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Best of 2017 pt 2: Citizen of Nowhere Tour

This year’s darkest downers were brought to us by the forces of populist reaction, who closed borders, marched down streets like amateur stormtroopers, lied, threatened, trolled and generally behaved like the little insecure and pathetic horrors that they are. They also made us fear for the future of everything and our place in it. We […]

You know what I want, babe? Guns out of my life….

As Heather Samsa awoke one morning from uneasy dreams she found herself unwilling to be shot dead just for going to fucking school. Although she tried her hardest, Heather could not think of any reason she would need to own a gun except to kill someone or something. Heather and her fellow school kids decided […]

A little shot of happy for y’all

Greetings, 20 Jazz Funk Dave here. It’s been a while since I last polluted this blog with my words and sounds. Life is not always easy. There are hard bits, annoying bits, slow bits, busy bits, stupid bits. During these bad bits of life, it is sometimes easy to forget there is a solution, always […]

5 Great Things About 2017: Part 1

1. Yaeji’s Drink I’m Sipping On pretty much made my musical year.  A seemingly effortless blend of Trap and sultry Korean RnB, it managed to conjure into being a midnight world at the border between exuberant intoxication and the existential 4am dance music that is 20JFG’s usual stock in trade.  This was all made even […]

Italo Survivor’s Guilt

20JFG will shortly be excavating out ‘lost’ Best of 2017 but before we do we have some best of 2018 to bring you. Lou Rebecca’s self titled EP dropped into our inbox courtesy of Austin’s finest Holodeck Records.  There are records that you grow to love and that love is deep and strong for the […]

Three Chords and a 24 Track Loop

Today’s 20JFG is all tape loops and Electroclash source material.  Today’s 20JFG is about Intense Molecular Activity (although, when is it not?). Made up of Don Hunerberg and Andy Blinx, the duo used snatched studio time (Hunerberg was a studio engineer) to put together a version of NYC Post-punk via synthwave.  Thankfully some Prog got caught up […]

Our augmented future

In our augmented future, the boundaries between physical and digital reality will be dissolved by super-fast networks, seamless interfaces, and smart artificial intelligences. There will be a rabbit hole around every corner, a trip every minute and an epiphany every hour. That venerable icon, ‘here be monsters’ will once again appear in the maps, but […]

Coal Face Techno

As is customary in January, we’ll begin the year with the good stuff we missed out on during the last. Today’s slept-on track comes from Collector.  A reinforced bunker of Techno for these dark times.  While the snares and handclaps are there, they’re  fucked up by everything else in the mix.  Or more accurately, they’re […]

Maquina maquina

Happy New Year! We are sorry you haven’t yet received our Best of 2017 but it got stuck in a gnarly zone of the Dreamlands, which is where we travel to retrieve our long term memories (> 2 months) in case you didn’t know. We are currently organising an expedition to rescue the list from […]

A beginning is a very delicate time.

When I was a lot younger I was convinced that the best track on an album would be its last one.  When the album was king, the band/artist/whatever would make some attempt at sequencing their work, which usually involved placing their epic/wigout/experimental track last.  This led to the situation where I’d just skip to the […]

Music for board-gaming

History doesn’t repeat itself, but it rhymes. We started our imaginative careers in sci-fi and fantasy worlds of literature and role-playing. Later, we applied the sense-making apparatus thus developed to process music into kinaesthetic scenarios where beats stomped like the boots of space commandos, and synths unfurled in front of your eyes like the evil […]

Saturday mixtape: Myxomatosis

Life is short. Filled with stuff. Don’t know what for. Some ball of various stuff. Like the love of your friends. That’s the important stuff. The rest never got going. But i have a business proposition. I learned all I know. By the age of nine. But I could better myself. If I could only […]

Some Zone, Some Threshold

With two Identity Theft posts in a month it’s almost like the old days,  putting up as many tracks by our favourite bands as we could.  And so here we are (again) with a new track from a new album by Identity Theft. Reconnaissance Peak is a giddy mix of early-80s Eastern Block spy thriller […]

Kalte Steroid

Die Wilde Jagd are too cool to exist. They are too alive (and well dressed) to be Neubauten and too disciplined to be Add (n) to (x). Too organic to be Photek and too robotic to be Deerhunter. We have been listening to their stellar s/t album a lot recently, and wished we could travel […]

Here we Stomp

Here we stomp, sucked into a dance vortex after our participation in Helena Hauff’s Printworks revival, an injection of dark Latin American body music and too many videos of Boiler Room mixes, bodies swinging vacant and pure like phantoms in a Fiorucci Made Me Hardcore reenactment. Mexican motorik-tek duo Zombies in Miami are the right […]

Me and MR James

Your humble scribe has been away from 20JFG for a while. Lots to catch up on. Get cracking (and have an sanity-destroying Halloween).  We went to see Helena Hauff at Printworks last week. Her set wasn’t… subtle. She seemed hell-bent on splitting space from time while the audience seemed intent on merging their cerebral cortex […]

They bring the drums, oh yes

Thanks to Mara, of the excellent Group Rhoda, we recently received a veritable horde of records from the West Coast label, Katabaik.  By this point we’re pretty deep into the Punk DIY ethos does dance music era — which given all the other (terrifying) eras we seem to be living through right now, we have […]

Tropical Frieze

Group Rhoda return to these pages with the most excellent Minimal Synth Bossa Nova jams. Trespass does what Group Rhoda does so well and weaves multiple disparate moods together into a beguiling whole.  Her vocals, as always, at once deadpan and almost operatic.  Like locking into a piercing stare while the world explodes into colour […]

Remains of the Wave

Today we bring you new music from the simply (and accurately) named, Katy & Nick.  Katy being Katy Cotterell of Gloss Rejection and Nick Carlisle of Bamboo. They only have two songs on the internet and both trade in haunting synth wave.  This, though, is a very British synth wave.  A punk-y, abrasive synth wave, […]

Nigerian Funk Great

Steve Monite’s 1984 absolute-fucking-banger, Only You, is our subject today.  Bringing together loads of things 20JFG loves about the 80s: dubby baselines; weird, verging on avant garde synth sounds; proto-rap spoken word sections; and Disco.  God, Disco.  Disco not in the rigid genre sense but in the David Mancuso, eclecticism is the only way to […]

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