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Diversity and inclusion: the value of drama-based training in the workplace

A functional and efficient workplace doesn’t run on work ethic alone. For it to truly flourish, special attention needs to be taken to ensure there is a strong culture of respect in an organization. It’s important for modern businesses to consider that unconscious bias is a very real thing, and can massively impact vital relationships [...]Show More Summary

Why Choosing the Right Domain Name Matters for a New Business

Starting a new business? Gone through the checklist? How about your presence online? To begin with start on with finding the right name for your business and see how flexible you can be to change it in case you don’t find that domain name available. Not ready to agree on the importance of this statement? [...]Show More Summary

Why Looking Back is the Key to Moving Forward

This is a guest post by Scott Petinga   As a business leader, your focus is always moving forward…calculating that next move in your business strategy, the next goal or benchmark to be achieved, the next great innovation. Looking ahead is how I’m introduced to opportunities and possibilities.  Looking ahead also helps me avoid pitfalls or [...]Show More Summary

Searching for a Job? How to Make Social Media Work for You

In management studies, students are always told to get in the consumer’s shoes. When you know what your audience wants, it’s much easier to deliver directly to their expectations. Getting hired is a similar process. When you go out there in the market, you are essentially selling yourself to the recruiter. A typical day of [...]Show More Summary

Pursuing an Online Education: 4 Tips to Get Started

With online and distance learning, students with tight schedules are able to get the education they want on a timeframe that works for them. While the flexibility of online learning is alluring, it takes dedication and self-motivation. Here are a few tips to maximize your success when pursuing an education from home:   Research Well [...]Show More Summary

7 Tax Saving Strategies for Small and Home-Based Businesses, Start-Ups and Solopreneurs

Tax strategies benefitting the small and home-based businesses owners, start-ups and entrepreneurs by Meisa Bonelli With approximately one-third of taxpayers purported to wait until the last 30 days leading up to filing deadline, there is egregious opportunity loss with respect to potential tax savings were strategy to be employed all year through. Sadly, many small and [...]Show More Summary

Inspirational Female CEO Quotes

A guest post by Grace Killelea. Some thoughts from successful women CEOs that you can use for inspiration.   “The most important factor in determining whether you will succeed isn’t your gender, it’s you. Be open to opportunity and take risks. In fact, take the worst, the messiest, the most challenging assignment you can find, [...]Show More Summary

The Water Cooler Revolution – Where the Team Rejuvenates

Motivating your workforce can be somewhat difficult, especially when many of the tried and tested methods are fast becoming tired exercises. Luckily for you, there’s a formula for professional drive – and it’s an easy one to crack. Better still, it can be as easy as a little liquid motivation. Fresh water, that is. There [...]Show More Summary

Looking Beyond the Job Description – Research the Company well before the Interview

Matching your career path with a company that’ll take you part-way along the route is little more than a gamble if you don’t do the research. It’s all about best fit, for you and the company. The more you find out prior to joining a company then the less likely you’ll find yourself parked in [...]Show More Summary

How Working Moms Can Defend Themselves against Four Energy Vampires

By Judith Orloff MD The newest Pew Study on parenthood found that 56 percent of working moms are stressed out by the demands of balancing home and work. Working moms are super busy, so they don’t have time to deal with energy vampires who steal their vitality and leave them feeling depleted. Moms not only have to [...]Show More Summary

How to Become Your Own PR Person

This is a guest post by Grace Killelea. Having a good public relations or media specialist on your team is one of the keys to selling yourself. But regardless of how good they are – you are your best representative. After all, you know how fabulous you really are. And with the right tools, you [...]Show More Summary

What Freelancers or Business Owners Must Know when Going Back to Full Time Job

There’s a possibility that at some point of time due to circumstances or by choice a freelancer or a business owner plans on going back to full-time work. It’s never easy but then most of the things aren’t. All you have to do is to prepare well and before that research well on what you [...]Show More Summary

How to Extend Your Life at Work [Infographic]

If Americans limited their time of sitting by three hours the average lifespan would be extended two years. Use these simple excuses to stand every hour to extend your own life expectancy.    STAND MORE SIT LESS - We all know that it is good for our health, just have to figure out how to implement [...]Show More Summary

What it Takes to for a Manager to be a Leader

Regardless of your chosen career or occupation, there’s a good chance you’ll aspire to reach the top. Along the way, there are bound to be several obstacles and it’ll take a lot of hard work, but eventually the opportunity to be a manager might fall to you.   Leadership qualities What makes a good leader, [...]Show More Summary

4 Tips for Maintaining Professional Appearances While Dressing Fashionably in the Work Place

Guest Post by Amy Kline Any and every female go-getter is faced with the challenge of being both assertive and respected; a leader and a team player. Unfortunately, it often is the case that we are judged by our dress first and foremost, rather than our capabilities. Appearance is a part of our portfolio, especially [...]Show More Summary

Is Your Company Relocating You? How to Plan a Smooth Transition

When working for a company that has multiple locations, relocating employees may be a common occurrence. Some people may volunteer for the new position, while others are requested to go for one reason or another. Going somewhere new is exciting, but moving can also be a highly stressful experience. Here are some tips to embrace [...]Show More Summary

How Distance Learning Degrees Boost Career Prospects

  The internet has made our lives undeniably easier. For example, 30 years ago it was literally impossible to order a signed copy of Simon & Garfunkel’s Sound of Silence from eBay as you lounged around in your underwear stuffing chips into your mouth. It was also impossible to comment on a picture of a [...]Show More Summary

Professional Women Still Marginalized

Reports reveal painful truth despite ‘incontrovertible proof’ that women are key to business, economic & societal growth This post is by Michelle Patterson, Founder and President of The California Women’s Conference and President and CEO of Women Network. It’s a painful revelation. “At the current rate of change, it will take until the year 2085 for [...]Show More Summary

5 Ways Women in the Private Sector Can Turn the Economy Around

This article is contributed by Michelle Patterson Women are making a powerful difference in business, in today’s economy, and in family life.  The adage that there is power in numbers definitely applies. The Bureau of the Census states that women currently outnumber men in the United States by six million. With such incredible power in their hands, [...]Show More Summary

The Essentialist Manifesto – How to do less, but better

By focusing on saying no more often, being more selective, you can bring more value to your work and reduce stress of doing more.  Greg McKeown has spent the last fifteen years obsessed with one question: What is it that keeps capable, driven people from breaking through to the next level? To his surprise, he [...]Show More Summary

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