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The Tools of Recovery: Service

Part of the reason I have enjoyed so much success with Overeaters Anonymous is because of their tools of recovery. You can read more about them here: Tools Of Recovery – Overeaters Anonymous Service is the final tool of recovery. I have found a lot of solace in it. The Big Book says that when [...]

The Spiritual Awakening: On The Roof

As an atheist, it was difficult for me to come to Overeaters Anonymous. I knew I was a binge-eater, but I also knew that the program was heavy into spirituality and that kept me suffering with my disease for ten long years. After reading The God Gene by Dean H. Hamer, it’s easier to see [...]

The Dual Benefits of my Silent Refeeding Alarms

I have been on a refeeding schedule for several months now. I talked about the idea here: Starling Fitness – Refeeding: A Treatment for Obesity? Back then, I wrote: After months of not being able to follow my plan for more than an hour each morning, I finally have a tiny modicum of success. It [...]

It’s Never About The Food

For the last four months, I have been steadily losing weight. I’ve been keeping my dopamine levels high without eating sugar and watching myself. I’ve learned a very important lesson in these last few months. It’s never about the food. It’s about WHY I want to eat the food. Whenever I start to feel uneasy [...]

PostSecret: Soap on the Cake

This postcard from PostSecret reminded me of how I stayed in my addiction to food for so long. It reads: I had to put soap on this so I wouldn’t eat it out of the garbage. It wasn’t even that good. I knew that putting soap on food was a sign of disordered eating. I [...]

What If You Could Use 100% of Your Brain Capacity?

I saw the trailer to this new movie, Lucy, and it really got me to thinking. I really believe that the spiritual side of weight loss is what I have been missing since the beginning and I REALLY believe that spirituality is merely accessing part of my brain that I have allowed to become dormant [...]

PostSecret: Obsessive Cravings

This postcard from PostSecret reminded me of how I white-knuckled my way down to 150 pounds. It reads: My diet makes me obsess about food to the point where I google image search my cravings in an attempt to stave them off… Just a note to this person and anyone else in this situation: IT [...]

Sardines – What Was I Afraid Of?

A friend on Lose It! had recommended sardines. He said that they are great for protein and they were healthier for me than tuna fish. According to Wikipedia, he’s right: Sardine – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Sardines are rich in vitamins and minerals. A small serving of sardines once a day can provide 13 percent [...]


I adore this animated GIF I found on work sweat achieve! That first cat is all, “I’m not eating THAT!” The second cat is like, “Give me my BROCCOLI!!” I want to be like the second cat. I want to love broccoli so much that I am willing to fight for it. This image is [...]

It’s Supposed To Be Hard

I love this motivational poster: It reads: It’s supposed to be hard. If it wasn’t hard, everyone would do it. The hard is what makes it great. It’s from A League of Their Own in this scene: I love that movie and it makes me tear up every time I hear that line. The next [...]

Lakitu’s Final Lap at a Race

When I saw this photograph on Fit, Fast, and Furious I laughed so hard! It took me a few seconds to realize that this guy was dressed up as Lakitu, who is the nice koopa who tells you which lap you’re on in Mario Kart and pulls you out of the lava, sand or water [...]

Keeping My Dopamine Levels High

I don’t know about other people who are overweight, but the reason I overate was because it made me FEEL good. It gave me a high. More specifically, it gave me a dopamine surge every time I binged. Now, eating a healthy diet can get tedious. Unless I am careful, I will get bored of [...]

Don’t Forget To Sleep

I have been TIRED. I’ve needed to go to bed early. I’ve needed naps in the middle of the day. I’ve felt so insanely tired that I have worried that I was getting sick. And then I remembered… I’m losing weight. For the first time in a LONG time, I’m actually losing weight. I have [...]

Just Do It? What? Run on Water?!

I saw this Nike ad on Do it | We Heart It and it really confused me. The first thing I thought was, Just do it? What? Run on water?! And then I got a little angry at Nike, thinking, Yeah, they think they’re God. They think they can run on water. All of this [...]

Make Yourself A God Box

I HATE the name. I just want to say right up front that I absolutely HATE the name. My sponsor told me to make a God Box. She said she used a lock box, but I could make mine out of anything. I told her I would do it because I decided that I would [...]

PostSecret: Throw It Up

This postcard from PostSecret reminded me of my worst of days suffering with my compulsive eating. It reads: I only eat fast food if I’m near a place to throw it up. I never was bulimic. I could never make myself throw up my huge binges. For some reason, that made me think that I [...]

Apple Juice Hater!

I LOVE this comic talking about his apple juice. It attracted me because the first thing he says is: “I realized recently that my judgment gets more messed up by food and juice than it does by drugs and alcohol.” I have made that same realization myself… I love that point where he realizes that [...]

Change Is In The Challenge

I absolutely ADORE this animated GIF from Believe To Achieve. It reads: Change is in the Challenge. It is SO right! I only see changes in my body when I challenge myself. If I just keep coasting, everything stays the same. This realization got my butt off the comfy chair today and put my feet [...]

The Magic Pill

Ever since I was a little kid, people have been saying, “There is no magic pill that will help you lose weight.” No matter how often they say it, I see new diet pills come and go on the market over and over. Here’s a diet pill that REALLY works: EXERCISE It reads: Prescription: EXERCISE [...]

One Day This Pain Will Make Sense To You

I saw this motivational quote on Fit Facts the other day and it really hit home for me. It reads: One day this pain will make sense to you This is such a good thought for EVERYTHING. Sure, it explains away the muscle soreness with an eye on the final outcome, but the truth is, [...]

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