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You Should Never Hire an Over-Qualified Worker. Right? Wrong

A recent study found that there are some serious advantages to hiring someone who is more than qualified for the position. Hiring someone who is overqualified person sometimes means that person has the knowledge, skill, and time to be creative. Show More Summary

Why High Salaries Can Be Bad for Your Business

Everybody loves a good sized paycheck, and if you want to get the best people on board, you need to pay more than your competitors, right? After all, onsite dry cleaning and lunchtime yoga can only go so far in attracting the top talent. Show More Summary

How to Pick the Best Holiday Presents for Your Employees and Clients

The Halloween decorations are down, and the Christmas Trees are about to start popping up, which means it’s time for you to think about gifts, and parties. Business owners and managers often have large gift lists–for employees and clients–to fill. Show More Summary

Forget Halloween, November 1st is the Scariest Day of the Year

Today is the day everyone dreads–the day you have to start thinking about health insurance. Many of us think about health insurance regularly, but right now you really need to stop and think because it’s open enrollment time. (In the spirit of full disclosure, I also write for Anthem and United Concordia Insurance Companies. Show More Summary

When Someone is Rude to You, Respond Like a Mormon

Utah is a reliably red state–most presidential candidates ignore Utah because no matter who is running, they are going to vote Republican. But this year, a presidential candidate called Evan McMullin has thrown the state into the mix. Show More Summary

How to Tell Your Salaried Employees They are Now Hourly

Some of your salaried employees are about to become hourly employees, and there’s nothing you can do to stop it. Starting on December 1, 2016, the minimum salary needed to qualify for a salary exemption will jump from $455 a week ($23,660 per year) to $913 per week ($47,476 per year). Show More Summary

The Pentagon Bonus Scandal May Come to Your Office

The military is in the news and it’s not about a war. The military messed up bonuses for re-enlistment years ago and then decided to ask for the money back. From soldiers who had already served multiple tours, often in Afghanistan or...Show More Summary

No, Election Day Should Not be a Federal Holiday

In case you’ve been living under a rock, I’ll let you know that the presidential election is coming up on November 8. While many states offer options for voting, such as early voting and absentee voting, a great many of us will stand in line on November 8 to cast our ballot. Show More Summary

Ideas needed: How to make your friends rich

I want to write an article with the headline How to Make Your Friends Rich (Without Buying Anything).   Those of you who own small businesses, or work for yourself, what would you like your friends to do to help you succeed in your business? The post Ideas needed: How to make your friends rich appeared first on Evil HR Lady.

Seasonal Affective Disorder is Real and It Might Be Affecting Your Business

When it starts to get dark early–right now my kids are walking to the school in the dark, but after daylight savings ends, they’ll be coming home in the dark–you can get SAD. That’s short for Seasonal Affective Disorder, and it can really affect a person. Show More Summary

Are You the Office Bully? No? Are You Sure About That?

We assume that bullies are either the mean girls who are out to get you, or the thug who steals your lunch  money. Anyone along that spectrum will do. But, what if you found out that your co-workers that you were the office bully? Not possible. Show More Summary

Please Stop Punishing Your Employees For Being Introverted

Remember back in school when class participation made up 10 percent of your grader? For some people this was the easiest 10 percent of the semester. You know the types–the ones who loved to hear the sounds of their own voices. They commented on everything, whether or not they had something to say. Show More Summary

No, NBC Should Not Have Fired Billy Bush

I am really, really, tired of this election. I just with that there would stop be employment related things going on in the election. Can’t we keep it to important issues like we need a law that prohibits hidden raisins in cinnamon rolls? Right? Of course right. Show More Summary

The Five Worst Things You Can Do After You Lose Your Job

When boss yanks your job out from under your feet, the result can be devastating. Whether you’re fired because of misbehavior on your part or a mistake on the company’s part, it feels awful. If you’re laid off, you at least have theShow More Summary

My Co-Workers Are Voting for Trump

I sit across the cube wall from 4 hipster type web designers – all guys. (I’m a nerdy female data analyst). The guys are all conservative republicans, so I usually tune out the political talk or put on my headphones. As you mentioned, a video went out with Donald Trump talking about how he just […] The post My Co-Workers Are Voting for Trump appeared first on Evil HR Lady.

Yes, You Can Ask Your Employee to Do That, but Should You?

Legally, you can ask your non-union employees to do just about anything (unless it requires a license or something, let’s not go overboard here). But should you ask them to do everything? Of course not. There are some things you shouldn’t...Show More Summary

Ask Questions that Are Legal and Useful, Not These

Small talk is nice. I like small talk. (Sometimes, other times my introvert side comes out and I’m like, no I’m good not knowing one here at this party, I’ll just casually eat 15 brownies). But, in a job interview, small talk can make it look like you’re planning to discriminate against someone. Show More Summary

There May Be 50 Ways to Leave Your Lover, but Only Seven Ways to Quit Your Job

You’ve quit a job, right? How did you do it? Did you provide two weeks’ notice or did you slink away or did you throw a screaming fit? These are just three of the seven ways you can leave a job. I’m sure you’re more creative than the...Show More Summary

I’m Live on Sirius Radio Right Now!

I’m Currently Live on Sirius Radio! Call with your questions – 1.844.942.7866. Wharton Business Channel. The post I’m Live on Sirius Radio Right Now! appeared first on Evil HR Lady.

Want a Smart Business Move? Try Introducing Flexibility

Think about your ideal job. Does it involve getting to work at the crack of dawn, barely having time to grab lunch, and getting home after dark—even in the summer? Of course not. The ideal job allows time for family and friends, as well as a good pay check and a challenging work environment. Show More Summary

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