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NC Gov. Calls Special Legislative Session, Setting Up Possibility of Court-Packing Power Grab

North Carolina Republican Gov. Pat McCrory is not a big fan of democracy. First, McCrory signed and championed HB2, a vicious anti-LGBTQ law designed to overturn local nondiscrimination ordinances. Then, McCrory’s legislative alliesShow More Summary

The House’s Pointless Fetal Tissue Witch Hunt Is Determined to Seem Relevant

The congressional committee established to investigate an imagined black market for fetal tissue recommended Thursday that attorneys general pursue criminal charges against a Texas Planned Parenthood, along with several other health care providers and research institutions.

Obama Supports Women in the Draft, But Congress Won’t Make it Happen

President Barack Obama announced Thursday that he believes women should be required to register for the military draft, just as men aged 18 through 25 must do. This marks a largely symbolic shift in public position; Congress nixed its plan to add women to Selective Service registration two days before Obama’s declaration of support.

Federal Appeals Court Strikes Down Absurdly Repressive North Carolina Sex Offender Law

North Carolina’s efforts to drive sex offenders out of public life hit another roadblock on Wednesday when the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 4 th Circuit held that two key provisions of a repressive sex offender law violate the Constitution. Show More Summary

Condé Nast Shutters Self Magazine, Which Encouraged Women to Be Confident but Also to Be Thin

Self, the Condé Nast women’s fitness magazine, is no more. Women’s Wear Daily reported on Thursday that the glossy will cease publication after February’s issue, as part of a series of restructurings within the publishing company. More Summary

Ireland Will Pay Damages to a Woman Forced to Travel Abroad for an Abortion

For the first time, Ireland is compensating one of its residents for the trauma she endured by having to travel to Great Britain to obtain an abortion.

Why Retreats for Moms Are a Terrible Idea

Feeling overwhelmed, moms? Mommy meditation, mommy juice, mommy exercise, and mommy makeovers no longer enough to release all that hot mom steam? Perhaps it’s time to upgrade your self-care game with a mom retreat, during which you can leave your life behind in order to spend a day, or days, thinking about motherhood.

Sheryl Sandberg Gives $100 Million in Facebook Stock to Charitable Fund

Sheryl Sandberg has made what is reportedly her largest single charitable effort, transferring 880,000 shares of Facebook stock—worth about $100 million—into a fund that will benefit a few of her pet causes. Sources told Recode thatShow More Summary

Teachers Say Trump’s Election Is Terrifying Their Students

The Daily Show mocked Trump this week for having the mind of a toddler. Anderson Cooper has compared him to a 5-year-old to his face. Politico’s Jack Shafer, who has called Trump a two-year-old, analyzed his language last year and concluded...Show More Summary

How Trumpcare Could Harm Pregnant Women

A federal government helmed by Donald Trump, Mike Pence, and Georgia Rep. Tom Price, the president-elect’s recent selection for secretary of health and human services, is not one women can count on. Our bodies are now at the mercy of...Show More Summary

Vagisil’s New Commercial About Dry Vaginas Is Something Else

It’s tough to decide how to feel about Vagisil’s new animated commercial about dry vaginas. The spot features four women telling tales of painful sex and aging genitals over brunch. One is too ashamed to even say the word vagina; one...Show More Summary

A Trump Clone in the Netherlands Might Successfully Pass a Burqa Ban

Members of the Dutch Parliament voted on Tuesday to ban burqas, niqabs, and other face coverings in schools, health care facilities, government buildings, and on public transportation. The House of Representatives passed the measure by a wide margin, with 132 of the 150 members voting in favor of the partial ban. Show More Summary

Vaccine Skeptics Are Excited About Donald Trump’s Presidency

They say you can judge a man by his friends. Donald Trump’s gaggle of pals and fans includes David Duke, Vladimir Putin, and Tom Brady. We can now add vaccine truther Andrew Wakefield to that list.

Abortion Rights Groups Challenge Restrictions in Alaska, Missouri, North Carolina

A trio of reproductive-rights organizations is challenging state-level abortion regulations in Alaska, Missouri, and North Carolina, counting on the Supreme Court’s decision in Whole Woman’s Health v. Hellerstedt to back up their claim that these restrictions on abortion access serve no medical purpose.

Lesbian Motorcyclists Delivering Donor Breast Milk Are the Absolute Best

Proving that lesbians in leather are truly the solution to life’s most pressing quandaries, the New York Post has produced a lovely video about a women’s motorcycle group that has started delivering donor breast milk to babies who need it.

Trump’s First Step Toward Impeding Birth Control Access Is Making Tom Price HHS Secretary

Donald Trump and Mike Pence’s inevitable attack on women’s health care got a little more real Tuesday morning when the president-elect tapped Rep. Tom Price as Secretary of Health and Human Services.

The Biggest Mystery on Westworld Is Whether Bernard Is Secretly Jacked

Westworld fans have been speculating for just about the whole first season of the show that Jeffrey Wright’s character, Bernard, wasn’t what he seemed. [Stop reading here if you don’t want to hear any spoilers.] The past couple episodes...Show More Summary

Westworld Star Evan Rachel Wood Describes Being Raped Twice in Emotional Note

On Monday afternoon, Westworld star Evan Rachel Wood posted a note on Twitter explaining that she’s been raped twice in her life and still grapples with the consequences. “The trauma of a few minutes can turn into a lifetime of fighting for yourself,” she wrote. Show More Summary

In Fathering, It's Quality of Time, Rather Than Quantity, That Makes a Difference

When moms feel guilty about not spending enough time with their children, there’s a good chance it's a result of our outsized expectations of women with children and not their busy schedules. When dads, largely exempt from the pressures of intensive parenting, feel guilty about the same, it tends to be for the straightforward reason that they want to see more of their kids.

The California Bar May Ban All Sex Between Attorneys and Clients

Lawyers in California may face disciplinary measures for having sex with their clients if a new revision to the state bar’s ethics rulebook passes.

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