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Swagel on Tax Reform

My old friend Phill Swagel has good things to say about the Brady-Ryan tax reform.

Three Cheers for Kevin Hassett

Numerous news reports suggest that President Trump will tap Kevin Hassett to chair the Council of Economic Advisers. This would be an excellent choice. Here is an overview of Kevin's perspectives on economic policy, and here is my old review of his book Dow 36,000.

You have got to be kidding me

If I did not know the source, I might have thought that this report was from The Onion : The Trump administration is considering changing how U.S. trade deficits are calculated, a move that would make the deficit look larger on paper, the Wall Street Journal reported. Show More Summary

The Path Ahead on Climate Change

Click here to read an article in today's NY Times that I coauthored with Martin Feldstein and Ted Halstead.

Macro/Finance Summer Camp

Grad students and young faculty with interests in macro and finance should consider this opportunity.

Policy Summer Camps

Undergraduates with interests in public policy should consider this opportunity and this one as well.

Econ Theory Summer Camp

Graduate students with an interest in economic theory may be interested in considering this opportunity.

Good News at Harvard College

The Crimson reports: Economics 10b: “Principles of Economics” is the most popular course in the Faculty of Arts and Sciences for the fourth consecutive spring, beating out the second-largest class—Life Sciences 1b: “An Integrated Introduction to the Life Sciences: Genetics, Genomics, and Evolution”—by a hefty margin of about 150 students.

Worthwhile Canadian Initiative

My friend Joshua Gans alerts me to the following:The Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto is offering to help scholars and students impacted on by the new US immigration restrictions. We would like to hear from anyone who:...Show More Summary

The Demise of the CEA?

This is not good news: CEA DOA?… MM hears there’s a chance Trump will simply pass on filling the CEA Chair job that at one point appeared to be going to Larry Kudlow. Trump could decide to just stick with Gary Cohn and the National Economic Council and skip over the more academically-inclined CEA. Show More Summary

A Three-Point Tax Reform

Consider the following tax reform:1. Add a retail sales tax on consumer goods and services, both domestic and imported.2. Use some of the proceeds from the tax to repeal the corporate income tax.3. Use the rest of the proceeds from the...Show More Summary

The Euclidean Index

Motty Perry and Philip J. Reny propose a way to rank economists by citations (published AER September 2016), and now RePEc implements it here.

You are not entitled to your own facts

Readers of this blog will surely want to know about a new website:, a " non-partisan publication designed to bring key facts and incisive analysis to the national debate on economic and social policies. It is written by...Show More Summary

Careless Headline Writing

I have noticed over the years that headline writers often try to make stories more sensational than they really are. This one at Yahoo News and Time, however, got me chuckling. The story tells us: The gap between the super-rich and the...Show More Summary

History of Econ Summer Camp

Graduate students with an interest in the history of economic thought should consider this opportunity.

Parting Words

Here is the exit memo from CEA chair Jason Furman.

Me at the ASSA

If you want to see me at the upcoming ASSA meeting in Chicago, here is some relevant information. I will be chairing a session on “Economic Issues Facing the New President,” with talks from Jason Furman (Council of Economic Advisers), Glenn Hubbard (Columbia University), Alan Krueger (Princeton University), and John Taylor (Stanford University). Show More Summary

Why Y?

A professor emails me: My students have the pleasure to use your economics textbook. I have one question: where the symbol "Y" for GDP comes from? All the others, we could detect, such as NX, NCO, etc. My students are curious, and I could not give them a good answer. Show More Summary

A Possible Victory for Alan Auerbach

Tax policy is moving in fascinating directions.You can read more about the Auerbach proposal here and here.

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