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Dear Hillary and Fans... Not Interested

Dear Fans of Hillary, Not Interested. Dear Hillary, and Fans, I'm not interested. In your complaints about why you lost the election. In your book. In what happened that caused you to not be our 1st woman president. This will likelyShow More Summary

My Mother was a Truck Driver

Margaret May Westover My Mom My mother passed to what most people call heaven, several weeks ago. I have truly lost track of the time and I will admit openly here that I am still in shock. I live in Colorado, my mom was in an assisted living home in NY. Show More Summary

"I Have Today" An Interview with Diane Forster

I have Today with Diane Forster It's been close to a year since I met Diane Forster at a woman's business conference. She was one of the most dynamic people there. During one session, the hostess of the conference called on Diane to tell the room a bit about herself. Show More Summary

The Work in Progress Called YOU

DianaR Diana Robinson tells people, "We are all a work in progress." It's almost a cliche, but one that sticks around and gets repeated on a regular basis. The reality of this one sentence is often lost on so many of us, because of its implications. Show More Summary

I Lived Another Life

In my other life Once upon a time, I lived another life. I threw the sheets off in the morning, slipped my legs over the side of the bed, and watch a rose-gold sun rise above the horizon, out my window. The day beckoned. I felt the warm air as a tickle on my skin. Show More Summary

Dear Mom

Dear Mom - I wish I'd known you then Dear Mom, Remember that day – the day so long ago it’s hard to remember anything? Remember how I got lost coming home from school? I was in kindergarten and I tended to wander. Always looking at the houses and the gardens in people’s well-kept lawns. Show More Summary

The Art of Learning Patience: Or How to Tell a Sad Story Effectively

Conclusions First of all, I admit, I have little or no patience with most things. This means, when I sign up for a webinar and you take 10 minutes of the hour you promised me, talking about yourself, going into great detail about your life, mentioning some major illness or event that 'changed your life', I'm gone. Show More Summary


Early mornings with Emily The morning was like any other. And then, it wasn't. Her legs moved slowly under the covers; toes, feet, ankles, calves, until at last she could sit up on the edge of the bed and take a deep breath. She felt rather than saw the humid air as it settled on her hair. Show More Summary

The Spaces In-Between

The morning rises nicely, full of invitation. I feel the pull, of late, of the spaces in-between. There is a tug on my soul that will not be ignored. The day starts as it should - with letting the dog out and getting the coffee ready. Show More Summary

I Wax the Morning Nostalgic

The mountains are lovely today. It's Sunday. The morning is lovely. Our view of the mountains this morning is lovely. Life is lovely. There is a special quiet to the early mornings, here in Firestone, CO. The neighborhood is slow to wake up. Show More Summary

Whose Story Is It?

It's the story of your life. From beginning to end, it's about struggle, despair, depression, select moments of joy, and the usual experiences of one person, one life, going through trials and tribulations as their life unfolds before them. Show More Summary

5 Ways to Brand Yourself for Amazing Results in 2017

guest post by Jane Dizon 5 Ways to Brand Yourself for Amazing Results in 2017 I can still remember being fascinated by Audrey Hepburn when I was growing up. She was undeniably the epitome of elegance from top to toe. From her pearls, to her iconic little black dress, to her wistful films, you can easily identify her brand. Show More Summary

I am fascinated by hands

Hands fascinate me. I can remember TV commercials when I was 40 talking about hands. About dish washing soap that kept your hands looking young, even if you were 35 or older. The concept of 35 being old astonished me. But, we're a youth...Show More Summary

I Remember Mama

My Mom... circa 1953? Somehow, this weekend, I was half-asleep, listening in the dark for the dog (when I hear her collar jingle I wait to see if she's coming to the bedroom door to give it a scratch, indicating she wants out), when a vivid memory hit my brain like a big yellow balloon, bursting from too much air. Show More Summary

I Never Danced

"Just dance," she said. Her voice was full of laughter. Happy laughter. She wasn't judging. She was advising. I watched her slip onto the dance floor and throw her long blonde hair back, and thrust her body into the movement, keeping time with the band, waving her arms about, full of true abandon. Show More Summary

Determined Stubborn Independent -The Rise of the Wayward Woman

I call it the Rise of the Wayward Woman. I call it time to embrace your phenomenal self, as a woman, in the 21st century. In a keynote given at the Women in the Pet Industry Network last year, I focused on the power of women to day to rise up; to take charge; to shed the Goody Two Shoes cloak they had wrapped themselves in, so many years ago. Show More Summary

The Rise of the Phenomenal Woman

The hand that rocks the cradle, so it's been told, rules the world. How true is this? Can women demand and command the kind of attention men get as a matter of fact? We can and we do. We can and we have. We can and we will. History shows women to be powerful members of society. Show More Summary

Get Your Group On...

by Yvonne DiVita We're reviving this blog! Are you as excited as I am? Watch for design changes and more content. This particular post, today, is part of a paid program for Groupon. You know them... they've been around for quite awhile and while I am receiving compensation for this, all writing is original and my own. Show More Summary

How to Unleash Your Pet Business’ Marketing Success

Business owners who work in the pet industry are lucky to have an inherently loyal customer base of animal lovers and pet parents who cherish their fur babies and want to give them the best products and services available. MarketingShow More Summary

Stay Connected While You’re Home for the Holidays

If you, like many people, will be headed over the river and through the woods to Grandma’s house — or anywhere else for that matter — you may stress out at the idea of stepping away from your business for days or weeks at a time. Thankfully,...Show More Summary

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