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The Event Horizon of Fucked-up Pop

In response to the terrorist attack on an Ariana Grande concert this week, Alexis Petridis wrote a quite wonderful paean to pop music (and experiencing it through the eyes of your daughter).  If you haven’t read it, you should.  I’ll wait.  It’s beautiful. 20JFG have always loved pop music.  Partly, no doubt, it began as anti-anti-pop-music posturing. […]

The only true love is a seething mistrust

If the Wicker Man was set in the post-Brexit dystopia of Preston, Lancashire… …it might look and sound quite a lot like Evil Blizzard. All of the music is a distorted bass guitar; grotesque masks thwart face-identification algorithms; the only emotion is seething mistrust. Evil Blizzard – Are You Evil? We’re off to see Evil Blizzard this […]

Let’s make love and listen to Etienne De Crécy 1996

A couple of weekends ago, we celebrated the result of the French Presidential Election by revisiting a bunch of French albums, including Etienne De Crécy’s seminal jazzy-disco-house compilation Super Discount. It is sobering to think that this came out more than 20 years ago, and that we were there to dance it, fresh off what […]

Wraiths and Drones

The hauntology is strong with Weakness.  That the track seems to start half way through, its world already established, eases us in to this (the proceeding track defiantly ends with silence). That high altitude, radiation damaged theremin sound that GY!BE kinda owned in the 90s, that’s here.  Like wraiths orbiting a decayed world.  Its an analogue […]

British Velvet Pop

Sometimes they seem like they’re the closest thing we’ve had to a British Velvet Underground. Hopeless guitar romantics Comet Gain headlined the Fortuna Pop farewell-er (a sort of cross between a farewell gig and an all-dayer, that I’ve just made up) and it was fun to dive into their now extensive songbook all over again. Sure, […]

Less the revolver, more the mule

Bamboo are back in the pages of 20JFG this week as they’ve got a single out today from their album The Dragon Flies Away.  We posted another track from it last year.  It’s great.  So is Wake Up Your Heart, so we thought we’d post it. Bamboo – Wake Up Your Heart Wake Up Your Heart […]

Drink Emo

What actually IS emo? Has there ever been a rock genre attached to a more bewildering diversity of approaches? From straight-edge 80s “emotional” hardcore (Rites of Spring, Embrace), to strummy 90s Xtian folk (Pedro The Lion), to bombastic Green Day-do-Bohemian Rhapsody 00s rock operas (My Chemical Romance) to uh Avril Lavigne – these people can’t […]

Saturday mixtape: Soylent red

Terese, Rupert and Donald sat happily in their castle dining off the finest flesh. As each new course was served they gorged themselves, as was their god given right for achieving such power above their fellow humans. Once livestock had died out due to over farming and high disease rates the only obvious meat source was the poor and underprivileged, […]

Existential Field Recordings

Let’s talk about Dune (again).  Let’s talk about Sci-Fi spirituality and the desires of the militantly rational to touch the face of God.  Let’s talk about how culture has moved in to suture our cursed post-Enlightenment souls. And let’s do it through the tape slipped medium of ambient music. Dune, ah Dune.  Our favourite not-even-trying-to-hide-it […]


Bohren Und Der Club of Gore are a German jazz band who have been going on for a while. They make the kind of jazz that gets published in Mike Patton’s Ipecac Records, and for good reason: they are weird, lumbering and spectral. You’d expect Fantômas to play them in his glass condominium, during a […]

Algorithmic Pre-raphaelite pop party

People say that recommendation engines will be the death of creativity, but we have actually found them to be pretty handy guides for the recondite, ever expanding reaches of YouTube’s musical long-tail. There are several conditions that enable this: The works we explore have been created and uploaded by humans. What is the opposite of […]

Nostalgia for Nostalgia

In the chemical makeup of pure, uncut nostalgia there is always a heavy component of innocence. Innocence lost, innocence revisited, innocence of the existence of nostalgia itself. But more than that, the pleasant state of nostalgia relies on a certain degree of present tense innocence. The guilt ridden escapist nostalgia is perhaps best left to […]


Remember before the internet, when the quality of dudeness referred to a certain cool or easy-going masculinity, and not, as it does now, braindead jock attitudes at best, and hateful gamergate bile at worst? We miss those times. Ok, when we filled the character sheets of our lives we opted for nerdy characteristics and skills, […]

Rites of the Palm Spring

You lay by the swimming pool of a hotel in a mid-century modern resort in the middle of the Colorado desert while the cast of the OC cavort in the water, throwing margarita cocktails at each other. You arrived from Britain’s first pathetic attempts at a Spring a few days ago and the sun still burns, […]

Hard to Fear a God

Robedoor enter 20JFG’s consciousness with a sound somewhere between pagan ceremony and tendrils from the Sun ripping apart the land.  But that’s just the first six or so minutes from their new album.  Today we’re interested in the next eight. After the scorched earth, comes the night.  Age of Sewage is a heaving beast of guitars-as-sirens, […]

The bit is a basic unit of information in computing and digital communications

The bit is equivalent to the unit shannon, a basic unit of information in computing and digital communications, named after Claude Shannon, and may therefore be physically implemented with a two-state device. These values are most commonly represented as either a 0 or 1. The term bit is a portmanteau of binary digit, in information theory. […]

Pilots of purple twilight, dropping down with costly bales

Today is all about things that move forward, and fast. Rainbow Island come first. Their name, potentially inspired by the 1989 Amiga platform is apt. This drum and synth music definitely sounds like a good candidate to soundtrack the prances and jaunts of a Bubby and Bobby of Bubble Bobble fame, as they traverse a […]

Last Night at the Britpop Proms

Das Capital: The Songwriting Genius of Luke Haines is a curious beast. It’s a part-swan song to Haines’ 90s indie group, The Auteurs, a part-bridge to his new solo career, and a not-quite greatest hits. But most of all, it was a scam. Hut Records, the Virgin subsidiary that Haines spent the 90s signed to, was […]

Black Materia

  20JFG, forever on the pulse of popular music, today brings you a record from 1983, that was reissue at the start of February.  Aren’t we glad those breakneck blog-house years are behind us… But our avant approach to release dates and responding to emails seems in keeping with today’s slice of early 80s synth-age. In the Air […]

Summerisle Rugby Union drinking songs

Rosemary Lane is an English traditional that tells a story about the seduction of a domestic servant by a sailor. The earliest appearance of Rosemary Lane in popular culture dates to 1904. Folklorists Steve Roud and Julia Bishop, in their 2012 book on the origins of English folk songs, describe Rosemary Lane as: “An extremely widespread song, […]

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