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7 Career Options on a Platter with a Culinary Arts Program

When we think of culinary school or culinary arts the first thing that comes to our mind is cooking. We think of chefs making fancy dishes and desserts at five-star hotels and restaurants. Learning how to cook is a major part of a culinary arts program, but there is so much more to culinary school [...]Show More Summary

Top Career Ideas For People Who Want To Learn On The Job

It can be difficult to find the perfect career, especially if you have no formal qualifications or experience. That is the main reason many people find themselves working in boring factories or warehouses for their entire life. You want to avoid doing that at all costs. Believe me; I’ve been there before, and it’s not [...]Show More Summary

What you must know to launch a career in law

A career in law is not only stimulating for the brain, but financially rewarding too. When you tell people you have a career in law, people are often impressed and will ask many questions (which can sometimes be a little annoying). There are many different careers in law, so you’ll need to decide which one [...]Show More Summary

Life Lessons You Didn’t Learn In College-But Will Need at Work

Post by Vicky Oliver Millennials, or people born between 1983 and 1999, are a talented generation of workers, bringing with them new skills to the workplace. And while this generation has been studied a lot, not all studies concur on their conclusions. Are our youngest employees more socially conscious than previous generations? More into life [...]Show More Summary

Career as a Special Education Needs Teacher

You need to be a special kind of person to go into teaching. But, it takes someone with a different skill set and attitude to become a Special Education Needs teacher. A Special Education Needs (SEN) teacher can be a very varied and exciting role. Yet many potential teachers are put off as it can [...]Show More Summary

5 Must Have Items In Your Startup Office

When starting your own business it is important to get everything right the first time round. There is no better place to start than in your office. Having a workspace, which suits your style of business and work ethic is vital. For the young crowd it is important that their workspace is a place filled [...]Show More Summary

Career as a Special Education Needs Teacher [Infographic]

You need to be a special kind of person to go into teaching. But, it takes someone with a different skill set and attitude to become a Special Education Needs teacher. A Special Education Needs (SEN) teacher can be a very varied and exciting role. Yet many potential teachers are put off as it can [...]Show More Summary

Career in Mental Health Nursing

Mental health nursing is a very rewarding job. If you are passionate about people, then you will want to embark on a career in psychiatric and mental health nursing. Money is secondary when you care about people and their health and well being. It’s not an easy path, the role is very complex and demanding. You [...]Show More Summary

Pros and Cons of Online Learning

Individuals who actively participate and are enrolled in online learning courses, or e-courses, are trying to improve their careers and online expertise – and generally succeed. In the US, in 2012, 5.5 million students took at least one online course (National Center for Education statistics). However, if you’re thinking of joining the ranks of the [...]Show More Summary

7 Most Common Negotiating Mistakes

While even the word “negotiation” can evoke fear, stress and anxiety for many, the intent is quite simple: to discuss and ultimately agree on a deal.  Whether it’s a multimillion dollar contract or just deciding where to meet for lunch, life is rife with negotiations.  And, the negotiation process is a lot like a chess [...]Show More Summary

Thinking of Giving Up? See this “Ibrahim Hamato – Nothing is Impossible”

Frustrated during your job search or a career not going the way you want it to? Despair and giving up would be natural thoughts but now and then someone or something inspires you. Perhaps this video would: “The unique story of a man from Egypt with no arms. He was invited as an honour guest [...]Show More Summary

How your Word Choice Affects your #JobSearch

Words have the power to influence, soothe, agitate or amaze. Using them carefully in your jobsearch may not seem that important to you at first thought, but the answer to success may lie in the trivial pursuit to write each word in your resume, your profile or cover letter in an impeccable way to impress and [...]Show More Summary

Planning a Career Change? Here are 4 Career Directions to Consider

When you have built your career to a certain level, it brings things like financial security for your family, as well as a good level of respect from your peers. Often though, people find that this isn’t enough and grow tiresome of the routine that they have fallen into and the industry in which they [...]Show More Summary

5 Tips to Adjust to Work Schedule Changes

Working odd hours, switching from a day job to one that requires you to pull all-nighters or moving from a part-time job to working full-time; change is never easy. When you are accustomed to a certain work schedule, adjusting to a new one can be tough. Making the transition easier requires making sacrifices and figuring out what’s [...]Show More Summary

5 Keys That Unlock Better Organizational Effectiveness

Everyone wants to make a big impact when it comes to organizational effectiveness. After all, reaching your desired outcomes and goals in the most efficient way possible will ensure ongoing and sustainable organizational success, and success is one of the happy harbingers of personal satisfaction. But organizational effectiveness can prove elusive — especially if one [...]Show More Summary

Social Work Career Is for Boys, Too: How to Increase the Number of Male Social Workers

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 80.3 percent of social workers are female. Of social workers under the age of 34, fewer than 10 percent are male. Many experts believe that the disparity has become harmful to men. Potential male clients might be less likely to avail themselves of needed social programs. Also, skilled [...]Show More Summary

What Makes you Happy at Work?

Recently, Randstad polled 7,000 people from around the country and asked them to define what factors determine employee happiness at work. And, let’s just say, people don’t want to be lounging around. On the contrary, and according to the Randstad 2013 Employer Branding Survey, people want to feel challenged, they want to be developing new [...]Show More Summary

5 Essentials to Kick Start your Jobsearch

“The secret of getting ahead is getting started. The secret of getting started is breaking your complex overwhelming tasks into small manageable tasks, and then starting on the first one.” ~ Mark Twain Get going on your job search but know what is essential first. The stronger you build on the basics and the foundation, [...]Show More Summary

Career as a Sound Engineer

These days telling people that you have made the decision to work in the music industry as stage crew doesn’t have the negative connotations it might have had in the past.   In the Sixties and Seventies rock music was seen as anti-establishment and declaring an interest in becoming involved was one step away from [...]Show More Summary

Use of Social Networks at work

Use of social networks at workplace – right or wrong or can be assigned to the gray area? Social networks are sometimes seen as platforms where employees lose time in their working hours, to the point that some companies have blocked access to these platforms for being considered a waste of time. In fact, there [...]Show More Summary

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