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WESPNEX coin show in Westchester County, NY

Last week there was a coin show in Westchester County, NY. The Westchester Stamp Coin and Paper Money show. Over 30 coin dealers attend. US coins, foreign coins, even ancient coins. It's in White Plains, not far from the Metro-North train station. Show More Summary

Digital Historia Numorum currently offline; need advice

I took my digital copy of Barclay Head's Historia Numorum offline. I started getting email from my provider that my web site was using large amounts of transfer. I looked at my server's logs, and found hundreds of requests for a valid...Show More Summary

Patents related to ISIS coin authentication

A few weeks ago we linked to information on the Royal Mint's ISIS technology. A recent thread on links to a patent on Metallic materials with embedded luminescent particles. The abstract: Formation of an authentication...Show More Summary

“This was like a moonshot for us”

Kyle VanHemert describes the US Mint's baseball commemorative for Wired Online. “This was like a moonshot for us,” says Stephen C. Antonucci, manager of digital development for the U.S. Mint in Philadelphia. “It stretched the bounds of everything we knew about coin development.”Yes, there will be a half dollar. It will be clad.

Cisco AnyConnect was overwhelming my Mac

Recently my Mac's battery life fell to about an hour. I repaired the problem, but didn't see it reported on the web, so I will post it here so Google can find it. The Activity Monitor app showed acwebsecagent and ReportCrash using about 15% of the CPU. Show More Summary

iSIS aRMour

The Royal Mint (UK) has designed a new coin process said to make make forgery impossible. 2 minute video. The technology, called iSIS, is apparently a special material that can be added to the aRMour technology that electroplates a 25 micron coating on coin blanks. Show More Summary

Seminar in Central Asian and Middle Eastern Numismatics this weekend

Readers might be interested in the Sixth Annual Seminar in Central Asian and Middle Eastern Numismatics at Hofstra University in Hempstead, NY this weekend. Hempstead is on Long Island, about 25 miles East of Manhattan. There is a train to Hempstead, but it takes a long time, and I have never taken it. Show More Summary

Indian government officials seize hoard of 104 'pottu kasu'

Writing for The Times of India, Bosco Dominique tells us that Indian government officials seized a hoard of gold (?) 'pottu kasu' weighing roughly five sovereigns. I am uncertain what pottu kasu is. Google translates it as 'spud benefits'. Show More Summary

$409,200,000 of Bitcoins stolen, Mt. Gox shuts down, one million people lose account balances

Cameron Keng writes for Forbes that the Mt. Gox web site has been hacked and shut down. 744,000 BitCoins, until recently worth over $400 million USD, were hacked. As far as I can tell there is no way to get the coins back. One million folks kept accounts, called 'wallets', on the site. Bitcoins are trading now for US $490 (as of 9:15am), down from over $600 yesterday.

150 coins siezed at Romanian coin show

Does anyone speak Romanian? I found an article (no byline?) suggestingPolice confiscated [at] a numismatic and philatelic market in Brasov 154 old coins, some dating from the second and first centuries BC, and others [from] the medieval...Show More Summary

Dealing with the small change shortage in modern Palestine

Writing for, Elior Levy reports on improvised replacements for the vanished half-shekel coins in occupied Gaza. Bus and taxi drivers either give change in candy, or round-up when traveling in one direction and round-down when traveling in the other. Show More Summary

Mithradates’ Amazon coin type

(CNG, auction 61, 2002, lot 245) Pictured above is a very scarce bronze coin struck by Mithradates the Great. It is usually described as depicting an Amazon wearing a wolf's scalp. We know that Mithradates' die cutters liked to engrave the face of Mithradates into his coins. Show More Summary

Unusual Amisos coin

This coin, with the inscription AMISOS in Greek, recently sold on eBay Germany for about 100 euros. I don't think I've seen this type before. I didn't bid on it, as it isn't in my collecting area, but my mind keeps drifting back to it. Show More Summary

739 fake coins found in Cairo

Reporting for Ahram Oline, Nevine El-Aref writes “The 739 supposedly Mameluke-era coins discovered in a Cairo apartment have been deemed unauthentic by an archeological committee from the Museum of Islamic Art.” It is uncertain if the photo in Ahram Online depicts the coins themselves or is a stock photo. Show More Summary


Alfredo De La Fé is reporting that well-known Chicago coin dealer Harlan Berk is accepting Bitcoins as payment for coin auctions. According to the Berk website:For Bitcoin Payments: Please make your order from our web site using the wire as payment option. Show More Summary

Image enhancement papers

Mark Mudge, Jean-Pierre Voutaz, Carla Schroer, and Marlin Lum: Reflection Transformation Imaging and Virtual Representations of Coins from the Hospice of the Grand St. Bernard (2005) Eleni Kotoula and Maria Kyranoudi Study of Ancient Greek and Roman coins using Reflectance Transformation Imaging (2013)

Agora Auctions

I want to call everyone's attention to a new auction site, Agora Auctions. They are already up to sale #4. I purchased a coin from sale #3 and it looks exactly like the picture. I have met the owners and they are good guys. The current auction closes on Tuesday. Show More Summary


Museums clean ancient coins before putting them on display. Dealers and collectors often clean coins and many have their own favorite 'recipes' for cleaning. A much bigger problem is the cleaning of paper money. The researchers Nabil...Show More Summary

Fake $100 bill signed 'Moe Money'

Martha Waggoner, writing for the Raleigh News Observer, reports that a 19 year old college student was arrested after passing a counterfeit $100 bill. “The signature on the bottom corner of the bill read "Moe Money" instead of the name of the secretary of the treasury. Show More Summary

Imitative 'wolf and twins'

Usually I don't collect Roman coins but something really attracted me to this tiny AE 8mm when I saw it at the New York International show. The seller described it as a "barbarous imitation" of Helena / Wolf and Twins.  (The portrait could also be Fausta.) I don't think there ever was an official Roman coin with that combination. Show More Summary

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