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Death Fries by PacSun

So, a crazy woman bought out PacSun store’s ‘indecent’ T-shirts in Orem, Utah this week. Since I live in Utah, this sort of embarrassment is appalling to me and I wanted to see exactly HOW indecent they were. I went to the PacSun website. They weren’t indecent, but that’s another story. I wanted to buy [...]

How Sugar Affects The Brain

This video from TED-Ed is brilliant! It’s especially helpful at the 3:12 mark. It was so helpful to me that I transcribed it: Speaking of healthy foods, let’s say you’re hungry and decide to eat a balanced meal. You do and dopamine levels spike in the reward hot spots. But if you eat that same [...]

50 Motivational Fitness Quotes

I found this animated GIF on MotiveWeight. How do you use it? Click and drag on the image to find out which one you get. I’m a big believer in “The Random.” You get the quote you need for the day. It’s the one that will help you on today’s journey. Remember it. Repeat it. [...]

Tuna Patties Recipe

A couple of weeks ago, I found this recipe online: Low Carb Diet Tips for Busy People – Low Carb Cheddar Tuna Biscuits w/Creamy Spread I was wanting something very low carb because my cravings were going out of control, so I remembered parts of the recipe and tried to make it from memory. It [...]

It’s Okay, Try Again

This song popped up on my Workout playlist and I realized that I had forgotten to tell you about it. It’s called “It’s Okay, Try Again” by Yo Gabba Gabba and The Shins [iTunes link]. Sometimes I just need to hear positive songs like this to make myself feel better.

The Difference Between Normal People and Overeaters

I was reading this blog entry from Wil Wheaton and I realized how different normal people are from overeaters. With diet and exercise, and a little help from my friends | WIL WHEATON dot NET I immediately cut down my beer consumption to one pint a day. I reduced #burritowatch to maybe once a week. [...]

Your Excuse is Invalid

I saw this photo on The Rowing Life and it reminded me that there are NO EXCUSES! If that lady can find a way to exercise with a BROKEN leg, then you can get your butt out of bed in the morning and get on that treadmill! Via: Funeral For My Fat, row-hard: Genius

You’re Awake. You’re Awesome. Live Like It.

I don’t know why, but I really needed this video from Kid President today. I really liked this part: “We all mess up sometimes. The biggest mess up? Not forgiving each other’s mess ups.” Something about this kid just makes me feel like it’s going to be alright. “You’re gonna need a pep talk sometimes. [...]

Don’t Stop Thinking About NOW

I have this old Fleetwood Mac song in my Workout playlist. It reminds me of President Clinton and how enthusiastic we were when he was first elected. It seemed like a good, upbeat song to put in my list. You can hear it here: The truth is, thinking about tomorrow has gotten me into a [...]

Happy Valentine’s Day From The Past

This photo was from Valentine’s Day in 2006. Back then, I didn’t know that I was sensitive to gluten, so this meal LITERALLY made me sick and I didn’t even know it back then. What other Valentine’s Day advice have I given over the years that is poison instead of medicine? Order whatever you want: [...]

Artificial Images

This music video by Boggie has been making the rounds of the health Tumblrs as an example of ways in which the images that we see are actually artificial creations. While watching this video, I was struck with a strange sense of wonder. What if there was some way for us to be transformed, not [...]

Victoria’s Secret Model Karolina Kurkova Looking PERFECT

I saw this image of Victoria’s Secret model Karolina Kurkova on Funeral For My Fat and I’m ashamed to say that the first thing I noticed was the cellulite on her legs. If a Victoria’s Secret model has cellulite, then it is NORMAL for women to have cellulite. The idea that we’re NOT supposed to [...]

Lose An Hour Gain A Mile

I love this motivational poster I found on run, eat, relax. It reads: Lose an hour Gain a mile I really miss being able to run outdoors. We live near a beautiful lake and while it’s possible to go for a run out there, the temperature is at 38 degrees right now, so it’s miserable. [...]

Eat Train Sleep Be Humble

I love this image from healthy moi It reads: Eat Train Sleep Be Humble I especially like the final “Be Humble.” THAT is exactly what has tripped me up EVERY time I’ve started getting my eating in order. I talked about that before here: How To Be Humble Accepting Your Limitations Appreciating Others Rediscovering a [...]

Maya Nava Tongue Surgery To Lose Weight

It sounded like the headlines from Weekly World News: DailyMail – ‘I have plastic sewn to my TONGUE so it hurts too much to eat solids’, reveals extreme beauty queen desperate to stay thin And the pictures were gruesome. I nearly dismissed it as untrue until I saw the BBC symbol on the pictures. They [...]

Trust Your Power

I know this is a commercial for batteries, but I still LOVE it. I love that line: They didn’t call my name. Told me it was over. But I been deaf since I was three. So I didn’t listen. Made me cry and inspired me to keep going. Thanks, Derrick Coleman. I sincerely had never [...]

No Gym? I Will Lift The Earth!

I saw this image on Funeral For My Fat and I had to know what was going on. It reads: No f-ing gym. I will f-ing lift the whole earth! It looked so strange that I had to watch the video that it came from, a video on YouTube called “Chinese New Year St. Rampage” [...]

A Travel Exercise: Burpee Sandbag Row

I was fascinated by this animated GIF I found on Funeral For My Fat: When I looked at it, it looked like she had a suitcase/duffle bag in her hands, and I imagined myself doing that exercise in a hotel room. This exercise has a complete perfection to it as far as travel is concerned: [...]

S2H Replay: What Went Wrong

I was looking through my old screenshots and I found this from a magazine: It is a review for S2H Replay, a wristband device that I actually bought because of this ad. I wore it for a while, hated it and stuffed it into a box. I actually saw it the other day when I [...]

Sound Mind Sound Body

This advertisement from Asics is amazing! It reads: Sound Mind Sound Body: Running releases more than just sweat It’s true. There is one moment in every run where I feel a huge sigh of relief. I have to be paying attention to notice it past all the jiggling, puffing and sweating, but it’s there with [...]

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