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Your Religion Shouldn’t Be on Your Résumé (Unless You’re Jewish)

“I stereotype. It’s faster.” So said George Clooney’s character in Up in the Air, and so do all of us. I just heard a collective gasp from my readers. “Oh, I don’t do stereotypes. I consider each person as an individual!” Liar. We can’t possibly get through life without stereotyping, which is actually just making assumptions based on our […]

How to keep your college grad from boomeranging

You probably know someone like this, who went off to college and instead of going out into the wide world after graduation, ended up back with the parents. It’s a sad reality for many people who thought that a college degree would be their ticket to the top. And for parents, who looked forward to […]

5 Things You Need to Stop Doing to Your Employees Right Now

You’re the boss. It’s your business, so you can do what you want, right? Well, technically, yes, as long as it’s not violating any laws. But just because you can do something, it doesn’t mean you should do something. Here are 5 things you need to stop doing, even though they are legal. 1. Conducting the background check […]

Are you walking past money trees?

If there was money hanging off a tree, you’d be sure to stop and grab it, right? After all, free money is awesome. However, researchers found that when they hung dollar bills off a low hanging tree branch, most people didn’t appear to even see it. Except, they did “see” it, because the researchers chose a […]

Spam Apologies

My spam filter is not working at the moment, so my blog has been overrun with people just dying to know what platform I’m using because my blog loads so much faster than their’s does! Sigh. I’ve just added a second spam filter so hopefully the spam inundation will stop. However, I had to go […]

Hard Rock Cafe Hired 120 People in 30 Days Using Facebook (And You Can Too)

When Hard Rock Cafe wanted to open a new restaurant in Florence, Italy, they had no existing restaurants to draw staff from, which means they were hiring from scratch. Everyone from manager to busboys had to be sourced, interviewed, hired, and trained. Plus, Hard Rock Cafe wanted to make sure they had customers as soon as […]

The perils of working for a family owned business

Family owned businesses are big business in the United States. While some are the stereotypical “Mom & Pop” store, others are Fortune 500 companies. In fact, there’s a pretty good chance that you’re working for a family owned business. According to the Conway Center for Family Business, family owned businesses account for 6o percent of U.S. […]

How to achieve the American Dream

Six out of 10 Americans believe the American dream is dead according to a recent poll. And lots of people are talking about how terrible that is. But, what I haven’t seen addressed is that 4 out of 10 Americans believe the American dream is not dead — that it is, in fact, still alive and […]

A job before training even starts? It’s possible

For many young job-seekers, the usual order of things is that you enroll in school, and sometime when you are close to finishing you start looking for a job. But Work America is trying to change. The startup aims to help unemployed, “under-qualified” people find a job. Formed in 2013, the firm is now working with people […]

Make sure you solve the right problems at work

Have you ever had a problem with another person at work? A co-worker who doesn’t do her work. A boss who’s never there. An employee who’s constantly sick and spreading germs over the whole place? It would be shocking if you haven’t encountered at least one of these situations. (And if you’re in that lucky […]

Is Pinterest leading your wardrobe astray?

Pinterest is awesome for finding ideas for just about anything. From baby showers to gardening to funny pictures, it’s got it all. It’s like a big search engine where the results have been pre-screened for awesomeness. Except, there’s one problem: No resume is required to pin things on Pinterest, and your fellow “pinners” may not […]

Tips for surviving a long commute

The average American has a 23 minute commute, which isn’t all that bad. But for many Americans, that trip is much longer. Some of those long commutes are by choice — some people choose to live far away from the office for better schools, a bigger house, or to be closer to family and friends. […]

The Benefits of a 4-Day Workweek

Google isn’t the only company that gives employees time to tinker. Michael Dubakov, CEO of Targetprocess, a project management software company in Amherst, New York, allows employees to devote 20 percent of their time to development activities. They call this “Orange Fridays,” and it means he gets a lot less work out of his employees, right? Well, […]

How to Find the California Chrome in a Stack of Resumes

There’s nothing more heartening than an underdog making good–even in the cut-throat world of entrepreneurship. That’s precisely why the tale of California Chrome has the entire nation enthralled by a horse race. California Chrome’s story starts out unexceptionally, as all cinderella stories do. Show More Summary

How to Create an Awesome Company Culture (No Perks Necessary)

I want to state up front that I love perks. And I’m a fan of unique company features like big scorecards, group community service outings, or weekend and evening e-mail bans. But if you want a great company culture, you don’t need any of those things. Yep, you can have a great culture without a single yoga class or in-office […]

The World Cup Is on… Should You Be Watching?

I experienced my first World Cup Fever in 2010, while living in Switzerland. Coming from the United States where football means shoulder pads and touchdowns, I had never paid one bit of attention to what the rest of the world calls football. And, as such, I didn’t give the World Cup one bit of thought until the […]

Why Zappos’s New Hiring Techniques Are a Complete Waste of Time

Zappos has plans to hire 450 people this year, but you wouldn’t know it by reading LinkedIn or or even the company’s website. The online clothing retailer has done away with job postings. And instead it’s asking potential candidates to sign up for its own new social network called Zappos Insiders. Basically, if you want […]

How to Get that Promotion!

Are you ready to move on? Either internally or externally? Here’s how you go about it. First, revise your resume. Seriously, even if you are hoping to be promoted internally and stay within the same department with the same boss. Even if you are looking for simply a “growth promotion” where you essentially stay in […]

Use flex time to come in late at your own peril

The early bird gets the worm. This is pounded into our heads from our earliest ages. Schools, for instance, will record every instance that a child is so much as two minutes late, even if was for an early morning doctor’s appointment. But nowhere on the child’s record does it show that his mom checked […]

The FBI Is Thinking of Dropping Its Pot Policy. Should You?

The Federal Bureau of Investigations would seem to be one of the last employers to rethink its drug testing requirements. But that’s exactly what it’s doing. The FBI is considering loosening its marijuana usage rules, according to an article in theWall Street Journal. Note, they aren’t thinking about throwing them away altogether, just loosening them from […]

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