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My job is nickle and diming me to death

Greetings Evil HR Lady, I’m having an issue at my job, and I need your advice. I’m a new and just out of school, so I don’t make as much money as the  other administrators in the building. Since I started my job August 2014 I’ve been asked to donate $10 to the for my […]

Workers were fired by robocall

Commentary Firing someone is one of the most difficult tasks a manager has to face. When you have to fire a lot of people, it’s not only emotionally difficult for the manager, but also a potential logistical nightmare. Hoping to, for instance, keep rumors from flying around, employers prefer not let a great deal of […]

Should You Fill Out That HR Survey

Hi Evil HR Lady, We’ve just received word from our HR team that we’re being asked to participate in a workplace job satisfaction survey. It was made clear in the email that the emails we received contained unique survey codes for each recipient. The statement from the HR team was that this code would only […]

5 Ways to Put the Human Back in Human Resources

Once you get past the stage of hiring your college buddies to help with your new start up, people often switch to Applicant Tracking Systems, or use recruiters that rely on these systems. These systems are great at tracking applicants, but they lack that human element. I spoke with Rona Borre, CEO and founder of […]

Force them to fire you!

Seriously, people, force your employer to fire you. It’s rarely to your advantage to resign under pressure rather than being fired. Recruiters are going to ask why you left without a new job lined up anyway. Read these: Forced to resign, what are your options? My employer says I have to resign, now what? And […]

10 Beyond Simple Ways to Boost Your Career Right Now

You want to succeed in your job? You don’t have tons of time for developmental seminars and you don’t want to wait until the boss retires to get that promotion. Instead here are 10 easy things that will help your career today. 1. Stop worrying about your co-workers. Jane comes in late. Steve slacks off. […]

Everything You Need to Know About Paid Sick Leave

Traditionally, in the United States, companies didn’t have to offer any paid sick leave (or any paid leave at all, for that matter). Lots of companies do, of course. Professional level employee could pretty much count on at least some paid time off (PTO) either in the form of sick days plus vacation days, or […]

Why You Should Hire People Who Make Typos

The best people for certain jobs may not have perfect résumés. Oh, sure, they’ll have the skills you need, but you might spot a “their” that should be “there” or vice versa. Many hiring managers reject such people on the spot. Research suggests that this may be a bad idea. Typos are made because we’re […]

The key to making employees happier

A movie scene that wants to make it abundantly clear who’s in charge typically has the boss in a suit, sitting behind a big desk in a spacious office, while all the workers hunker down in undersized cubicles. Because that’s what bosses, do. They separate themselves from the masses and get special privileges. If some […]

What can workers do if they get a bad performance review?

When employees get an unfair performance appraisal, typically their only choices are to accept the blot on their work record or find a new job. But not if you’re New York teacher Sheri Lederman. According to the Washington Post, even her school superintendent says that “her record is flawless” and that “she is highly regarded […]

Yet Another Swiss Schools Post

As I’ve mentioned before, Offspring 2 attends Swiss public school. He’s in first grade and 6 years old. Cutoff for the school year is the middle of May, and so half of the class is 7 and the other half is 6. He’s in the younger half. (In fact, he missed the cutoff by one […]

The most affordable cities for grads’ first job

When you graduate from college, where should you move to look for a job? Lots of people either stay where they went to school or move back “home,” wherever that may be. Sure, mom and dad charge less rent and you might be able to get your laundry done, but is that really the best […]

I’m part time exempt and my boss says I need to be available 24/7

Dear Evil HR Lady, I recently accepted a part-time exempt position; I’m contracted for 220 days/year. Unlike most part-time people, I work about 50 hours most weeks. But, I get to choose 3-4 days that I’m off work each month. Recently, I had to work on one of my “off” days. My supervisor told me […]

Do you have one of these 10 scary jobs?

Just in time for this year’s Halloween scare-fest, Career Builder has put together a list of jobs that invoke fear in the hearts of many. Sure, some of us like these sorts of things, but for lots of people, these jobs cause weak knees and churning stomachs. Somebody has to do them, but we’re sure […]

Catty Chatting

I manage a group of about 13 people, and we communicate via instant messages. Employees are aware management has access to chats, which is a condition of using the feature. I have one employee who persistently bad-mouthed me in online conversations. I confirmed that he was aware that I could see his messages, and I […]

States where you can earn the most money

We all know every career doesn’t earn the same amount of money. But it turns out that just how much money your dream job pays can vary drastically from state to state. So, to help you determine the best place for each job, Rasmussen College just released an interactive tool for that purpose. For instance, […]

I’m so frazzled I can’t think

Dear Evil HR Lady, I have worked at this company for six years and  have received no promotions. I have also applied to many internal vacancies,but I feel that my papers get lost because I am working hard for the department. I mean they don’t want me to leave the department and don’t want to increase […]

When hiring managers clash with HR

Job hunting can be extremely painful. If you’re not agonizing over writing yet another cover letter, you’re refreshing your email to see if a company has responded. And if it does respond, half the time the job description doesn’t reflect what the phone screener says. Then if you land the interview, it can seem like […]

You messed up and got fired — now what?

I often hear from people who were unjustly fired, wanting to know what on earth they can now say in a job interview. But let’s be honest — a lot of people deserve to be fired. Sometimes it’s because you made a big mistake that costs the company money, or you’re insufferably rude to co-workers […]

Are You Smarter Than a Walmart HR Manager?

Walmart just entered into a Consent Decree with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), which includes a $72,500 payout to Laura Jones, additional training for store employees, and posting a sign regarding disability accommodation. Why? Because Walmart answered a very basic question wrong. Let’s see if you’re smarter than a Walmart HR manager: You make […]

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