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The long goodbye: Telling someone who’s dying that you love her

3 weeks agoHealth : The Checkup

I don’t believe in regrets — although I’ve had to learn this lesson the hard way.That was years ago, when one of my closest friends was struggling with bipolar disease.Julie was supremely self-aware; she was a frequent flyer at the Cedars-Sinai...Show More Summary

Can skyscrapers save the world from climate change and earthquakes?

3 weeks agoHealth : The Checkup

Zhang Yue — chairman of Broad Group, a Chinese company that sells “eco-friendly” air conditioners and purifiers in 80 countries — says the biggest threat to civilization is climate change. Zhang further says climate change is dramatically worsened by inefficient building practices. Show More Summary

NASA orbiter spots glass on Mars, a first

3 weeks agoHealth : The Checkup

A spacecraft orbiting Mars has spotted glass in the red planet's impact craters. And it's possible that this glass, formed in the searing heat of ancient impacts, could contain signs of long-ago life.[Why NASA’s top scientist is sure that we’ll find signs of alien life in the next decade]Read full article >>

EU rejects effort to ban animal research

3 weeks agoHealth : The Checkup

The European Commission has rejected a plea to abolish animal research across the European Union, saying that doing so would harm biomedical research.A petition initiative by 1.17 million signatories had urged the commission to scrap...Show More Summary

Respite centers offer a way to avoid mental health crisis and the hospital

3 weeks agoHealth : The Checkup

NEW YORK — It is a busy Friday afternoon. Staff members check in guests at the front desk. Other employees lead visitors on tours of the upstairs bedrooms and field calls from people considering future stays. Read full article >>

If a doctor leaves your network mid-year, can you change health plans?

3 weeks agoHealth : The Checkup

This week I addressed a grab bag of questions related to hearing aids, doctors who drop out of a plan midyear and what happens if you receive subsidies for exchange coverage but learn later that you were eligible for Medicaid all along.Read full article >>

New video shows a breathtaking flyover of the dwarf planet Ceres

3 weeks agoHealth : The Checkup

This new video gives us a fresh perspective on the dwarf planet we've spent the past few months gaping at. Well, one of the two dwarf planets we've spent the past few months gaping at. While the world waits for NASA's New Horizons probe...Show More Summary

Is this normal, or am I sick?

3 weeks agoHealth : The Checkup

You get a random cough, a pain, a twitch. Is it a symptom of something you should worry about? For its June issue, More magazine queried medical experts on the significance of some symptoms reported by older women. A few examples of what they said:Read full article >>

Don’t let fear of vision loss blind you into risky decisions

3 weeks agoHealth : The Checkup

It’s natural to worry about losing your vision someday. After all, three of the leading causes of blindness in the United States — cataracts, glaucoma and age-related macular degeneration — all become more common as we age. But someShow More Summary

The Georgia Aquarium’s newborn beluga whale has died

4 weeks agoHealth : The Checkup

From the first moments a baby beluga whale is born in captivity, veterinarians cautiously track the animal's health and watch for particular milestones that signal healthy development."The first breath of life, and the calf being able...Show More Summary

Judge grants partial win to mining company in fight against EPA

4 weeks agoHealth : The Checkup

A federal judge has refused to block a lawsuit by an Alaskan mining company that claims the Obama administration was biased when it tried to block the firm’s efforts to build a huge gold and copper mine southwest of Anchorage.Read full article >>

Live: Watch robots battle it out in the DARPA challenge

4 weeks agoHealth : The Checkup

Starting on Friday, finalists in the DARPA Robotics Challenge (DRC) will put their high-tech bots to the test. Above, you can see streaming footage from the main event. On June 5 and 6, the robotic finalists will have to complete a circuit of tasks with limited input from their human controllers.Read full article >>

Man plays guitar through his own brain surgery

4 weeks agoHealth : The Checkup

Above, you can see Anthony Kullkamp Dias of Brazil playing guitar while surgeons remove a tumor from his brain. That's not as crazy as it sounds: For the kind of brain surgery Dias had, patients need to stay awake. And being conscious...Show More Summary

Watch doctors lure a worm out of a boy’s eye with … basil?

4 weeks agoHealth : The Checkup

Good morning! Isn't it great to be alive? Aren't you glad you don't have a worm living inside your face?The 17-year-old shown in the video above wasn't so lucky. After going to the hospital with a swollen eye, the boy's MRI showed that a larval worm had been chilling inside him for about a month. Show More Summary

Scientists are puzzling out the mass death of endangered whales in Chile

4 weeks agoHealth : The Checkup

More than a month after discovering them on April 21, scientists are still trying to determine what killed about 20 endangered whales found beached in Chile.[Gulls have a habit of flaying whales alive, but the whales are fighting back]Read full article >>

The nursing shortage and the doctor shortage are two very different things

4 weeks agoHealth : The Checkup

Nursing is bracing for what’s being called a “silver tsunami” — a graying Baby Boomer workforce entering retirement. On top of that, many other nurses are leaving the field out of frustration. Why? They don’t feel they’re making enough of a difference for their patients.Read full article >>

NIH suspends operations of drug unit after fungal contamination in vials

4 weeks agoHealth : The Checkup

The National Institutes of Health has suspended operations of a pharmaceutical unit that makes drugs for some clinical research studies after two vials of protein in blood had fungal contamination, officials said Thursday.Read full article >>

Here’s what our galaxy looks like from the outside

4 weeks agoHealth : The Checkup

Figuring out the shape of our galaxy isn't easy when we're stuck two-thirds of the way from its center. But by using the latest mapping techniques, researchers are learning more and more about how the Milky Way might look to an outsider.Read full article >>

This blood test can tell you every virus you’ve ever had

4 weeks agoHealth : The Checkup

Curious how many viruses have invaded your body over the course of your life? Now you can know.Researchers have developed a DNA-based blood test that can determine a person's viral history, a development they hope could lead to early...Show More Summary

Widely varying views of ‘female Viagra’ emerge at FDA hearing

last monthHealth : The Checkup

As an advisory committee of the Food and Drug Administration considers the first-ever “female Viagra” to boost women’s sexual function, two very different pictures of the drug, flibanserin, are emerging.Read full article >>

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