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Medical News Today: Tips for finding motivation with depression

Learn about the benefits of physical activity for people with depression, how socializing may help, and what depression triggers should be avoided.

Medical News Today: Oxytocin may boost paternal behavior

The 'love hormone' is known to promote mother-child bonding, but new research indicates that it could do the same for a father and their offspring.

Medical News Today: Researcher investigates why mothers sing to their babies

Mothers from all human societies sing to their babies. Why do they do this, and is it important? One researcher is determined to find out.

Medical News Today: Babies with gut yeast may be at risk of asthma

A new study suggests a fungus known as Pichia - found in babies' guts - may increase the risk of developing childhood asthma, if acquired in early life.

Medical News Today: Dr. Olga Jonasson: Competency defeats gender bias

We look at how Dr. Olga Jonasson - America's first woman to head a surgical department - helped shape leadership opportunities for today's female surgeons.

Medical News Today: Parkinson's: 'Genetic switch' may play key role in preserving brain cells

Study finds a genetic switch that controls PINK1 and PARKIN genes, defects in which cause mitchondrial dysfunction seen in some forms of Parkinson's.

Medical News Today: Natural remedies for dry eyes

What causes dry eye, what home remedies may help to reduce symptoms, and how might it be prevented? Learn about the lifestyle changes that could help.

Medical News Today: Which eye drops are best for dry eyes?

In this article, learn about what causes dry eye, which eye drops are available, what to consider when choosing eye drops, and alternative treatments.

Medical News Today: Vitamin B-3 successfully prevents glaucoma in mice

New mouse study finds a way to prevent glaucoma in genetically predisposed mice. This could pave the way for safer treatments for glaucoma patients.

Medical News Today: Weight gain throughout life may raise risk of esophageal, stomach cancers

New research finds that gaining weight from the age of 20 may increase the risk of developing esophageal and stomach cancers later in life.

Medical News Today: B vitamins may improve schizophrenia symptoms

The first meta-analysis of its kind reviews data from 18 clinical trials to conclude that B vitamins have a positive effect on schizophrenia symptoms.

Medical News Today: New evidence that vitamin D prevents respiratory infections

Whether vitamin D supplements reduce the risk of acute respiratory infections is a hotly debated topic. A new meta-analysis swings in vitamin D's favor.

Medical News Today: ADHD: Large imaging study confirms differences in several brain regions

The largest study of its kind provides robust evidence to confirm ADHD is a brain disorder characterized by delayed development of several brain regions.

Medical News Today: Can honey and cinnamon help treat acne?

Can a honey and cinnamon face mask help relieve the symptoms of acne? Learn about the possible benefits for the skin along with research into this remedy.

Medical News Today: How long are you contagious with a cold or flu for?

The flu and common cold are both common illnesses but for how long is there a risk of spreading them to others? How can people stop them from spreading?

Medical News Today: Algorithm predicts whether high-risk babies will develop autism

Predicting whether someone will go on to develop autism is currently impossible. A new algorithm that measures brain development may change this.

Medical News Today: High levels of vitamin D may improve muscle strength

Using a cutting-edge technique, researchers from the United Kingdom investigate the effect of active and inactive vitamin D levels on muscle strength.

Medical News Today: Gluten-free diet may have 'unintended consequences' for health

Researchers suggest individuals who follow a gluten-free diet may be at greater risk of exposure to arsenic and mercury, which may pose harm for health.

Medical News Today: Genetic basis for male baldness identified in large-scale study

New large-scale genetic study examines over 52,000 men with moderate-to-severe hair loss and identifies over 250 genetic locations linked to the condition.

Medical News Today: Cancer: New method tags elusive tumors for targeted therapy

Some tumors are difficult to target because their cells have no unique receptors to tag. Now, researchers reveal a way to manually introduce them.

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