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The Discotheque of Babel

The discotheque of Babel contains an infinite set of records made from all possible permutations of cool sounds – mellow marimbas and fuzzy basslines, tropical percussions and phased drums, Pacific Highway sunrise guitar solos and synthesisers made of fireworks. The overwhelming majority of the results are pleasant enough. If you are lucky they will improve […]

Saturday mixtape: Female timelords?

Surely that will never catch on… XXJFG Mixtape – Doctorin’ the Tardis

A Mandala for Mega-bear

From one angle, Jeff Van DerMeer’s Borne is The Road with levitating mega-bears. From another it is Akira on foot. From another, it is Repulsion if Catherine Deneuve adopted the spiky Dali horrors creeping through the cracks on the walls of her house. From yet another, it is a coming of age tale for the […]

Legal dark

Penelope Trappes spent a year in a small piano studio in East London crafting the majestic collection of dystopian lullabies which is Penelope One. But why am I telling you this? You know it already. The dark spaces in Penelope One are wormholes that cut through space and time, bringing you into the outskirts of […]

A Beautiful Place out in the Desert

There’s a moment in all the best weird sci-fi of the 70s and 80s, where are hero/avatar looks out upon the world to see that ‘everything has changed’.  In the best, this change is imperceptible to the eye, taking place entirely in the mind of our hero, and thus us.  So given the inherent limitations […]


Ebi is Susumu Yokota making acid house music in 1994. It has a shrimp in the front-cover (see below) and it sounds blue, blue like the image results when you google ‘AI’, blue like memories of Keanu in Johnny Mnemonic, blue like the background for the best Netrunner ICE breaker card ever devised, an ocean […]

The Vanity Wars

Arising from the eerie hum of unknown machines, Brian Case’s cover of Ship Building taps into the electronic terror of the early 80s.  It’s a cover from an alternate timeline where Elvis Costello gave the song to Throbbing Gristle rather than Robert Wyatt.  Of course in this timeline TG were fronted by Alan Vega as […]

Ontogeny recapitulates Philogeny

Today we tell you about the happiest animal identified by science, a pastel pink cephalopod that crawled out of the Mediterranean and into Balearic shores a long time ago. Instead of continuing its journey into land, this cephalopod basked under the sun in a beach devoid of predators, and this beach became its habitat, and […]

Zombie Metal

While Japanese ambient is a common feature of this blog, Japanese black metal is a little more of a rarity. Which is especially absurd when you take into account Sigh – Japan’s leading weird black metal band for the past 25 years and who, on their last album, brewed up a particularly spellbinding BM take on the […]

Covfefe, you are our only hope

Donald gazed up the gothic escarpment of the palm reader’s nose, into two shining eyes like pits of tar threatening to absorb his small, petty soul. They were sitting inside a purple tent, walls covered with astrological symbols and cryptic glyphs, in a corner of the Coney Island carnival where his dad had taken him […]

Perpetual stasis machine

Giusto Pio’s Motore Immobile is an isolation chamber where we hear the drone of an alarm that started ringing at the birth of the universe. We enter a special Stapledon state of cosmic reverie where every sound – piano and violin, voices transformed like Holly Herndon’s Dilato dreaming in stasis, in a generation ship headed […]


Moomins are weird. I mean, yeah, cute – fine. But weird, too. It somehow didn’t surprise me at all when a Google for ‘Moomin Lovecraft’ immediately produced this beauty:     Though there does seem to still be a gap in the market for some decent Moomin-Cthulhu Mythos fanfiction. This is, of course, a long-winded and […]

The Event Horizon of Fucked-up Pop

In response to the terrorist attack on an Ariana Grande concert this week, Alexis Petridis wrote a quite wonderful paean to pop music (and experiencing it through the eyes of your daughter).  If you haven’t read it, you should.  I’ll wait.  It’s beautiful. 20JFG have always loved pop music.  Partly, no doubt, it began as anti-anti-pop-music posturing. […]

The only true love is a seething mistrust

If the Wicker Man was set in the post-Brexit dystopia of Preston, Lancashire… …it might look and sound quite a lot like Evil Blizzard. All of the music is a distorted bass guitar; grotesque masks thwart face-identification algorithms; the only emotion is seething mistrust. Evil Blizzard – Are You Evil? We’re off to see Evil Blizzard this […]

Let’s make love and listen to Etienne De Crécy 1996

A couple of weekends ago, we celebrated the result of the French Presidential Election by revisiting a bunch of French albums, including Etienne De Crécy’s seminal jazzy-disco-house compilation Super Discount. It is sobering to think that this came out more than 20 years ago, and that we were there to dance it, fresh off what […]

Wraiths and Drones

The hauntology is strong with Weakness.  That the track seems to start half way through, its world already established, eases us in to this (the proceeding track defiantly ends with silence). That high altitude, radiation damaged theremin sound that GY!BE kinda owned in the 90s, that’s here.  Like wraiths orbiting a decayed world.  Its an analogue […]

British Velvet Pop

Sometimes they seem like they’re the closest thing we’ve had to a British Velvet Underground. Hopeless guitar romantics Comet Gain headlined the Fortuna Pop farewell-er (a sort of cross between a farewell gig and an all-dayer, that I’ve just made up) and it was fun to dive into their now extensive songbook all over again. Sure, […]

Less the revolver, more the mule

Bamboo are back in the pages of 20JFG this week as they’ve got a single out today from their album The Dragon Flies Away.  We posted another track from it last year.  It’s great.  So is Wake Up Your Heart, so we thought we’d post it. Bamboo – Wake Up Your Heart Wake Up Your Heart […]

Drink Emo

What actually IS emo? Has there ever been a rock genre attached to a more bewildering diversity of approaches? From straight-edge 80s “emotional” hardcore (Rites of Spring, Embrace), to strummy 90s Xtian folk (Pedro The Lion), to bombastic Green Day-do-Bohemian Rhapsody 00s rock operas (My Chemical Romance) to uh Avril Lavigne – these people can’t […]

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