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There Is a Conspiracy to Rig the Election, and Donald Trump Is Part of It

Donald Trump doesn’t know how to lose. In 2013, when his show The Apprentice got stiffed by the Emmys, Trump said the process was unfair and political. In 2012, after Mitt Romney lost the race for president, Trump denounced the results as a fix for Barack Obama. Show More Summary

It Lost Black Voters. Now It’s Losing Latinos. What’s Left Is a Broken, White GOP.

For most of the now almost-forgotten vice presidential debate, Indiana Gov. Mike Pence kept his cool, ignoring, deflecting, or outright denying any effort by Virginia Sen. Tim Kaine to tie him to his running mate, Donald Trump. But it’s hard to keep your composure for the length of a debate. Show More Summary

Donald Trump Is Setting a Time Bomb

Donald Trump spins so many tales—and goes after so many different groups and individuals—that it’s sometimes easy to miss his most invidious rhetoric. For months, the Republican presidential nominee has undermined confidence in our electoral...Show More Summary

The Democratic Party’s Racial Reckoning

The day after the first presidential debate, all anyone wanted to talk about was the coup de grace: Alicia Machado, “Miss Housekeeping,” “Where did you find this? Where did you find this?” But the most remarkable exchange of that night...Show More Summary

What Donald Trump Means When He Talks About Stop-and-Frisk

Midway through the first presidential debate of the 2016 election, moderator Lester Holt asked Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump to tackle the racial divide. How would they bridge the gap between Americans with vastly different experiences of the country? Hillary Clinton went first and gave an answer that played to her strengths. Show More Summary

The Professor, the Cop, and the President

Henry Louis Gates was just trying to get into his house. It was July 16, 2009, and the prominent Harvard scholar of black history had returned from a trip to China to find that the door of his Cambridge, Massachusetts, home was jammed. Show More Summary

The Official Lie

It’s a strange feeling to watch one person lie with abandon. It’s even stranger to watch four different people tell the same lie, all within hours of each other. The first was Indiana Gov. Mike Pence, sitting in an interview with Martha Raddatz of ABC News. Show More Summary

Trump’s Secret

Donald Trump has ideas, and he has feelings. He wants to “build the wall.” He wants Mexico to “pay for it.” He wants to do something “for the veterans.” He wants to “take care of our people.” He wants to “win so much your head will spin,” and he wants to deport “illegal immigrants.” What Trump doesn’t have are policies. Show More Summary

A Trump Victory Is a Scary Thought. A Disputed Loss Might Be Scarier.

We have a tradition in the United States. When you lose an election, you take the L, and you move on. It’s what John Adams did after he lost to Thomas Jefferson in the 1800 election, marking the first ever peaceful transfer of power after a bitterly contested democratic election. Show More Summary

Is Trump Really a GOP Anomaly?

It’s not hard to find Republicans to speak out against Donald Trump. On Sunday, Paul Ryan condemned the Republican presidential nominee for his attacks on Khizr and Ghazala Khan, the parents of Humayun Khan, a Muslim American Army captain who was killed in 2004 while serving in Iraq. Show More Summary

The Democrats Make Their Pitch to a New Silent Majority

PHILADELPHIA—Donald Trump wants to run his campaign like Richard Nixon in 1968. He appeals to “law” and promises “order” in a chaotic, frightening world. But Trump misses a key part of Nixon’s message—his appeal to the ordinary people. Show More Summary

A Conversation With an Obama-Loving, Stein-Voting Bernie or Bust Protester 

PHILADELPHIA—For all the attention and oxygen consumed by the “Bernie or Bust” movement in coverage of the Democratic National Convention, they are in fact a distinct minority of the Vermont senator’s supporters. Depending on the poll,...Show More Summary

Democrats Aren't in Disarray. A Minority of Bernie Supporters Are in a Snit.

PHILADELPHIA—On the opening day of the Democratic National Convention, it seems as if Democrats are in actual disarray. It’s hard to type that with a straight face, “Dems are in disarray” being such a sturdy cliché of political journalism. Show More Summary

Donald Trump's Speech Was Just Another Scam

CLEVELAND—Here is a line from Donald Trump’s speech to the nation, delivered Thursday at the Republican National Convention. It comes early in the speech, part of his broad case that the United States is soaked in blood and rife with...Show More Summary

The Message of the RNC Is Clear and Terrifying

CLEVELAND—Let’s recap. On Monday, the Republican Party inaugurated its convention with a single message: fear. Fear of Hispanic immigrants, slammed as vectors for crime and disorder. Fear of “radical Muslims,” portrayed as a faceless, bloodthirsty horde. Show More Summary

Racial Discontent Is Rising, but That’s Not Obama’s Fault

In the national shouting match over racism, discrimination, and American policing that we’ve conducted since the tragedies in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Falcon Heights, Minnesota, and Dallas, one refrain stands out from all the others in its oily tendentiousness. Show More Summary

The Traditionalist vs. the Train Wreck

On Thursday, disaster struck France again. An assailant drove a truck through a crowd of Bastille Day revelers in Nice, killing at least 84 people and injuring hundreds of others. We know relatively little about the attacker, but authorities on both sides of the Atlantic are treating this as a terrorist attack. As are politicians. Show More Summary

Is America Falling Apart or Finally Waking Up?

A week that began with Americans celebrating their best qualities has ended with the country staring into the eyes of its worst self. The tragedies arrived in quick succession, and it’s worth dwelling for a moment on the details of each one. Show More Summary

The “Show Me the Money” Edition

To listen to the discussion, use the player below: Subscribe in iTunes ? RSS feed ? Download ? Play in another tab Slate Plus members: Get your ad-free podcast feed. Become a fan of the Political Gabfest on Facebook. We post to the Facebook page throughout the week, so keep the conversation going by joining us there. Show More Summary

The “Brexit Pursued by a Bear” Edition

To listen to the discussion, use the player below: Subscribe in iTunes ? RSS feed ? Download ? Play in another tab Slate Plus members: Get your ad-free podcast feed. Become a fan of the Political Gabfest on Facebook. We post to the Facebook page throughout the week, so keep the conversation going by joining us there. Show More Summary

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