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Boomer Reviews: Freedom Summer, by Bruce Watson

We Boomers were eyewitnesses to a bewildering amount of history in the making during the 50's and 60's in which we grew up. The death of an idealistic young President was the first memory that many of us can recall clearly. Man's first steps on the moon are recorded indelibly in our minds. Show More Summary

By Way of Explanation...

Life has taken over all of my time lately. A water leak in the kitchen has turned me into a full-time floor installer for the last month (800 square feet, including the kitchen, dining area, living room, entry, and hallway). I'm putting down pub-grade solid hickory strips, they require some "convincing" in order to go in perfectly. Show More Summary

Blogging Boomers Carnival #67

Blogging Boomers Carnival is hot, it's sexy, and it's dead. Okay, I stole that from a Rolling Stone cover article about Jim Morrison about 1981. The Blogging Boomers carnival is all that, except that it's very much alive, as oppo...

Mmm, Mmm, Good!

I grew up in a two-income household long before it was fashionable. My father owned a truck garage in Miami, Oklahoma, and my mom was a first-grade teacher. That meant times were busy around my house, and a kid frequently was expect...

Phone Booths

Ah, the services that we grew up with we took for granted would always exist. The guy at the gas station would always be willing to throw in some nice freebie just so we would continue to buy his fuel. Your favorite AM station would...


I was a kid who was whisked down Interstate highways at 75 MPH. Billboards had to be huge in order to be noticed. But my older brothers were able to experience a more relaxed and charming way of travel: Being driven down two-lane mo...

Blogging Boomers Carnival #68

Yikes, I almost forgot! This week's tasty selection of the Blogging Boomers carnival is located over at The Boomer Chronicles. It covers the gamut from history to relationships to retirement to middle-age-spread to floral prints. T...

See Rock City

In the summer of 1967, we traveled to Montreal to see Expo 67. On the way back, I got to see some pretty amazing stuff, including Niagara Falls, the Great Smokeys, and about a million painted barns and roadside signs imploring me to...

See You Next Week

My beautiful bride and myself have been united in marriage for twenty-five years. To celebrate this momentous event, I Remember JFK, as well as a whole bunch of my other projects, will be on hiatus for a week or so while we escape f...

Blogging Boomers Carnival #69

Yikes, I almost forgot... Before the wife and myself slip off for our anniversary getaway, I want to share this week's Blogging Boomer's Carnival #69 with you. It's over at Contemporary Retirement, and it's good stuff! Go see fo...

The Wild Wild West

If ever a TV show defined what was cool circa 1966, it was The Wild Wild West. from its unforgettable theme song to its intense animated opening (did he REALLY slug that woman??) to its futuristic gadgetry with a Victorian look (whi...

When You Weren't Sure Exactly What Time It was

Got a cell phone in your pocket or purse? How about a GPS in your car? I'm sure you have a computer, otherwise you wouldn't be reading this right now. Then you know, within a teeny fraction of a second, exactly what time it is. We take such a situation very much for granted. Show More Summary

Jack Webb's TV Creations

I Remember JFK did an article on Dragnet back in 2007, but it really didn't pay enough homage to the man behind the show, Jack Webb. With that, today's offering will attempt to give credit where credit is due, to the creative geniusShow More Summary

The Etch-a-Sketch

I am so pleased when I write about a toy from our Boomer childhoods, and don't have to include it under the "Things that Disappeared When You Weren't Looking" category! Such is the happy case with the subject of today's piece, the Etch-a-Sketch,...Show More Summary


Man has been eating lunch since time immemorial. And you might think that the portable lunchbox like you carried to school in the 50's, 60's, or 70's would have been just as ancient. But you would be wrong. In 1950, Nashville, TN-based...Show More Summary

A month off

This blog is my proudest internet accomplishment, I'm not even sure what would occupy second place, it's such a one-horse race. But I have a huge amount of distractions going on right now, and I think it would be best at this point to...Show More Summary

When Big Catalogs Came in the Mail

These mailmen today have it made. Why, back in my day, they used to haul a hundred pounds of catalogs five or six times a year! One of the most pervasive memories we Boomers have locked away is a big catalog or two sitting on the coffee table right next to the ashtray. Show More Summary

Boomer Reviews - George's Candy by George Ratz

For Baby Boomers, one of the most pervasive memories we all have is the Vietnam war. During the 60's, not a night went by without the nightly news telling us the latest figures on deaths on both sides of the conflict, as well as showing...Show More Summary

The Cuban Missile Crisis

Some things blissfully took place before I had a chance to be terrified by them. As a kid, I was plagued by worry. I've gotten over it since then, perhaps to an excessive degree, but back then, it didn't take much to fill me with fear. Show More Summary

One More Week's Vacation Time for the Site

Boomer friends, and those of other generations who have become regular visitors, I'm taking a second week off in a row. I'm working hard to take care of some basic structural issues behind the server I'm leasing for my sites, and also putting a lot of startup time into my latest blog, Gotta-Have Albums. Show More Summary

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