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Can I please take a lunch break?

I was just reading a great article you wrote titled Can you be fired for skipping lunch. I have a question that has been pestering me for a while. I am an hourly worker and it’s normal for all my team members to work through lunches. Sometimes we take a 15-20 minute lunch maybe once […]

Can Companies Cut Salary When I Move to a New Location?

To keep things short and simple, I work at a corporate business. When I first started working, my hourly wage was X, then I transferred stores (and regions) and my hourly wage was lowered to Y due to “cost of living and change of work status”. By meaning of work status, they said I was […]

5 Ways to Evaluate MOOCs on a Resume

Guillaume Dumas, a 28-year-old Canadian, made headlines recently when he announced that he had obtained an Ivy League education for free by sneaking in to classes at prestigious universities. His story — coupled with the skyrocketing costs of a college education — raised serious doubts about the value of a diploma. With tuition costs rising […]

Can you fire a pregnant employee?

I was an assistant manager at a restaurant in California. I’m pregnant and have noticed that my general manager began treating me strangely. Then they promoted an employee to be assistant manager, then another day a new person was hired as assistant manager, making 3 assistant managers! The same day the new assistant manager began working, […]

15 True Tales of Job Interview Embarrassment

Job interviews are often awful–even when we do well. Sometimes, though, we torpedo our own chances by opening our own mouths. Here are 20 true stories of interviews gone wrong: When honesty is not the best policy 1. I once interviewed for a job as a diversity trainer. “Why do you want the job?” they […]

20 Embarrassing Things Never to Say in a Job Interview

We all have to do job interviews–either as the candidate or as the boss interviewing candidates. (We’ve all been the candidate at one time or another, regardless of where we sit now.) Lots of different topics come up in job interviews, and conversations go all over the place, but there are 20 words and phrases […]

Will this go on my permanent record?

I was reading your article and had a few questions in regards to larger companies. What happens after the company has fired the accused? Are legal charges ever brought up? What if the accused was fired but didn’t actually commit the harassment? Does it go on a public record? Your teachers liked to threaten students […]

Is my exempt boss double dipping?

The VP of hospital operations recently came to our skilled nursing facility, which is a part of the hospital. She asked what our census was, 2 patients, and then pulled our administrator into the office for a talk. When she emerged 30 minutes later our administrator followed shortly after. She, then proceeded to inform me […]

5 Reasons You Should Strive for Mediocrity

A meme appeared on my Facebook feed with the following text: Always remember: The Squeaky wheel gets outsourced High achievers end up working unpaid overtime No good deed goes unpunished Dare to be adequate! True? False? There is absolutely some truth to those principles. If you annoy the boss enough, she won’t fight to save […]

Leaders Set the Pace Through Their Expectations and Example

Many years ago, I interviewed for what turned out to be my very first job managing people. I was naive and optimistic, a fact which must have amused the VP of HR who interviewed me. She asked, “Why do you want to manage people?” I don’t remember my exact answer, but it was something along […]

Wanted: Your embarrassing interview stories

Inc has asked me to write an article about things NOT to say in a job interview. I thought stories would be more fun than a list. Have you ever thoroughly embarrassed yourself in a job interview? Or interviewed someone who embarrassed himself? Send me an email ( or write a comment.

Is a Poisonous Attitude Reason to Fire an Employee?

An employee with a tremendous amount of knowledge is bitter and angry all of the time. She is very good at her job. She also believes that everyone else is incompetent at theirs. This person used to have a leadership position but no longer does. She was very harsh and critical and used her authority […]

My boss put everyone’s salaries up on a power point slide

A few weeks ago during a department meeting, the general manager put all of our salaries in an overhead screen projection and exposed all of us to each other. The salary info included someone who was recently fired.   I am still stunned!  While I am trying to figure out what the purpose of this […]

An HR Manager on a Power Trip

We are in the midst of a reorganization. My current (soon to be former) title is simple and straightforward – Customer Service Manager. I had a staff of 3 reps, whom I managed along with the department. Our company has decided to follow the model of our UK partner, and dissolve the customer service department, […]

How to Give Women in Male-Dominated Roles a Fair Shake

Ellen Pao claims that Venture Capitalist Firm, Kleiner Perkins Caulfield & Byers,discriminated against her because she is female. They claim that she wasn’t a team player and lacked leadership skills. It’s highly possible that both Pao and the Kleiner Perkin leadership team are telling the truth. How could that possibly be true? Because being a […]

7 Critical Skills Successful People Have

What skills do you really need to succeed? In school, they taught us history and algebra and if we got good SAT scores they said we’d succeed. But, are those the skills we really need? Developmental psychologist Susan Engel researched the skills that actually predicted success. I’ll give you a hint–differential calculus isn’t on the […]

The Costs (and Benefits) of Employee Turnover

Smart businesses are concerned about turnover, because turnover is expensive. When you need to replace an employee, you’re out the following costs. High Cost of Employee Turnover Recruiting costs. These can be high or low, depending on your organization and the level of the position. A grocery store that is constantly recruiting and hiring cashiers […]

Flexing Hours for Salaried Exempt Employees

I have some newly installed supervisors who don’t seem to understand what salaried exempt means. I am an HR Manager new to the organization and apparently they have never had a “real” HR Manager. At any rate, we have board meetings, after hours meetings, before hours meetings and even some meetings on the weekend (it’s […]

A co-worker’s seedy past

It was recently discovered that a “Team Lead” at my business has an extensive past in the adult porn video business, starring in videos and producing. Many of the female staff are uncomfortable taking direction from her now. I spoke with a female Vice President and advised that the whole floor knows of this woman’s […]

Relocation: Locking it Down

Last year, I paid someone to relocate for a position with our company. I had the person sign a contract requiring repayment if she left before one year. At one year and two weeks, she quit. Now I need to find someone else, and it’s looking like I need to recruit from out of the […]

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