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Franchise Buyer Warning: The What If’s Are Coming!

Are you about to buy a franchise? Fantastic! What follows is a franchise buyer warning: the What If’s are coming! For you. But first, a little reminder… This “buying a franchise” thing you’re about to do is for all the marbles. It’s what you’ve been working towards the past couple of months. Show More Summary

Pizza Franchises: How Much Pizza Knowledge Do You Need?

Before you dive-in to this article about pizza franchises knowledge needed, take a look at the title again. What’s your answer to the question I posed: “How much pizza knowledge do you need?” Now, remember your answer and proceed.  Show More Summary

Franchise Business News For August

Here is the latest franchise business news for August. I think you’ll like these stories! ___________________________________________________________________________________ The one #1 reason this couple in Wisconsin purchased Mosquito Squad: “We felt it would sell. Show More Summary

Is It Yes Or No On The Franchise You Want To Buy?

It comes down to this. You’re alone at your desk staring at the 35 page franchise agreement (contract) you received from the franchisor via FedEx 2 days ago. Correction: You’re not really staring at the legal agreement you’re thinking of signing. Show More Summary

Business News: Subway® Signs Cooperative Agreement Ensuring Fair Pay For Its Workers

Check out this important business news. In a move that must be freaking out International Franchise Association executives, Subway® has agreed (in writing) to focus on making sure its franchisees comply with current labor laws. Subway just voluntarily signed a cooperative agreement with the U.S. Show More Summary

My Clients Never Ask Me About This Type Of Franchise

  Never. Not once. I’ve never had a client ask me if there were any pharmacy franchise opportunities available. Pretty strange now that I think about it. Talk about sales volume. Talk about a business that’s growing-mostly due to our aging population. Show More Summary

Franchise Ownership: The One Thing They Don’t Tell You

I’m not sure why they don’t tell you. It’s not like you’re a kid. If you’re old enough to write a $40,000 check (for the upfront franchise fee) you’re certainly old enough to handle the truth. That’s my opinion, anyway. I really think they should tell you. Show More Summary

July Franchise And Small Business Links

There is lots going on in the world of franchising and small business. Let’s dive right in. Franchise Links Speaking of diving, restaurant same store sales continue to be weak. According to Nation’s Restaurant News, same-store sales fell.7 percent, which followed last quarter’s.2 percent year-over-year drop. Show More Summary

Can Choosing The Right Franchise Make You Rich? Part 3

If you want to be rich, one way to get there is by owning a franchise business…several franchise businesses, actually. There are a lot of very successful (rich) franchise owners around. Most of them are multi-unit franchise owners, owning 10, 20, 50 or more franchise units. Show More Summary

Local Bar Owners Are Furious After Dairy Queen Launches Happy Hour

(An angry bar owner) Your local Dairy Queen® frozen dessert franchise business wants you to spend your money at their Happy Hour instead of at Conley’s Pub & Grill-or whatever the name of your local watering hole is. Makes perfect sense. Show More Summary

Franchise Business Plans Don’t Have To Be Complicated

Are you looking to buy a franchise? If so, and if you plan on getting a small business loan to start your new business, you’re going to need to write a franchise business plan. You knew that, right? Keep reading.   Thorough. Not Complicated. Show More Summary

He Said No: She Wanted To Do It Anyway

(Meet Angie)   No He said no. He told her “He wasn’t raised that way.” “But, I really want to try it.” “No. No means no, Angie!” “I don’t get you. When we got married, you told me that you were open to exploring new things. What happened to you? Why are you such a freaking […] The post He Said No: She Wanted To Do It Anyway appeared first on The Franchise King®.

President Obama May Become A Franchise Owner

That’s right: President Barack Obama may become a franchise owner.. But, not a franchise that you and I could probably ever buy. President Obama has shown interest in becoming the owner of a sports franchise. A NBA franchise. If President Obama pulls the trigger someday, it would be a first for a U.S. Show More Summary

A Very Kinky Word All Millionaire Franchise Owners Love

(Kinky stuff) I got you at “kinky,” right? Anyway… It’s true. There’s a very kinky word that millionaire franchise owners love. It describes the thing that makes millionaire franchise owners, millionaires. The word I’m about to share with you may or may not sit right with you. Show More Summary

Even @FranchiseDog Is All In For Game 7 Of The NBA Finals

This is a very special night for my hometown of Cleveland, Ohio. It’s been over 50 years since any of our sports teams have won a championship. This is an important game for the Cleveland Cavaliers-our NBA Franchise. There have been lots of ups and downs in our city. Show More Summary

Looking At Franchises? There’s Nothing To Be Afraid Of

(A dark, scary forest) Are you looking at franchises? Do you have a list of potential franchise opportunities compiled? If so, great! Now… Stop with the fear, already. There’s nothing to be afraid of. Yet. Keep reading. You’ll see why fear shouldn’t be in the picture yet. Show More Summary

Is The Death Knell Sounding For Senior Home Care?

(The death knell?) (This is an op-ed written by Bill Shockley, CSA, COO, Director of Franchise Development for Ask-Carol Franchising LLC) Synopsis The cost of senior home care is about to go way up, making it less affordable for families, and creating a profit and quality squeeze for both medical and non-medical home care. Show More Summary

Quiznos CEO Gone: The Shakeup Continues

Admittedly, it’s been a while since I’ve reported on Quiznos. That’s because things have been eerily quiet, news-wise, for the Denver-based franchise chain. Until last week. From The Denver Post:  “Quiznos’ president and CEO has stepped...Show More Summary

Excited About Buying A Franchise? You Won’t Be In One Moment

This Is Going To Get Ugly Are you excited about buying a franchise? Great! Have you found a few franchise opportunities that interest you? Frantastic. Are you currently doing serious research on a franchise business or two? Good for you. Show More Summary

How The Franchise Community Can Show Military Veterans Their Gratitude

I couldn’t see myself doing it. I’m just not wired that way. I do whatever I can to avoid physical pain. That’s why I could never serve in the military. If I would’ve been born in the early 1950’s instead of the late 1950’s, I would’ve been eligible for the military draft. Show More Summary

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