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Jury in Ellen Pao Case Doesn’t Find Gender Discrimination

The jury returned on Friday with what appeared to be a verdict in the high-profile lawsuit filed by Ellen Pao against Kleiner, Perkins, Caufield, and Byers. Pao, who is currently the interim CEO of Reddit, accused her former employer, a venture capital firm, of gender discrimination. Show More Summary

Wet Nursing Is Back! Sort Of.

These days, the idea that "breast is best" is a given. Even though the scientific evidence is lacking, many people continue to believe that breast milk is a superfood that creates smarter, stronger babies, and mothers should do everything in their power to keep a steady supply coming. Show More Summary

Arizona Wants Doctors to Tell Patients that Abortions Can Be “Reversed”

Doctors in Arizona might soon be required to tell women that abortions can be "reversed." As the Washington Post reports, the Arizona legislature just passed a bill that is the latest in state-based attempts to ban women from using their own health insurance to pay for abortion. Show More Summary

Political Lobby for Frats Wants to Make It Harder to Enforce Title IX 

The political arm of the national fraternity system—known as the Fraternity & Sorority Political Action Committee (FratPAC)—is getting involved in the campus rape debate. Sadly, it seems they want to make it as hard as possible for schools to discipline students who sexually abuse or harass each other. Bloomberg reports:

Arkansas Legislator Says Single Mothers Should Get Free IUDs for the Sake of “Taxpayers”

Free contraception programs are a great idea. Free contraception programs that offer access to IUDs and hormonal implants—which are long-acting and highly effective, but carry upfront costs—are an especially great idea. A program offering free IUDs in Colorado helped lead to a 40 percent drop in the teen pregnancy rate in a mere four years. Show More Summary

Are College Campuses Really in the Thrall of Leftist Censors?

Judith Shulevitz's op-ed from Sunday—about college campuses being overwhelmed by "hypersensitive" progressives who are eager to censor any ideas that ruffle their feelings—rocketed to the top of the New York Times most-emailed list. It's not a big surprise. Show More Summary

Monica Lewinsky’s Comeback Tour Shows America May Finally Be Growing Up

Last summer, Monica Lewinsky made a big splash by writing an article for Vanity Fair that denounced the "culture of humiliation" she so famously endured—and which she fears is only getting worse because "the Internet has seismicallyShow More Summary

8,000 Years Ago, Only One Man Had Children For Every 17 Women

Bad news for anyone who touts the idea that our ancient ancestors had it all figured out: Scientists have discovered evidence that, during the Stone Age, only one man passed on his DNA for every 17 women. That's right, guys. Living like our ancient ancestors means having as little as a 1-in-17 shot of reliably getting laid.

Penn State Frat Member Says Pictures Of Non-Consenting Nude Women Are “Satire”

Questions are being raised about the moral turpitude flourishing inside the walls of the Kappa Delta Rho fraternity at Penn State University, which was discovered to have a members-only Facebook page featuring non-consensual nude photos of women. Show More Summary

The Jinx Highlights How Cops Once Dismissed Domestic Violence

The Jinx, HBO's documentary about the hijinks of the alleged murderer Robert Durst, has created a welcome swirl of media attention covering nearly every angle, from hand-wringing over the journalistic practices to questioning the timeline of events, to exploring the meaning behind Durst's dark pupils. Show More Summary

Google Chairman Gets Called Out by His Own Employee for Interrupting a Female Panelist at SXSW

South by Southwest Interactive has been stepping up its programming on social justice and diversity in the tech world, but, as Karissa Bell of Mashable reports, an incident at a panel on Monday shows how far the tech world really has to go.

Professional Theater Has a Sexual Harassment Problem

In the New York Times this weekend, reporter Patrick Healy detailed a burgeoning movement to reduce the problem of sexual harassment and violence in the world of professional theater. Healy interviewed "45 performers, dancers, writers,...Show More Summary

Cops on an 11-Year-Old Who Says She Was Raped: "Child's Promiscuous Behavior Caused This"

Rape victims often feel like they're the ones being put on trial, but Joanna Walters of the Washington Post published a story late last week about a young victim of repeated gang rapes who actually was. When Danielle Hicks-Best was only 11 years old, she says a group of two or three young men took her to a house to sexually assault her. Show More Summary

“Choreplay” Is a Lie

Moments in my life when I wished I weren’t female have been rare. One of them happened this week, when I noticed the word “choreplay” was entering the lexicon. It came up prominently in a New York Times op-ed co-written by Sheryl Sandberg and Adam Grant about how men also benefit from gender equality. Show More Summary

Why the Fringe Fundamentalist Belief in Demonic Possession Has Real-Life Dangers

This story of Arkansas state legislator Justin Harris’s adoption debacle has been a classic slow-moving trainwreck, as the Arkansas press discovers disturbing new details on a near-daily basis that have launched what started as a local scandal into national headlines. Show More Summary

The Texas Republican Defending Planned Parenthood

Texas Republicans are trying, yet again, to undermine women's access to reproductive health care in their state, but this time they are getting some pushback from within their own party. On Tuesday, Republican state representative Sarah...Show More Summary

When Career Ambitions Break Up a Marriage

Over the past few years, there has been a great deal of discussion about why women aren’t achieving as much in their careers as their male counterparts, even though women have been enrolling in and graduating from college in greater numbers than men since the 1980s. Show More Summary

Fullback Bruce Miller Arrested for Domestic Violence. How Will the NFL and 49ers Respond?

After enduring months of controversy and criticism after the release of a video showing Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice punching his then-fiancée in an elevator, the NFL finally released updated policies regarding the handling of players accused of domestic violence in December. Show More Summary

The Clinton Foundation Accepts Money from Countries That Mistreat Women. Is That Bad?  

Anyone who writes about feminist issues has likely encountered what I like to call the "Islam gotcha." "How can you be focused on equal pay or reproductive rights," the line from conservative critics tends to go, "when women in Saudi...Show More Summary

Two Moody Bitches Discuss Moody Bitches

“As women, we learn from an early age that our moods are a problem,” writes psychiatrist Julie Holland in her new book, Moody Bitches: The Truth About the Drugs You’re Taking, the Sleep You’re Missing, the Sex You’re Not Having, and What’s Really Making You Crazy. Show More Summary

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