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Thirteen Percent of Women Support the AHCA. What Do They Know That We Don't?

According to the results of a Quinnipiac University poll released on Thursday, just 13 percent of American women support the American Health Care Act, the GOP’s “repeal and replace” proposal for Obamacare, compared to 22 percent of men. 56 percent of men and the same proportion of women disapprove of the bill, with the rest undecided.

New Emoji, Including Many Genders of Magical Humanoids, Are Coming

New emoji are coming to phones this summer, offering texters the means to compose ever more specific missives through tiny images their parents can’t see. Emojipedia revealed mockups of the several dozen candidates on its website—and the mind positively spins with potential storylines the new emoji might create.

Donald and Melania Trump Reportedly Sleep in Separate Bedrooms. How Should We Feel?

There are a few appropriate responses to the news, broken by US Weekly on Wednesday, that Donald and Melania Trump allegedly sleep in separate bedrooms. One is anger: How dare this magazine make me think about the president of the United States in the snoring, bedheaded, pajamaed state of slumber or in any proximity to conjugal activity?

Codes of Conduct Around Inclusion and Harassment Are a Sadly Necessary Trend

Within the last few years, “codes of conduct” have become such standard practice in tech settings that a conference or community without one is considered suspicious. Many open-source projects abide by a “contributor covenant” that forbids behavior like harassment and unwelcome sexual attention, for example. Show More Summary

The AHCA Would Force New Moms on Medicaid to Find Work 60 Days After Labor

On Monday night, Paul Ryan attempted to lure more of his far-right Republican compadres on board with the GOP’s proposed health care plan with a set of changes to the bill. The so-called “manager’s amendment” makes the American Health Care Act a significantly more conservative proposal that would mean severe cuts to coverage for the poorest Americans.

A Night Among the Witches Fighting the Trump Administration

Donald Trump’s approval ratings recently hit a record low. Among young people, college graduates, nonwhite people, and women, the disapproval ratings are especially high. Here’s one more constituency to add to that list: witches.

The U.S. Infant Mortality Rate Is Falling, But Still Worse Than Peer Nations

The U.S.’s relatively high infant mortality rate is one of the darkest stains on the nation’s public-health record. Compared to babies in other wealthy nations, infants in the U.S. are far less likely to make it to their first birthdays—in 2010, a U.S. baby was more than twice as likely to die in its first year than a baby in Norway, the Czech Republic, Portugal, and Japan.

Lindsey Graham Used Neil Gorsuch’s Confirmation Hearing to Plug His 20-Week Abortion Ban

It’s day two of confirmation hearings for Neil Gorsuch, Donald Trump’s nominee for the current Supreme Court vacancy, and the spectacle is already telling us a lot more about Gorsuch’s interlocutors than about the mild-mannered judge himself. Show More Summary

Tomi Lahren Has Lost Pro-Life Conservatives. But At Least She Has the Alt-Right!

Tomi Lahren has always seemed like a too on-the-nose parody of a conservative media star. Where others were tan, blonde, and young, Lahren is bronzed, platinum, and literally 24. On her nightly show on Glenn Beck’s The Blaze TV, her commentary wasn’t just “racially charged,” it was often openly racist. Show More Summary

Stop Calling Everything Millennial Pink

Another day, another piece about “millennial pink,” the blush shade young people supposedly can’t get enough of. I was fascinated by this trend the first time the Cut reported on it last summer, but after watching Fashionista, the Ringer,...Show More Summary

Kellyanne Conway Is Not the First Lady of the United States

The cover story of this week’s New York magazine is an excellent reported profile of Kellyanne Conway, packed with intimate details patiently gathered by the magazine’s Washington correspondent Olivia Nuzzi. It is a gripping piece, one...Show More Summary

Why Gorsuch’s Alleged Sexist Classroom Comments Are So Troubling—and Revealing

On Monday, not long before the start of Senate confirmation hearings for Donald Trump’s Supreme Court nominee Neal Gorsuch, NPR released a startling story: According to one of the judge’s former law students, Jennifer Sisk, Gorsuch once made an extraordinarily sexist classroom comment. Show More Summary

Woman Who Fought Off Bathroom Attacker Tells Anti-Trans Group to Stop Using Her Story

An anti-transgender group in Washington state is using a recent alleged assault against a woman in a public bathroom to raise money for its ballot initiative campaign, according to the Seattle Stranger. The woman, who says she fought...Show More Summary

Trump Sends Hate Group Leader to U.N. Women’s Commission, Echoing George W. Bush

Donald Trump has taken an approach to the presidency that might generously be called contrarian. His Secretary of Energy once proposed dismantling the Department of Energy after forgetting it even existed. The new head of the Environmental Protection Agency has called himself a “leading advocate” against the very agency he runs. Show More Summary

Ivana Trump’s Parenting Memoir Promises to Be Shadier Than the Shadow of Trump Tower

Ivana Trump is writing a memoir about “motherhood, strength and resilience,” the Associated Press reported on Wednesday. Raising Trump, available September 12, will focus on Ivana’s life with her children Ivanka, Eric, and Donald Trump Jr., and will include contributions from the children themselves. Show More Summary

Maker of Hackable "Smart" Vibrator Will Pay $3.5 Million Settlement to Users

People who bought easily-hacked vibrators that recorded and transmitted their vibing habits are about to get a pretty payday from a Canadian sex-toy maker. Standard Innovation, the oxymoronically-named company that manufactures the “smart” We-Vibe device, will pay $3.75 million to settle a class-action lawsuit filed in federal court in Chicago.

If You Like the Clear-Knee Mom Jeans, You’re Gonna Love These DIY Fashion Looks

Though conceptually baffling, you can’t accuse the so-called clear-knee mom jeans of being anything but self-explanatory: They are mom jeans—the tapered, high-waisted denim cut currently coming back into style among young and fashionable...Show More Summary

The Military’s Nude-Photo Sharing Scandal Is Worse Than We Thought

The network of nude-photo sharing exposed in a secret Facebook group run by some U.S. Marines was just one layer of a much larger trend of revenge porn and cyberharassment in the military. Last week, Business Insider learned from a source...Show More Summary

The Long, Weird History of Comparing Abortion to the Holocaust

When Kansas state senator Steve Fitzgerald found out that a $25 donation had been made in his name to a Planned Parenthood chapter recently, he responded by making an explosive comparison. "This is as bad, or worse, as having one's name...Show More Summary

The Nationwide Paid Parental Leave Arms Race Is a Myth

The fight for paid family leave in the U.S. has intensified in fervor and made a few big gains in the recent years, shifting the public consensus quickly enough and far enough in the right direction to become one of the most successful movements of our time. Show More Summary

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