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Can you help? Becoming your boss’s boss

There is a position open (for my manager’s manager). Higher level management asked me to apply for the position. From HR I will definitely get a question. How will you handle  your manager as a direct report? I replied: Urgh, I don’t know. It’s a good question, and it’s probably pretty dependent on personalities, the job, etc. Want […]

5 Ways to Get Full Time Engagement From Part Time Staff

Sometimes your most valuable employees are not the ones that put in 40 plus hours a week, but those that put in 20 hours a week. Part time staff can be awesome and if you target part timers you can often find a wealth of people with great skills and experience who want to focus […]

What Are an Employee’s Options When the Boss Acts Like a Jerk?

I have worked for the state for going on 14 years, and never in all of my time here have I dealt with a hostile work environment. It has gotten so bad that I’m planning on demoting just to get away from the constant harassment. We had two other supervisors leave for different jobs just […]

20 Things You Wish Your Coworkers Wouldn’t Do

It’s a new year and we can all pretend that that makes everything fresh and new, but the reality is that those other humans you work with can be downright annoying. I asked my readers for the things that annoy them most. Do you do any of the things on this list? 1. Personal grooming […]

Employee Accused of Having an Affair with a Coworker

I am good friends with a male coworker, who is not my boss, but a step higher than I am. We talk at work on the days we work together about both work-related issues and non-work-related things. Naturally, it has gotten back to me that people think we are having an affair. Not surprised. Anyhow, […]

Aspiring Mormon Women: An interview with me!

The fabulous women who run Aspiring Mormon Women asked me for an interview. I’m honored that the would include me. Here’s an excerpt: Why did you want to become a writer? I come from a long line of writers. My paternal grandfather wrote numerous books, my maternal grandmother wrote books. My sister is an award […]

Quick Quitting Questions

I just got released back to work from disability leave after 1 1/2 years and they first asked me to resign and then they told me I will get the swing shift instead of my normal schedule which is mornings. What do I do? And one more question, my boss has family working under him, […]

New Employee Promoted Over Longer Term Employees

I have been working for a non-profit agency for a year. The job posting, along withjob postings for the same job title since that time, stated that a BS degree was required. I have a BS degree. Since I was hired, another person who did not have a BS degree was hired for the same […]

Hour of Code Isn’t Just For Kids–It’s For You Too

If you’re not thrilled about your current job, you might want to pay attention to theHour of Code. This event took place a couple of weeks ago and focused on getting children involved in coding, but Ryan Carson, founder and CEO of online coding school Treehouse, says it’s never too late for adults to learn […]

The Top 10 Helps for Your Career

Whether you run your own business or work for someone else, it’s always best to remember that no one cares about your success like you do. Sometimes your boss will behave in a fairy godmother like way, and grant you your wish without you even asking, but in most cases, you need to take the […]

10 Simple Ways to Get an Employee to Quit

If you have someone you want to get rid of, but you are too wimpy to fire him, there are some things you can do to make him miserable enough to start looking for a new job, just to get the heck out of Dodge. Here are 10 of them: 1. Lower pay. It’s perfectly legal (as […]

Internal Job Applicant Has Privacy Concerns about the Interview Process

I recently applied for, and was offered, a desired position in my current workplace. When the interview was set up, appointments were made on Outlook with my name in the subject, and the purpose of the meeting. The sheet was printed off and used as a reservation schedule for the boardroom for the day. In […]

Unpolished Problems: How to politely enforce your dresscode

“We have a male employee whose large belly makes his shirt buttons pop open, leaving his skin exposed. We also have a female employee who has gained weight over time but has not purchased new clothing. Her tight clothing reveals her undergarments. This is a horribly awkward and uncomfortable situation, but their attire is not […]

Things You Wish Your Co-workers wouldn’t do

Have you had an annoying co-worker or known someone who had an annoying co-worker or have you been an annoying co-worker? I’m looking for ideas of things that annoy the snot out of you in an office environment. Think about the person who cooked smelly things in the microwave, and the co-worker who constantly  lectures […]

How to hire an employment lawyer

I frequently tell people it’s time to hire an attorney. For instance, I got an email from someone yesterday, who believes he’s been illegally terminated from the Philly school district. His assigned union rep is best buddies with the principal who fired him. There isn’t a blooming thing I can do from Switzerland about about […]

Why Won’t a Nonprofit Provide a Christmas Party for Employees?

I’m interested in your thoughts and experience with the not for profit sector and Christmas. We know that while the skills to do non-profit work are usually high, the wages are often low. People accept this as par for the course of doing good work. But usually the Christmas parties suck. Done on minimal, if […]

Your supervisor doesn’t have to stop your mean co-worker

I am having an issue at work with a coworker at work that I am hoping you can help me with.  This coworker is constantly coming to assumptions that I am doing my job wrong and blaming me for things.  Most of the time she is blaming me for things that are not my fault.  […]

How You Should Manage Depression in the Workplace

While holiday cheer is a great thing for many of us, some of us suffer from depression, and the holidays can be an additional stressor. “High expectations, money woes, and other holiday hazards can spell trouble for anyone, but especially those prone to depression,” according to So, what should you do in the office? […]

Will asking for a bullying policy make me a target?

After a nasty episode with a Director at our organization (I am not a director so there is a power imbalance here), I am considering asking our HR department to adopt a workplace bullying policy similar to the one SHRM (Society for Human Resources Management) has in their archives of samples and templates. I reviewed […]

5 Ways to Maximize Productivity During the Holidays

While on the one hand, December can be an extremely productive month when you consider all aspects of your life, it can be a complete drag at work because you’re doing so much shopping, cooking, and party organizing outside of work. This can make you tired and tempted to slack off at work. Unfortunately, though, […]

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