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Medical News Today: Blocking a stress protein may treat chronic pain

Blocking a stress-regulating protein called FKBP51 was found to reduce chronic pain in mice, suggesting the protein may be a promising drug target for the condition.

Medical News Today: Barley 'reduces appetite and improves metabolism'

Study participants who ate barley kernel bread for 3 days had improved metabolisms for up to 14 hours and decreased blood sugar and insulin levels, researchers say.

Medical News Today: Bacteria-fighting beards: how facial hair could help tackle antibiotic resistance

Contrary to popular belief, beards are not unhygienic. In fact, new research reveals they harbor beneficial bacteria that could help tackle antibiotic resistance.

Medical News Today: Zika could affect the 2016 Olympics, Europe and Africa

As experts gather data to prepare to monitor and develop strategies to deal with the Zika virus, they also offer advice for Olympics attendees and warnings for Europe and Africa.

Medical News Today: Peptide gel harnesses nature's building blocks to fight superbug infections

Dr. Garry Laverty, from Queen's University Belfast in Ireland, and colleagues created a peptide gel that could revolutionize superbug infection treatment. He details their results.

Medical News Today: As men age, their sperm contains more disease-causing mutations

As they age, men are more likely to father children with serious genetic diseases because over time, a greater proportion of their sperm carries mutations, new study finds.

Medical News Today: Acetaminophen exposure before birth linked to asthma

A new study provides strong evidence that exposure to acetaminophen, or paracetamol, before birth and during infancy is independently linked to the childhood development of asthma.

Medical News Today: A math test a day keeps the weight away, by activating brown fat

Mildly stressful situations can activate brown fat to burn energy and metabolize glucose, implying a potential role for low-level stress in treating obesity and diabetes.

Medical News Today: How Often Should I Eat Tuna?

Canned tuna is frequently a major source of mercury in people's diets. Learn what amounts of tuna can be eaten safely without fear of mercury poisoning.

Medical News Today: Arthroscopic surgery 'ineffective' for knee catching, locking

A form of arthroscopic surgery called partial meniscectomy does not alleviate mechanical symptoms of knee degeneration, such as knee catching and locking, researchers conclude.

Medical News Today: Cutting-edge paleontology sparks ancient diet debate

Advanced mechanical investigation of ancient teeth and jaws shows that the diet of our distant African cousins was softer than we thought.

Medical News Today: Back-to-school asthma attacks linked to common cold virus in children

An increase in asthma attacks when children return to school after a long break is associated with a rise in the spread of the cold virus. Peaks in adult asthma are linked to flu.

Medical News Today: A sigh of relief: new discovery could aid breathing problems

Scientists have discovered two groups of brain cells that are responsible for sighing, opening the door to new treatments for some people with breathing problems.

Medical News Today: New bacteria discovered that cause Lyme disease

Scientists have found new bacteria that cause Lyme disease. They produce symptoms similar to those of the known bacteria, but they also cause nausea, vomiting and diffuse rashes.

Medical News Today: Bionic implant could help paralyzed people 'walk with the power of thought'

With the power of thought, paralyzed patients may soon be able to operate an exoskeleton via an electrode stent that is implanted in their brain with a simple day procedure.

Medical News Today: Device delivers toxic chemo cocktail to pancreatic tumor, spares body

Using a new device to deliver a particularly toxic mix of four chemotherapy drugs halts - and in some cases shrinks - pancreatic tumors in mice while sparing the rest of the body.

Medical News Today: Chronic liver damage worsened by alcohol-fueled gut bacteria

The fact that alcohol causes damage to the liver is not breaking news; however, the role of gut bacteria in this destruction is a fascinating addition to our understanding.

Medical News Today: Uterine Prolapse: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Learn about uterine prolapse, a condition that occurs when the pelvic floor muscles are no longer strong enough to support the uterus correctly.

Medical News Today: CBT and antidepressants 'equally effective' for major depression

The ACP compared the effectiveness cognitive behavioral therapy and antidepressants for major depression, finding that the two treatments are just as beneficial.

Medical News Today: How a dog's IQ could offer clues to dementia

A dog's intelligence is structured similarly to that of humans, a new study suggests. The finding may provide insight on the causes of cognitive decline in humans.

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