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Post and Courier Wins the Pulitzer for South Carolina Domestic Homicide Exposé

Congratulations to the Post and Courier out of Charleston, South Carolina, for winning the 2015 Pulitzer Prize for Public Service. The prize-winning story was a seven-part series titled “Till Death Do Us Part,” an exposé of the policy and cultural failures that have made South Carolina at or near the top of the list in domestic homicides every year.

Education Reformer Praises Standardized Tests for Boosting Home Prices in Wealthy Suburbs

Parents in suburban New York districts are revolting against the over-reliance on standardized testing in schools by organizing a boycott of the tests. The Journal News of Westchester reported last week that 155,000 students refused the tests, and some districts had nearly half of kids opting out.

New Report Shows Insurers Are Falling Short on Covering Contraception

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services requires contraception to be covered by your insurance plan without a copay. Yet many women still face serious obstacles getting their contraception of choice covered—and not just those who work for conservative employers. Show More Summary

Vatican Decides American Nuns Don’t Actually Have a “Radical Feminist” Agenda

At the end of last year, the Vatican ended its controversial six-year investigation into the lives and actions of American nuns with an approving report. The entire exercise was a strange waste of time that rightfully angered many Catholics:...Show More Summary

Katie Couric, Floyd Mayweather, and the Dark Art of the Redemption Interview

Daniel Roberts of Deadspin unleashed the fury on Katie Couric for her softball interview with Floyd Mayweather, in which she allowed the boxer to downplay his history of domestic violence and even blame his victim—saying he was merely...Show More Summary

Michelle MacLaren Deserves Better than Wonder Woman

Back when a Wonder Woman movie was first announced, fans had mixed feelings. On one hand, it was exciting to hear that, finally, the main character in a big-budget superhero movie would be a woman. On the other hand, unlike lighthearted Marvel, D.C. mistakes moroseness for gravitas, even when it comes to Wonder Woman's costume. That's enough to drain away a lot of anticipation.

Congress Considers Bill to Help Domestic Violence Victims Escape With Their Pets

Last month, Republicans ruined a perfectly good bipartisan anti-sex trafficking bill by attaching amendments aimed at denying abortions to trafficking victims. After that debacle, you might have given up all hope for an across-the-aisle approach to reducing violence against women. Show More Summary

Gwyneth Paltrow Is on Food Stamps This Week. Stop Making Fun of Her.

Let’s get a few things out of the way. First of all, GOOP is ridiculous, right? Gwyneth Paltrow’s lifestyle empire is the pristine Fortress of Solitude for New York Times Style section super-elites. It will make a chiffonade of your mockery and serve it back to you as garnish on a cucumber-dandelion-cayenne smoothie. Show More Summary

A Miscarrying Woman Was Denied Medication Because of “Conscience”

Earlier this month, in my piece about the Purvi Patel "feticide" case in Indiana, I predicted increased harassment of women who are miscarrying, on the suspicion that they're trying to obtain misoprostol to induce an abortion. (Because...Show More Summary

Why Is Jeb Bush Touting His Role in the Terri Schiavo Debacle?

Jeb Bush has complained about "the narratives" that paint him as a moderate Republican, insisting (truthfully) that he's in fact very conservative. In the effort to solidify his right-wing bona fides in a recent interview with FocusShow More Summary

New York A.G. to Investigate Employers Who Keep Low-Wage Workers “On Call”

Last summer, a New York Times exposé by Jodi Kantor brought attention to corporate retailers who increasingly force erratic, unpredictable schedules on their employees; Kantor focused on a single mother named Janette Navarro, who struggled to absorb the impact of these labor-saving practices. Show More Summary

What Hillary Clinton Learned from No-Drama Obama

Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign started with great media fanfare over the weekend, although the announcement itself was notably anti-fanfare. The two-minute video, in which Clinton only appears toward the end, strikes a noteShow More Summary

Men Reject the Label “Masculine” More Than Women Reject the Label “Feminine”

Vox has been releasing a series of results from its poll regarding American attitudes about issues such as sexism and abortion rights. Thursday, German Lopez posted about one of the poll's more original questions, which is how masculine/feminine you think you are. Show More Summary

Is Rand Paul Sexist, or Just a Jerk?

Rand Paul's newly minted presidential campaign is already plagued with accusations that he's a sexist, after he lectured Today's Savannah Guthrie on Wednesday, following a February incident where he literally shushed CNBC’s Kelly Evans. Now Paul has responded, telling CNN's Wolf Blitzer:

To Keep Women Safe, North Carolina GOP Tries to Stop Med Students From Learning How to Provide Safe Abortions

For the past few years, Republicans at the state level have passed a frenzy of abortion restrictions all along arguing that they're doing it to protect women and make abortion safer. North Carolina state representative Pat McElraft says...Show More Summary

Anti-Choicers Say Women Who Want Abortions Are Like Children Near a Hot Stove

Meaghan Winter of Cosmopolitan attended the Heartbeat International conference, where volunteers from anti-abortion crisis pregnancy centers (CPCs) gather to socialize, share tips, and murmur disapprovingly about all the sex that women are having these days. Show More Summary

Women Read More Books, But Men Get to Write More Book Reviews

Women read more than men—by a particularly wide margin when it comes to fiction. So why is it that male voices, both as authors and as critics, continue to be given way more authority in the world of book reviewing? A new study out by...Show More Summary

Kansas Legislature Bans Spending Welfare Money on Cruises

Last week, the Kansas legislature passed a welfare reform bill to limit access to TANF (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families), a program that helps clothe and shelter children living in poverty. For one thing, the legislature put a lifetime limit of 36 months on TANF, when the federal limit is 60 months. Show More Summary

Despite Damning Report, Rolling Stone Will Continue “To Do What We’ve Always Done.” Are They Serious?

Last night, Rolling Stone published a report explaining how it got the story of an alleged gang rape at a University of Virginia fraternity so wrong. The report, co-written by Columbia School of Journalism dean Steve Coll, is an investigation into lapses in reporting, editing and fact-checking. Show More Summary

Somehow, Indiana Managed to Convict a Woman of Both “Feticide” and Child Neglect

Indiana's getting a lot of national attention lately because of its new "religious freedom" law, which critics say will shield businesses who discriminate against LGBT people. But there's another reason Indiana has moved to the front of the pack in the race for most retrograde state in the nation. Show More Summary

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