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Why Do Women Care More About Lunch Breaks Than Men?

There’s a fine line between a lunch spent laughing alone with salad and one with a sad desk salad. According to a new poll on factors that lead women to quit their jobs, workplace policies could make the difference.

Why Monica Bellucci Is a “Bond Woman,” Not a “Bond Girl”

In Spectre, the James Bond film set to drop next month, Monica Bellucci will become the oldest woman ever to play a Bond love interest. When The Guardian asked the actress, who turns 51 this month, what she thinks of the term "Bond girl," she replied: “I can’t say I’m a Bond girl, because I’m too mature to be a Bond girl. I say Bond lady, Bond woman.”

How the Future Will Tell Bill Cosby's Story

It’s been nearly a year since a joke from Hannibal Buress’ stand-up routine—augmenting a February Gawker post—reminded the public of the many women who’ve accused Bill Cosby of sexual assault. Since dozens more allegations and a damning...Show More Summary

Former Feminist Hero Somehow Thinks That Victim-Blaming Can Stop Rape

Today's case study in the importance of not having heroes: Susan Brownmiller. She was instrumental in making rape a political issue with her landmark 1975 book Against Our Will: Men, Women and Rape, but now she's let a "kids these days" urge overtake her feminist sensibilities. Show More Summary

Yes, Carly Fiorina, Women Are a Special-Interest Group

Today’s consensus has declared Carly Fiorina the winner of last night’s Republican debate. She was poised and well-prepped, she threatened frontrunner Donald Trump’s claim to the top spot with well-corroborated criticism of his corporate leadership record, and she offered a sharp response to his earlier insult of her appearance.

Donald Trump Uses GOP Debate to Push Anti-Vaccination Myths

In one of the stranger moments in CNN's Wednesday-night Republican debate, moderator Jake Tapper pitted Donald Trump—who is most definitely not a doctor—against retired neurosurgeon Dr. Ben Carson on the subject of Vaccines: Do They Cause Autism or Not? The answer, as Carson explained, is absolutely not. But Trump had his right of reply:

What Was Up with Carly Fiorina’s Grisly Abortion Rant?

As with the August Fox News debate, tonight's CNN Republican debate at one point devolved into a contest to see which candidate hates Planned Parenthood the mostest. The crime: the completely disproved claim that the women's healthcare provider is in the business of selling fetal body parts. Show More Summary

The Kardashians Are Big on #Thighbrow. Are They Ready for #Cellulike and #Kneevage?

Shove off, thigh gap: There’s a new way to parse the amount and distribution of fat tissue on women’s thighs. The thighbrow (or, in its native dialect, #thighbrow) is the crease that forms on the upper thigh when legs form a 45 to 179 degree angle, depending on the heft of the thigh, with the torso. Show More Summary

How to Define a Parent: Kim Cattrall Edition

Actress Kim Cattrall found herself at the center of a social-media drubbing after she did an interview with BBC Radio 4's "Women's Hour" in which she argued that you don't need to be a mother to be a mother. She said:

The Trouble With Safe Havens

In July, it happened in Pasadena, Maryland. In April, Ohio. Two years ago, it was a well-publicized case in Mesa, Arizona. Every few months, news of a baby abandoned by the side of the road or in an alleyway dumpster surfaces, leading concerned parties to wonder what might have led the child’s parents to such dire straits. Show More Summary

Trevor Noah Doesn’t Understand Comedy’s Gender Problem

The reaction to yesterday’s Vanity Fair comedy dudefest was swift and unified. Moments after the magazine published a photo of 10 men to illustrate its article on why late-night TV is “better than ever,” Twitter erupted the way only Twitter knows how.

California Might Make the Porn Industry Put on a Condom

In 2012, AIDS activists in Los Angeles helped pass a law requiring condom use on all porn sets within county lines. In 2014, a federal court upheld the law, finding that the First Amendment doesn't excuse employers from basic health and safety regulations. Show More Summary

Should a 13-Year-Old Boy Who Kissed a Girl on a Dare Be Charged with Assault?

Last week, in a middle school just outside Baltimore, a 13-year-old boy grabbed a 14-year-old girl by the shirt, pulled her to his face, and stuck his tongue inside her mouth. Police arrested the boy and charged him as a juvenile with second-degree assault.

Here Are the Parts of the Miss America Pageant That Actually Didn’t Suck

At last night’s Miss America pageant, the organization that chooses recipients of its paltry scholarships by judging their adherence to conventional beauty standards earned points by giving 1983 winner Vanessa Williams—who was forced to resign over a nude-photo scandal—a long-overdue public apology.

Woman Arrested At OB-GYN’s Office For Being An Undocumented Immigrant

Amid increasing levels of anti-immigrant furor, it seems inevitable that something like this would happen. The Houston Press reported on Friday that the staff at a gynecological office in suburban Houston allegedly led a patient whoShow More Summary

Two Simple Proposals for When a Coworker Regularly Bleeds Onto Office Furniture

This week, Reddit has the women of Slate pondering a question we never thought anyone would have to ask: What should you do when a coworker regularly leaves menstrual stains on office furniture? In the popular women’s-oriented subreddit...Show More Summary

Models Wearing Cartoon Penises Strike an Erect Pose at New York Fashion Week

Designers Emilia Pfohl and Nan Li kicked off New York Fashion Week with a highly phallic collection of ready-to-wear outfits entitled “My Pussy, My Choice” at the VFiles showcase. The duo, formally dubbed Namilia, peppered its ensembles with banana and peach emojis, inflatable snakes, and cartoonish penises in transparent latex and sparkly silhouette.

Republicans Say “Money Is Fungible” When It Comes to Planned Parenthood. It Is Not.

Imagine you are in line at the grocery store. The customer in front of you buys a can of beans with a SNAP card. You buy a bottle of wine and pay with cash. Then the next person in line angrily accuses you of wasting taxpayer money by buying alcohol with food stamps.

From Carly Fiorina to His Own Daughter, Donald Trump Is Obsessed With Sex Appeal

Surprise! Donald Trump has blessed the campaign news cycle with another gem of an anti-woman insult. A new Rolling Stone profile caught the Republican presidential candidate and erstwhile reality-TV boss watching the news with a critical eye on one of his competitors’ looks:

Republicans Attack Women’s Health Care Because They Care About Women’s Health Care

On Wednesday, the House Judiciary Committee held a hearing titled "Planned Parenthood Exposed: Examining the Horrific Abortion Practices at the Nation’s Largest Abortion Provider." The title was a portend of the sober, fact-based examination...Show More Summary

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