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Mobile site or Mobile app?- Neither. Be Responsive in Recruitment

With mobile being well and truly here and an increasing amount of website traffic (25%+) coming from mobile devices - having a mobile solution is critical for all brands. So far, so obvious. Everyone has probably accepted that getting a mobile enabled site is fundamental and will be or should be on everyone's development roadmap. Show More Summary

You gave me a Job - I love you.

Really good article in the Drum on The new era of emotive advertising This notes the growing trend for successful marketing campaigns that pull at the heart strings and make us wipe away a tear. The recent John Lewis Christmas TV adShow More Summary

'I got my Job via Siri on my iPhone'......

The latest developments in the world of search and SEO with Google taking semantic search up a gear, helped by Google+ (overlaying its social user data) and Apple and its voiced-activated, artificial intelligence query tool Siri, make for exciting times in the battle for real-time search and SEO dominance. Show More Summary

Is Pinterest right for you?

Nice infographic from folks over at via: Should Your Business Be on Pinterest? Find Out [INFOGRAPHIC]

Career Timeline or Career Board; Pinterest or Timeline the new CV ?

I wrote a while back about a real-time, digital career portfolio, that would chart your resume, noting experience and bringing to life the highlights of your Career to date. With the facebook timeline technology and the Pinterest phenonomen,...Show More Summary

La la la ... happy i did not go to small circle

I am a very happy man today. Firstly, because of last Wednesday, I was sitting at home feeling sorry for myself and fellow bloggers were out having a party. It is not that which made me happy but the fact Tim, Dom, Michelle and the ...

Death of the mouse

I’m currently trying to finish writing a controversial post to end the year on but December is proving to be madly busy work wise! In the meantime though I just wanted to mention the Chinwag Event I attended last week. Very well r...

JobsGoPublic giving to the Bangladesh Relief Appeal, Whitehurst / TMP love-in: it must be Christmas

For those of you who haven't picked up on it yet, JGP have launched a blog - CTO Eben has recently posted an interesting piece on job board security. You'll also see there that JobsGoPublic is donating £10 to the Bangladesh Relie...

Collaboration, Innovation and People

I finished my last new business pitch of the year this morning and I can now allow myself to wind down a little and reflect on the past year. Yay! What a year its been! so much has happened that I can't sum it up in one post so I w...

Peace and goodwill to all, oh and please vote for us!

Well I was going to finish the year with a rant but decided that I'd postpone that until January and instead get with the general mood of mutual love, respect and sharing....even though it's doing nothing for our traffic figures (...

Happy New Year, anyone struggling?

Happy New Year everyone! I hope Santa brought you everything you wanted and that if he didn't you made a decent amount selling whatever you got on Ebay. I know there are some controversial posts coming the way of this blog soon but...

From award winners to the day-to-day - hoping there's always something in common

I’m writing this post on the train on the way into London to one of our industry’s annual big events - the RAD awards (long story as to why I wasn’t in London anyway – suffice to say rubber gloves and mop needed for family d...

Innovation - lifeblood or more "pearls" before our industry?

So in the run to Christmas I may have had the need to visit some e-tail outlets. Time poor / inspirationally barren – who? moi?! Anyway – something struck me on one particular site. Hadn’t been there for a good while (maybe ev...

This Is Cracking

Carrying on the corporate video theme from last year ...

Technically white-noising out that negative Social Media buzz about you

An interesting piece of spam popped into my inbox over the weekend. It was particularly ineffective because there was no link to click through to (stupid is as stupid does), but still the subject caught my eye because it was something...Show More Summary


if anyone's in any doubt that we're once again living through a bubble being inflated as fast as the last dot com one then you don't have to look too far. There are a plethora of articles written by people far cleverer than I that demonstrate this with proper examples and historic data and graphs n stuff (e.g. Show More Summary

Buying an Audience not Media

7 predictions from Google about where display advertising will be in 2015 1. 50 percent of ad campaigns will include video ads bought on a cost-per-view basis (that means that the user will choose whether to watch the ad or not, and the advertiser will only pay if the user watches). Show More Summary

A brilliant example of "The Long Tail" on t'web

If you've been a long time reader of this 'ere blog then you'll recall previous posts where people (certainly John Whitehurst from very early days) have been telling us about the Long Tail of the internet. Generally they've also gone...Show More Summary

Location, Location, Location - Facebook Local

I love Kirsty and Phil from Location, Location, Location, I was watching it last night, they have such a great working rapport. Banter but mutual respect..perfect working relationship. Anyway, seamless and completely tenuous link out of the way. Show More Summary

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