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North America’s Hottest Male Leaders Gather for Steamy Three-Way Politics Sesh

Europe may yet dissolve beneath the xenophobic ramblings of an off-brand Donald Trump bootleg, but here in North America, our political leaders are showing off the sex appeal of progressive politics.

A New Survey Shows Most Women Groom Their Pubic Hair. Should We Be Concerned?

It seems like just yesterday that the New York Times was reassuring female humans that it was OK to grow fluffy hairdos around our genitals because Cameron Diaz and Gaby Hoffman were doing it. “In certain corners of Manhattan, the bald...Show More Summary

You Don’t Have to Invite Kids to Your Wedding. But You Should.

If you want your friends to invite your children to their wedding, shaming them into it is probably not the best strategy. Nevertheless, much of the argument made by David Andrew Stoler in his recent Salon essay commanding couples to...Show More Summary

Nike’s Wimbledon Dress Raises the Question: Why Do Women Still Play Tennis in Skirts?

All the moisture wicking in the world couldn’t save Nike’s Wimbledon dress. The slip-like getup, designed for women paid to play in the brand’s clothing, would be a cute, comfortable piece of clothing if it were a nightgown—but as a tennis outfit, it bombs in both form and function.

Evangelical Christians Are Not Happy About Trump’s Silence on the Texas Abortion Ruling

When a man who has spent decades shouting his opinions suddenly clams up, the silence is particularly deafening. It has been well over 48 hours since the Supreme Court issued its landmark ruling striking down Texas’ strict rules for abortion clinics. Donald Trump has yet to mention it.

If You’re a Healthy Woman, There’s No Point in Getting an Annual Pelvic Exam

Yet another pillar of conventional preventive-health wisdom is crumbling. On Tuesday, a federal panel of medical experts announced that it has found an insufficient amount of evidence to support annual pelvic exams for healthy women who aren’t pregnant.

Baby Boxes Save Lives. So Why Are They Running Into Trouble in Indiana?

In middle-ages Rome, the walls of convents had “foundling wheels” where new mothers could leave their unwanted babies. In present-day South Korea, the pastor Jong-rak Lee has created a “drop box” where mothers can place their infants, triggering a bell that alerts Lee or his wife to retrieve the child. Show More Summary

The Clinton Super PAC’s New Attack Ads Assume You Already Know That Trump Is a Pig

Americans are already so clear on Donald Trump’s boorishness that we barely need to be reminded of it. That’s essentially the message from a pair of stylish new attack ads released this week by the pro-Hillary Clinton super PAC Priorities USA. Show More Summary

Experiences Over Stuff Is a Tired—and Sexist—Idea

Experiences over stuff. This is a common maxim of the brand of secular spirituality currently in vogue among the knowing, one that instructs us that a snorkeling trip around the Great Barrier Reef is indisputably superior to the purchasing of an L-shaped couch from Crate and Barrel. Show More Summary

Why Is the New York Times Crossword So Clueless About Race and Gender?

The New York Times crossword puzzle is like an elderly uncle: lovable and fun but prone to sounding out of touch. Sometimes that fustiness is charming, like when longtime puzzle editor Will Shortz sparred with writer Julianne Smolinski over the definition of the word Illin’.

Women’s Groups Say Monday’s Abortion Ruling Is “Just the Beginning”

Until this week, the future of abortion rights in America looked pretty bleak. All over the country, conservative legislators were passing restrictive laws faster than pro-choice organizations could file suit against them. It was an endless, exhausting game of whack-a-mole, and women and progressives were losing.

Germany, Set Free the Rabenmutter!

Parents complain about sleep, about the end of sex, and about parental leave, populating the web with a sea of exegesis on the displeasing demands of raising children. These complaints are so common that they gave rise to a sub-category of complaints, in which parents complain about parents who complain too much. Show More Summary

Channing Tatum and Jesse Williams Are the Wokest Baes du Jour

Channing Tatum hath bathed, he hath fasted, and he is ready to be ritually anointed into that highest of earthly orders: the brotherhood of the woke bae.

The Daily Show Had the Worst Possible Response to the Supreme Court’s Texas Abortion Decision

Monday was a great day for women and a bad day for the Daily Show. In response to the Supreme Court’s 5-3 decision striking down Texas’ disingenuous abortion restrictions, Trevor Noah’s social media editor tweeted this:

The Supreme Court Upheld the Law Against Domestic Abusers Owning Guns. If Only Someone Would Enforce It.

One of the only gun control measures to have passed Congress in recent decades easily withstood a Supreme Court challenge on Monday. In Voisine et al. v. United States, the justices ruled 6-2 against two Maine men who argued that a law barring domestic abusers from owning guns shouldn’t have applied to them.

The Supreme Court Exposed the Anti-Abortion Sham of “Protecting Women’s Health”

The Supreme Court struck down two Texas restrictions on abortion providers in a landmark case on Monday, offering the strongest affirmation of the constitutional right to safe, legal, accessible abortion since Roe v. Wade.

Without EU Employment Protections, U.K. Women May Suffer After Brexit

The United Kingdom’s decision to #Brexit the European Union on Thursday will have far-reaching effects on economies, politics, and environmental well-being around the globe. As in all geopolitical turmoil, women will bear a disproportionate share of the burden of change as their rights and protections hinge on a U.K. untethered from a progressive, stabilizing force.

GOP Excludes Birth Control From Zika Bill, Playing Political Games with Children’s Health

There’s good news and bad news on the Zika front this week. Good news first: After months of stalling since the director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention begged Congress for funding to halt a looming outbreak, Republicans have finally made a move to get money into the hands of public health professionals. Show More Summary

New Hampshire’s the Latest State to Make Requesting Flextime a Little Bit Easier

Requesting flexible working arrangements is a risky endeavor. Numerous studies have found that when men and women sought flexible schedules, they were evaluated more negatively and less likely be recommended for a raise or a promotion than people who didn't. Show More Summary

Caring About Strong Handshakes Is Sexist

Occasionally when I meet someone who gives me a good, strong handshake, thereby communicating his or her (usually his) steadfast belief in the importance of a firm handshake, I will give his hand my customary light quiver and think, Welp, he probably thinks I am weak. Show More Summary

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