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Strangers in Their Own Land: Anger and Mourning on the American Right

By Polly Cleveland When I was a teenage bookworm, and later a student at Harvard and Berkeley, I looked down on what my dad called “The Great Unwashed”. By this unfortunate Victorian term, he meant the ignorant, the prejudiced, the parochial...Show More Summary

An Undergraduate’s Question about Economic Policy

By Thomas Palley Cross-posted from the author’s blog.  I received an e-mail from an undergraduate economics student who was curious about economic policy in Washington, DC. His question says a lot about the current state of affairs. Here it is with my reply. Show More Summary

The Clean Power Plan’s Day in Court

  By Elizabeth A. Stanton Cross-posted from the author’s blog, and at our sister blog Triple Crisis.  In one week, the D.C. Circuit of the U.S. Court of Appeals will begin hearing oral arguments regarding the...Show More Summary

Our Annual Labor Issue Is Out!

Our September/October Annual Labor issue is printing now, and the full-color pdf has been sent to electronic subscribers.  (Not a subscriber? Click here to subscribe.)  We have posted our lead feature, Class Struggle By Other Means:Show More Summary

The Federal Reserve Must Rethink How It Tightens Monetary Policy

By Thomas Palley Cross-posted at the author’s website, After more than 7 years of economic recovery, the Federal Reserve is positioning itself to tighten monetary policy by raising interest rates. In light of the wobbly...Show More Summary

The Wrong Side of a Long, Long History of Resource Extraction

By Elizabeth A. Stanton, PhD Cross-posted at the author’s blog, Thanks to abundant coverage by social media, the nation watched this week as activists protesting the construction of a pipeline to transport oil through the Dakotas, Iowa and Illinois put their own safety at risk to protect a Native American cultural site. Show More Summary

Eurozone Stagnation: Wrong diagnosis, wrong medicine, no recovery

  By John Weeks What the EC Doctors Said If a doctor misdiagnoses a patient’s malady and prescribes an inappropriate medicine, we would not expect recovery to good health.  Should the doctor persist in the faulty diagnosis and prescribe...Show More Summary

James Galbraith Tells Us What Everyone Needs to Know About Inequality

By Polly Cleveland Inequality has surged in the U.S. over the last forty years; many observers now blame the deregulation and tax cuts for the rich starting with the presidency of Ronald Reagan in 1980. In his new short book, Inequality:...Show More Summary

David and Goliath, or Why the One Percent Has to Rig the System

By Polly Cleveland Malcolm Gladwell’s bestseller, David and Goliath, asks how and why the weak win far more often than we expect. What characteristics of the weak can sometimes make them strong? What characteristics of the powerful can often make them vulnerable? For a long-time inequality buff like me, Gladwell provides some new insights. Show More Summary

Labour Party Leadership:  Fight for Policies Not Souls

By John Weeks A Yawning Divide Those following the internal conflict in the UK Labour Party repeatedly read that  it is a fight for the “soul” of the party.  This metaphysical reference to the contest between Jeremy Corbyn and Owen Smith...Show More Summary

John Perkins’ New Confessions of an Economic Hit Man

By Polly Cleveland In 1946, when I was a year old, my father hung up his Navy uniform and joined the U.S. Foreign Service. He could have returned to a well-paid position at Borden Cheese, but he wanted to continue serving his country after World War II. First we went to Bucharest Romania (’47-49), then … Continue reading John Perkins’ New Confessions of an Economic Hit Man

Financing vs. Spending Unions: How to Remedy the Eurozone’s Original Sin

By Thomas Palley In economic policy, timing isn’t everything, it’s the only thing. The euro zone crisis has been evolving for over seven years, making it difficult to time policy proposals. Now, the shock of Brexit has created a definitive political opportunity for reforming rather than patching the euro. Show More Summary

The July/August Issue Is Out!

The July/August issue of Dollars & Sense is out! We fell a bit behind because of our recent office move. But the issue has now been sent out to e-subscribers and the print edition is at the printers. We have posted three articles from...Show More Summary

Understanding the Corbyn Phenomenon

By John Weeks Labour Party Rebellion of 2016 Cross-country political comparisons mislead by creating an illusion of insight.  The attempt to compare Bernie Sanders and Jeremy Corbyn provides a clear example.  While both rose to prominence...Show More Summary

Why Negative Interest Rate Policy (NIRP) Is Ineffective and Dangerous

By Thomas Palley NIRP is quickly becoming a consensus policy within the economics establishment. This paper argues that consensus is dangerously wrong, resting on flawed theory and flawed policy assessment. Regarding theory, NIRP draws on fallacious pre-Keynesian economic logic that asserts interest rate adjustment can ensure full employment. Show More Summary

Alone Now: From Hope to Brexit Despair

By John Weeks A Tale of Two Summers The summer of 2015 brought a spectacularly bright ray of progressive hope to the United Kingdom: the increasingly obvious likelihood that a socialist would soon lead the near-moribund Labour Party....Show More Summary

Brexit: The Day We Entered the Eye of the Maelstrom

By Thomas Palley In years to come, the Brexit referendum may come to be seen as the day we entered the eye of the maelstrom that now promises enormous destruction. The immediate consequence looks to be a possible financial crisis, but even if that is avoided the other costs of Brexit will not be. The … Continue reading Brexit: The Day We Entered the Eye of the Maelstrom

New Office!

New Office!  We had to move the Dollars & Sense office yet again (we were only in our last office for just under a year), but this time we have landed in a great building we think we’ll be in for a long while–the NonProfit Center of Boston, near South Station in downtown Boston. The building, which … Continue reading New Office!

D&S Left Forum panels, plus: Friedman Responds on Single-Payer

Dollars & Sense will be at this year’s Left Forum conference in New York City, this afternoon through Sunday afternoon. Come visit D&S co-editor at the book exhibit table!  We are also sponsoring two panels: Bernie v. The Greens: What...Show More Summary

Boycott the Rio Olympics to Defend Brazilian Democracy

By Thomas Palley Reposted from Thomas Palley’s blog. Terrible anti-democratic events are now unfolding in Brazil with the constitutional coup against President Dilma Rousseff, organized through a cooked-up impeachment trial. The impeachment coup represents a naked attempt by corrupt neoliberal elements to seize power in Brazil. Show More Summary

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