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'Spritzing' on digital devices helps readers stay up-to-date

Spritz is a tool that focuses you and makes it difficult to look away from the words in a text.

A Negative Facebook Post by a Restaurant Employee

Pattie consults with attorney Jeff Dretler to determine if an employee can be terminated based on a a negative Facebook post about their employer.

Life Imitates Business Etiquette Advice

Peter Post explores the concept of being a 24/7 professional with a real-life situation that occurred on the London subway. Actions reflect on a person's image 24/7 and can be the basis for opinions people develop about each other.

Does Anything Change when Management is on Vacation?

Elaine Varelas offers insight as to what employees should be concerned with when management is on vacation.

Food Truck Festivals are on a roll

I started this food truck venture three years ago as an experiment and if you told me then that I would still be doing it today, I would have laughed.

An assembler ask questions about overtime pay

Pattie asks Jonathan R. Sigel, Partner at Mirick O'Connell, to share his expertise in responding to a reader's question.

Sick employees need to stay home

Pattie shares some tips on how to ask sick employees to stay home!

The ABCs of Soup

Peter Post explains the etiquette behind eating soup from how to scoop it from a bowl to where to place sons while eating and when you are finished.

To Follow, or Not to Follow

Elaine Varelas offers advice on what to do when the manager who recruited you decides to move on.

Drizly changes the way alcohol is purchased

This started us down a path to figure out how to integrate technology into this antiquated business, which has not changed the way it has operated since the Prohibition ended.

Sick employees need to stay at home

Pattie shares some tips on how to ask sick employees to stay at home!

Speaking under pressure? Break a leg?and a rule.

Giving a presentation? You'll always feel conflicted, writes Paul Hellman, between following the 101 rules of good form, versus expressing your unique presence.

Commitments Matter

Peter Post explores what it means to commit to a job and thee responsibility a person has to the company once the commitment is made.

Helping Plan Events that Make Boston a Go-To Destination

We are in the business of making experiential memories and it?s fun to be a part of how Boston is welcoming and entertaining its many visitors.

Conducting a Skilled Interview

Elaine Varelas consults with Camden Consulting Group's Nancy Fulford on how to conduct a successful interview.

Meal Break for a Recent Grad

Pattie shares advice on when a meal break is required.

Is 20% The Normal Restaurant Tip?

Peter Post delves into the issue of restaurant tipping: how much is the normal tip given today and how do you go about paying the bill while your focus stays on the person you are dining with.

My Part-Time Position is Becoming Full-Time

Elaine offers advice on what to do when your part time role becomes full time - and you don't have the time to take this on.

The road to helping bus travel booking become more effective

I became obsessed with trying to solve this program and with building a stress-free travel booking site designed to get any traveler from Point A to Point B.

Shoveling out a Colleague

Pattie shares advice on a request to help shovel out a colleague.

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