest, most stressful day of the year. Americans love a good bargain, but they sometimes lose their manners in pursuit of it. To help you survive, I asked Laura MacLeod, creator of From […]

Anatomy of a Viral Video Success: It’s All About the People

Have you seen this video? It’s popped up on my Facebook feed numerous times from friends all over the world:  I wanted to know how they did it and made it go viral, so interviewed director, Jared Shores. To read that interview, click here: Anatomy of a Viral Video: It’s All About the People

Your Happiness is Making Your Employees Miserable

The happier you are, the less able you are to empathise with others, but you think you are empathising with them. Clear as mud? Your life is going great, and you’re positive and upbeat, and are anxious to be mindful of others, but somehow your own happiness puts blinders on. New research from Yale graduate […]

The One Where Evil HR Lady Gets Fired

At the end of September, I got a message from the managing editor of MoneyWatch. It said, “I need to talk to you about some changes at MoneyWatch. Can you let me know a good time to call you?” I responded with times I was available and then added, “Can you give me a heads […]

Tell me your office holiday parties

Last year, you all helped me out by telling me the best presents from bosses. I want to do two articles this year. 1. Best office holiday parties. What worked? What did you enjoy? What made everyone happy? 2. Worst office holiday party. Tell me your nightmares! Who got drunk? Which boss demanded gifts and […]

What would happen if you refused to work Thanksgiving?

This question came up as a search term that landed someone on my blog. It’s a good question. The person also used the word exempt twice in their google word string, so to be clear, this is a variation of the question, but I’ll answer it from both an exempt and non-exempt point. Here’s the […]

How Job Interviews Really Go

I stumbled upon this video today: Hilarious. Now, to be honest, I already knew about Kid Snippets, but I hadn’t seen this one before. I want you all to change your job interviews to match this one. Especially the salary negotiation with fingers and multiple firings.

Workplace (double) standards about dress

What you wear reflects who you are, or who you want to be. It’s why you should “dress one level up” for a job interview. That means if you’re applying for a job in a business-casual environment, you still wear a suit to the interview, whether you’re a man or woman. But once you leave […]

Why Facebook’s Bus Driver Problem Could Be Your Problem

Facebook’s bus drivers just voted to unionize, and Facebook has received a lot of commentary about their poor work practices, such as forcing the drivers to work split shifts. In this case, drivers sometimes start at 6:00 a.m. or before and don’t end until 9:45 p.m. As you can imagine, that makes for a pretty […]

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