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Should You Bring Your Baby to TED?

Kiva co-founder Jessica Jackley says she was asked to leave the TEDWomen 2015 conference because she brought her five-month-old baby. TED has always restricted their conferences to people over 16, in order to preserve “the intense, immersive, full-attention experience that people have come to expect” (and pay handsomely to expect). Show More Summary

Breast-Feeding Terror Spreads to Terre Haute, Indiana

A concerned restaurant patron in Terre Haute, Indiana, following through on the post–Sept. 11 ethos of “If You See Something, Say Something,” surreptitiously snapped a photograph of a nursing mother, Conner Kendall, at a local TGI Friday’s outlet and posted the image on Facebook and Instagram. Show More Summary

What Was the Worst State for Women This Week?

Fundamentalist perversity: It's not just for the stars of reality shows on TLC. The legal war on women gets downright bizarre in this edition of Worst State of the Week, which features a dumb lie, a weird lie, and a call for securit...

If We Want to Help Working Mothers, We Could Start with Paid Paternity Leave

A utopia in which working parents can balance careers and kids can’t be achieved here on earth, or at least not without some tradeoffs. That’s the conclusion some reached after the New York Times rounded up studies showing that policies...Show More Summary

Denver ComicCon Had An All-Male “Women In Comics” Panel

The past few years have seen a lot of discussion (and a lot of misogynist backlash) about improving women's experience of "geek" spaces such as video gaming, sci-fi conventions, and comics. Sp it was especially puzzling to see that Denver...Show More Summary

Fundamentalism Is a Competition, and the Duggars Won the Christian Right

The revelation that the eldest son of TLC's Duggar clan, Josh Duggar, had molested a number of underage girls—including his sisters—has created an explosion of attention and outrage. The fury has a sharp political edge to it, because the Duggars are important figures in the world of religious-right activism and Republican politics.

Duggar Revelations Are Just the Latest Sex Abuse Scandal to Rock Far-Right Fundamentalism

Score one for the tabloid press. Josh Duggar, the eldest son of the creepy super-fundamentalist clan at the center of the TLC show 19 Kids and Counting, has admitted to charges of molesting multiple underage girls when he was a teenager; he has since stepped down from his position as a sex scold for the Family Research Council. Show More Summary

Cory Gardner Finally Found a Birth Control Bill He Likes

During the 2014 campaign, Republican Cory Gardner had to pivot from his long history as an anti-choice fanatic to appear more moderate on social issues—a necessary move to win the Colorado Senate race. The biggest obstacle was his long-standing...Show More Summary

Trigger Warnings Do Politicize Mental Illness. So What?

For a certain kind of centrist liberal who is hyper-vigilant about the re-emergence of '90s-era "political correctness," the phrase trigger warning can be a little triggering. In theory, trigger warnings are merely little content notes for those who need a little more mental preparation for emotionally taxing material. Show More Summary

What Was the Worst State for Women This Week?

While the Internet debates the gender politics of Westeros, real-life state legislatures continue a war on women. Third place in DoubleX's latest Worst State of the Week honors goes to Pennsylvania, where Republican legislators backed...Show More Summary

Emma Sulkowicz Carries a Mattress At Columbia’s Graduation

Columbia student and performance artist Emma Sulkowicz added one more chapter to her now internationally famous piece "Carry That Weight" when she and a group of four friends lugged a mattress across the stage during Columbia's commencement on Tuesday. Show More Summary

Cannes Reportedly Turned Women Away for Not Wearing Heels

ScreenDaily reports that some female attendees at the Cannes film festival are being denied entrance to screenings because they were wearing, heaven forbid, flat shoes:

Exclusive: The Performance Review that Decided One D.C.-Area Man’s “Husband Bonus”

A recent New York Times piece took an anthropological look at an exotic species known as the “glamorous stay-at-home mom” (Glam SAHM), whose perks include the “wife bonus,” distributed according to such criteria as “how well she managed...Show More Summary

What’s Wrong With “Wife Bonuses”?

Over the weekend, Wednesday Martin, the author of the upcoming memoir Primates of Park Avenue, published a piece in the New York Times that deftly deconstructed the past decade's ongoing romanticization of “opting out” and “feministShow More Summary

For Once, Game of Thrones Treats Rape with the Gravity It Deserves

Another season of Game of Thrones, another Internet rage-fest over having to witness another major female character suffer a rape. For many fans who were appalled at the horrible scene of Jaime Lannister raping his sister/lover Cersei...Show More Summary

Which State Was the Worst for Women This Week?

The legislative season grinds on, and so do the Worst State of the Week honors, in which DoubleX recognizes the member of the Union showing the most vim and vigor in its assaults on women's basic rights.

Female Staffers on the Hill Are Being Shut Out Of One-On-One Meetings with Bosses

The National Journal conducted a study of women congressional staffers on the Hill and has been releasing some of the findings in a series of articles. On Thursday, Sarah Mimms highlighted how women are still held back from certain networking and career opportunities. Many staffers, she writes, are "not allowed to spend one-on-one time with their male bosses."

Sorry, Evo Psych Fans. Our Caveman Ancestors Probably Practiced Gender Equality. 

It's a sad week for evolutionary psychology buffs. A new paper out in Science, by a group of scientists led by University College London anthropologist Mark Dyble, suggests that despite widespread claims to the contrary, early hunter-gatherer societies likely practiced equality between the sexes.

House Passes 20-Week Abortion Ban With Exciting New Hassles For Rape Victims 

Back in January, a handful of Republican women in Congress stopped a bill that would ban abortions after 20 weeks. The women, led by Rep. Renee Ellmers, didn't object to the ban, but were worried that it was unduly hard on rape victims, forcing them to produce a police report in order not to bear a rapist's child. Show More Summary

Austin Greets Female-Majority City Council with Workshop on How Women Are the Worst

Recent elections in Austin, TX have given the city its first majority-female city council, with 7 out of 11 members of the lady persuasion. It's a milestone, though not an earth-shattering one. But city manager Marc Ott—or someone in...Show More Summary

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