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Planned Parenthood Defunding Vote Shows How Much the Right-Wing Fringe Owns Republicans

Hopefully, the fabricated “scandal” over Planned Parenthood will be wrapping up today. For the past few weeks, Republicans have been striking poses of outrage and disgust over a series of misleading videos created by the religious-right propagandists at the Center for Medical Progress. Show More Summary

That’s What the Money Is For

Like all great television, Mad Men was largely about beautiful people treating each other terribly in the service of big philosophical ideas: the rapacity of capitalism, the earthquakes of feminism, racism’s eerie bonhomie, 20 th -century American alienation. Show More Summary

In Pregnancy Announcement, Zuckerberg Opens Up About Couple’s Past Miscarriages

On Friday afternoon, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg announced—via a Facebook post and photo starring an incredibly shaggy dog—that he and his wife, Priscilla Chan, are expecting their first child: a girl who gave her soon-to-be father a thumbs-up “like” in an ultrasound.

An Interview with a Lady Who Used a Breast Pump in an Open Office Plan

Earlier this week, it came to light that Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump called a lawyer “disgusting” when she requested a break from a deposition so that she could pump breast milk for her three-month-old baby. A spokesman later explained that Trump thought the lawyer wanted to pump in front of him, which he found “disgusting,” rather than privately.

Dating Tips From Woody Allen

Woody Allen has done something bold and painfully self-aware, something that his many detractors might never have expected of him: He has come clean about the sins he's committed in the past against the women in his life.

Why Does Every Presidential Campaign Need a “Hairgate”?

According to the New York Post, a bank of elevators at Bergdorf Goodman was temporarily shut down on Friday so that Hillary Clinton could get a trim at the pricey John Barrett salon on the ninth floor.

Planned Parenthood’s Website Debilitated by DDOS Attack

This past month has been a rough one for Planned Parenthood. The health care organization has been the target of a misleading video campaign, a database hack targeting employees, an attempt to strip it of its federal funding, and a grammatically challenged tweet from Marco Rubio. Show More Summary

Major Supermarket Chains Are Covering Up  Cosmo Because It’s “Pornographic”

You can spot a Cosmopolitan from a mile away: A shiny-legged lady in a playfully provocative pose, typography that runs the gamut from pink to purple, and lots of libidinous mad libs (e.g., "__ Sex Positions to __ His __ Wild!"). For teen girls, Cosmo reads like an instruction manual for their glamorous future selves. For more mature women, it's dessert in magazine form.

Ann Rule, Queen of a Genre Beloved by Women, Once Wrote Under a Man’s Byline 

Icon of furtive ladyreading Ann Rule died on Sunday at the age of 83. If my Facebook feed is any indication, she will be remembered fondly by roughly every woman over the age of 15 who enjoys reading. True crime, the genre Rule ruled,...Show More Summary

Hackers Go After Planned Parenthood Employees’ Information

Late Sunday night, hackers gained accessed Planned Parenthood’s internal database containing employee records. According to the Los Angeles Times, “the names and contact information for more than 300 Planned Parenthood employees have been published on a private website hosted by a group of hackers, part of an organization called 3301.”

Macy Gray Has Written the Ultimate Song About Vibrators

Macy Gray is most well-known for her late-'90s hit “I Try,” but if there’s any justice in the world, she will go down in history first and foremost as the author of the definitive song about vibrators. “B.O.B,” which stands for “battery-operated better,” is an ode to the piece of machinery that “fits like a glove” and is “always up for love, steady as a caterpillar.”

States That Sell Anti-Abortion “Choose Life” License Plates, Mapped

Across the country, motorists can purchase specialty license plates to show their support for state-approved groups or institutions, such as public universities, firefighters, veterans, and… anti-abortion activists? Twenty-nine states offer anti-abortion “Choose Life” license plates. Show More Summary

The American Public Is Wising Up About Rape

Donald Trump's lawyer Michael Cohen shared some very interesting opinions about marital rape this week. “You cannot rape your spouse,” he told Daily Beast reporters. “There’s very clear case law.”

A Facebook Post May Have Driven Topshop to Ditch Its Scary-Skinny Mannequins

Topshop, the British retailer with around 500 stores in 37 countries around the world, is known for reasonable prices, a coveted young customer base, and a rapid expansion rate that's the envy of many competing clothing chains. But starting last fall, the fashion giant ran into a serious problem with body image.

New York Magazine’s Cosby Cover Inspires a Great Twitter Hashtag: #TheEmptyChair

Late Sunday evening, New York magazine commanded what seemed like the entire Internet's attention with the collected stories and portraits of 35 women who have accused Bill Cosby of sexual assault. As New York's Noreen Malone and Amanda...Show More Summary

Men Kill Women in the U.S. So Often that It’s Usually Not Even Newsworthy

When news emerged that a middle-aged white man in Lafayette, Louisiana opened fire at a showing of the Amy Schumer vehicle Trainwreck, I immediately had this sinking feeling that the movie choice wasn't a coincidence—that this was, like the Elliot Rodger and George Sodini killings, an act of rage at women. Show More Summary

Ingrid Sischy Made the Avant-Garde Accessible

This morning, the legendary editor and writer Ingrid Sischy died of breast cancer. She was just 63. An imposing and polarizing figure, Sischy was one of a handful of people who can truly be said to have changed the way we think and write about art, fashion, culture, and celebrity.

Accused Batterers Get Free Attorneys. Domestic Violence Victims Don’t. That Needs to Change.

When domestic violence cases make their way through the legal system, accused batterers have the right to a free, court-appointed attorney in criminal cases. But a domestic violence survivor isn’t assured access to reduced-cost legal services. It’s a problematic imbalance, and correcting it could likely reduce the rate of domestic violence.

Teen Sex Rates Stay Down While Contraception Use Remains High

A new report out by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) indicates that the rates of teenagers having sex has declined significantly in the past 25 years. Only 44 percent of girls and 47 percent of boys age 15-19 surveyed between 2011 and 2013 were sexually active, compared to 51 percent and 60 percent, respectively, in 1988. Show More Summary

Yes, This Plus-Size Model Looks Like a Runner. And I Do Too.

I was at a party in a friend’s neighborhood a few weeks ago when I found myself talking with a guy from nearby. It came up over the course of our conversation that one of my primary hobbies is running. Upon discovering this, my interloper gave me a dubious look before responding, “Huh, you don’t look like a runner.”

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