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What Moderates Believe

I much appreciated today's column by David Brooks, though he seems to be describing center-right moderates more than center-left moderates (or is that my own bias showing up?). David also taught me a new word: syncretistic. It refers to combining different forms of belief.

Macro Musings

You can hear me interviewed by David Beckworth here.

Does this make my Hamilton tickets a deductible business expense?

Economic Lessons from the Musical Hamilton, by Matthew C. Rousu and Courtney A. Conrad, discusses how the great musical can be used to teach economic principles in the classroom.

Report from the NFF

It is now that time of year when I am enjoying the Nantucket Film Festival. My wife and I today saw The Big Sick. Despite the not very enticing title, we loved it. The film is based on the real-life romance of the two screen writers, emphasizing the difficulty of bridging cross-cultural expectations. Show More Summary

Hamilton Tickets Redux

James Stewart takes a look at theater tickets on Broadway, a topic I discussed last year. I love his ending: Dynamic pricing and super-premium prices may be relatively new, but the scarcity of tickets for hit shows has a long tradition. Show More Summary

Economists for Hassett

An open letter supporting Kevin Hassett's nomination as CEA chair.

On Taxes and Deficits

Click here to read my column in Sunday's New York Times.

A New Mankiw Publication

This one I am particularly proud of, though I cannot claim to fully understand it.

Why people prefer unequal societies

A friend points out that this paper is related to some themes I have written about. The abstract (emphasis added): There is immense concern about economic inequality, both among the scholarly community and in the general public, and many insist that equality is an important social goal. Show More Summary

Adverse Selection in Practice

This article about genetic testing presents a great example of adverse selection: Pat Reilly had good reason to worry about Alzheimer’s disease: Her mother had it, and she saw firsthand the havoc it could wreak on a family, much of it financial. Show More Summary

How Best to Tax Business

Click here to read my column in Sunday's NY Times.

A Proposed Regulation

The story about United dragging a passenger off an overbooked plane highlights how crazy the current system is. I would not go so far as to say that airlines should never overbook, but it seems that when they overbook, they should fully bear the consequences. Show More Summary

The Rich Aren't Getting Richer

This paper by Fatih Guvenen and Greg Kaplan is worth a read by anyone interested in inequality trends. An important excerpt: Since 2000, different measures of top income inequality have exhibited very different trends. Top income shares...Show More Summary

The Myth of Stagnant Income

This paper by Bruce Sacerdote is worth noting: Despite the large increase in U.S. income inequality, consumption for families at the 25th and 50th percentiles of income has grown steadily over the time period 1960-2015. The number of...Show More Summary

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