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Medical News Today: Man-made pollution may be affecting deep-sea fish

Following similar findings in mountain lakes and coastal waters, scientists suggest human-caused pollution may be having pathological effects on deep-sea fish.

Medical News Today: Men have more complications after total knee, hip replacements

Although patients rarely suffer complications or need revision surgery following total knee and hip replacements, men tend to be more affected than women, say researchers.

Medical News Today: What are the health benefits of chia seeds?

Find out about the potential health benefits of chia seeds including preventing and treating diverticulitis, helping with weight loss and maintaining blood pressure.

Medical News Today: Young children 'at highest risk of death from Ebola,' study finds

A new study led by researchers from the WHO and Imperial College London in the UK finds that Ebola is more deadly for children aged 5 and under than older children and adults.

Medical News Today: Increasing use of minimally invasive surgery 'would avert thousands of post-op complications'

Johns Hopkins researchers claim that increasing use of minimally invasive surgery in hospitals across the US could lead to thousands of postoperative complications being avoided.

Medical News Today: Evidence many young children with autism show gut symptoms

Gastrointestinal symptoms of constipation, diarrhea and food allergy/intolerance up to 3 years of age were more likely to be seen by mothers of infants with autism in study.

Medical News Today: New vaccine for Ebola found to provide long-lasting immunity

Researchers have developed a new vaccine for Ebola virus they hope can be disseminated to provide vaccine coverage to inaccessible ape populations.

Medical News Today: Male nurses are paid more than female nurses - a pay gap that shows no sign of decreasing

Although the Equal Pay Act has narrowed gender pay gaps in many industries, inequality persists in medicine and nursing, according to a new study.

Medical News Today: 'Heat-beater' beans could protect staple food as planet warms

Beans - a staple food for nearly half a billion people - are under threat from rising temperatures. Now new heat-proof strains promise to protect this vital source of protein.

Medical News Today: Ovarian cancer treatment set to improve following biomarker discovery

The discovery of a biomarker that predicts the response to chemotherapy in patients with the most malignant form of ovarian cancer will help lead to better treatment options.

Medical News Today: Report warns of 'serious health risks' associated with online breast milk

In a new report published in The BMJ, experts from the UK warn that breast milk purchased online may pose serious health risks to infants and call for the market to be regulated.

Medical News Today: ¿Qué es la serotonina? ¿Cuál es su función?

La serotonina es un neurotransmisor, también conocido como 5-hidroxitriptamina, el cual podemos encontrar en la glándula pineal, las plaquetas de la sangrey y el tracto digest.

Medical News Today: Studies link air pollution as risk factor for anxiety and trigger for stroke

Two new studies published in The BMJ examine associations between fine particulate air pollution and levels of anxiety and incidence of stroke.

Medical News Today: Father inspired after child's autism improved by course of antibiotic

A surprising improvement in a child’s autism, seemingly caused by amoxicillin, has led a father to begin investigating the links between gut bacteria and the disorder.

Medical News Today: Harms of maternal smoking may be reflected in facial movements of fetuses

The harmful effects of smoking during pregnancy may be reflected in a higher rate of mouth and facial-touch movements in unborn babies, according to a pilot study.

Medical News Today: Crave chocolate? A 15-minute walk will magic those bad feelings away

Researchers looking at how to regulate snacking behaviors have found that a short, brisk walk reduces cravings for high-calorie sugary snacks.

Medical News Today: Only 45% of people with Alzheimer's disease are given their diagnosis

The Alzheimer’s Association find that disclosure rates for the disease are “disturbingly low,” with less than half of patients reporting that they were told the diagnosis.

Medical News Today: Growth of global antibiotic use for livestock raises concerns about drug resistance

Use of antibiotics in livestock - used routinely in modern farming to prevent disease and promote growth - is set to rise 67% by 2030, raising concerns about increasing superbugs.

Medical News Today: Older runners who switch to barefoot may find it harder to adapt foot strike

A new study of older runners suggests they may find it harder to change from heel-first pattern of foot strike and this may raise the risk of injury when running barefoot.

Medical News Today: ¿Qué es un linfoma? Causas, síntomas y tratamientos

Aprenda todo lo relacionado con los linfomas, un cáncer presente en el sistema inmunológico y glóbulos blancos de la sangre. Encuentre diagnósticos y tratamientos.

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