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7 Mishaps to Avoid when Starting a Business

Starting a business is an exciting and scary process. In order to be successful, entrepreneurs need to plan ahead and be prepared for challenges along the way. By understanding these typical mishaps you can reduce the risk of falling short and keep your business growing at a steady rate. This is a guest post by [...]Show More Summary

Tips for Employers Looking to Attract College Graduate Talent

This is a guest post by Michelle Bata. To attract college graduates, you have to understand them. Today’s college graduates have many of options – including the option to opt out of traditional employment. Therefore, constructing job postings and work environments that appeal to their sense of flexibility, growth, and ability to learn will go a [...]Show More Summary

Helping New Leaders Succeed From The Start

Guest post by Kevin Eikenberry Every day, someone gets promoted to be “the boss.”  Often, they get promoted from within a team to lead a team of former peers and friends.  This is a situation fraught with challenge and offering great opportunity. I’m not alone in recognizing the challenges.  My friend and best-selling author, Mike [...]Show More Summary

How to Find Talent on LinkedIn [Infographic]

Gone are the days when business executives debate whether social media is the flavor of the month at the buzzword ice cream shop. Social media has become one of the most invaluable resources for staffing and recruiting companies.  And, its popularity continues to gain momentum. Today, the vast majority of business professionals and job seekers are [...]Show More Summary

Career as an Airline Pilot

Do you have a love of flying? Do you feel depressed when you have to work in a land-based job? And would you like to travel the world? If so, the idea of becoming a commercial airline pilot may have crossed your mind. Yes, on first reflection it appears to be a demanding and highly [...]Show More Summary

5 Career Paths People Are Least Likely To Follow

There are hundreds, if not thousands of career paths that one can select. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for a job after finishing your education. Or even if you are bored of working in your industry and want to work elsewhere. There’s always going to be a career choice out there for you. [...]Show More Summary

4 Ways to Foil Your Fear of Risk

How, and why, to get out of your comfort zone and take those barrier-busting leaps of faith All of us have fears—especially when it comes to taking risks in our professional and personal lives. In fact, it’s been said that FEAR stands for “Forget Everything And Run,” which is a logical reaction given that, by [...]Show More Summary

4 Exciting Career Ideas for People Interested in Design

The design industry is the perfect sector for creative people. It gives you the chance to express yourself in a healthy, creative way. There are loads of design careers available to cater to whatever interests you might have. Have a think about where your strengths and interests lie, and think about the type of careers [...]Show More Summary

College-Prep Schools – Debunking Common Boarding School Myths

A common misconception is that boarding schools are only for teens with problems. There are therapeutic schools that take teenagers with significant problems. These schools have a different mission than college-preparatory schools and serve a different audience. Take the time to ensure you’re looking at a college-prep school. A college-preparatory boarding school is made up [...]Show More Summary

7 Must-Ask Questions in Any Negotiation

This is a guest post by Eldonna Lewis-Fernandez. A negotiation is nothing more than a discussion through which both parties seek to formulate and settle upon a mutually beneficial agreement, whether this agreement is a multi-million dollar contract or simply at which restaurant to meet for dinner. Our daily professional and personal lives are riddled [...]Show More Summary

Avoid Hiring The Wrong People For Your Business With These Handy Tips

It doesn’t matter whether you have a new start-up business or an established one. One of the core assets of any company are the employees. It is they who enable you to develop, innovate and sell your products and services. Hiring the right people for the right job is not easy and often done more [...]Show More Summary

3 Reasons Online Learning Institutions Fail

“America’s Most Trusted Educator” Dr. Steve Perry cites key challenges online educators face in their quest for mainstream industry and marketplace acceptance It’s common knowledge that professional success can be greatly enabled and enhanced with a college education at any stage of life and no matter where a person is in their career path. But, [...]Show More Summary

The Financial Cost of a Bad Hire

Hiring the best candidate is vital to any business, regardless of its domain. But why is the hiring process so important and how do you control the damage of a bad hire? “According to the U.S. Department of Labor, the average cost for each bad hire can equal 30 percent of that individual’s annual earnings. [...]Show More Summary

 4 Actionable Tactics to Accelerate Career Success

Navigating the Gray: Expert tips for communicating clearly and confidently and building stronger workplace relationships in pursuit of upward career mobility This is a guest post by Vivian Ciampi. Globalization, technology, rampant regulation...Show More Summary

Do You Hate Your Job? 9 Fantastic Ways To Kick Start A New Career

Each day, you get up in the morning and head off to your job. The question is – do you enjoy what you do? When you are unhappy at work, it affects every single aspect of your life. If you dread getting up every day, you might find that your job is to blame. Sometimes, [...]Show More Summary

14 Things Every Entrepreneur and Small Business Owner Must Have to Make 6 Figures (or More)

According to the Small Business Administration, of the 22 million non-employer businesses only about 11 percent ever make six figures. To earn six figures in a year, you need to earn $8,333.33 a month or $1,923.07 a week. And more importantly, you have to have a clear and concise plan of how you’re going to [...]Show More Summary

Direct Marketing Strategies for Small Businesses or New Entrepreneurs

Your brand value and recognition thrive on your ability to utilize direct marketing. And no matter the size of your business, the applications of direct marketing are endless and should be used to their full potential. Online resources and direct mailing both have long lists of tools and assets that you can utilize to help [...]Show More Summary

Finding the Right Career for Your Personality [INFOGRAPHIC]

Have you ever wondered why you are attracted to certain jobs? Ever thought about how happy you would be as an architect? Or how bored you would be as a software engineer? Your personality type could have everything to do with your preferences.   Understanding your personality type could be a key factor in finding [...]Show More Summary

Career in Nursing Administration

Are you thinking about pursuing the noble role of becoming a nurse? If you are, there are probably more options available to you than you think. Most people are aware of the roles of Registered Nurse (RN) and Licensed Nurse Practitioner (LPN), but there are many other paths you can take as a nurse, especially [...]Show More Summary

Video Interviews – For Efficient Recruiting

The recruitment industry is on the cusp of a revolutionary transformation. The conception of video-interviewing is changing the way businesses approach the screening and hiring of employees, which is seeing asynchronous video interviews replace the traditional phone interview. Show More Summary

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