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UX Designers Enhance Online Product Experience

For UX designers like me, the psychological part of website design is understanding the thought processes that users have.

Bridging the Millennial Gap

Elaine Varelas offers advice on how to bridge the gap between generations in the workplace.

How You Handle Yourself During An Introduction Matters

Peter Post explains how to conduct yourself during an introduction for maximum success by explaining four single steps for an awesome introduction.

Saving Eployees from Embarassing Your Brand (and themselves) on Social Media

Elaine Varelas provides tips on how to deal with employee indiscretions on social media and what should be included in a corporate social media policy.

These Canvas Baskets are Made of 'Steele'

In peak construction season, some companies will pick up 50 baskets at a whack; every new job that comes through, they get a new basket, since they really get a beating.

Invitation Etiquette

Peter Post delves into business meal or event invitation etiquette, starting with the most important manner:Responding right away to the invitation. Then make sure you know the who, what, when, where, and why of the invitation.

Rebuilding Trust with Your Manager

Elaine Varelas provides tips on re-building trust with your manager after you are caught doing something behind their back.

Rowing to make waves in the apparel business: Charles River Apparel CEO

The name of Charles River Apparel is a tribute to the teamwork and determination that is exemplified in the sport.

Good stress, bad stress

I don't aspire to zero stress, says Paul Hellman, and you probably don't either.

Summer Office Get-Together

Peter Post offers ten tips to make a summer office get-together a success for you and a great event for your colleagues and boss.

How to Improve Millenial Retention

Elaine Varelas offers advice on how to retain your Millenial employees.

From 'sneaker-net' to high-tech hand-offs between healthcare facilities

The whole process ? often called ?care transitions? ? is inefficient and fraught with possibilities for errors, said Eric Chetwynd, director of product strategy at Newton-based Curaspan,

Business Etiquette: Top Five Manners

Peter Post lists the five most important manners in business etiquette beginning with the one manner he would offer if he could only offer one: be on time.

The new frontier of app-assisted reproduction for hopeful parents-to-be

The idea that the smartphone is a third party in the bedroom might seem a little meddlesome, but it?s actually just helping nature do its job better, said Alex Baron, founder and chief technical officer at Ovuline, the Boston-based maker of fertility and pregnancy apps.

Swamped! How to Get Out of the Weeds and Shine After the Boss Quits

A transition in authority can be difficult on employees, but creates tremendous opportunity too. Elaine Varelas shares some tips on what to do if your boss quits and how to make it a growth opportunity for you.

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