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A Reading for the Pigou Club

Toward a Pigouvian State by Jonathan Masur and Eric Posner in the University of Pennsylvania Law Review.

Debating Introductory Econ

Noah Smith takes the standard course to task. David Henderson says, not so fast.

Expunge Woodrow?

I have been following the debate at my alma mater about Woodrow Wilson. Here are two good pieces for and against removing his name from its current place of prominence.

Regulatory Complexity

I enjoyed reading these remarks from University of Chicago economist Steve Davis. The chart below, taken from Davis, is particularly striking.

What I've been watching

A student recommended to me the direct-to-Netflix TV show Narcos. It is a docudrama about the Colombian drug kingpin Pablo Escobar. I just finished the first season of ten episodes, and it is indeed very good.Next up: The direct-to-Amazon show The Man in the High Castle, which will be released shortly.

Obamacare as Redistribution

When students ask me about the Affordable Care Act, I often say that the policy was motivated as much by the desire to redistribute income as it was to reform the health care system. I recently ran across the following chart from Brookings economists Henry Aaron and Gary Burtless that shows the degree of redistribution that the act entails.

Where I'll be this week

On Friday I will be speaking at this Economics Teaching Conference.

Presidential Probabilities

Now that Intrade is gone, here is one place to see who is ahead based on betting odds.

Keep the Cadillac Tax

Click here to read a piece I co-authored with Larry Summers, which is coming out in Sunday's New York Times.

American Obesity

Critics of the U.S. health care system often say things like, "The United States spends more money than anyone else on health care but some other nations have better life expectancy." The next time someone starts making statements like that, keep in mind this chart. Show More Summary

The Case for a Carbon Tax

An interview with the author of my favorite textbook.

A Feature, Not a Bug

A few weeks ago, a poll asked people what were the first words that they thought of when they heard the names of the various presidential candidates. For Hillary Clinton, "liar" and "untrustworthy" ranked high. Many commentators sawShow More Summary

Olivier Blanchard

A profile (though I doubt the headline applies to readers of this blog).

What I am doing today

Today, I am wearing my political theory hat. If you happen to be a student at Brown, you can find me here.

Hillary's Plan for Pharmaceuticals

Maybe good politics, but not good economics, says Megan McArdle.

Nobel Predictions

Thomson Reuters points to Blundell, List, and Manski.

Feel-the-Bern Fiscal Policy

From the Wall Street Journal (news article, not editorial page): Sen. Bernie Sanders, whose liberal call to action has propelled his long-shot presidential campaign, is proposing an array of new programs that would amount to the largest peacetime expansion of government in modern American history. Show More Summary

What to do when the natural rate of interest declines

Increase the inflation target, according to this new paper, which uses the dynamic model of aggregate demand and aggregate supply from my favorite intermediate macroeconomics textbook.

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