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The 5 Attitudes that Stifle Creativity

To be a successful entrepreneur, you need to come up with new ideas–or at least a new way to do an old idea. If you’re no better than the competition, you won’t succeed. And if you can come up with something entirely new that has no competition? You win. But creativity is a challenge and […]

3 Management Lessons From a Turkish Wedding

Most people spend their time at weddings drinking and eating cake. I look for keys to making better managers, and therefore, better businesses. We spent last weekend at my sister-in-law’s wedding, in Adana, Turkey. Her new husband is Turkish and the wedding was in his home town (where they now live). Here are 3 lessons […]

Is there too much emphasis on college degrees?

Walmart’s (WMT) chief spokesman, David Tovar, resigned recently after the retail giant discovered that he lied on his resume. Tovar said he had graduated from the University of Delware in 1996, when in reality he had not finished his coursework for the degree. Tovar is out of a job because he lied. I have no […]

When your salary truly is unfair

Most big companies have someone monitoring compensation, making sure that things are pretty much fair. But, sometimes, things fall through the cracks. And, unfortunately, sometimes the big boss doesn’t care about fair, but just cares about paying people as little as possible. You can’t blame a business owner for wanting to make a profit. After […]

Bullying a common problem at work

Ever been bullied at work? If so, you’re not close to being alone. A new survey by job-search site CareerBuilder found that 28 percent of U.S. employees have experienced bullying at work. The employees most likely to feel bullied on the job are the disabled, with 44 percent of people with disabilities reporting that they […]

6 questions for companies changing a dress code

Walmart’s (WMT) recent decision to enforce a new dress code for employees by the end of September has put a spotlight on the issue and raised some thorny questions. For instance, what’s the difference between a dress code and a uniform? Plus, the move has many Walmart employees upset because buying new clothes is an […]

6 Tips for refreshing your resume

You’re perfectly happy in your current job, and everything seems to be going well, so no need to update your resume, right? Hardly. Writing a resume can be tedious, and it’s difficult to remember the things you accomplished in your last position. That means you should update your resume often. If it’s been more than […]

Why I don’t care that Steve Jobs didn’t let his kids use Ipads

The shocking reason Steve Jobs didn’t let his kids use Ipads! And several click-baity variations of that have been floating around my Facebook page, with parents giving all sorts of commentary on how the elite make these things to control the masses but they don’t let their precious offspring near them! Whatever. Steve Jobs also […]

You Can’t Quit, You’re Fired

Sometimes, the best thing for your business is to fire someone. Sometimes the worst thing for your business is to fire someone. I got an email from Kelli, who worked for a small start up. The boss was somewhat volatile and erratic. His business partners had even hired a counselor to try to smooth the […]

Fast food protesters may get less than they expected

ull confession. I really like fast food. I love McDonald’s. I love Burger King. I love Wendy’s. I love the newer breed of fast food too — like Chipotle, Panera Bread and anything else, really. I realize it isn’t the healthiest thing ever, and it’s more money than I like to spend, so our family […]

And The Winner Is…Hiring Like Miss America

Going on a job interview is a lot like participating in a beauty pageant, but it absolutely should not be that way. Last night Miss New York, Kira Kazantsev, won the 2015 Miss America Pageant, and joins a small but beautiful group of women to wear the crown. As a child, my sisters and I […]

Bad Boss of the Week: When You Shouldn’t Ask Employees What They Think of You

Employee surveys are awesome. You can find out what your employees are thinking. But today’s Bad Boss of the Week? He shouldn’t have asked. Here is what happened: I, and everyone in my department is salaried exempt. We all have at least 20 years experience and advance degrees. Every year the company does a “company […]

Free Food Makes Employees Happy, So Naturally the IRS Wants to Tax It

If there’s food at a meeting, you’ll get higher turnout. OK, I just made that up, but I think a government grant is in order for me to study that very principle, and I suspect that when the results come back indicating that my thesis is correct, everyone will say, “Duh.” People love free food. […]

Finding the Perfect Fit

About 70 percent of my team are introverts, and all of them were here when I came on board as a manager. They won’t come together to solve problems. We have weekly staff meetings and give everyone an opportunity to speak so we can coordinate and work together, but I get the sense that they […]

Why Good Leaders Fire People

Can we please just fire people? Every week I get two or three emails like this one: “I was just told, I must resign by October 1st, due to a policy change. Can they actually do that even if I haven’t seen the new policy hand book? Will I be able to file for unemployment? […]

These internships lead to actual jobs

When you finish school, you want to have a job. The best way to get a job is to have an internship. But, not all internships are created equal. Not all industries are created equal, either. You’re more likely to find a job, period, internship or not, if you’ve trained in certain areas. So, if […]

What if you’re being pressured to resign?

Sometimes a boss wants to fire an employees, but for some reason he’s not straight-out honest. Instead of saying, “I’m terminating your employment. Today is your last day. Here’s your paperwork, and you will receive your last paycheck in one week,” the boss says, “You have to sign this letter of resignation.” Take, Stephanie (who didn’t […]

Why ‘Wage Theft’ Should Scare You

“Wage theft” has a really scary sound to it. It sounds like some sleazy scheme concocted in smokey back rooms, or perhaps, street thugs hanging out in dark alleys, and stealing paychecks at gun point. What it really is, is underpaying people. For instance, not payingovertime when it’s legally owed. As a business owner, you should cringe when […]

Brace Yourself For Gen Z

Right now they are teenagers, and probably buying some of your stuff (if you’re an App maker), but soon they’ll be knocking on your door for internships and jobs. Are you prepared? Randstad Corporation, in conjunction with Millennial Branding, released a new study today on the differences between Generation Y (ages 21 to 32) and Generation Z (ages 16 to 20). […]

Being the Boss Means You Can Do What You Want (But That’s Not Always Advisable)

One of the reasons entrepreneurs start their own businesses is that they are tired of being told what to do. The flip side though, is that once you hire your first employer, you become responsible for your employees. There are a lot of things you can do that you should not do. For instance, you should not have […]

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