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The Importance of Commitment and Consistency

Lots of us have health and fitness goals that we don't always meet. The key, Dr. J says, is to make a commitment and be consistent in sticking with that ideal.

Why Your Waist Measurement Hits the 40s When You Hit Your 30s

Many people start to gain weight at a faster rate once they hit their 30s. Changing hormones and the level of energy our bodies need to run can take some of the blame, as well as more sedentary lifestyles than when we were younger.

Social Media, Competition and Exercise

Regardless of whether it is in our nature to be competitive, research has shown that a little competitive spirit can motivate people to work out more than when they're in a supportive environment.

Millennials Forcing Change on the Fast-Food Industry

A large number of millennials have never tried a Big Mac, and many look for higher-quality ingredients when choosing where to eat. But healthy and high-quality are not necessarily the same thing.

Hunger and Controlling Our Uncontrollable Eating

A study looking at other studies of hunger and eating found that people's stated appetite levels didn't correspond to how many calories they consumed. So how do we eat well when we can't rely on our bodies to only eat when we are hungry?

Overweight Teens: What They Don’t Know is Hurting Them

More and more teens who are overweight or obese don't recognize themselves as such. This new normal could have dire health consequences as they grow up.

Bob Dylan Wins The Nobel Prize in Literature

Bob Dylan was recently awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature. It doesn't have much to do with health and fitness, but don't think twice, it's alright.

The Death of Small Town America

The death rates of rural, white women have been skyrocketing in recent years, and there are a lot of reasons why, from opioid abuse to lack of economic prosperity.

Fitness Trackers Do Not Maker Us Healthier

A study in Singapore found that giving people fitness trackers didn't improve their health, and people given financial incentives to meet movement goals stopped doing so when those incentives were removed.

Is Obesity Just a Fact of Lifestyle, or a Medical Problem?

Some medical experts say that obesity should be considered a chronic disease, which might lead to different treatments and approaches for overweight people.

Gambling, Compulsive Gambling, and the Difference

Gambling can be fun in the right circumstances, but it can also become a compulsion if you get out of control or hide that you are doing it.

The Attack of Late Night TV Fat and Food Jokes

Our latest installment in late-night food and fitness humor includes a look at McDonald's ill-fated fitness trackers, the popularity of the never-ending pasta bowl at Olive Garden, food trucks at a South Carolina school and more.

Dr. J Says, Turn Your Love into Like

Oprah has proudly proclaimed that she loves bread, but maybe she, and we, would do better and losing weight and maintaining healthy weight if we turned our food loves into likes.

How Big Sugar Duped America and Helped Make Us Fat

Why did the research turn from blaming sugar for health problems to blaming fat? Because a group of researchers were paid to say sugar wasn't the culprit back in the 1960s.

Your Eating Healthy Will Make the World a Better Place

How can we get teenagers to make healthier eating choices? Maybe by making eating real food seem like a rebellion against Big Food.

Big Soda’s Bogus Grocery Tax Scam

Voters in San Francisco and Oakland are voting on soda taxes this election cycle, and the beverage lobby is worried that their passage could spark a national trend toward punishing peddlers of sweetened beverages.

Willpower: How to Develop, Train, and Make it Stronger

One of the keys to sticking to healthy goals is having the willpower to make the right choices. Dr. J explores how you can build your willpower through meditation and mindfulness.

Bone-Building Exercises and Life-Extending Literature

Researchers say that jumping is the most beneficial physical activity when it comes to maintaining bone health, but just walking can be really helpful for women of a certain age as well. And why you might consider walking to the bookstore.

A History of Clothing Sizing: Vanity & Plus Sizing, Standards, Fit

For most of human history, most garments were made for an individual. In the United States, mass production of clothing really began with the Civil War, when factories were opened to produce uniforms. It wasn’t until the 1920s that buying ready-made clothes became really popular, but there was no uniformity in sizing and people often […]

Where You Gonna Go When the Hurricane Blow?

Hurricane Hermine stormed through the part of Florida where Dr. J lives, and he shares what it was like and how to prep for a storm like it.

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