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5 Tips to Help Your Employees Perform Under Pressure

Many people can do a great job when they have sufficient time and no stress. Others actually need some pressure and stress to get a project done. What you want is for all of your employees to be able to perform under pressure. Here’s what you need to think about to help them dealwith pressure. It Begins […]

Stay Engaged: Why You Should Start Planning Your Summer Vacation Now

Both St. Patrick’s day and Easter are over and you should already have your summer vacation plan well under way. Why? And furthermore, why on earth would an HR columnist care one whit about your summer vacation? Well, partly because I love vacation. It’s a top priority for my family and me, and in fact, I’ve […]

Tap Into Your Emotions: Why EQ Could Be More Important Than IQ

We all know it’s important to be smart. But being smart doesn’t have to mean a super high IQ, of course, it can mean being a normal human with a lot of knowledge about your particular area of expertise. Having a high IQ can be very helpful to a successful career, but it might not […]

Round One and Done: How to Ace the Screening Interview

When you read job hunting advice columns, they’ll often tell you that the easiest way to get a job is to jump over the recruiter and get straight to the hiring manager. This is great advice, but in many companies, it’s almost impossible unless you already have a relationship with the hiring manager. Hiring is […]

10 of the Strangest True Interview Questions

When you go for a job interview, it’s always a mystery what questions they’ll ask. Some hiring managers have a set of questions, all typed up, that they ask each candidate. Others like a more free-form interview, where the conversation just flows. And some places want you to present samples of your work, or even […]

Crowd Sourcing: What is the best interview question you have ever been asked?

When you were a job candidate. what is the best question a hiring manager/HR person/other person on the hiring panel ever asked you? Why was it a great question? Answer in the comments or send me an email at Looking forward to hearing your questions!

What to Do When: Your Manager Is an Idiot and Her Boss Doesn’t Care

Have you ever had a really rotten boss? One who yells, belittles people, creates unfair schedules, and is generally incompetent? Any one of those things stink, but sometimes you get stuck with all of them at once. Why on earth doesn’t her boss step in and handle this mess? Seriously, your boss either needs training […]

10 Simple Ways to Make Other People Happy

We here at Inc. give tons of good suggestions about how to make yourself happier. We had “10 Easy Ways to Make Yourself Happy in 2016,” “5 Secrets to a Balanced, Happy Life,” and “5 Daily Habits of Remarkably Happy People,” all within the past few weeks. These articles are all fabulous, but what if we want to make other […]

The Most Popular Lies Recruiters Hear Every Day (and Why You Should Avoid Them)

If you think you’ve heard it all, you’re either a therapist or a recruiter. (Of course,sometimes people treat their recruiters and HR people in general like therapists, but that’s another post.) The thing is, when much of your job is spent evaluating people and talking with them, you learn to spot lies pretty darn quick. […]

Sorry about the lack of posts

I was here: And here: And eating this (I made this): So, I kind of forgot about work for a while. Which is the purpose of vacation. But now I’m back and pretending to think about employee engagement and compensation plans that work and such, but really, I’m planning our next exotic adventure.

Why the Tooth Fairy is the Worst Business Example

There are three major magical gift giving people in my children’s world: Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, and the Tooth Fairy. Let’s face it-the first two are awesome. They show up on time and with the goods. But the last? Many, many Tooth Fairies are horrible, unreliable, and sometimes even resort to exchanging the tooth […]

When TMI Is a Good Idea

I’m going through a nasty divorce. My soon to be ex has 3 families willing to file HIPAA complaints at the hospital where I am a nurse case manager and have worked for 24 years. I don’t know what the supposed complaints are, and I don’t recall ever violating PHI to him or anyone else. […]

Why It’s Time to Stop Bashing Trump (and Hillary)

I grew up in a town where Bill Clinton came in third in the 1992 presidential election. Then I moved to Long Island, where Clinton was considered a bit too conservative. I’ve lived in the midwest, the south, the east coast and Europe and I’ve gathered friends from all these places. The result of this, […]

A Terrible Practical Joke

I’m a contractor for a fairly large consulting firm. The client site I work at has a handful of government employees, and most of the rest of us are contractors. A handful of folks from the office next door got together and played a prank on one of their own that I feel is highly […]

The C-Suite Responds: Are Piercings & Tattoos in the Workplace Still Taboo?

If you ever want to get a job, you can’t have tattoos or anything other than your ears pierced. (And if you’re male, you might want to skip the ear piercing as well.) That’s the conventional wisdom, right? And truth be told, it’s still not a bad idea. Unless you want a job where tattoos […]

Building a New HR Team Without Breaking the Bank

As soon as you hire your first employee, you need HR knowledge. As the number of employees at your company grows, you’ll need a whole HR team. That may sound ridiculous to a business leader looking to save on costs: After all, if you have 50 employees under your roof, it makes no sense to […]

When Rudeness at Work is Deadly

We’ve all encountered rude people at work, and most of us can just brush it off-understanding that we’re not at fault; the rude person is. However, a new study found out that rudeness can literally be deadly. A new study, “The Impact of Rudeness on Medical Team Performance: A Randomized Trial” found that rudeness damages […]

How to Hire Like ‘Star Wars’ Director J.J. Abrams

The heroes of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, were not what you’d expect typical Hollywood stars to be. The female lead, Rey, played by Daisy Ridley, was strong and smart, but at no point did she wear a skin tight dress or have her chest do the talking for her. The male lead, Finn, played by […]

Plan, Prepare, Conquer: How to Handle Leave of Absences Without Stressing Your Staff

Sooner or later you’re going to have an employee that needs to take a leave of absence. Most likely (if you have more than 50 people at your company), this LOA will be covered under the Familly Medical Leave Act (FMLA), which means that not only do you have to grant the leave, you can’t […]

Dilemma of the Month: When a Personal Matter Gets Professional

I am an exempt employee and have been working at my company for just under three years. I recently had a serious medical issue that required me to terminate a pregnancy for my own health. I’ve now had three doctor visits in comparatively short succession, and my supervisor is asking why. Since this is an […]

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