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'The Scrapbook,' Starring Hideo Nomo

Hideo Nomo, 2002 Fleer "2001 Scrapbook" If everybody could please open their scrapbooks to the year 2001... While you do that I will go around the room, examine your scrapbooks and provide comments. William, nice work... Kevin, your scrapbook is terrible, I hate it... Show More Summary

1965 Topps All-Star Cards

They just don't exist. You know, 1965 is probably my favorite design of the Topps 1960s, and yet for whatever the reason, it was the one year that didn't include combo cards. It also didn't include all-star cards, which made sense at...Show More Summary

World's Best Guy

George Brett, 1991 Score, "The Franchise" A lot of people ask me, "Mike, is George Brett a good person?" And I will say, "Well, I don't really know. Because I don't really know George Brett, like, at all. I just make fun of my old baseball cards on the Internet. Show More Summary

Elvis Presley Heroes: 1965

I had trouble deciding what to call Elvis' teams throughout his career. The Tupelo Hound Dogs? The Memphis Kings? The Hollywood Headliners? Or something like "The Jumpsuits"? I decided to combine the first two for this card. Here's a closeup of the team logo...

Uncle Larry

Nick Johnson, 2002 Fleer "Triple Crown" series This is part of Fleer's "Triple Crown" series, like that time Nick Johnson won the triple crown. Baseball America's top rated prospect in the New York Yankees organization last year, That worked out well. Show More Summary



Because It Should Exist: 1971 Topps Greatest Moments Elvis Presley

Like Travis, I haven't posted in a long time. (The Baseball Card Blog is lucky that, like the railroads used to be, Mike posts on a schedule you can set your watch to.) I've been kicking around a fan set idea for a long time: Elvis Presley Heroes. Show More Summary

EXCLUSIVE Pack Break...

It has been so long since I last posted, I feel the need to ease back into it. What is easier than buying a pack of cards, scanning, copying any interesting facts on the backs, dumping it into a blog post. I'm hoping this mindless exercise will get me back in the flow of regular posting. Everyone does pack breaks of the latest-and-greatest cards. Show More Summary

The Fire of Savviness

Doug Jones, 1991 Score Dream Team series I don't know anything about Doug Jones -- let's pretend; I obviously know everything there is know about Doug Jones -- but I do know that he obviously has a blazing fastball. I know that because the baseball he is holding in this Score Dream Team card is blazing. Show More Summary

Oldies But Goodies (For 1/2 Season)

Terry Kennedy, 1991 Score Terry Kennedy the baseball player -- not Compton Ass Terry -- was an old farty farthead who took naps while watching golf and who would have been the oldest baseball player who ever lived were it not for his...Show More Summary

The Emmisary of Class

Alex Rodriguez, 2005 Topps What makes a classy emissary? Excellent question, me. Emissary is defined by the Internet as "A person sent on a special mission, e.g., as a diplomatic representative, or a shortstop turned third baseman." Classy is like when you are formal but without even trying or whatever. Show More Summary

Cap'n Red Hat and the Black Dirt Chronicles of Effort

Mike Schmidt, 1989 Topps Cap'n Crunch What's left to say about Mike Schmidt? He played for the team with the red hats. He enjoyed/was sponsored by Cap'n Crunch breakfast cereal. These are the two most common things people know about Mike Schmidt. Show More Summary

Fun City

Baseball card companies had a big ol’ field day when Michael Jordan decided to play baseball. (Michael Jordan was a basketball player.) And by baseball card companies I mean fake baseball card companies. Years ago I wrote about the faux 1986 Topps Jordan card in which his basketball statistics are converted into baseball statistics (!!!). Show More Summary

Plucking Out Redundant Redundancies

Gary Wayne, 1991 Score Gary Wayne. Pitcher. Twins. That's all I know so far. Let's find out more. Gary, a happy-go-lucky southpaw (if that isn't redundancy), WHAT DOES THAT EVEN MEAN? Honestly, what does that mean? All southpaws areShow More Summary


Randy McCament, 1990 Upper Deck Daaaaaaaaaag, girl! Whatchu doin' all on the field like that? Baby girl, doncha know you're gonna get hurt out there! Walkin' around with them clothes on, actin' like you don't know what you're doing. You know, girl. Show More Summary

The Fred Manrique Story (short version)

Fred Manrique, 1990 Topps Many people don't know this, but this is not Fred Manrique. This is Fred Armisen playing Fred Manrique in the Lifetime original movie, "The Fred Manrique Story: Well-Traveled and Playing Deep... With Murder." It was sort of a dramedy. Show More Summary

No Trouble With the Screw

Erik Hanson, 1989 Baseball Cards Magazine Here is another baseball card that I did a terrible job of cutting out of Baseball Cards Magazine, which is a thing I used to subscribe to, I guess. Pictured here is ROOKIE STAR OF 1989, Erik...Show More Summary

Leaders of Men ... and Nothing

So in the mid-to-late 80s Fleer was putting out these League Leaders sets. I really hated them. They were so stupid. I can't really pinpoint what exactly went wrong aesthetically... oh wait, yes I can -- they were total ugz. I remember as a kid flipping through cards from these sets and just feeling depressed. Show More Summary

Triple Play

Kevin Brown, 1992 Donruss "Triple Play" series This beauty right here is part of Donruss' "Triple Play" series. A triple play is when you get three guys out on one play. Donruss captured the essence of the triple play with this here picture of Kevin Brown pitching. Show More Summary

The Leaders

In 1986 there were two Yankees leaders. One of them was Donald Arthur Mattingly, the greatest baseball player who has ever lived in the universe. The other was Rickey Henderson, who was pretty good, I guess, but who deferred to Mattingly. Show More Summary

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