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Guest Post: The Grad School Debate: Back to School or Not?

Amanda Green is a guest blogger that has written extensively on the subject of education and business. She would like to share her opinions around the age old grad school question. Many young professionals live in a fluid phase between the worlds of work and school. By definition they are employed and hold jobs, but [...]

5 Simple Ways to Save Money as a Young Professional

This post comes to us from Newly Corporate reader Mariana who wanted to share a few money saving tips with new college graduates starting their careers. This is the moment you’ve been waiting for. You’ve finally obtained your college degree, landed your dream job (or a job), and you’re officially part of the real world. [...]

The iPad Impact: 5 Effects on Work and Leisure

  Yes, I was one of the recent iPad 2 purchasers waiting in line to get the latest technology out of Cupertino. I admit, I said I wouldn’t but, after experiencing the original and trying the new one out I decided I would make the investment and give it a try.  I couldn’t be happier [...]

Power GMAT Study Plan for Young Professionals

Many young professionals begin considering an MBA a few years after they start working (for those considering, see our posts When is it time to go back for an MBA? and Managers Not MBAs : Critical For Managers, MBAs and Those Seeking Either).  One of the first steps towards applying is getting your GMAT completed.  I [...]

Solving the Ups and Downs of Personal Budget Enemy #1: Variance

You’re ahead of the game, you have a well thought out budget set and you’re doing a great job of tracking your expenses and BAM! Some unexpected charge nails you out of the blue!  You do what you can but it ends up on your credit card and it impacts your spending for the next [...]

10 Lessons from Creating an iPhone Application Start Up (Part 1)

This is the first of a two part series from a friend of the Newly Corporate bloggers, Eli Gratz.  iPhone Apps and Start Ups are two of the most fascinating things for young professionals today and Eli has done both during his spare time(see!  I asked him to share some of his experiences and [...]

5 Things to Consider When Refinancing Your Mortgage as a Young Professional

With mortgage rates hitting new lows almost every other week, many young professionals who recently purchased condos or homes in the recession-induced buyers market are trying to weigh their options for refinancing.  I recently went through the process to refinance and came across a number of things to consider if you are trying to make [...]

Book Review: How to Get Your Point Across in 30 Seconds or Less

A great way to get a head start when you start your professional career is to absorb business-related knowledge from the wide variety of business books available. But which ones are the best? And when should you read them? Are some better to read right away or after you have some experience? [...]

Pre-Marital Finance 101: 5 Steps to Pre-Wedding Financial Planning

The excitement of the engagement ring and proposal are just the beginning of two lives becoming one in marriage. A big piece of marital fusion is two totally separate financial setups becoming one. Not an easy task. As I am going through the process right now, I thought I would share my [...]

3 Tips on Avoiding the Dark Side of Working Weekends

This guest post was contributed by Shannon Wills, an avid reader and contributor to a number of other professional blogs. There are some people who swear that their job is their life, and then there are others who try their very best to prevent their jobs from becoming their lives. It’s different strokes for different folks, [...]

Fit Professional Secret 1: A Mid-Day Workout

As young professionals, or any age professionals for that matter, we often struggle to balance heavy workloads with the right amount of exercise to keep us physically fit and focused.  Although we aren’t perfect here at Newly Corporate, we are going to share which “secrets” or strategies have worked best for us, we welcome your [...]

2009 Holiday Gifts For Young Professionals

It is getting to be that time of year again. It can be hard to shop for twentysomethings, but the team here at Newly Corporate does an annual brainstorm to identify great products for generation Y professionals. We try not to break the bank with our recommendations, but we don’t discriminate against more expensive objects [...]

5 Engagement Ring Buying Tips for the Young Professional

Yes, it’s true, I have recently taken a major step in my life and asked my girlfriend to marry me.  As part of this process, I went through what most men do: the search for the perfect ring.  Based on my girlfriend’s answer to my proposal (Yes!) and all the positive feedback I have received on the [...]

10 Lessons from Creating an iPhone Application Start Up (Part 2)

This is the second of a two part series (click here for part one) from a friend of the Newly Corporate bloggers, Eli Gratz.  iPhone Apps and Start Ups are two of the most fascinating things for young professionals today and Eli has done both during his spare time (see!  I asked him to share [...]

The Dream Home: PMI = a Starbucks a Day

With all the young homeowners jumping into the market to get their $8000 in Obama cash (which is just driving up the cost of a house $8K-16K, but that is another matter), I have gotten a number of questions about what the right size for a down payment is and what costs are involved. We have [...]

Friday Amusement: Office Pranks

It’s Friday!  Hells yeah! TGIF. Have you had a long week?  Do you need something to laugh about in your cubicle?  If you’re in a prankster mood, here are some classic office pranks and some things you can do to rile up office zombies. Staple your reports in the wrong corner Swap the regular and decaf coffee – [...]

Office Humor Video: Stack the Memory

A Newly Corporate reader, Scott, passed this video my way and I had to share it.  Guaranteed to promote office productivity…

Relationships Not Points: The 3 Secrets of Gen Y Customer Loyalty

Sunday was a beautiful, bright and hot day in downtown Milwaukee, not a bad day to walk a few blocks but less than ideal for lugging 20 pounds of ice, 3 six packs and a 12 pack of beer four blocks to  my car.  Nonetheless, there I was with my box of beer and ice [...]

Friday Business Zen: Attitude Is Contagious

While in a meeting yesterday, I noticed one of my colleague’s screensavers, as cliche as screensaver messages can be, this one got me thinking, it said: “Attitude is Contagious: Is yours worth catching?” The economic challenges that we are all facing right now have an undeniable effect on our attitude.  Some handle the stress of layoffs and [...]

Upgrade Your Brand

We see Brand names all over our star athletes.  They are aggressivley pursued by NIKE, UNDER ARMOUR, SPEEDO, VISA and hundred’s more to be the symbol of why we should want to be like Mike.  A brand is more than a symbol.  It is an idea, and it represents an aspirational and uniqueness that boasts [...]

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