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Judge Calls Women “Gorilla-Like,” “Buxom”; Keeps His Job While Whistleblower Is Disciplined

Like so many jurists, administrative law judge John H. Pleuss has a way with words. But unlike his more esteemed superiors, Pleuss’ writing style falls somewhere between insult comic and grotesque bigot. Here is his description of one...Show More Summary

Clue Changes Out Mrs. White, a Housekeeper, for Dr. Orchid, a Female Scientist

In what can only be the doing of a devious feminist branch of the Illuminati, the makers of the board game Clue plan to replace the character of a female domestic worker with a female scientist. Come August, Mrs. White, the housekeeper-slash-cook-slash-nanny of the mansion where the game takes place, will be toast. Dr. Orchid, a biologist with a Ph.D., is set to take her place.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg Disses Trump, Hints She Wants Clinton to Name Her Successor

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg may be irreplaceable, but she’s also a pragmatist—and it appears that she has mapped out her eventual exit from her beloved court. In a July 7 interview with Mark Sherman of the Associated Press, Ginsburg said she presumes Hillary Clinton will be elected president in November. Show More Summary

Renée Zellweger, Margot Robbie, and Hollywood’s Obsession With the Female Face

Renée Zellweger had plastic surgery, and Variety’s Owen Gleiberman is worried that she’s ruined Bridget Jones for the rest of us. As he watched the new trailer for Bridget Jones’ Baby, the forthcoming third entry in the film franchise, Gleiberman mourned the loss of his favorite squinty-eyed, plump-cheeked lush next door. Show More Summary

Germany Finally Updated Its Archaic Rape Law After a “No Means No” Activist Campaign

The German parliament passed a new rape law on Thursday, broadening the country’s definition of sexual assault to include any sexual act that a victim declines through verbal or physical cues. Previous law made no mention of consent and required that a victim physically fight back against her rapist to prove that he overcame her with force.

When Women Take Power, It’s Usually Because Men Have Made a Big Mess

It is now absolutely certain that Britain’s next prime minister will be a woman. Every male candidate for party leader was eliminated after Conservative members of Parliament voted to narrow the field to two nominees. Grass-roots party...Show More Summary

Being a Woman Isn’t a Pre-Existing Condition, Says This California Workers’ Comp Suit

A class-action lawsuit filed Wednesday alleges that California’s workers’ compensation system discriminates against women, routinely attributing work-related injuries to the pre-existing condition of being a woman. Plaintiffs claim that...Show More Summary

Gretchen Carlson Affirms That Fox News Is Just as Sexist Behind the Scenes as On the Air

It’s a peculiar kind of entertaining to read former Fox News host Gretchen Carlson’s sexual harassment lawsuit against Fox News chairman Roger Ailes. The complaint is full of juicy, disturbing details of Ailes’ alleged misdeeds, none of which will surprise any reader with passing knowledge of the notoriously vulgar, chauvinist CEO. Show More Summary

Government Reminds Colleges That They’re Responsible for Rapes at Frats

The phrase “campus sexual assault” is a bit of a misnomer, as the federal government clarified on Friday: Colleges and universities must contend with any sexual violence that interferes with their students’ abilities to pursue their educations, whether or not it occurred on school grounds.

Fergie Tries to Reimagine the MILF, Fails Milkily

The new video for Fergie’s “M.I.L.F.$” features the singer alongside a Taylor Swift-worthy squad—including Chrissy Teigen, Kim Kardashian, Ciara, and a bevy of models—all seductively engaging with milk. They bath in it, shower in it, and are mustached by it in what feels like a lusty send-up of the “Got Milk?” campaign.

Dear Hillary Clinton, Here Are Slate’s Picks for Your All-Female Cabinet

Hillary Clinton has promised to fill at least half the seats on her cabinet with women, The New York Times reports. That would be nothing short of revolutionary—women have never exceeded about a third of the cabinet—but while the first woman president is making history, she may as well go all the way. Show More Summary

Two Women Joined a Minor League Pro Baseball Team for the First Time in Decades

Two women will join the starting lineup of an independent minor league baseball team on Friday, making the Sonoma Stompers the first professional baseball team to employ multiple women since three women played in the Negro Leagues in the 1950s.

Judi Dench Gets Cliché Tattoo, Proves She’s Human After All

Octogenarian celebrities are rightly granted quite a bit of leeway when it comes to quirky behavior. When you’re eightysomething, you can talk to empty chairs or, say, disavow then reavow your own upcoming book after you’ve told the Washington Post “its credibility is down the toilet.” You may get some eyerolls, sure, but you’re unlikely to seriously tarnish your legacy.

Could Employers Be Liable for Forcing Workers to Travel to Zika-Afflicted Zones?

As doctors in the southern U.S. prepare their patients for the expected onset of the Zika virus, employers and employees are considering the health and legal risks posed by work travel to afflicted areas.

Why It Matters That LGBT People Can Now Serve Openly in the Military

When all is said and done—and as of now, it nearly is—people will wonder what all the fretting was about. In fact, the forgetting has already begun, as talking heads asked their guests or correspondents why it took the Pentagon so long to lift its ban on transgender service, and why the ban existed in the first place. Show More Summary

No More Swimsuits in Miss Teen USA. Are Sports Bras That Much More Empowering Than Bikinis?

On Wednesday, the Miss Universe Organization announced that Miss Teen USA will soon be swimsuit-free. The controversial portion of the pageant is now being replaced by an athletic-wear competition. Since the announcement, reports have lauded the shift, but I’m not convinced that an athletic-wear competition is that much better than a swimwear competition.

North America’s Hottest Male Leaders Gather for Steamy Three-Way Politics Sesh

Europe may yet dissolve beneath the xenophobic ramblings of an off-brand Donald Trump bootleg, but here in North America, our political leaders are showing off the sex appeal of progressive politics.

A New Survey Shows Most Women Groom Their Pubic Hair. Should We Be Concerned?

It seems like just yesterday that the New York Times was reassuring female humans that it was OK to grow fluffy hairdos around our genitals because Cameron Diaz and Gaby Hoffman were doing it. “In certain corners of Manhattan, the bald...Show More Summary

You Don’t Have to Invite Kids to Your Wedding. But You Should.

If you want your friends to invite your children to their wedding, shaming them into it is probably not the best strategy. Nevertheless, much of the argument made by David Andrew Stoler in his recent Salon essay commanding couples to...Show More Summary

Nike’s Wimbledon Dress Raises the Question: Why Do Women Still Play Tennis in Skirts?

All the moisture wicking in the world couldn’t save Nike’s Wimbledon dress. The slip-like getup, designed for women paid to play in the brand’s clothing, would be a cute, comfortable piece of clothing if it were a nightgown—but as a tennis outfit, it bombs in both form and function.

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