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A Decline in Brand Value

The University of Chicago's Allan Sanderson alerts me to this story about the Chicago real estate market: Condos in Trump International Hotel & Tower sold for an average of $747 a square foot in 2017....That's down almost 12 percent from 2016....In the same period, prices in the downtown condo market overall rose by 2.8 percent.

Robert Barro on the Tax Bill

My colleague Robert Barro is enthusiastic about the recently passed tax bill. You can read his analysis of it here.

Measuring Bias, or Reflecting Reality?

The above graphic, from today's NY Times, is intended to show bias in economics textbooks. I am not so sure that is the right interpretation.In the world, only 4 percent of CEOs (of Fortune 500 companies) are women, so does the figure...Show More Summary

A Quick Quiz

According to the staff of the Joint Commitee on Taxation, before the recent change in the tax law, taxpayers earning more than $1 million a year were scheduled in 2019 to pay 19.3 percent of all federal taxes. What impact does the new tax law have on this percentage? (a) It falls to 17.8 percent. Show More Summary

Tax Cuts for the Rich?

As I have stated repeatedly, I have mixed feelings about the tax bill going through Congress. There is a lot of it that I don't like. But I nonetheless disagree with much of the commentary of its critics. A common refrain is that the bill entails big tax cuts for the rich. Show More Summary

A New, More Affordable Way to Read My Favorite Textbook

From Inside Higher Ed : The new offer, called Cengage Unlimited, will give students access to more than 20,000 Cengage products across 70 disciplines and 675 course areas for $119.99 a semester.

Paul Krugman...Sigh

I usually refrain from commenting on all the silliness found over at Paul Krugman's blog. But in a post a couple days ago, Paul is especially dyspeptic and calls me out by name. Let me offer a few comments.1. Paul says I have never admitted to making a math error. Show More Summary

What I've Been Watching

This came out last year, but I only heard about it recently: The Night Manager, a six-part miniseries based on the John le Carre novel. Compelling story and great acting. Available now via Amazon.

Furman on Tax Reform

I don't agree with all of it, but these slides from a recent talk by Jason Furman make a lot of good points.

Taxing Higher Ed

One of the most surprising parts of the proposed tax bill is its tax on university endowments. If my rough calculations are correct, the tax would cost schools like Harvard between $1,000 and $2,000 per student every year.Is there a good argument for this policy? Not that I can see.

The Good, the Bad, and the Fixable

Click here to read my column in Sunday's NY Times on the Trump tax plan.

The Dynamic Furman Ratio

There are been a lot (maybe too much) commentary on my simple pedagogical exercise. To move the discussion forward, let me offer a challenge to readers: What is the dynamic Furman ratio in such a model--that is, the ratio the wage increase...Show More Summary

My Latest

Click here to read "Friedman’s Presidential Address in the Evolution of Macroeconomic Thought," an essay I just finished writing with Ricardo Reis for the Journal of Economic Perspectives.

An Exercise for My Readers

There is a lot of discussion lately about how much a cut in the tax on capital will increase wages. So I thought I would pose a relevant exercise for my readers.A small open economy has the production function y = f(k), where y is output per worker and k is capital per worker. Show More Summary

What I am reading

Two of my favorite young macroeconomists (and former students) have a new essay on Identification in Macroeconomics.

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