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Medical News Today: High BMI linked to severe liver disease in later life

Obesity is known to cause a range of health issues, but the links between BMI and liver disease have not received much research. A new study fills the gap.

Medical News Today: A-fib and exercise: Health benefits and risks

How can someone with atrial fibrillation keep fit safely? In this article, we look at the best methods to reduce symptoms and improve heart health.

Medical News Today: Small cell lung cancer: Symptoms, treatment, and outlook

What is small cell lung cancer and what are the causes and associated risk factors? How is SCLC diagnosed and what are the different stages?

Medical News Today: Dementia not prevented with vitamin E, selenium, study finds

New clinical trial and cohort study investigate the preventive effects of vitamin E and selenium on elderly men with no symptoms of dementia.

Medical News Today: Happiness declining in U.S. due to 'social crisis'

Today is the International Day of Happiness. A new report, however, finds that happiness levels in America are falling, largely due to a 'social crisis.'

Medical News Today: Could new markers identify patients at high risk of AFib recurrence after ablation?

A study found that atrial fibrillation was more likely to recur following ablation therapy in patients with low levels of three microRNAs in their blood.

Medical News Today: How and when to take a pregnancy test

Whether used at home or in a doctor's office, find out what pregnancy tests are available, how to use them accurately, and what the results mean.

Medical News Today: Young survivors have social difficulties years after cancer diagnosis

New research reveals that adolescent and young adult cancer survivors report low social functioning years after receiving their diagnosis.

Medical News Today: Better sleep can literally make us feel like a million bucks

New research examines the impact of improving sleep quality and finds the effects comparable with a lottery win of a quarter of a million dollars.

Medical News Today: Stage 3 lung cancer: Symptoms, treatment, and outlook

In this article, we take a close look at advanced lung cancer. Learn about how it is classified, as well as how we might increase early detection.

Medical News Today: Hard, not soft, plaque buildup may predict risk of heart attack

New research could change how we determine heart attack risk, as the buildup of soft atherosclerotic plaque seems to play a key role.

Medical News Today: Lactate may be key for cancer development

New research examines the role of lactate - a molecule that is produced and accumulates during intense workout - in the formation of cancer cells.

Medical News Today: Living with AFib: Tips and outlook

In this article, learn about AFib and the recommended lifestyle changes a person may make. What does AFib do to the body and how might it be treated?

Medical News Today: How insulin and glucagon work to regulate blood sugar levels

What is the link between diabetes and the pancreas? What are the symptoms of high and low blood sugar levels? Find out in this article.

Medical News Today: Sleep apnea in children may stunt brain development

A recent study investigated the effects of obstructive sleep apnea on children's brains. The results demonstrate a worrying reduction in gray matter.

Medical News Today: How does broccoli help prevent cancer? Study sheds light

Researchers have identified a mechanism by which sulforaphane - a compound found in broccoli and other vegetables - may help to prevent cancer.

Medical News Today: New tool accurately predicts risk of chronic disease

Researchers have developed a new clinical tool that combines blood tests with age to predict the risk of chronic illness among primary care patients.

Medical News Today: Dr. Elizabeth Blackwell: A heroine for women

Dr. Blackwell overcame many obstacles to become the first female doctor in America. We look at how her achievements led the way for women in medicine.

Medical News Today: Triple-negative breast cancer: Nanodelivery of new drug shows promise

Delivering a new drug directly into triple-negative breast cancer cells via nanoparticles stops the drug degrading before reaching target, study shows.

Medical News Today: Ten home remedies for bronchitis

Bronchitis is an inflammation of the lining in the bronchial tubes. In this article, learn about natural remedies and how to cope with symptoms at home.

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