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Mortuary science's a discipline of caring and technique

Mortuary school instructor Sarah Stopyra said that she can teach her students about pathology, embalming, casketing, regulatory compliance and more. But it?s difficult to convey to hopeful morticians about how all-consuming the funeral profession is.

The Etiquette Importance of Greetings, Table Manners and Workplace Issues

Peter Post answers the question, "What are the most important etiquette behaviors for a person at work to concentrate on. He explains the importance of greetings, table manners, and workplace etiquette.

The WAGE Project

Elaine Varelas consults with Former Massachusetts Lieutenant Governor, Evelyn Murphy, PhD on WAGE Project and pay differences between men and women.

Penguin biologist finds they're not bird-brains

As a senior aquarist, I spend as much as six hours a day in 55-degree water, often standing in chest-deep water, feeding and monitoring the penguins, and scrubbing and spraying the fiberglass islands and pool.

Next time you speak, avoid this trap

When speaking, says Paul Hellman, we sometimes fall in love with details, as if they were our children; we want everyone to know about them.

'Tis the Giving Season

Peter Post looks at holiday gift giving at the office and offers advice on how to give gifts and accept or decline them.

Radio Silence Following an Interview

Elaine Varelas offers advice on how to handle radio silence following interviews.

Engineering job shop innovates electronics design

Integration of more functionality on a single silicon device has made it possible to pack designs with a rich set of features. Even the smallest processors provide many times the performance and resources used to put a man on the mo...

Deflect and Redirect Awkward Holiday Office Party Conversation

Peter Post explores the difficulty of dealing with controversial topics at a holiday office party and gives four tips on how to handle them.

Asking a Current Employer for a Reference

Elaine Varelas offers advice on what to do when a potential employer asks for a reference from your current employer.

Biomedical illustrator depicts the intricacies of the human body

I rarely get to observe surgery or procedures directly anymore but I use skeletons and brain models, MRI and CT scans, and other original source materials to research and solve complex visual problems.

Avoiding Personal Attacks

Peter Post explains how easily a disagreement can turn into a heated exchange which has lost focus of the original issue and how to avoid being trapped in a heated argument.

How to Compete For Jobs while Remaining Yourself

Elaine Varelas offers advice on how to self promote while remaining true to yourself in the job search process.

Dorchester Cleaning Company has a Sweeping Social Mission

If you had to clean 5 large homes a day or 10-20 toilets a day, scrub 5 thousand square feet of floors, dust a facility, remove trash, and clean 14 elevators, at the end of the day, it feels like someone beat you up with a baseball bat. But all of us love cleaning and making our clients happy.

Elevator Awkwardness

Peter Post looks at how to relieve the awkwardness you and the other riders feel when in an enclosed space like an elevator.

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