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A New Way For Small Businesses To Simplify Employee Health Care

(Pictured: A small business-Five Guys, with employees.) (This is a sponsored post by UnitedHealthCare. All thoughts and opinions are my own.) According to the U.S. Small Business Administration, there were 29.6 million small businesses up and running. Show More Summary

Are Franchises Really Worth The Investment?

I get asked that question (in some form or another) all the time. The thing is, my answer-the answer actually, is a matter of opinion. Unless you look at what you get when you buy a franchise.   The Deck Is Stacked In Your Favor You get so much when you buy a franchise. Show More Summary

5 Reasons Why Women And Franchises Are A Match Made In Business Heaven

(This is a guest post from Marsha Kelly) It’s no secret that women who embark on the path of entrepreneurship, and start their own business, are usually successful. After all, the skills that women have in spades — perseverance, communication,...Show More Summary

Hurricane Harvey: SBA To Help Houston Small Businesses

The Small Business Administration (SBA) is ready to help small businesses affected by Hurricane Harvey. That, according to Linda McMahon, SBA Administrator. “SBA is strongly committed to providing Texas with the most effective and customer-focused...Show More Summary

Why Are You Allowing Them To Control Your Schedule?

Read the title to this blog post again. It’s kind of crazy when you think about it. Seriously…Who in their right mind would ever allow someone else to control their schedule? You? Whoops. Sorry about that. You must be an employee.  Show More Summary

Brick And Mortar And Franchising

(Retail stores)   When you think about retail franchise opportunities, what brick and mortar stores come to mind? Better yet, what types of brick and mortar stores do you think of? FYI: This retail store is not a franchise. (Unfortunately) But this packing and shipping franchise is. Show More Summary

Two Things That Change Everything When Looking At Franchise Opportunities

Looking at franchise opportunities can be pretty darn exciting! That’s because you’re doing way more than looking for an opportunity. Namely, you’ve decided that you want more out of life. More than a company can give you. Way more than your boss can give you. Show More Summary

Several U.S. Pizza Franchises Are Getting Russian Money

Did you know that franchises like Papa John’s, Domino’s And Sbarro are getting Russian money? That’s right. Money. Directly from Russia. And, believe it or not, they’re not trying to hide it. Read on.   Does Domino’s Need Russian Money?...Show More Summary

These 5 Franchise Buying Blunders Are Totally Avoidable

Blunders happen. They’re part of the human condition. But, some of them are avoidable. In this article, I’m going to show you 5 blunders that are avoidable when buying a franchise business. According to a “blunder” is,...Show More Summary

Business News And Franchise News For July

Franchise News For July (School of Rock, Seattle) School of Rock CEO Dzana Homan, who was receiving a large number of complaints about her leadership, was just replaced by Rob Price. He was the chief operating officer of Wawa, a Delaware County-based convenience store chain. Show More Summary

Franchising: Are You A Lone Wolf Or A Team Player?

(Sponsored Post) We all have personality characteristics and experiences that may suit us better for one type of business over another. And that especially applies to franchises. For example, those who have spent a business career in a teamwork environment, may also want that environment when they start their own franchise businesses. Show More Summary

If A Franchise Isn’t Right For You, What The Heck Should You Do?

It’s important to realize that some most people just aren’t cut out for franchise business ownership. If you’re one of them..if you don’t feel that owning a franchise is the right way to go, you may be feeling discouraged. Don’t! You...Show More Summary

5 Franchise Opportunities For Dog Lovers

  (That’s me and #Bear. We rescued him 2 years ago.) Are you a dog lover? I am-and I’m not shy about it. For example, #Bear gets a lot of mentions on Facebook. Heck, he even has his own Twitter account! You should follow him on Twitter @FranchiseDog. Show More Summary

3 Words That Will Put The Kibosh On Your Franchise Dream

These days, there are lots of things that can put the kibosh on your dream of owning a franchise. In this franchise blog post, I’m going to go over one of them. Warning: If you’re low on funds, you’re not going to like this post.   Need...Show More Summary

3 Pieces Of Unimpeachable Franchise Advice You Can Take To The Bank

All of us, at some time in our lives, need advice. But we have to get it from the right source. Because not all sources are created equal. Some sources are good; some are not. Obviously. Another key point you need to realize: Your source may have an agenda, and that agenda may involve money. Show More Summary

Franchise News: #COVFEFE Franchise Launching Soon

For Immediate Release Franchise News Alert, Washington D.C., June 2, 2017 — (Courtesy of The Franchise Saying he knew he was probably on his way out, White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer has decided to go the entrepreneurial route-and will soon be launching a brand, spanking new franchise concept. Show More Summary

Small Business And Franchise News Updates For May

Check out the small business and franchise business news updates for May. They’re listed below.   Small Business News A report released today by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and MetLife suggests a majority of small business owners are optimistic about their businesses and are looking to hire. Show More Summary

Why Paying The Franchise Fee Changes Everything

If you’ve been investigating franchise opportunities for a while, you know how much information gets thrown your way. Even the most organized people can get overwhelmed during the franchise searching/researching/purchasing process. But...Show More Summary

Small Business Loans: How To Get One

(This detailed “how-to get a small business loan” article – written by Kate Williams, Ph.D., first appeared on Used with permission)  Introduction According to The SBA Loan Book: “The Complete Guide to Getting Financial...Show More Summary

Why You’re Going To Feel Depressed After You Buy A Franchise

Sounds crazy right? Why, would you be depressed after you buy a franchise? One would think you’d be feeling like this:   via GIPHY And you will. For a little while. Then something else happens. For some crazy reason, you end up feeling...Show More Summary

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