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Donald Trump’s Transformation of the Republican Primary Into a Reality TV Show Is Now Complete

The transformation of the Republican primary into a reality TV show is now complete. Donald Trump’s nationalist infomercial-cum-veterans’ fundraiser on Thursday night began with Tana Goertz, an Iowa-born contestant from Season 3 of The Apprentice. Show More Summary

Megyn Kelly Played Up Her Power as the Anchor Too Tough for Trump

Megyn Kelly has gotten more attention than any other media personality during this GOP presidential primary, chiefly due to Donald Trump’s shambling insults and toddler’s temper. The current front-runner opted out of Thursday night’s...Show More Summary

Little Girls’ Reactions to the New “Curvy” Barbie Prove Why We Need “Curvy” Barbie

After more than half a century of waif-like homogeneity, the hundreds of doll varieties collectively known as Barbie are welcoming three new body types to their cabal. Mattel has weathered accusations of promoting a harmful, unrealistic...Show More Summary

It’s Official: Pregnant Women and New Mothers Should Be Screened for Depression. Now What?

The United States Preventive Services Task Force just issued new guidelines on screening for depression, and among them is a recommendation to pay more attention to pregnant women and new mothers. For the first time, the government-appointed...Show More Summary

Cologne Will Establish a “Safe Zone” for Women at Next Week’s Carnival. What Is a “Safe Zone”?

The city of Cologne has a new idea to keep women safe from the kind of organized sexual assaults that horrified the world on New Year’s Eve. With the Cologne Carnival—Germany’s Mardi Gras equivalent—starting next week, city officials have announced that there will be a “safe zone” for women at the public event, as well as extra street lighting.

Florida Man Visits State House, Warns that Abortion Will Destroy “White Culture”

A Florida bill that would make abortion a felony punishable by up to 30 years in prison found a passionate supporter at a hearing on Monday: an anti-choice activist who declared that Muslims and Mexicans will eventually destroy “white culture” because white women don’t have many babies, while women of other races have lots of babies.

The Mom-to-Mom Open Letter Aims to Empower Mothers and Absolve Them of Guilt. I’m Skeptical.

The open letter is a popular literary form in the digital age, and one that’s particularly beloved by parenting bloggers. While the subject matter of these entreaties vary, one of the most common formulas features a message from one mother to other mothers encouraging them to let go of their guilt. Show More Summary

Justin Bieber’s New Underwear Ads Are Part of the #MyCalvins Social Media Phenomenon

Calvin Klein’s spring campaign asks stars, with Mad Libs–ian glee, what they do in #theircalvins. Or #mycalvins. The hashtag-centered ads refuse to be hemmed in by things as trivial as the rules of possessive pronouns.

Congress Still Has a Panel Investigating Fetal Tissue Donation. It Should Follow the Evidence Instead.

In the wake of a Texas grand jury’s indictment of two anti-abortion activists instead of Planned Parenthood after a months-long investigation, reproductive-rights advocates are calling for a redirection of a Congressional panel convened last year to examine U.S. practices around abortion and fetal-tissue donation.

A Trump Presidency Would Make Us Nostalgic for “Fair and Balanced” Fox News

Last night, Donald Trump announced that he would boycott Thursday’s Fox News Republican debate because of the involvement of anchor Megyn Kelly, who he believes has been unfair to him. Right afterwards, Trump held a rally in a school gym in Marshalltown, Iowa. Show More Summary

Florida Legislature Wants to Make Abortion a Felony, Advances Bill Citing “The Creator”

For a brief, shining moment on Monday, sanity prevailed on the issue of abortion when the Supreme Court upheld a lower court’s ruling that North Dakota’s “fetal heartbeat” law, which would ban abortion at the sixth week of pregnancy, is unconstitutional. Show More Summary

Does Lots of Sex Change a Vagina’s Size and the Labia’s Color? Reddit Answers.

An anonymous hero is doing God’s work in the TwoXChromosomes subreddit this week. Spurred by an overheard conversation between two co-workers, the author—who’s since deleted their Reddit account—decided to explain the fallacy of the statement "the darker the vag the more dudes she's been pounded by" and debunking “some nonsense about vag lip size and number of sex partners.”

Bradley Cooper’s Sundance Doppelgänger Has Been Exposed

There’s a hoodlum on the loose at the Sundance Film Festival, and his given name is Cradley Booper. On Monday, Page Six reported that a Bradley Cooper doppelgänger was attempting to use his lookalike’s identity to gain entrance to exclusive parties at the annual Park City, Utah hobnob:

Bernie Sanders Just Can’t Get It Right With Women’s Groups

On Tuesday night, Bernie Sanders found himself on the wrong side of a major women’s organization for the second time in as many weeks. The first dust-up came when Planned Parenthood (along with the pro-LGBT Human Rights Campaign) issued its first-ever presidential endorsement, on behalf of Hillary Clinton. Show More Summary

My 3-Year-Old Thinks the New Sesame Street Is Great, and So Do I  

When we learned last August that Sesame Street was moving to HBO, the news inspired a fair amount of outrage. Critics weren’t happy that kids without an HBO subscription would have to wait nine months to watch the latest season for free on PBS—another sign of the ever-growing wedge between the haves and have-nots. Show More Summary

Grand Jury Investigates Planned Parenthood, Indicts Anti-Abortion Activists Instead

After months of investigation, a Houston, Texas grand jury has cleared Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast of wrongdoing—instead indicting the two anti-abortion activists who orchestrated last summer’s undercover videos that purported to show evidence of illegal fetal tissue donation practices.

State by State, More Guns Mean More Killing of Women

A new study from Boston University has found a strong correlation between a state’s rate of gun ownership and its rate of women murdered by people they know. The article, soon to be published in Violence and Gender, stands to combat claims from conservatives that guns make women safer. In fact, relaxing gun laws may have dire implications for domestic violence.

Florida State Pays Landmark Title IX Settlement Over Alleged Jameis Winston Rape

Though Jameis Winston may never answer to allegations that he raped a fellow student as a freshman Florida State University quarterback in 2012, the school has paid Winston’s alleged victim $950,000 in what may be the largest sexual assault­–related Title IX settlement to date.

Welcome to Davos, Where Even a Push for Gender Equity Mostly Involves Lots of Men

This year’s World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, is shaping up to be a characteristic dudefest. With its attendee population of world leaders and corporate bigshots, less than 18 percent of whom are women, this year’s gathering has paused at several points to reflect on gender equity. And yet, since this is Davos, these moments have had an unsurprising focal point: men.

Where the GOP Presidential Candidates Stand on Sex Work

Long before he was a viable candidate for the GOP presidential nomination, Marco Rubio composed a list of 100 things. Those things were “innovative ideas for Florida’s future,” and they are now available for purchase on Amazon. Rubio...Show More Summary

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