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Evil HR Lady Enters the 21st Century

I now have an EHRL Facebook Page! Although I’d like to say it’s going to be dramatic and cutting edge and blah, blah, blah, it’s mostly going to be links to the stuff I write. But that is dramatic and cutting edge, right? Anyway, go like the page and the posts will show up in […]

10 ways to boost your earning power

The Federal Reserve Bank released a survey recently that showed one-fourth of U.S. families are just getting by. If you’re in one of these families, you know how difficult it can be. The “how to save money” articles don’t seem to help much, as they give great ideas like, “Make your own coffee and stop buying […]

Bad Boss of the Week: Punished for Puking

In many businesses, physical attendance is critical. If you’re a manufacturing facility, the line can’t run without the employees. If your creative team is working together to come up with a new product, the team needs to be on time so the work can begin. In order to achieve this, many companies have strict time […]

10 ways you are undermining your career

Do you keep getting treated poorly by bosses? Passed over for promotions? Sometimes it is just bad luck, but sometimes you are doing things that can negatively affect your career. Here are 10 of them. 1. Treating your boss just like a friend. Are you sending your boss texts, friending her on Facebook, following her on […]

Robin Williams and the Dark Side of Genius

We all grew up with Robin Williams. For me, it began with Mork& Mindy in the late 1970s and early 1980s and continued with the angsty teen drama, The Dead Poets Society, and then back to laughing with Aladdin and I’m looking forward to watching the upcomingNight at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb with my children. Unfortunately, Williams’brilliant career came to […]

LinkedIn’s employees’ paychecks were wrong. Is yours?

LinkedIn just agreed to pay almost $6 million in unpaid overtime and damages, in a settlement after an investigation by the U.S. Department of Labor. So, if a big company with over 5,000 employees and a human resources department can make a mistake on so many paychecks, is your paycheck correct? Here are some things to […]

Look! I’m a cartoon!

I’ve been writing for Comstock Magazine for a while, but now they made a cartoon version of me! I’m so honored. Does this count towards some goal achievement or can I put this on my resume? (Answer: no. This does not belong on a resume. See I’m useful at solving my own problems too!)

Problems with Authority

I work at a small, privately owned company of 15 people. I am third in the chain of command. Our CEO/owner is near retirement and at this point in his career is really only acting as a figurehead. My direct boss has just put in his notice, and now I am in the odd position […]

5 Myths About Networking

If you’re an introvert (like I am), you probably shake in your boots when someone says, “To find a new job, you should be networking.” Networking has this reputation of cold-calling people and demanding jobs, but it’s not like that at all. Here are 5 myths about networking and how you (even the introverts!) can […]

Bad Boss of the Week: Gossip in the Office

When you being your start up, you often do so with friends. These are people you have known for years, and so your relationship can begin to seem casual. And, because, in casual friendships, gossip happens, it can invade the workplace. Here’s a letter from someone on the receiving end of the gossip: About 2-3 times […]

How to Stop Workplace Violence From Hitting Your Business

Anthony DeFrances shot ArrowStream CEO, Steven LaVoie, before turning the gun on himself. DeFrances had been recently demoted, along with many other employees. (Thankfully LaVoie was not killed, although he’s still in critical condition.) As much as we’d like to believe that our companies are safe, that our co-workers are fine, and that no one we know’s […]

Time to Fire These Recruiters and Hiring Managers

Your recruiting staff is the gate keeper to your company. If you can’t get past the recruiters you can’t get a job with the company. Many small business don’t have dedicated recruiters, but you still have recruiting staff. Who screens resumes? Who does phone interviews? Who advises managers on candidates? Those people are your recruiting staff, regardless of […]

Predicting future resignations: Why it’s a waste of time

Social conventions in the United States mean that, for the most part, managers only get two weeks notice when an employee leaves. Legally (unless there is a contract), employees can simply walk away from a job with no notice. (And, of course, companies can terminate employees with no notice as well.) This is called at-will […]

Bad Boss of the Week: Lying in the Job Description

Being the owner of a small business, you have a responsibility not only to your company’s success but to the employees you hire. Some of you are great at this and some of you, well, stink. I received this email this week. I took a newjob with the understanding that I would be an in-house […]

Freddie Prinze, Jr. learns why you don’t say bad things about co-workers

“Kiefer was the most unprofessional dude in the world. That’s not me talking trash. I’d say it to his face. I think everybody that’s worked with him has said that,” said Freddie Prinze, Jr., talking about his “24? co-star, Kiefer Sutherland. Funny thing is, they haven’t worked together for about 5 years, so why start trash […]

PSA: Don’t resign unless you really mean it

I’ve gotten a bunch of emails lately from people who resigned and then changed their minds and now want to know how they can force their bosses to keep them on board. You can’t. Now, I totally sympathize with someone who gets a new job offer, resigns, and then the new company backs out. But, […]

Why Focusing On Safety Can Be Very Dangerous

“Mr. Bennett says he sometimes tracks his lunch treks, noting on his safety card how he will control for every possible threat on the way, from flights of stairs to the busy intersection outside the office.”Is this due to adiagnosed disorder, such as obsessive compulsive disorder, or an anxiety disorder? No. He’s simply following safety protocol as […]

The Pros and Cons of Flexible Jobs

Sixty percent of Americans are completely satisfied with the level of flexibility that their jobs offer, and another 26 percent are somewhat satisfied, according to Gallup. But if you’re in the group that isn’t happy, you’re probably looking for something better. It may seem impossible to be able to find something that both pays the bills […]

Please Do Not Give Me Four Raises Per Year

Companies that think they can win their employees’ love and loyalty by doling out small change throughout the year will find the novelty effect is short lived. I wouldn’t actually turn down a raise (never actually met anyone who did), but don’t jump onto this “great” new idea of giving small raises four times a year. In […]

What You Have in Common With Job Seekers From the 1970s

When it comes to getting a job in today’s technology-infused world, less isn’t more. From sifting your Facebook profiles to canvassing your connections on LinkedIn, many employers want to know more about potential workers personally. Seems a little strange, admittedly. But this more holistic hiring strategy is actually pretty old. A friend of mine discovered a copy of […]

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