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Businesses Steal $15 Billion a Year from Employees. Is Your Business One of Them?

Wage theft sounds like something that sleazy men in back rooms perpetrate to further oppress their employees. While that does happen, a lot of wage theft is unintentional. A new study from the Economics Policy Institute (EPI) says that...Show More Summary

Don’t Let Running a Small Business Run Your Life

Running a small business can be challenging. Unlike at a big corporation, there aren’t thousands of other people to do the work—it’s you and a handful of others. As a result, many small business owners work constantly. While workingShow More Summary

How to Approach Your Own Life as if You’re Its CEO

I’m an advice column junkie. Carolyn Hax, though, stands above the rest of the advice givers and when she told someone, “Please promise me this: that you won’t marry anyone until you’re ready to approach your own life as if you’re its CEO,” I knew these were wise words for everyone. Show More Summary

HR Was Reckless with My Salary Information

HR sent me a letter of congratulations for my promotion along with my new salary and job description in an intra-office envelope.  The kind that is “closed” by a flimsy little string and re-used again and again. Are you getting the picture?...Show More Summary

I Was Fired for Stealing. Should I Leave that Job off My Resume?

From 2012 to 2015 I worked in a hotel doing almost everything back of the house. I was fired in 2015 right before Christmas for basically trying to take money. Times were very hard (although I know that’s not an excuse) at the time I was the only one working while my husband stayed home […] The post I Was Fired for Stealing. Show More Summary

What Sheryl Sandberg Doesn’t Understand about Minimum Wage and Childcare

Sheryl Sandberg wrote a heartfelt mother’s day post on Facebook, detailing the things she would like to see to help mothers in the workforce. As a single mother, Sandberg certainly understands some the challenges working mothers face. Show More Summary

Your Non-Competes Aren’t Saving Your Business, They are Destroying Lives

A few years ago, sandwich shop Jimmy Johns hit the headlines with the news that they required low level employees to sign non-compete agreements. They later dropped this clause after a public outcry and the New York State Attorney General...Show More Summary

Firing an Employee Without a Lengthy Improvement Plan

In 49 states (Montana is the exception) employment is at will, which means you can wake up one morning and say, “I’m going to fire Bill.” That would be legal, as long as you’re not firing Bill because of race, sex, etc. But, that’s not a great way to do business and no one that […] The post Firing an Employee Without a Lengthy Improvement Plan appeared first on Evil HR Lady.

The Five Types of Moms You Meet in the Office

Mother’s Day is on Sunday, so naturally, we think about our moms. But have you thought about the types of moms you run into in the office? Every office seems to have at least some of them. Here are five you probably know. 1. The Office Mom. The Office Mom may or may not have […] The post The Five Types of Moms You Meet in the Office appeared first on Evil HR Lady.

How a Card Game Can Unify Your Office

One of the reasons people don’t get along at work is because they don’t really know each other as human beings. They see each other as functions, and by golly, Finance is always thwarting HR’s plans to make employees happy, so if you work in finance, I’m going to dislike you. Show More Summary

Jurassic Park HR Department

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to get HR emails from a job at Jurassic Park? Here’s a sneak peek of what it might be like. FROM: TO: All Employees SUBJECT: Welcome to Jurassic Park! This is Melinda in HR. Show More Summary

Skills Every HR Manager Needs

Do you like people? Do you like knowing confidential information? Well, that’s nice, but not what you need to be a successful HR manager. Liking people isn’t really necessary (although it can help) and really, knowing confidential information isn’t as much fun as it’s cracked up to be because you can’t talk about it. Show More Summary

Don’t Be So Quick to Dismiss a Candidate With a Criminal Record

If you’re not familiar with “Ban the Box” legislation, you’re not alone — but it’s an important legal trend for business leaders to understand. Most states have some law that prohibits businesses from asking job applicants if they’ve ever been convicted of a crime. Show More Summary

5 Things You Must Know From Warren Buffett’s Latest Berkshire Hathaway Annual Meeting

When Warren Buffett speaks, the whole investment world perks up their ears and listens. If you happened to miss his weekend Berkshire Hathaway Annual Meeting (for example, if your invitation got lost in the mail), you missed some gems. Show More Summary

Dilemma of the Month: Job Title Woes

I am an inside sales representative for a medical device company. I work hard to build relationships over the phone to sell and consult on products with doctors. When I was hired, the president of the company specifically told me this was not a telemarketing job. Show More Summary

Prince Philip Retires at 96; Still Works More Than You Do

Buckingham Palace announced today that Prince Philip will be stepping down from public engagements. At almost 96, and with over 60 years of being in Her Majesty’s Service, that’s a lot of years of working. Especially since the average retirement age in the United Kingdom is 64.8 years old for men. Show More Summary

Could Your Business be Successful Without a Bank Account?

Two weekends ago, I had the opportunity to visit Normandy, France. This is where D-Day occurred on June 4, 1944, when the Allied Forces, including 73,000 Americans came to fight the Germans and bring freedom back to France. In otherShow More Summary

No, The Court Did Not Rule that Discrimination Against Women Is Legal

“Employers can legally pay women less than men for the same work based on differences in the workers’ previous salaries, a federal appeals court ruled Thursday,” says the Associated Press. “Employers can pay women less than men based on salary histories, 9th Circuit rules,” says the ABA Law Journal. Show More Summary

How Your Company Can Avoid Becoming the Next United Airlines

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve heard about United Airline’s decision to force a paying customer off a flight. The passenger refused to go, was dragged off by police, other people filmed the event and United lost hundreds of millions of dollars in value. Show More Summary

The Beer Commercial Everyone Needs to See

How divided are we as a world? It seems like we can no longer say “agree to disagree” and get on with life. We have to accuse people who disagree with us as being morally bankrupt, but usually with more offensive word choices. When we talk about diversity in hiring we talk about diversity in […] The post The Beer Commercial Everyone Needs to See appeared first on Evil HR Lady.

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