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What If an Employee Refuses to Answer Emails in the Evening?

Nick Corcodilos, who writes at Ask the Headhunter, tackled a question from a reader who wanted to know if he was unreasonable for expecting to only work during business hours. Corcodilos comes down firmly on the side of the employeeShow More Summary

Swiss Saturday: Handshakes, Swimming Pools, and Annoying Foreigners

Swiss culture has hit the news in a couple of ways this week, so I thought I’d share my experiences. Keep in mind, I can’t possibly explain all Swiss culture because I don’t get all of it, but maybe a few of the things I say will make some sense. Show More Summary

Dilemma of the Month: My Boss Gossips

My boss is a gossiper. She gossips to me about a team member of mine. I’ve worked at this company for two years. The first year it wasn’t bad, but she gradually started to say negative things to me about my colleague. The sad part is I believed all this stuff at first. As I […] The post Dilemma of the Month: My Boss Gossips appeared first on Evil HR Lady.

Can’t Remember Anything? Blame Your Shared Office Space

We are all about collaboration and teamwork (and let’s be honest) saving money, so open office plans are extremely popular. Your coworkers are always available to share ideas, and in the case of a hotdesking environment, you can easily move to sit next to someone who can help you with your current project. Show More Summary

The Worst Possible Job Descriptions

The language used to describe something can make a huge difference in our perceptions. Writer and fitness expert James Fell posted a request to “badly explain your profession” on his Facebook Page. He described his own profession as: “I make ‘eat less, move more’ really complicated.” His followers didn’t disappoint. Show More Summary

San Francisco CEO Calls Rural Americans Racist; Institutes Xenophobic Hiring Rule

.Melinda Byerley, the founder of TimeShare CMO wrote an offensive tweet calling people in “middle america” [sic] stupid and that’s why there are not as many jobs there. Please read it for yourself: I didn’t feel like tweetstorming, so here’s a screen shot. Show More Summary

No, Ladies, You’re Not Thinking More Than Men

Let’s just stipulate, right off the bat, that mom is far more likely to be the person arranging dentist appointments, buying toilet paper, and picking out a birthday present for little Kevin down the block, whose mom is going to take...Show More Summary

30 Million Americans Don’t Have Access to a Retirement Plan (Why That’s a Problem Only You Can Fix)

Here’s a confession: I’ve never had a 401k. Why? Well, when I got my first professional job out of grad school, I had a lot of debt. My then fiance, now husband, had a lot of debt, and we wanted to pay off that debt. So, we opted toShow More Summary

Why My Child Is Better off Than Your Child

My 8-year-old son entered kindergarten at the ripe old age of 4 and 3 months. That’s a bit early, for US standards. We’d consider that pre-school age in the US, but it’s when Kindergarten starts in Switzerland. Now, granted, he’s the...Show More Summary

Goat Trees Are Totally Real

  We just got back from vacation in Morocco. My husband took this picture. Yes, we actually saw goats climbing trees. It was like a life-long dream had been fulfilled when we saw this. This has nothing to do with HR, but isn’t it the coolest thing ever? The post Goat Trees Are Totally Real appeared first on Evil HR Lady.

If Job Applicants Treated Hiring Managers the Same Way Managers Treat Them

I’m currently on vacation, so I’m posting this oldie but goodie. What would happen if job candidates treated you the way you treat them? You might be receiving letters such as this one? Dear Hiring Manager, Thank you so much for your interest in me for the position of Senior Technical Analyst for your company. Show More Summary

10 Types of Employees That HR Secretly Hates

I’m currently on vacation and not writing anything, so here’s a throw back. People generally go into Human Resources because they like people. After a few years of dealing with these humans, HR people can become cynical. You would too if you had to deal with these types below. If you see yourself in one, stop it. Show More Summary

It Takes a Village to Boost Employee Job Satisfaction

Job satisfaction is critical to keeping your workforce happy and productive. If people are satisfied with their jobs, they are more engaged, work harder and are less likely to leave for another job. One of any HR leader’s top priorities should be increasing job satisfaction across all business units and locations. Show More Summary

Things You Wish Your Employees Would Do Before the End of the Year

The year is ending in about five minutes (maybe an exaggeration there), but there are things every manager wishes their employees would do before the year ends. If you haven’t taken the time to come up with a list of last minute tasks for your employees, you can use mine. Show More Summary

Don’t Fall for These 5 Workplace Myths

There are many misconceptions about the workplace that, sensible as they might be, simply aren’t true. Some actions, while undoubtedly a bad idea, won’t necessarily get you fired. Below are five common myths that are good to know — whether you’re the boss or the newest hire in the field. Show More Summary

Why Wonder Woman Was the Best (If Flawed) Spokesperson for Women’s Rights

Wonder Woman can do just about anything, from fly an invisible jet to deflecting bullets with her wristbands, but she can no longer be an Ambassador for the United Nations. While the UN says that her stint as an Ambassador was meantShow More Summary

3 Conversations You Must Have Before Year-End

We are almost to the end of 2016 and everything you’ve been putting off has to be done now, or you’ll start 2017 with a cloud hanging over your head. While putting some things off does cause the problem to just go away, other things just need to happen. Show More Summary

The Best Office Secret Santa Idea Ever

Office holiday gift exchanges are designed to be fun, but in the end, you often end up buying something someone else doesn’t like, need, or want and receiving something you don’t like, need, or want. We keep doing it in the name of “fun.”...Show More Summary

Putting Your Family First Is OK (No Matter What KellyAnne Conway’s Opponents Say)

KellyAnne Conway made a miracle. Almost every pundit and pollster thought that Donald Trump could never win the presidency, but as of yesterday’s Electoral College vote, it’s official–he’ll be our new president come January. Conway made that happen. Show More Summary

10 Life Lessons from Mr. Seaver

This has been a bad year, and now we lose another beloved celebrity, Alan Thicke, who had a heart attack while playing tennis, at age 69. While he’s best known for his role as Psychiatrist Dad Jason Seaver on Growing Pains, he had a brilliant career in other areas. For instance, he used to write […] The post 10 Life Lessons from Mr. Seaver appeared first on Evil HR Lady.

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