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The Biggest Wine Mistake at a Business Meal

Peter Post offers advice t hosts of a business meal about how to choose wine and cautions the host not to ask others to make the wine choice.

How to Play Both Sides of the Interview Table

Elaine Varelas offers advice on how to play both sides of the interview table.

Going from human to animal clients takes an adjustment for chiropractor

People can be very skeptical of chiropractic and have preconceived ideas, but animals don?t have this filter.

Make That First Day at Work Successful

Peter Post examines the ways a new hire can make the firs day of work as successful as possible. From being on time to keeping your schedule clear after work, the advice will smooth the transition to a new job.

Exploring Multiple Roles at Once

Elaine Varelas offers advice as to how to navigate a job search across many roles and industries.

Monday: Job Doc Chat with Elaine Varelas

Elaine Varelas, managing partner of Keystone Partners in Boston, has over 20 years experience in career consulting, executive development and coaching. She takes your career questions during a live chat Monday, August 24 at noon.

No Odyssey Too Difficult for this Ship's Captain

Even in this day and age, there?s still something fundamental about being out on the water that speaks to us all in a way that?s hard to describe. But for me, it?s a certain sense of tranquility that?s hard to find elsewhere.

Mistakes In Your Emails Reflect On You

Peter Post answers a reader's question about people who send mistake riddled emails and how to address the problem with them. Post as well points out that proofing emails is best done either by a colleague or after letting the email simmer and then returning to it.

When career starts getting her goat, she swaps another one in

Are there any stray goat hairs on my clothing? That?s the question that Elaine Philbrick needs to ask herself before she goes to a swap broker meeting for her company, Derivative Advisors.

Is Management Right for Me?

Elaine Varelas provides advice to those uneasy about transferring to a management role.

One Time to Smile Even with RBF

Peter Post looks at the problem people with RBF?Resting Bitch Face?experience but he also counsels that everyone including those people with RBF should make an effort o smile during introductions or when answering a phone in order to start the interaction off on a positive note.

Should I Take This Job?

Elaine Varelas advises a recent college graduate on how to assess whether to take the part-time job or keep looking for the full time position.

No Error Goes Unfound for Braille Proofreader

In the last few years, National Braille Press proofreader Amber Pearcy has checked Braille translations for iPhone instruction guides; an airline safety card for Southwest airlines; children?s picture book; college admission tests; cookbooks; bestselling novels, and much more.

Tuesday @ Noon: Job Doc Chat With Cory Crist

Cory Crist, a principal staffing manager at recruiting firm WinterWyman, is an expert in HR, contracting and hiring. She takes your questions during a live chat on Tuesday, Aug. 11.

My negative thoughts on a biz trip

Paul Hellman notices his negative thoughts?and the drama they create?on a business trip.

Who Gets the Bread First?

Peter Post explains what to do when bread first arrives at a business dinner table; who gets it first; what is the best way to pass food around a table, and why do we "leave left" and "remove right?"

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