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Nobel Prize for Sale

I don't know the story behind this, but apparently a Kuznets heir is selling his Nobel Prize.

Good News

The Crimson reports on the good judgment of Harvard students:

Defending Pete Carroll

Justin Wolfers says that, by the logic of game theory, the losing Superbowl coach does not deserve all the opprobrium he has been getting. I have been thinking the same thing.

Econ Conference for Undergrads

If you are an undergraduate, this conference may be of interest.

Competition and Cooperation

A nice essay by Tim Taylor, very appropriate for introductory students.

The Rise of the Inequality Debate

Professor Lars Syll thinks I made of fool of myself in a previous post when I wondered why we have only recently started discussing income inequality so extensively, even though the increase in inequality occurred mainly between 1980 and 2000. Show More Summary

Economic Theory Summer Camp

Grad students with an interest in economic theory should click here.

History of Economics Summer Camp

Grad students with an interest in the history of economic thought should click here.

Ec 10 Guest Lectures

Above are the seven guest lecturers for ec 10 this spring. How many do you recognize? A first-class econonerd would recognize them all.

Price Theory Summer Camp

This seems like a great opportunity for econ grad students.

The One Percent, Updated

Piketty and Saez have updated their famous one-percent graph to 2013. It is above. (Click on graphic to enlarge.)One thing that commentators sometimes fail to notice is that the big increase in the one percent's income share came from 1980 to 2000. Show More Summary

The 2014 Employment Boom

Why did employment grow by about 3 million in 2014? Here is the answer from a new paper: We measure the effect of unemployment benefit duration on employment. We exploit the variation induced by the decision of Congress in December 2013 not to reauthorize the unprecedented benefit extensions introduced during the Great Recession. Show More Summary

Lazear on Wage Stagnation

Eddie writes: The share of the private workforce employed in the BLS-defined industries “financial activities” and “hospitals” decreased by about 5% between 2010 and 2014. Jobs in these industries pay 29% and 24%, respectively, above the economy mean. Show More Summary

The Rise of Economists

Justin Wolfers documents: "in recent years around one in 100 [New York Times] articles mentions the term “economist,”...Far fewer articles mention the terms historian or psychologist, while sociologists, anthropologists and demographers rarely rate a mention."

News from Amazon

Here are a few screen shots taken from Amazon today. To users of my favorite textbooks: Thank you! Have a great semester.

Leave the laptop in your dorm

I have long been skeptical about students using laptops in class to take notes. I had the sense that their brains were less engaged and that they were acting more like stenographers than students. But I was not entirely sure my hunch was right. According to research described in this article, it was.

The New Economics of the Left

According to this article, some members of the Democratic party are moving from mainstream to heterodox economic theory. If Bernie Sanders runs for the Democratic presidential nomination, as now appears likely, this development should keep things entertaining for us econonerds.

An Odd Question

Those who attended either of the sessions I was involved with at the ASSA meeting know that the audience included some hecklers. During the first session, I was the target. During the second, Larry Summers was. (At one point, the moderator...Show More Summary

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