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Why Going Back to School Mid-Career May Be the Best Career Move You Ever Make

This is a guest post by Dan Lauer. “As a young man, my grandfather gave me some advice: ‘Get with a good company, and stay for 40 years,'” said Charlie Hoffman, dean of the UMSL College of Business. “Those who did that are now finding themselves in their late 50s — at the edge of retirement [...]Show More Summary

Step-by-Step Approach to Finding a New Job

When it comes to your career, you’re always going to have ups and downs. Although you may have dreams of what your ideal job will be, you won’t always get there right away. Nor will you experience an easy ride for getting there. Because each of our career paths will always be unique. And coming [...]Show More Summary

6 Good Reasons To Look For A New Job

If you fancy the challenge of a new career, any time is a good time to look for a new job. However, in certain circumstances you may be torn as to whether leaving your current job is the right decision. There may be perks to your current job such as good pay or flexible work [...]Show More Summary

4 Mistakes That Your SME Should Avoid Making

Even for the most seasoned entrepreneurs, running a successful business requires a lot of experimentation. You can develop an amazing business planning, create a product or service that is invaluable, and take the time to learn from the best mentors, but if you end up making more errors than successes in terms of how you [...]Show More Summary

Graduate Employment: Making Yourself Stand Out Online

Finding a job has never been easy, but when the internet came along – things were meant to improve, right? While it is easier to search and apply for jobs online, it hasn’t necessarily become easier to land your dream job thanks to the wealth of competition that’s out there. Image: Pxhere The job market [...]Show More Summary

5 Working Guidelines for New Medical Assistants

If you are working as a medical assistant, you have an ever demanding job. The most challenging part is starting your job because you won’t be prepared what’s waiting for you. To help you for a great start, and maintain yourself, we are giving you a few tips you should mind.   Stay Organized Being [...]Show More Summary

5 Ways to Grow Your Company Without Losing the Culture

One of the biggest fears for business owners when they are growing their company is that they will lose the culture that helped them to stand out in the first place. If you are wanting to expand your company but you are worried about the effect that it could have on your company, this article [...]Show More Summary

Making Your Own Way In Marketing

It seems like every year, more and more graduates flood into the world of marketing. It’s not hard to see why. Marketing offers a dynamic, creatively led environment in which people can demonstrate creative problem solving skills while flexing their artistic muscles, bringing creative solutions to bear on the needs of businesses of all shapes [...]Show More Summary

Dissatisfied at Work? Three Questions to Ask to Get Your Career on Track.

Unless we are born with a radical wealth to guide us, we must work to earn our living. Even those who happen upon a massive inheritance must also find something to fill their days. Simply sitting around and playing video games all day does get boring and is unsatisfying, as is a life of full [...]Show More Summary

How Outplacement Counseling Can Help Your Job Search

Getting laid off is never easy. These days, many companies offer less in terms of severance pay, continued benefits, and outplacement counseling. But if you’re laid off and your company offers outplacement counseling, you should take advantage of it. It may even be worth paying for your own outplacement counseling to smooth the transition to [...]Show More Summary

Want To Make A Change In Your Career? Now Is The Time

No matter whether it is the beginning of the year, half way through, the end or randomly in the middle of a month, changing your career is something you should do exactly when the timing feels right. You may have different reasons to try something new, go for a promotion or change your job, so [...]Show More Summary

How Your Resume Makes or Breaks Your First Impression

You have only a few seconds to make a strong first impression. That stands true in one-on-one interactions as well as virtual ones. Just take your resume as an example and put yourself in the shoes of a potential recruiter. Would you waste your time on a CV that looks messy and unprofessional? But, here’s [...]Show More Summary

Ratchet Up Your Network by Connecting with a Connector

This is a guest post by Vicky Oliver. In today’s virtually connected world, anyone who thinks that building a network of business prospects or promoters is only a matter of beefing up their social media profile is losing out. Amassing LinkedIn connections or blasting out tweets alone don’t usually lead to fruitful results with the professionals [...]Show More Summary

5 Things You Should Never Let Blight Your Career

If you’re feeling a little disillusioned regarding your career situation right now, that’s not a problem. We’ve all been there and we’ve all experienced career setbacks of one kind or another. Rather than worrying about these issues too much, you should start to look for ways in which you can push on and defy the [...]Show More Summary

20 Things People Do When They’re Bored at Work

Beating the winter blahs may be a real concern at work. In a survey from OfficeTeam, professionals admit they’re bored in the office an average of 10.5 hours per week. That’s more than a full day a week, or the equivalent of 68 days a year! And 2 in 5 employees (40%) said it’s likely they’d quit [...]Show More Summary

Top Reasons for Growth in Healthcare Employment Opportunities

If you’re looking for a career in an industry that is lucrative, stable, and provides room for growth, the healthcare sector is one to consider. Showing no signs of slowing down, it is projected that there will be an increase of 22% or roughly 3.2 million new jobs by the year 2018. With that many [...]Show More Summary

7 Skills Smart People Develop Early In Their Career

Many people work so hard to get their dream job, but not everyone gets there. So if you’re one of the lucky few who has successfully gotten on the corporate ladder, don’t take it for granted. You may be thinking that things will even get better over time, but that’s necessarily the case. You’re being [...]Show More Summary

Some Careers That Don’t Require Much Experience But Passion

This is going to be a hard question to answer for a lot of you. Sometimes it is hard to know whether you’re in the right career for you as you might be happy in the one you’re in, but you know it’s not actually the career you want to do in life. The best [...]Show More Summary

Two Simple and Effective Ways to get your New Business Thrive

Whether starting a new business or pivoting on an existing one, there comes a time in every businesses’ life when more is required of it. Whether it’s because of tougher competition, or because of a larger amount of clients which then requires you to expand your business to accommodate the larger user base, something always [...]Show More Summary

Develop Your Skill Set To Succeed As An Entrepreneur

Working for yourself is a lot of responsibility to take on. No job that has come before would have been quite so diverse and demanding. Yet we choose to become an entrepreneur to enjoy more freedom and better working hours! It takes experience and confidence to be able to start a business. If you feel [...]Show More Summary

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