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5 Simple Things the US Should Adopt from Europe

I’m an American who lives in Europe—Switzerland to be exact, and I’m home for a visit. I love Europe and I love America, but both could use a bit of infusion from the other to make things better off. (And when I say Europe, I want to...Show More Summary

In Japan, Working From Home Is a Government Supported Activity

Americans love to telecommute. 34 percent of Americans work at least 4 days a week from home. Only 4 percent of Japanese work from home at least one day per week. The Japanese government wants this to change. Why? Two big reasons: To...Show More Summary

Deloitte Says It’s Time To End Affinity Groups

Does your company have a bunch of “affinity” groups? For instance, a women’s group, a gay group, or an African American group? Lots of companies do. The idea is that if you bring people who share characteristics together they can help each other succeed. Show More Summary

Homeland Security Issues New Non-Skilled Visas to Save Maine from Hiring Local

Businesses in Maine that operate in the summer tourism industry have a problem: Not enough visas available to hire their summer staffs. So, horror of horrors, they are having to (gasp!) do things like increase salary, and changing schedules to attract local talent. Show More Summary

The Feng Shui of Office Designs

Office designs are often the last thing on a manager’s mind. You want the best people doing the best job, but does wall color or cubical height matter? Can’t you just stick the new guy in the corner? It may be easier to just move into whatever space you’ve rented, but instead, you should stop […] The post The Feng Shui of Office Designs appeared first on Evil HR Lady.

Have a Great Startup Idea? Don’t Move to Idaho. Here’s Why.

In a free market, the company with the most to offer an employee gets the best employees. That’s fair. Idaho just made it one of the hardest places to attract new talent. Why? Non-compete agreements. A non-compete agreement limits what...Show More Summary

5 Ways to Approach Open Enrollment Correctly

Your employees can only change their health insurance once a year during the open enrollment period, unless they have a qualifying life event, according to The Balance. With this in mind, it’s important that they get it right when they make changes. Show More Summary

Cracking the Trip Advisor Restaurant Code

Some people travel to see sights. I travel to eat. And, since there is only a limited amount of meals you can eat on any given trip, if you want to make the most of those, you use online tools to help you find restaurants. TripAdvisor is...Show More Summary

Vacation Time for Exempt Employees

I received the following email from a reader: All of our employees (exempt & non-exempt) receive vacation time. We have an issue with how some of our exempt employees report their vacation hours. If they answer (literally) an email or...Show More Summary

Handle Mental Health Issues the Right Way

Mental health is an important part of your employees’ health, but while we know how to hand out ibuprofen for a headache or a bandage for a paper cut, we’re often at a loss when it comes to mental health issues. Depression is a common problem. At any point, 3 percent to 7 percent of […] The post Handle Mental Health Issues the Right Way appeared first on Evil HR Lady.

If You Give a Cop a Cookie You Might Get Suspended

Let’s say you manage a cookie store and you have a teenage boy working for you. A police officer, in uniform, comes through this boy’s line and orders a cookie. The boy, wanting to thank the police officer for his service uses his own money to pay for the cop’s cookie. Show More Summary

Managing an Insubordinate Subordinate

I recently received a promotion, so two months ago I hired “Jane” to assume the role of my former position. Since she’s been here, Jane has constantly undermined me. She has told lies about my character and my productivity to other employees. Show More Summary

Yes, a Reporter Got Kicked Out of Congress for a Sleeveless Shirt. Can We Stop the Whining?

CBS News reports that a “young female reporter” was not allowed into the speaker’s lobby, which is outside the House Chamber in the Capitol because her shirt was sleeveless. “Apparently, the coverage of women’s toes and shoulders is important business for the current House leader,” whined Jezebel writer Stassa Edwards. Show More Summary

The Key to Managing People You Don’t Like

When you get promoted to a managerial position, you don’t automatically gain managerial skills that allow you to easily treat people fairly. You’re still the same person you were the day before, and let’s face that—that probably means you don’t like everyone equally. Show More Summary

Your Customers Want Service. Are You Listening?

Dr. Serhan Ili shared these thoughts about customer service on LinkedIn the other day. I found it to be pretty accurate (although a little simplistic, as everything is more complicated than a bullet-pointed list would suggest). He wrote: Amazon didn’t kill the retail industry. Show More Summary

What Uber’s Kalanick and Chris Christie Have in Common.

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie closed all the state beaches due to a budget impasse, then he and his family enjoyed a private beach vacation. Private, because everyone else couldn’t come because he closed the beaches. Silicon Valley...Show More Summary

Is This Time Theft?

I have a question which hopefully you can answer this before I make a mistake and argue my point. I work as a paramedic which I work on an ambulance and with a partner. We just received a memo stating if for any reason our partner didn’t show up to work we would not be paid […] The post Is This Time Theft? appeared first on Evil HR Lady.

When HR Makes a $2,666,594.03 Mistake

We’ve all made mistakes at work, but have you made a $2,666,594.03 mistake? On one employee? Hold onto your hats, because you don’t want this to happen to you. Here’s what happened. Trico Products Corporation laid off Francois El-Hayek after 28 years of service. Show More Summary

How to Avoid Painfully Awkward Hugs in the Workplace

The above picture is hilarious because it’s so awkward. Prime Minister Narendra Modi loves hugging. Trump, not so much. It’s pretty obvious. Trump isn’t the only world leader to have been on the receiving end of a Modi embrace: The hugging...Show More Summary

When Your Employee Needs Major Surgery: What You Need to Know

Big companies generally have plans in place for when an employee needs major surgery. Small businesses, on the other hand, probably have never dealt with a scenario like this before. If this situation arises at your company, you may struggle with what to do, at first. Show More Summary

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