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Job Interviews – Ace the Most Common Questions

Advice for job interviews is everywhere, and a lot of it tends to cover the same basic range of information: look polished, be confident but humble, be on time, have questions to ask about the company or position, and so forth. But the truth is, most of these little tips are things that a well-prepared, [...]Show More Summary

10 Unique Ways to Seriously Grow Your Career

This is a guest post by Sarah Landrum. A strong commitment to lifelong learning has a large impact on the growth one experiences in his or her field. Growing in your career means you are seeking knowledge and experience that will push you forward and stretch you into new places. The key is to maximize [...]Show More Summary

How to Make a Fabulous First Impression Online

This is a guest post by Vicky Oliver. First impressions used to be made in person, but times have changed. Until recently, if you were in the job market, a headhunter or colleague might refer you for a specific position, then it would be up to you to dazzle a prospect with your intelligence, charm, [...]Show More Summary

11 Career Options For People Who Love To Travel

Finding a job that lets you explore the world is a dream come true for many. The thrill of waking up in a new city every morning and hitting the open road is wonderful. Of course, it’s not for everyone, but those with itchy feet will appreciate this article. For some people, it’s crucial to [...]Show More Summary

The 7 Personal Skills you need to Excel at a Nursing Career

Nurses are among the most respected professionals in the country. Their care and duty are second-to-none, and their hard-work is well recognized. Working as a nurse requires a very specific set of skills. The job is emotionally and physically draining, and the pressure is always high. Of course, the rewards are plentiful. Watching a patient [...]Show More Summary

3 Ways to Develop Better Willpower through Practice, Progression and Patience

This is a post by Merilee Kern. Willpower. We all want it. We all need it. But far too many of us just don’t have what it takes to stay resolute and determined when the going gets tough. Indeed, maintaining self-control and self-discipline when facing challenges at work and at home, or when aspiring toward [...]Show More Summary

5 Skills That Will Get You a Promotion

Success in the workplace is defined in different ways and depends on whom you ask. It could mean getting a raise, promotion or being happy at your job. There are skills you can put into practice that might help you get a faster promotion. Management looks for candidates that have specific job skills for promotion. [...]Show More Summary

4 Top priorities as a New CEO or Business Owner

Owning a business is fantastic for a number of reasons. You are your own boss. You can set your own hours and have lots of people to hand off duties too. You will have confidence and can feel self-assured you have made something that is yours. Success is fantastic. However, if you are considering starting [...]Show More Summary

How to Turn a Reorganization Into a Leadership Disaster

Today’s guest post is by Mike Figliuolo, co-author of Lead Inside the Box: How Smart Leaders Guide Their Teams to Exceptional Results (you can get your copy here). Here’s Mike: Quite often, departments are combined, split, or a team’s purpose is redefined. Reorganizations are disquieting. Leaders in this role face several challenges the Leadership Matrix  can [...]Show More Summary

4 Sure-Fire Strategies for Cultivating Consumer Trust

This is a guest post by Brian Greenberg. Flailing Consumer Confidence a Key Factor in Revenue Loss There’s been much researched and reported about why businesses don’t turn a profit—some chronically operating “in the red” month after month until failure finally ensues. In fact, reports reveal that a staggering 50% of new small businesses fail [...]Show More Summary

What Type of Procrastinator Are You? [Infographic]

Career success is dependent on our attitude, on how prudent we are at our tasks and on our ability to ward off procrastination. “Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. [...]Show More Summary

Five Obscure Jobs You’ve Probably Never Thought Of

It is a simple equation of supply and demand. The demand is high, but the supply is in, well short supply. That is the equation when it comes to these obscure jobs. Forget the office workers and secretaries, or the plumbers and the joiners; this bunch makes them look positively pedestrian! They are that obscure [...]Show More Summary

8 Reasons You Should Become A Dental Assistant

If you are looking for a new career but don’t quite know what you want to do, don’t worry. It’s perfectly normal to feel confused before choosing a new career. Making the decision to change career is a big deal, and it can sometimes take a while to work out what career path is the right [...]Show More Summary

Why Your Job Description Won’t Predict Happiness at Work

This is a guest post by Michael Lee Stallard   After years of patiently “paying your dues,” the big day is finally here: you are about to start your dream job. You are convinced that this new role is a perfect fit for your interests, strengths and experience and believe that at last you will discover [...]Show More Summary

Career Success through Social Media: Top Ten Tips for Creating a Perfect Twitter Profile

Guest Post by Germany Kent Twitter is a powerhouse platform for your career. For networking and professional growth, it’s a game-changer. And increasingly, companies and organizations are using it to search for talent. So what’s the secret to a successful Twitter presence? A great Twitter profile Creating an effective profile is one of the single [...]Show More Summary

5 Networking Tips for Trade Conferences

Trade conferences are hugely popular for a reason. One of the best ways to learn and connect with movers and shakers in particular business markets, attending conferences also provides a ton of benefits that can help attendees make important new connections and help advance their careers. But before you go on a spree registering for trade [...]Show More Summary

Valuable Tips on How to Network at a Professional Conference or Convention

The main reason that companies or professionals are interested in attending a conference would be to gain more knowledge or expertise in the field and to network. Today, there are a number of high quality conferences that are on all year long, but it is important to go into the conference with a healthy balance [...]Show More Summary

Things to Consider Before Accepting a Job Offer

Receiving a job offer is an exciting occasion. With today’s tough market, accepting the position could be a knee-jerk reaction. But before committing yourself to the new company, think long and hard about a number of work-related aspects. Sometimes these aspects are overlooked.  For some, these easily made decisions turn out to be long-term regrets [...]Show More Summary

5 Surprising Strategies to Increase Business Productivity and Profitability

De’Andre Salter discusses counterintuitive strategies to help business managers and owners reimagine their company with more meaning, purpose and urgency In today’s cut-throat business climate, the pressure to generate profits quickly is often unrelenting and intense. Show More Summary

Career in Event Management

Event managers support a wide range of events such as conferences, product launches, corporate events, festivals, sporting events or award ceremonies. Often tech companies and some other industries as well hire an event manager as part of their marketing team. For this job you must be prepared to work on your own and have the [...]Show More Summary

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