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Bernie vs. Hillary Is Good for Democrats

Substantively, it’s hard to say there was much new in Thursday’s Democratic presidential debate, other than the timing (a weekday!) and the format, which—with the departure of former Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley—pit Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton against each other one-on-one. Show More Summary

Donald Trump Torpedoed Rand Paul

Sen. Rand Paul, once the “most interesting man in American politics,” has dropped out of the Republican presidential race. You can read this as a failure of Paul the candidate, who couldn’t inspire the enthusiasm of his father, Ron Paul, and couldn’t reach beyond his base of young people and students. Show More Summary

Democrats Won in Iowa

DES MOINES, Iowa—Around 9 p.m. on Monday night, a video from the Iowa caucus made the rounds. At one unnamed precinct, there was a tie: Both Sen. Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton had an equal number of supporters. But someone mustShow More Summary

Why Michael Bloomberg Could Make Donald Trump President

By now, the Michael Bloomberg presidential trial balloon is a ritual. At some point in a presidential election—usually on the eve of voting—someone will run a story on the former New York mayor’s presidential ambitions. National reporters,...Show More Summary

Why GOP Elites Prefer Trump to Cruz

Donald Trump is a nativist demogogue who attacks racial and religious minorities and heaps praise on authoritarian leaders abroad. He borrows from white nationalists and channels the worst impulses in American life. He’s an opportunist...Show More Summary

Why Bernie Sanders Still Doesn’t Pose a Critical Threat to Hillary Clinton

When Sen. Bernie Sanders entered the fray, few thought he would make a sustained and serious challenge to Hillary Clinton. But in the months since he launched his campaign he has exceeded expectations, winning liberal Democrats and charging...Show More Summary

Nikki Haley’s State of the Union Rebuttal Was Anti–Black Lives Matter

On Tuesday, South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley lived up to the hype. Tasked with giving the Republican Party’s response to President Obama’s final State of the Union address, Haley excelled, besting predecessors in a difficult format. Besides her skill and comfort in giving a televised address, the secret to her success isn’t hard to parse. Show More Summary

Obama’s Plea to Heal Our Politics

More than anything else, President Obama’s final State of the Union address was a plea for cooperation and compromise—an appeal to America’s citizenry, not just its public. “[D]emocracy does require basic bonds of trust between its citizens,” said Obama at the conclusion of his address. Show More Summary

Obama’s Final Pitch

For the past two years, Barack Obama has used the State of the Union to outline an ambitious domestic agenda: infrastructure investment, job training, funding for scientific research, comprehensive immigration reform, clean air regulations,...Show More Summary

Why Maine’s Gov. Paul LePage Is the Proto-Trump

In Maine, the face of heroin trafficking is white. Which makes sense. Maine is among the most homogeneous states in the union, and the large bulk of Maine’s drug users, drug dealers, and drug addicts are white. But don’t tell that to...Show More Summary

The “I’m From the Government and I’m Here to Help” Edition

To listen to the discussion, use the player below: Subscribe in iTunes ? RSS feed ? Download ? Play in another tab Become a fan of the Political Gabfest on Facebook. We post to the Facebook page throughout the week, so keep the conversation going by joining us there. Show More Summary

Rubio Is Trying to Win Conservatives by Promising to Rig the Game

Sen. Marco Rubio needs conservatives, or at least, the deep red voters who are currently parked behind his immediate rival, Sen. Ted Cruz. Without them, he’s stuck in the middle of the pack, and far behind in states like Iowa, where those conservatives dominate. Show More Summary

Trump’s Anti–Bill Clinton Strategy Shows How Much the GOP Is Counting on Old Voters  

Hillary Clinton is running for president, which means Bill Clinton’s sex life is relevant again. Donald Trump mentioned it last week, jabbing the candidate and the former president in a tweet marked by his unique syntax. “If HillaryShow More Summary

Is the Oregon Standoff Evidence of a Racial Double Standard?

In April 2014, Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy made headlines when he (and his armed allies) stood off against federal law enforcement in a dispute over private grazing and public lands. On Saturday, his son Ammon Bundy did the same. But...Show More Summary

Marco Rubio Isn’t Running Like a Winner

If pundits and observers are skeptical that Donald Trump can win a primary—much less the primary—it’s not because they don’t buy his popularity. That much is evident. He still leads national polling, he’s still ahead in early statesShow More Summary

GOP Elites Want You to Believe That Iowa Doesn’t Matter

As we move toward the new year—and voting in the Republican presidential primary—traditional Republican elites are sure of one thing: If Donald Trump can’t win Iowa—or at least, do well—then he’s finished. “Traditionally what you have...Show More Summary

The Counter-Establishment Candidate

Ted Cruz has an establishment résumé. Princeton, Harvard Law, a clerkship with Supreme Court Chief Justice John Rehnquist, the George W. Bush campaign and the Bush administration. He’s a state solicitor general turned United States senator. Show More Summary

The Dirty Truth Behind Trump’s Success?

If you were one of the handful of Americans who watched Saturday’s Democratic presidential debate, you saw Sen. Bernie Sanders make an extended and impassioned statement against Donald Trump, tying his success to inequality and insecurity...Show More Summary

Spoiler Special: The Force Awakens

On the Spoiler Special podcast, Slate critics discuss movies, the occasional TV show, and, once in a blue moon, another podcast, in full, spoiler-filled detail. In this episode, Slate’s movie critic, Dana Stevens, Slate’s chief political...Show More Summary

How The Force Awakens Remixes the Star Wars Expanded Universe

We know that Star Wars is pastiche—a series built from bits and pieces of cinema history, from classic Westerns and space opera to Japanese cinema and outright propaganda. And Star Wars: The Force Awakens sits in this tradition, a pastiche...Show More Summary

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