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The Women’s World Cup Is a Blast. Why Are We Still Arguing With Those Who Disagree?

As my colleague Jeremy Stahl makes clear, Tuesday night’s World Cup match between the United States and Germany was a riveting game of soccer. Sports analysts at FiveThirtyEight predicted this would be the greatest women’s soccer matchup...Show More Summary

Why Americans Are Becoming More Open-Minded on Gay Marriage but Not on Abortion

David Leonhardt and Alicia Parlapiano at the New York Times’ Upshot blog have a piece comparing growing support for gay marriage with trends in support for abortion rights, which has remained relatively steady, with occasional ebbs and flows. Show More Summary

Rand Paul Would Rather End Marriage Than Share It With Gay People

While most of the football team’s worth of Republicans running for president have reacted to the Supreme Court’s same-sex marriage decision with straightforward rejections, Rand Paul decided to get cute about it. “Perhaps the time has...Show More Summary

Emergency Rooms May Be Overdiagnosing UTIs on a Massive Scale

A new study in the Journal of Clinical Microbiology tracked nearly 300 female patients to find that emergency departments massively overdiagnose urinary tract infections. What’s worse, in many cases ERs fail to diagnose the sexually transmitted infections that are the real culprits behind the symptoms. Show More Summary

Texas Governor Appoints a Homeschooler to Head State Education Board

Last week, Texas governor Greg Abbott nominated member Donna Bahorich as the chair of the Texas Board of Education. Bahorich is one of the quieter members of the board, largely going along with the board's radical right-wing agenda,Show More Summary

A Short History Of Bristol Palin’s Lectures

Bristol Palin's canceled-wedding debacle was just fading from public view when we got hit with another bit of tabloid-y Palin news: Bristol is pregnant again. Likely because of all her work preaching abstinence, she knows what you're thinking and would like you to cut it out. "I do not want any lectures and I do not want any sympathy," Palin wrote in her announcement.

Margaret Atwood Joins the Mix for The Secret Loves Of Geek Girls

Drop what you are doing, female geeks and the men who love them: Margaret Atwood is contributing to a comic book anthology about the love lives of your misunderstood tribe. This is not a drill.

Ricki Lake Starts a Crusade Against Hormonal Birth Control

Meet the newest hero of the anti-choice movement. Talk show host and actress Ricki Lake, who some hailed as a feminist hero for her 2008 anti-obstetrician documentary The Business of Being Born, is raising money on Kickstarter for a documentary based on the book Sweetening the Pill, by self-declared feminist Holly Grigg-Spall. Show More Summary

We May Have a Chlamydia Vaccine for Future Generations

Most people don't fear the STI chlamydia quite like they do the dreaded herpes, even though it's both really common (the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates there are nearly 3 million cases a year) and a major cause of infertility and ectopic pregnancy. Show More Summary

Scott Walker Argues That Equal Pay Pits Women Against Men

Gov. Scott Walker of Wisconsin has gone on the offensive against women again, despite the backlash against his previous ugly remarks about rape victims seeking abortion. As reported by Right Wing Watch, Boston Herald Radio host Adriana...Show More Summary

Inside Out Is a Universal Tale With a Feminist Kick

Audible weeping could be heard all around me over the weekend at Pixar's new movie Inside Out, which has received high praise as an intellectually interesting caper and an honest, ultimately optimistic exploration of the loss of childhood innocence. Show More Summary

Republican Candidates Compete for Evangelical Votes at a Faith & Freedom Coalition Event

Over the weekend, the Faith & Freedom Coalition held their Road to Majority event in partnership with the anti-feminist organization Concerned Women for America. A solid chunk of the roughly 8 billion Republicans running for president showed up to try to win over the assembled crowd of evangelical voters. Show More Summary

A Kansas State Rep Faces Censure Because She Called a Bill Racist

Conservative efforts to create a taboo around ever suggesting that a person or act is racist—unless the racism is directed against white people—hit a new low this week on Fox News, where commentators bent over backward to avoid acknowledging the racism that drove the mass shooting in Charleston, South Carolina. Show More Summary

Hillary Clinton Defies Right-Wing Critics, Endorses Universal Pre-K

This week, Hillary Clinton rolled out the first big policy proposal of her campaign: universal pre-kindergarten. Building on the Obama administration's work on pre-school for all children, Clinton endorsed programs to make affordable preschool available to low-income families and offer tax cuts to middle class families with preschool children. Show More Summary

For Their Civic Participation, Girl Scout Troop Rewarded with Racist Abuse 

This past spring, a group of Girl Scouts went to a public meeting in Cecil County, Maryland, to protest what they saw as inhumane conditions at the local animal shelter. Apparently, their reward for this spirited youthful foray into civic participation was to have a bunch of adults yell gross, racist things at them. Show More Summary

Four Amazing Women Who Should Be on the $10 Bill

Andrew Jackson must have some really good dirt on Jack Lew. Yesterday, U.S. Treasury Secretary Jack Lew announced that a woman will join Alexander Hamilton on the $10 bill in 2020. Whoever she is—and public input will help decide—she'll...Show More Summary

Rachel Dolezal Was Raised by Christian Fundamentalists. No Wonder She Wanted a New Identity.

The bizarre story of Rachel Dolezal, the white NAACP official who has been passing herself off as black for years, has been the flashpoint for tons of heated debate and think pieces as well as the inspiration behind some interesting history lessons. But so far there's been relatively little information that could help answer one central question: Why?

House Republicans Try to Zero Out Funding for Family Planning

For the past couple of years, no doubt wary of "war on women" messaging, Republicans have been in semi-retreat on chipping away at contraception access. We haven't seen a revival of the attacks on contraception funding that helped nearly shut down the government in 2011. Show More Summary

Pregnant, Parenting, and Pro-Choice: A New Tumblr Reminds Us That Pro-Choice Is Not Anti-Baby

In a recent Washington Post profile, NARAL Pro-Choice America president Ilyse Hogue explained that a lot of anti-choice activists struggle to wrap their minds around the fact that she's pregnant with twins while fighting for women's right to abort unwanted pregnancies. Show More Summary

Cersei’s Walk of Shame and Game Of Thrones’ Evolution on Sexual Violence

Much of Sunday night's season finale of Game of Thrones was hard to watch, but amidst all the violence and despair, perhaps the most troubling image was that of a naked female body.The show is notorious for sprinkling the screen with...Show More Summary

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