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Do You Hate Office Christmas Parties? Here’s Why

Christmas parties are supposed to be fun. Or, Holiday parties, or end of year parties, or whatever your place of employment calls it. It is supposed to be fun for everyone. But, they aren’t. And sometimes, we just can’t stand the party. Show More Summary

Swiss Saturday: Subtle Educational Differences

For the past year, I’ve taken part in a survey from the Swiss government on employment. Every three months they call me and ask me questions about my job–how many hours I work, how much money I’ve earned, if I’ve applied for any new jobs, etc. I love data so I’m always happy to help […] The post Swiss Saturday: Subtle Educational Differences appeared first on Evil HR Lady.

How to Hire the Best of the Long Term Unemployed Candidates

Last week I wrote 5 Things the Long-Term Unemployed Need to Do to Find a Job and it ruffled a few feathers of the long-term unemployed. Here’s some of the feedback I received: If you’ve never sent out over 200+resumes/applications and...Show More Summary

Want Your Employees to Love You? Develop This Characteristic

Maybe you have the fantasy of being like Mr. Scrooge before the ghosts visited, but if you’re like most people, you’d actually like to have your employees like you. Not in terms of being your best friend, but think  highly of you. Do...Show More Summary

Glassdoor’s Top 50 Places to Work 2017

Not all companies are created or managed equally. Some are just better places to work, but how can you figure out which ones are where you’d like to build your career? Well, the folks at Glassdoor figure the best way to know if a company is a great place to work is to ask the […] The post Glassdoor’s Top 50 Places to Work 2017 appeared first on Evil HR Lady.

Survey: Online Harassment Happens To Men and Women Equally

The Center for Innovative Public Health Research just came out with a new report: Online Harassment, Digital Abuse and Cyberstalking in America. Here are some of their findings: 47 percent of internet users have experienced online harassment or abuse. Show More Summary

Five Things the Long-Term Unemployed Need to Do to Find a Job

I got this email from a reader: You are lying to us. No one can get hired. If there are people working they don’t live in the world of MOST people. Hope you can learn to understand. I’m a huge fan of honesty, actually. I’ll say it how...Show More Summary

Possible Gender Discrimination

I have been in my current job for about one year. I have been working in my industry for eight years and have an MBA. When I applied, the minimum experience was two years. A new man has started in the development program, which is a higher level. I do more work and train him, […] The post Possible Gender Discrimination appeared first on Evil HR Lady.

Dear ReWorker: What Should I Do About a Lack of Learning Opportunities?

During the interview for my current job, I emphasized that I wanted a job with professional development opportunities. The hiring manager said that professional development was important and definitely a priority. After six months, I approached my supervisor about a recognized professional certification that I wanted. Show More Summary

The Quickest Way to Ensure You Hire the Best People

Like it or not, our names tell an awful lot about us. For instance, can you guess my approximate age by knowing my name? While I was born during the tail end of Suzanne’s popularity (1973), you can pretty well guess that a candidateShow More Summary

Webinar: How can learning and development unlock the business potential of executive education?

If you are a European HR person (or an American that likes getting up REALLY early), I’m participating in a webinar about executive education. We’ll be sharing some fabulous new research that details what European executives are thinking. Show More Summary

You’ve Done Your Shopping, Now It’s Giving Tuesday

Black Friday has come and gone with spectacular success. Cyber Monday is also passed and your packages are getting loaded onto UPS trucks even as we speak. So, today, it’s Giving Tuesday and you should make every effort to share with those who need help. Show More Summary

This Company Invented a Way to Fly Coach Comfortably

If you’re getting ready to get on a plane to go to Grandma’s house for Thanksgiving, you’re probably flying coach. And you’ll probably want to sleep, but won’t be able to because only small children can get comfortable enough to get good rest in coach. Show More Summary

Workplace Haiku to Make Your Monday Better

Monday can be the most difficult day of the week for many of us, so I was thrilled to find Monster’s new collection of workplace Haiku. (Hat tip, employment lawyer, John Hyman.) For those of you who have blotted out your high schoolShow More Summary

Swiss Saturday: CheckOrphan

I just started volunteering with a CheckOrphan, a charity that helps raise funds for “orphan diseases.” Any one orphan disease is rare, but there are over 7,000 out there, so you or someone you love probably has one of these rare diseases. Show More Summary

Why You Should Work on Black Friday

After you stuffed yourself with turkey and pie yesterday, you may be planning on a day of bargain shopping. Don’t. There is never anything available that makes the hassle worth it, but there are great reasons to head into the office instead. Show More Summary

10 Life Lessons from Mrs. Brady

Florence Henderson died on Thanksgiving Day, 2016. She was best known for her role as Mrs. Brady on The Brady Bunch, a show that had a relatively short run but somehow got embedded in our culture for a very long time. As a child of the 70s, I’ve probably seen every Brady Bunch episode numerous […] The post 10 Life Lessons from Mrs. Brady appeared first on Evil HR Lady.

Science: Your Millennial Managers Are Destroying Morale

Or maybe your Gen X-ers and Baby Boomers are destroying morale. Sometimes it’s hard to tell. As companies have switched from a seniority system to a meritocracy system, people who are better suited for management roles have landed in the senior roles. Show More Summary

Texas Court Blocks $47,476 Overtime Rule

The Obama Administration made sweeping changes to the Fair Labor Standards Act(FLSA), which changed the threshold for salary “exemption” from $23,000 per year to $47,476 per year ($913 per week). Yesterday, Texas Judge Amos L. Mazzant III blocked the implementation of this law. Show More Summary

There Are No Do-Overs in Job Hunting

The Wall Street Journal shared a heart-warming tale of Abhijit Phadnis who messed up a job interview, asked for feedback, convinced them he could do what they wanted and ended up with the job. It’s a great story. But you shouldn’t bank on it happening to you. Show More Summary

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