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Wage growth surges, just in time for the Trump presidency

THE news that average wages grew by 2.9% in December, the final full month of the Obama presidency, provides more evidence that America’s labour market is heating up. For some time, America has been creating plentiful jobs—2016 was the fifth consecutive year with more than 2m job gains.

We wish you a merry reorganisation

In a Money talks special, Anne McElvoy brings in Suzane Heywood and Stephen Heidari-Robinson, authors of Reorg: How to get it right. They delve into the art and science of reorganising a business

The most profitable time of the year

We look at the decline in holiday spending in America and ask what surprises 2017 could bring. And Adrian Wooldridge takes on the ghosts of capitalism past, present and future

Keep the costs of trade in perspective

ECONOMISTS are realising that they have got some things about trade wrong in the past. Just because trade can make everyone better off, doesn't mean it will, for instance (at least without some help from politicians).

The Fed finally manages to lift rates in 2016

TODAY, finance and economics journalist gathered for a long-awaited Federal Reserve announcement: that the Fed's benchmark interest rate would rise once more, by 25 basis points, to a range between 0.5% and 0.75%. If the scene looked familiar, well, no surprise there.

How the weakest bank in Europe just got weaker

We examine Monte dei Paschi di Siena, the bank at the epicentre of the crisis in Italy. Last week OPEC moved to rescue oil prices. Will companies now rush back into exploration? And how the birth of a new motorbike in downtown New York could revitalise inner-city manufacturing

If Matteo Renzi’s proposals lose, insufficient economic reform could be to blame

ITALIANS take to the polls this weekend to vote on reforming their political system. Reform of many sorts would certainly be welcome; the IMF recently declared that it would take some two decades for Italy to regain the economic footing lost since 2007.

Regional inequality is a hard problem to solve

THE political shock of Brexit and of the election of Donald Trump have led to new interest in the problem posed by regional inequality.

Facebook, and the trouble in being everything to everyone

OXFORD Dictionaries has just named “post-truth” its word of the year. The timing certainly seems apt.

The hole at the heart of economics

AMERICA has a debt ceiling. It’s a statutory limit on how much debt the federal government can issue. For most of its existence (the ceiling will turn 100 next year) Congress has simply voted to raise the limit when borrowing threatens to hit it. In 2011 and 2013, however, Republicans in Congress chose a different approach.

How worrying is the global market reaction to the American election?

IT HAS not yet been a week since Americans elected Donald Trump their next president, and already there is a lot to digest. While Mr Trump's initial personnel decisions deserve plenty of scrutiny, the global market reaction to the election also demands attention. This morning, the decline in bond prices that began last week continued.

Trump and the political economy of liquidity traps

AFTER the Brexit referendum and the election of Donald Trump, and the subsequent market reactions, I think we are closing in on a decent theory of the way liquidity traps end. That might be going too far.

The economic consequences of Donald Trump

FROM late January, Donald Trump will have all the authority of the American executive, and the support of a unified Republican Congress, behind him. He will, therefore, be in a position to deliver profound and lasting change.

How strong are the institutions of liberal societies?

LIBERAL democracies, while not exactly on the brink of a descent into fascism, are facing a period of crisis.

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