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Manager Belittles a New Employee, What Should She Do?

My boss told me off for not doing a task like I was a child. I was really shocked and stated the task was on my to do list however I got bogged down doing something else. I have just started the job but she does not show me how to do things. When I […]

Should an Employer Increase Employee Hours with No Extra Pay?

The office I work in will be moving from a 38.75 work week to a 40 hour work week. The current thinking is that salaries should remain the same after hours are increased. This doesn’t affect exempt employees so much (most work over 40 hours) but does mean a pay cut for all full-time non-exempt […]

My boss found out I’m job hunting

I have worked as an office manager for seven years. I recently inquired about a position with closer to my children and home. I filled out a profile online and listed my current boss as a reference. He now feels like I could leave at any moment even though I told him I was not […]

The Easy Way to Expand Your Talent Pool

You need great employees, but there’s a talent shortage. So, you are fighting for all the best people with all your competitors. But, there’s a talent pool out there that many companies neglect: Stay at home moms. I know it might seem a bit silly to be looking at these women as part of your […]

Two Seemingly Harmless Words to Leave Out of a Job Description

Cisco is looking for “A digital native with true love for all things mobile, and a social person by nature.”Jumpstart Automotive Group would really like to find a, “Sr Marketing Manager–Digital Native Needed!” Those are just two listings from five pages of results for companies looking for “digital native” at Meanwhile, other companies are […]

5 Ways to Keep Your Star Employees From Walking Away

When you have a great team, the last thing you want to do is see them go on their way. We talk a lot about recruiting great talent, but when it comes down to it, your recruiting efforts are worthless if your company is a revolving door. You need to retain your top talent in order to […]

6 Tips to Help New Employees Meet the Boss’s Expectations

I joined my financial services firm seven months ago. I interviewed for a senior manager role, but was offered a lesser role due to the firm’s pending sale. I was told that I could attain the role after working for at least one year. I accepted, even though it was a demotion and a big […]

6 Tips about How HR Can Best Handle Employee Complaints

I work in a growing casino in the south west and lately I’ve been getting complaints from employees that make me feel like a high school guidance counselor more than anything. “My supervisor is mean to me. She yells at me in front of other coworkers and tells me to do my job.” “My supervisor […]

5 Job Hunting Myths That Need to Die a Horrible Death

“Using Times New Roman is the typeface equivalent of wearing sweatpants to an interview,” according to a new article in Bloomberg. Things like this make steam come out of my ears. It’s one of those job hunting myths that need to die. Here are 5 of the worst. Typeface matters for your resume. Okay, if […]

If Bruce Jenner Were Your Employee

Bruce Jenner just announced “For all intents and purposes, I’m a woman.” Now, as much fun as it is to discuss this on a gossipy level and get quotes from his Kardashian step children, what if Jenner were your employee? When a biological male announces that he intends to live life as a she, how […]

How to Be as Happy as a Swiss Person Without Moving Across the Globe

The latest World Happiness Report is out and the country I call home, Switzerland, is number one for happiness. I didn’t get a chance to read it the day it came out because I was too busy yodeling, eating chocolate and skiing down the alps to have time to read. Okay, I was eating chocolate, […]

Is HR Legally Liable for a Boss’s Bad Behavior?

I am a subscriber to your HR newsletter on I don’t remember ever seeing anything about when HR people (or non-HR people who are in charge of HR) could end up being implicated or in trouble in situations. I am asking this because I am in a situation where I have no HR background, […]

5 Reasons You Should Hire Someone Who Has Been Fired

Hiring the right person is hard. It’s truly difficult to judge someone’s value based on atwo-page summary of her career and a few interviews. Therefore, hiring managers use something called proxies to help determine someone’s potential. One of these proxies is a college degree, another is current employment. Many managers reject anyone who is not currently […]

Please put down your phone

I’m a member of the management team (3 of us who directly report to the CEO), in a start-up company with 12 people. Our office is very casual, but we work really hard. We’re not strict about start times or dress codes or lunch breaks. I would truly describe everyone at the company as an […]

The Consequences of Unfair Pay

I am the only female software engineer in a department of thirty. When I started, two years ago, my salary was $70k, which I accepted because I was coming off a medical leave. I went to my boss and explained that I had worked there loyally for two years without raises understanding that my medical […]

Need 6 Strategies to Promote the Growth of Your Employees?

One of the best things ever as a manager is when you hire someone new who is awesome. Your new hire jumps right in and solves problems, builds relationships, thinks up new ideas. In short, you couldn’t hope for a better employee. On the other hand, one of the worst things is when you hire someone new […]

Why Hillary Clinton’s Tipping Matters to a Startup

Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton did not–I repeat not–leave a tip in the tip jar at Chipotle on a recent visit. The horror of it all, right? It’s not a sit-down restaurant. The employees aren’t receiving a paycheck based on the idea that they are eligible for tips. If you were to put money into a […]

Donkey Hiking Part II

Some of you may have remembered that last year we went hiking with Donkeys in southern France. We had such a good time we decided to do it again, but on a more difficult trail. That was dumb. So, for that week where I totally disappeared, that’s what I was doing. I had planned to […]

How to Build a Better Marijuana Policy

A little more than 6 years ago, my American husband received a job offer in Switzerland. Being that I was working as a labor and employment law consultant in the United States, I asked him, “How are they doing the drug test? Do they contract with someone local? Does the US office of their company […]

5 Ways Smart People Are Solving Income Inequality

Yesterday was “equal pay day day” which is supposed to represent how far a woman needs to work into 2015 to make as much income as a man did in 2014. While lots of people disagree with the premise that the difference in pay is based on discrimination (the Washington Post, for instance, gives the […]

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